About bloody time.

Exclusive — RNC Officially Severs Ties With NBC News For Upcoming GOP Debate

By Matthew Boyle, Breitbart Big Government

The Republican National Committee (RNC) officially voted on Monday afternoon to sever its business relationship with NBC News for the previously-scheduled Feb. 26, 2016, GOP presidential primary debate, Breitbart News has learned.

The Debate Committee for the RNC met via conference call and after hearing updates from RNC chairman Reince Priebus officially voted to cancel the partnership with NBC, according to sources on the call. The vote was unanimous.

Good riddance to LSM rubbish.

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  • LiberalNightmare

    Good – let them see how much $$ they can make covering the super secret sunday morning democratic debates.

  • JWH

    This is too bad. I think Republican candidates ought to face MSNBC anchors at least once for a primary debate … and Democratic candidates ought to face Fox News anchors at least once.

    • jim_m

      Yeah, but whereas the GOP has up to this point engaged with NBC, the density have refused to do so with Fox. Funny how you never seemed to be moved in any way by this lapse on the part of dems.

      • JWH

        The Democrats have a primary? That’s odd. I thought we were just gearing up for Hillary’s coronation.

        • Seems that way… but I think her emails are going to catch up to her.

          • JWH

            If they become an issue, I don’t think they’ll hit until the general election. Democrats are most likely to dismiss the email issue as a partisan Republican attack. But I don’t think the same thing will happen after the primaries …

          • For me they’re a big issue. Unsecured email these days… you’ve got to assume the worst.

            And she went the long way around to ensure she DIDN’T have secure email. That’s the puzzling thing – it took more effort and expense to set up her own email system than use secure government email. She definitely didn’t want her correspondence available to any FOIA requests – but in doing so basically left everything open.

          • JWH

            I totally get that, and I’m inclined to agree that it’s a serious issue. Problem is … most Democrats don’t feel that way. They just see the usual partisanship.

          • Most Democrats are LIV.

          • Unless they’ve handled classified material, in which case their varying internal tribal loyalties will have to duke it out to decide which is the winner…

          • JWH

            I haven’t handled classified material; I’ve handled legally privileged material. Different stakes, similar concept. I wouldn’t dream of putting the stuff I handle on my home computer. So I consider it a pretty big strike against Hillary.

            If I try to explain this to left-leaning folks, I’m going to be dismissed as part of the right-wing cabal arrayed against Hillary Clinton, and somebody’s going to imply that I listen to Rush Limbaugh and voted for Sarah Palin. So, there’s that.

            But at the end of the day, despite this strike, I’m going to have to vote Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Who else is there? Bernie Sanders? His solution to everything is to soak the rich. Even if I think the wealthy ought to pay higher taxes, you can’t finance everything out of their pockets. Mike O’Malley? Nice guy, but can’t crack the polls.

            And the Republican field, really, doesn’t align with my own views on any issue. I could go for a President John Kasich, but he’s never going to win the nomination. So I’m stuck with Hillary.

          • Yep, your loyalties are fighting, I see. But here’s the kicker – she ignored something that she saw as beneath her notice. You and I both know the rules for handling sensitive material, even if our specialties don’t exactly overlap. It was inconvenient to her to follow the rules, and what’s been compromised because of it? We’ll never know – they had to bump up the clearance of the IG big-time so he could see the ‘unclassified’ email.

            What further rules would she ignore if she got to be President, that she found… inconvenient? Frankly, seeing what’s been done so far by Obama worries the shit out of me. Not because I’ve been targeted – but because I’ve seen actions that totally ignore the rule of law and the concept of equal protection under the law. Targeting conservative groups by the IRS was a bad, bad sign. IF she or Sanders should get elected, who else would be targeted so their tenures would be unmarked by dissent?

            At least you’re clear about Sanders. His ‘eat the rich’ solution will work until there’s no more rich people to take away money from. Even VOX is looking at his stuff and going…. “Nice doggie….” while they back away and look for a large stick.


            Of course, the guy who wrote this has probably been given a serious lecture about what’s ‘proper’ to put up on Vox. One doesn’t write anything against the narrative, after all.

          • JWH

            Y’know, I kind of want to see a Sanders/Trump faceoff. We’re about due for a realigning election, and those two would certainly realign America’s parties.

          • I agree. But a Trump/Clinton faceoff – man, that’d get ugly.

            I’m still thinking she’s going to pull out for ‘health reasons’ – she’s pissed off a lot of people, taken a LOT of money and those folks are going to be looking for their quid pro quo for the money spent. She might not be able to withdraw because if she does, a lot of favors are going to be coming due. Better a ‘dignified’ defeat than having to pay back all those speaking fees…

          • JWH

            As long as we’re indulging fantasies, I’d like to see Joe Biden vs. Jon Kasich. Yeah, they’re both friggin’ establishment candidates, but I could deal with either one of them as president.

    • They already have.

    • Scalia

      Tough questions, regardless the network, should be welcomed, but NBC’s conduct the last time around was disgusting. Perhaps when they show they’re able to conduct a debate in an adult manner, things will change.

      • JWH

        What did they do last time around?

        • Scalia

          I summarized it HERE. I guess the embedded video was deleted from YouTube.

          Many questions were not just provocative, they were directly insulting and amounted to nothing more than name-calling. It was way over the line.

          • JWH

            Don’t know about the embedded video; I try not to watch them at work, ad they eat up bandwidth. But, yeah, that CNBC debate was a bit ridiculous. I mean, if you’re going to try to get candidates to attack each other, do it right. Throw a few steel chairs and a sledgehammer on the stage, then tell Donald Trump that Marco Rubio insulted his hair.

          • I’d like to see a cage match between Sanders, Hillary, and O’Malley.

            With sledgehammers.

            Last one living goes forward…

            On a related note, I’ve seen one or two Hillary stickers in my commute, two or three Sanders, and no O’Malley. No conservative bumper stickers. One Trump sign on my route, that’s regularly vandalized.

            Should be an interesting year…

          • JWH

            No, JLawson. Only Triple H may use the sledgehammer.

            I think your anecdotal assessment, by the way, speaks to the major dynamic of this race. Bernie Sanders inspires passion among his supporters. But (as I just told a Republican-leaning coworker), most of us on the Left view voting for HIllary as just like a root canal. You know you’re going to do it, and it needs to be done, but you’re not enthusiastic about it. And O’Malley is simply running at the wrong time. Democrats SHOULD be introducing a new generation of leaders, but nobody wants to compete against the Hillary juggernaut.
            Meanwhile, Trump … well, Trump inspires a lot of passion, both from his supporters and his detractors. And Cruz has done a pretty good job rounding up the evangelicals and channeling their enthusiasm.

          • Cruz has been rounding up the Constitutionalists and the Jacksonians.

          • I don’t think Her Highness could pick up the sledge, much less use it. Oh, she could order someone to do it, no problem. And cackle as the bones break and blood spurts.

            But your voting… seems to me like you’ve adopted a ‘Party above all’ stance. You know she’s not going to be that great, (and likely to be harmful as all hell – if she’s ignored the law before, how will she act when President and somewhat unrestrained) but she’s a D therefore you’ve got to vote for her?

            I’d consult a second dentist before that root canal. My dad lost a tooth that way. SOB numbed him up, then went to work on the wrong tooth according to him. (This was back in the mid-50s..)

            Maybe O’Malley’s the new gen you need – and it’s time to put the older folks in a retirement home.

          • JWH

            Errr … you know I was referring to this guy, right?

          • Nope. Don’t follow WWE, sorry. thought it meant “Her Highness Hillary”.

            Though I could see her cackling as he wields a hammer on her behalf.

          • JWH

            I haven’t followed WWE in a decade or so. But during one of his heel runs, grabbing a sledgehammer from under the ring was one of Triple H’s signature gimmicks.

          • And missing his opponent, I hope!

          • JWH

            Oh, no. At least, he hits them in terms of the performance.

            Jon Stewart appeared on WWE earlier this year, and John Cena whacked him in the gut with a chair. If you watch the tape carefully, you can see Stewart pull back his stomach to take the bump.

          • JWH

            But your voting… seems to me like you’ve adopted a ‘Party above all’ stance. You know she’s not going to be that great, (and likely to be harmful as all hell – if she’s ignored the law before, how will she act when President and somewhat unrestrained) but she’s a D therefore you’ve got to vote for her?

            Not entirely true. Would you believe that back in high school, I campaigned for the first President Bush, and that I voted for Bob Dole when I was in college?

            The GOP (in my opinion) has drifted further to the right over the past couple decades. And my own opinions have moved a little bit to the Left. So I can’t vote for (say) Ted Cruz any more than you could vote for Bernie Sanders.

          • Jwb10001

            The GOP has drifted further to the right? Right now we have democrats offering free college, free healthcare, pandering to BLM, acting like 60’s radicals, dividing the country by class. The democrat primary has a strong challenge from a self described socialist. Don’t you think the democrats have moved way left? Where is John F Kennedy “ask not what your country can do for you.” Could John Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Hubert Humphrey be nominated in today’s democrat party?

          • JWH

            Not really relevant to my assessment of the GOP, JWB.

          • Jwb10001

            No? You’ve commented on the rightward drift of the republicans, why would it be irrelevant to comment on the leftward drift of the democrats? I would counter that the rightward drift you see in the republican party is more influenced by the leftward drift of the democrats.

          • Scalia

            Mondale, yes; Kennedy, no.

          • JWH

            Humphrey, maybe. As I understand history, labor was a big part of Humphrey’s coalition. In this cycle, white blue-collar workers are trending more toward Trump.

            Mondale, probably. But he’d get smoked in the general election.

            I think the Democrats could nominate Kennedy today. While he’s more pro-business than today’s Democratic zeitgeist, he’s also charismatic as hell. Democrats can go for Hillary Clinton, they would certainly go for the more photogenic Kennedy.

          • Scalia

            I don’t think Kennedy would be as socially liberal as today’s Democrats. Moreover, I know a lot of Democrats who did not like JFK’s anti-communism (recall the Kennedy family being friends with McCarthy).

          • Jwb10001

            Please tell me who in the democrat primary is pandering to the unions? I don’t see it. Mondale was way too much a gentleman to appeal to the nastiness that dominates the democrat primary voter.
            Edit: Republicans have their share of unreasonable primary voters as well.

          • JWH

            I don’t recall mentioning unions. Just labor in general. And now (as opposed to the 1960s), Trump’s doing better with that group.

          • Jwb10001

            None of these democrats held positions that are now popular in the democrat party. What at least seems like the driving issues for democrats are giving stuff away and increasing the dependent class. Anti military, dividing people by race and class. I don’t remember Mondale acting like this crop of democrats. Can you imagine Mondale saying the enemy he’s proud to defeat is republicans? Can you imagine Mondale telling his supporters to get in the face of their opponents or calling conservative the “enemy” I can’t.

          • Scalia

            Perhaps you’re right. From my recollection, Mondale appeared willing to say anything to get elected. I heard some women say that the more money a man has, the better looking he is. Similarly, the more power a person has nearly within his grasp, compromise has more appeal.

          • (Bows in your direction.) We do change our opinions as time passes, don’t we? I voted for Carter. (Shrug.) And I was in the military at the time.

          • JWH

            You voted for Carter? I gotta hear that story.

          • It was ’76, I was 20, and figured the Republicans had messed things up so it was time to try a Democrat. Didn’t vote in ’80.

          • JWH

            That makes sense, actually. In ’76, a badly trained armadillo could have beaten the Republicans.

          • JWH

            And one more thing: I’m registered (I think) Independent or Democratic. I think it would be gauche for me to vote in the Republican primary in my state … so … in primary season, I ain’t voting for a Republican.

  • JCA100

    Rush and Mark need to moderate!