Everybody Hates Ted Cruz

“Ted Cruz is the political version of liver and onions. Some people love it and can’t get enough. And some people gag at the mere thought of it.” Those are the words of veteran GOP strategist Ana Navarro, as quoted by Sean Sullivan and Ed O’Keefe in their 04/28/16 Washington Post article “Cruz’s latest fight with fellow Republicans is a reminder: Many don’t like the guy”.

Here is more from the article:

“In the space of just seven minutes here Thursday, Ted Cruz reminded fellow Republicans that he has few friends in the party. First he tangled with former House speaker John A. Boehner, a longtime foe who so dislikes Cruz that he labeled him “Lucifer in the flesh.” Then Cruz undercut another Republican, fellow presidential candidate John Kasich, who had entered into an alliance with him to stop GOP front-runner Donald Trump. . . For Cruz, it was just another day of brawling with leading figures from his own party — a role that has formed the cornerstone of his short political career. But for many Republicans, it crystallized an overriding problem for Cruz’s campaign: Many people simply don’t like him.”

In an article published by The Hill, Charles Hurt gives a vivid explanation of Ted Cruz’s unpopularity:

“In the past eight years, no one has captivated the realistic hopes of conservative constitutionalists the way that Cruz has in this election. On every single issue of importance to conservatives, Cruz is right. He is a walking, living, breathing Supreme Court dissent, masterfully articulated and extensively annotated on paper.

Then, he opens his mouth. And people scream. They run for the exits as if their hair is on fire. They want to take a shower.

Even hardcore conservatives still stewing over the shabby defenestration of Robert Bork find Cruz cloying and unctuous. Leading conservatives who publicly support Cruz’s presidential campaign groan in private when he starts talking.

Cruz may entertain himself by impersonating characters from The Simpsons, but it is hard to get out of your mind that Cruz just might, in fact, be Mr. Burns, with those evil snake eyes and the sharp, downward curved beak. Heartless, robotic, ever-calculating, willing to do anything to maximize profits at his nuclear power plant.

. . . Even when he says things you agree with, Cruz sounds and looks like the oiliest money-grubbing television evangelist.”

In an opinion piece published by the Boston Globe, Eric Fehrnstrom has this to say about Cruz:

“Therein lies the problem for the Cruz campaign. Comedian Martin Short has a funny line about what it means to pretend to like someone in the make-believe world of Hollywood. “Of all the people I have a fake show-business relationship with,” he once told late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, “I feel fake closest to you.” No one seems to have more fake friends these days than Cruz. The Texas senator is the most unloved person in the US Senate.”

The lack of love for Cruz extends into the U.S. House of Representatives. A 04/19/16 article published by ABC News starts with the following: “New York Republican Rep. Peter King really doesn’t want Sen. Ted Cruz to win the GOP nomination for president. “I hate Ted Cruz, and I think I’ll take cyanide if he even got the nomination,” King said this morning in an interview with MSNBC as his Long Island, New York, constituents headed to the polls.”

In response to Rep. King’s threat to take cyanide should Cruz become the GOP nominee, Slate columnist Jack Mirkinson writes, “It’s not every day that you see people threatening to poison themselves if a serving United States senator wins a political contest, but that is the special brand of misery that Ted Cruz induces.” In response to John Boehner’s recent criticism of Cruz, Mirkinson writes, “Boehner neatly summed up the thing that has prevented Cruz from uniting Republicans around him. It’s not only that they loathe him with near-religious fervor. It’s that they loathe him so much that some of them would rather have Trump.”

In a recent episode of NBC’s Late Night show, Seth Myers describes Cruz as a lizard dressed up in a suit.

Over at the New Republic, Alex Shephard and Clio Chang have posted a compilation of negative quotes about Cruz, with several of those quotes coming from Republican politicians and from people who attended school with Cruz. Shephard and Chang write, “Cruz has alienated about everyone he’s ever encountered in life: high school and college classmates, bosses, law professors, Supreme Court clerks, and especially his Republican colleagues in the Senate. Some detest Cruz the politician because of his grandstanding, but most dislike Cruz the person. In that respect, he’s really not your average politician—after all, most people hate politicians. But everyone hates Ted Cruz.”

If Ted Cruz leaves public office, then maybe he could star in his own TV sitcom, perhaps even getting Ray Romano to produce it.

History isn't always pretty.
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  • Wild_Willie

    Excellent article. Saying it as it is. Cruz, love him or hate him will not unite the party. Trump, love him or hate him, is winning using the system put in place. It is a no brainer. People need to focus only on Hillary, not each other. ww

    • On the bumper-sticker side of things, I’m seeing few Trump signs or stickers. Maybe two or three.

      I’m seeing even fewer Sanders stickers one or two over 10 miles. (Oddly, usually on really expensive cars – which make me think that Daddy’s graduation present was given to some kid who doesn’t have any real idea how much things like that cost. And there’s a buttload of other stickers, so maybe it’s used to balance things out.)

      Hillary stickers? Nope. Not a one. No ‘Ready for Hillary’, no ‘Hillary 2016’.

      If ‘None of the Above’ were an option this year, I think it’d get a landslide.

      • Hank_M

        In my small conservative Ma town, I’m seeing a lot of Hillary for Prison yard signs. Trump signs are rare but then almost all Trump voters I’ve talked to tend to keep it under the radar.

      • Wild_Willie

        Reminds me of the voter saying they should add “None of the above” and if it wins, all new candidates have to run. Makes sense so it won’t work. ww

      • Charles Harkins

        Here’s the trick. Change your name legally to “None of the Above” and you might be the next President of the U.S.

  • Charles Harkins


  • Hank_M

    Good hit piece. Washpo, The Boston Globe, ABC, Saturday Night live……That’s some serious balance.

    Thing is, there are a lot of video’s out there showing Cruz being gracious to his hecklers and others and getting them to understand where he’s coming from.

    For balance, how about this story about David Panton?

    “The two were teenagers when they first met, assigned to live in the same freshman dorm at Princeton. They were an “unlikely couple,” Panton said last year to a radio station in Atlanta, where he now lives. Cruz was a deeply conservative Hispanic from a poor background while Panton, who is black, hailed from the upper crust of Jamaican society, where his father ran one of the island’s largest companies.”

    “Coming from a small school in a small town in Jamaica, I was young and felt both academically and culturally overwhelmed,” Panton told The Washington Post. “Ted was extremely pleasant and friendly and expressed genuine interest in my background.”

    Panton said that over movies, video games and basketball, he saw another side of Cruz. “I am always surprised and perplexed by those who said they did not like Ted,” he said…

    • Jwb10001

      Seems everyone hates Boehner and McConnell and blame them for most of the GOP problems, why wouldn’t those same people love the guy that sticks it to those guys on a regular basis? It seems to me that Cruz has all the right enemies. I suspect however that he’s undetectable in the general, but hows that any different than Trump? By the way Chico, I see your former hero Gary Johnson is a never Trump guy.

      • Retired military

        Ballless Boehner and McCuckold McConnell are a very big part of the problem. One of the checks against Cruz IMO is that he stinks of the establishment since he is part of THE establishment. Is he an outsider? Yes but he is a member of Congress and as such has attacked things like the delegates as a member of the establishment would. I have said many times. The Trump voters are not about Trump it is about saying “Screw you ” to the establishment and as such Cruz need not apply since he is part of it.
        Just my 2 cents.

        • TheyTukRJobz

          Yet Trump is BFF with John Boehner and Hillary Clinton, yet he is *NOT* establishment? How does that work?

      • Commander_Chico

        Johnson is running again himself. I hope Big Media gives him a chance to speak. Maybe fear of Trump will force the Establishment to give him some air time.

        Sure, I’d prefer Johnson to Trump as president. But will Johnson have a shot?

        • Probably not. There’s just no name recognition.

  • Par4Course

    Ted Cruz impressed Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz, who says Ted was one of his brightest students ever. But Professor Dershowitz is a Democrat who almost certainly will vote for Hillary, who attended Yale Law, so that’s not going to do much good this election cycle. Almost everyone else with whom he’s come into close persona contact hates (e.g. John Boehner) or dislikes (95+ of 99 other Senators) Lyin’ Ted. Many people who’ve had personal dealings with Donald Trump have come out to sing his praises. Ted may be the “True Conservative” and devout Christian, but the idea that Ted Cruz is the only one who can beat Hillary – as he repeatedly claims – is just not true.

  • Retired military

    A. Cruz will never be elected President
    B. Cruz should make a deal with Trump, support Trump and ask his voters to support Trump and accept an offer from Trump to be his SCOTUS nominee.
    It is a win win for Trump and Cruz and most of the GOP.
    The party unites except for the GOPe (umm who cares about the dems anyway).
    Cruz will do more good on SCOTUS for 30 years then as President for 4. (I think whoever gets elected will be a one termer no matter what).
    Cruz cant do any more good in the Senate (Hopefully McCuckold McConnel will resign and take Prince “Sit down and shut up” Reibus with him).

  • Vagabond661

    The fact Boehner called Cruz “Lucifer” tells you all you need to know. The Establishment Elites hate him. Liberals hate him. The Media hates him. Trumpsters hate him.

    The Looney Left will always tell you who they hate. it’s the person they childishly make fun of.

    • Commander_Chico

      I don’t like him for what he did to those Arab Christians. A panderer.

      • Vagabond661

        So you agree with everything Trump has done.

        • Commander_Chico

          No, but I agree with his main points: no more foolish wars and Americans should be put first in trade and foreign policy.

  • SeattleSlewFan

    Not that you have a negative view towards Cruz or anything … talk about a one sided way to look at him.

  • SeattleSlewFan

    I can actually remember when they had good writers on this site. What ever happened to Jay Tea? As for you Mrs Robinson …. WEAK …. WEAK …. WEAK.

    • Scalia

      Seattle Slew was a great horse.

      I agree with you about the writing. I’ve appealed to Kevin to recruit more contributors, but as of now, there are only four active writers—David, Rick, Rodney and yours truly.

    • Commander_Chico

      Jay Tea is in a mental hospital. Warner is working on the Trump campaign.

      • Scalia

        How do you know he’s in a mental hospital? Was that a joke?

        • Commander_Chico

          Chico drove him crazy, he left in a huff and hasn’t been heard from since.

          • Brucehenry

            If he’s in a mental hospital he still has access to the internet because he is still trolling OTB as “Jenos Idanian.”

          • Commander_Chico

            Are you sure that’s him? It is strange he disappeared from here, kind of a hissy fit.

          • Brucehenry

            Yes it’s him. Commenters at OTB regularly give him grief over it.

      • jim_m

        Once again we see how low you can go by knowingly lying about another person for the purpose of defaming them. It wasn’t funny,

  • jim_m

    Wow! A leftist opinion mag like the New Republic has a list of negative quotes about a conservative candidate? Stop the presses! This is really newsworthy. As is the idea that the GOPe is anti-conservative.

    What really is interesting is that you have no criticism to make of the media, unless it is criticizing right wing outlets for typos and that you can apparently find no fault with Hillary or Bernie. I think we can dispense with the pretense that you are a conservative of any sort.

  • Vagabond661

    President Clinton.

  • fustian24

    One of the things you really need to be careful with is uncritically swallowing the narratives generated by the left.

    Before I go on let me ask you the first thing you think of when you think of President Ford?

    Uncoordinated stumblebum right? All those Chevy Chase pratfalls?

    Except no. Ford was the greatest athletic stud ever to be President. He was the star of the Michigan Wolverine football team that won the national championship twice. The only President to ever tackle a Heisman trophy winner. At Yale he was both a boxing and a football coach.

    Some stumblebum.

    Which should get you wondering. If you can have gotten that SO wrong, why do you think you know anything about whether Cruz is likable or not when all you know about the subject comes from his political enemies?

    I think it’s true that guys like Boeher and McCain don’t like him, but that’s a feature not a bug. They don’t like him because he wouldn’t play ball with the GOPe. I thought that’s what we wanted.

    Here’s another view in which Cruz sounds exactly like the kind of guy we want:

    I think we should never swallow the left’s opinions without further examination.