Republican Party Isn’t Dead

Republican Party

The Republican party isn’t dead, contrary to what one may have read in the New York Daily News or the Boston Globe.

To know why the Republican Party isn’t dead, one needs only to read the original Republican Party Platform of 1856.

Historian Richard Cavendish explains why the Republican Party was founded:

“The party was born of hostility to slavery. Back in 1820, the US Congress had agreed the Missouri Compromise, under which Missouri entered the Union as a slave state, but slavery was forbidden anywhere else in the Louisiana Purchase north of 36º 30’. However, in 1854 the principle was threatened by the Kansas-Nebraska Act, under which the white inhabitants of the two territories were to decide by referendum whether slavery would be allowed there or not. There were numerous Americans in the northern states who disapproved of slavery, including many northern Whigs and Democrats as well as the Free Soilers, who had sprung from concern over the possible introduction of slavery in territory acquired from Mexico in the 1840s.”

As Cavendish states, slavery wasn’t the only issue driving the formation of the Republican Party, a seen in this excerpt from the original GOP platform:

“Resolved: That the Constitution confers upon Congress sovereign powers over the Territories of the United States for their government; and that in the exercise of this power, it is both the right and the imperative duty of Congress to prohibit in the Territories those twin relics of barbarism–Polygamy, and Slavery.”

In short, the Republican Party’s primary purpose was fulfilled once slavery and polygamy were outlawed.

Since then, the GOP has constantly reinvented itself by championing new causes.

The ascension of Donald Trump in the party is the result of Trump offering rank-and-file GOP voters a new cause: America First.

The GOP didn’t die with Trump’s rise. Instead, what died was the power that GOP elites had.

The latter were given opportunity to fulfill the desires of the GOP rank and file but failed to do so. Thus, the rank and file turned to an outsider for help.

Quote Source:

Cavendish, R. (2004). The Republican Party Founded. History Today.

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  • Wild_Willie

    Again, great opinion. Trump’s main goal is to make America strong and great again both here and on the world stage. No one can argue that over the last 8 years our prestige has been lowered and our leadership has become a joke. You can and never will please everyone. All Cruz offered was the same ole same ole bullshit that every other candidate was saying. We don’t need platitudes, we need leadership. China, Mexico, Russia and Iran are just making a joke of us with no comeback. It is our last chance if you ask me. ww

  • Hank_M

    I think a lot depends on what the party does from here on out.
    If they support Trump, try to influence and work with him when elected, then they’ll have
    a future. If they flock to #neverTrump and undermine a Trump presidency they’ll be writing
    their own obituary.

    One thing is for sure – the Republican party of Romney, McCain and all has no future.


    You are already seeing who will and will not support Trump. If they might lose their next election by supporting Trump, then they will either not support him or simply avoid the subject. For example, do they come from a state with a large Hispanic population? There already individuals who are not going to be attending the Republican convention or are scrambling to schedule something that will conflict with the dates.

    • Wild_Willie

      Texas will go Trump hispanics or no. Calif. will go dem as always. New York is a toss up since Trump is a born and raised New Yorker. Hillary is worried. That is why she is trying to get Jeb’s contributors. She will need a boatload of money to face Trump and Sanders bit into her stash. ww


        Texas might be a hard one to read. It is changing demographically and is becoming “purple”. I don’t know enough about the electoral map in Texas to know how quickly it may be changing.

        My guess is the election will be won or lost in the rust belt. Trump is garnering wide support among a populace that was historically Democrat (working class whites). The question is can he capture any votes among minorities or can he increase (or perhaps, limit) turn out to help him gain an advantage?

  • Constitution First

    After eight years of hearing how much America sux because of our religious and moral beliefs, our adherence to the constitution, our love of Independence, liberty, personal responsibility and self-defense, how we “didn’t build that”, castrating our military, abandoning our allies embracing our enemies, using the IRS and EPA as weapons against We the People without a smidgen of consequence for the wrong-doers…we are down to a race bewteen an 0bama third term and someone who actually loves and embraces his country, who is not shy about saying it publicly and forcefully, someone who has demonstrated the skills and abilities to get things done, Someone who’s first thought is what’s best for America. Trump has his warts, but between Clinton vs. Trump, there’s no thinking involved, it’s do or die.

  • Vagabond661

    David….check this website out. It’s full of facts, not opinion:

  • Who here at wizbang reads either of those two rags? Show of hands please.

  • Retired military

    Hopefully the GOPe will die an agonizing death. THey deserve it

    • Hopefully the Republic shan’t follow.

      • Commander_Chico

        Hey, those closed primaries will turn things around.

    • Kevin O’Kelley

      Sadly, it appears that GOPe is willing to sacrifice the 2016 election to “prove” to the rank-and-file that the GOP cannot exist without them. We’ll see if they turn around. I don’t believe that they will. GOPe, like DNCe, doesn’t value their party or their country. The Ruling class wants to make money, and they will be happy with President Hillary Clinton.

  • jim_m

    David, you are being a complete tool and when i get to a computer rather than my phone in the airport i will take the time to explain why.

    • jim_m

      Ok. As I was saying…

      Your ignorant and bigoted notion that the GOP and the people who formed the GOP were only concerned about 2 issues is outrageous in how totally clueless it is.

      You assume, without any basis in fact and contrary to human nature, that people were only concerned about those two issues and that once those issues were settled that there was no other purpose guiding the lives of those people. Name any political movement that really had one issue and one issue only.

      I can direct you to charitable organizations that have been formed to eradicate a disease and once they succeeded in essentially doing that did they dissolve? Hell no! They chose another cause and kept on working.

      You are a dupe. You fall for ignorant and specious characterizations of the motivations of other people and you lack any perspective or understanding of human nature.

      It isn’t that the GOP “reinvented itself”, implying that whatever they did was a matter of convenience and not conviction. The fact is that people have a multitude of concerns and interests and when the top issue on their priority list is dealt with they still have many, many other issues they want to address.

      If you had limited yourself to the last 3 paragraphs you wouldn’t have come off like a complete imbecile and ass. Sadly, you failed to do so.

      • Wild_Willie

        Except for the pinhead comment you are mostly right. But the greatest issues facing the voter is jobs, security and out of control illegal immigration. Cruz wants to help with jobs by tax breaks, removing red tape, etc., the same old bullshit. Trump can grow the economy if he does tackle trade, dry up the illegal labor pull, etc. I have been involved in republican politics since 1976 and the party has been proclaimed dead numerous times over that period. I laugh at those comments now. ww

        • jim_m

          I have great disdain for this BS that the GOP has had no purpose since Lincoln. The notion that it was only ever a single issue party is insane. People are not like that.

        • Not all voters agree with that list of priorities.

  • yetanotherjohn

    The GOP isn’t dead, it’s just pining for the Ford.

  • Par4Course

    The GOP has been dead for decades to liberal rags like the Boston Globe and The NY Daily News. They ought to be more interested in the question of whether the daily newspaper is dead or dying. There is more reason to have faith in the future of Donald Trump and the Republican Party than in the future of legacy media.


    “The Wall”, I can only assume, is designed to stop immigration from Mexico. That would have been a good idea fifteen years ago, but net immigration from Mexico has been negligible (or non-existent) for years. How do people enter the country? By bus, boat or plane and then overstay their visa, be it tourist, student, travel, etc.

    When asked if he was really going to round up 11 million people and deport them? “Yes, immediately.” Well, at least that opens up those bean picking jobs for Americans.

    Just in the last few days he suggested we would simply default on our loans. The United States has enormous advantages because we happen to be the “world” currency; defaulting, or even suggesting such an action, is not a wise plan.

    When candidates make outrageous statements we often take it with a grain of salt or dismiss it as nothing more than campaign rhetoric. Trump, however, means what he says and intends to do exactly what he has stated. Even if it is demonstrated that some actions may be unwise, his ego prevents him from reversing course. I think of Fonzie trying to blurt out, “I…I….I’m wroooong.”

    By the way, where are the jobs going? I mentioned the other day, go to an auto assembly plant and look around. What’s missing? People. I am waiting for Trump to say that he is going to stop the building of robots because they are taking our jobs. Of course that results in the $60,000 Impala, but, oh well.

    What may surprise people as the election continues? That Trump may very well be “to the left” of Hillary on many issues. Watch when Trump decides to play the universal health card. Ridiculous? I think we can stop using that word to describe anything about this campaign.

    I can easily see, however, why many in the GOP are upset. His affiliation with the GOP was nothing but a “marriage of convenience” and they feel, justifiably, used.