Liberal Fascism In San Jose, CA

Summer is almost here, and it’s going to be a long and hot one it seems.  Besides the very warm weather (98F), the politics are heating up as well.  The usual suspects descended on a Trump rally downtown with the by now familiar results.  Burned American flags and violence against the attendees.


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When people refer to fascism, they generally mean “opinions I disagree with.” But the real thing, sadly, is not extinct. For the first time in our modern history, Brownshirts are on the march. As always, they are on the Left.

We have written (here and elsewhere) about liberal Democrats who have rioted at or after Donald Trump rallies. Last night in San Jose, liberals attacked Trump supporters in the most violent riot yet. It is hard to watch the videos without hearing echoes of the 1930s.

Here, a Trump supporter is viciously sucker-punched by a leftist. Note the Mexican flag; a common chant at anti-Trump riots in California is “make California Mexico again.”

While I doubt any medium term or longer follower of this blog is likely to mistake me for a Trumpkin, I’d have made common cause with them against these modern brown shirts of the left.

The left continues to sow the wind, yet will claim surprise when the whirlwind overtakes them.

"Japan was already defeated... dropping the bomb was completely unnecessary"
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  • Retired military

    Since they are dems it is fine. Just ask the OWS crowd.


  • jim_m

    Better get used to it. Reuters has Hillary up by 11. Once she wins, the left will feel that they have carte blanche to assault anyone who dares voice a contrary opinion and the police will do nothing to top them.

    • Kaiser Derden

      Reuters ? online poll … and never anywhere close to anyone elses numbers

      • jim_m

        Conventional Poll. However, I would point out that 28.6% either claimed that they would not vote or refused to answer. My guess is that a lot of trump voters will answer as undecided or refuse to answer.

        • (Examines mess on the table. Sniffs it.)

          In my humble opinion, based on a fair bit of experience and observation over the years, this mass which is spun and advertized as the finest of chocolate is indeed most likely crap and not cocoa-based.

          We’ll see in November.

  • Kaiser Derden

    maybe you could just say your are not a Trump supporter … the term Trumpkin is meant as an insult and tells me you really don’t share a common cause …

    • I said what I meant and meant what I said. You should try it sometime.

      Trump is no Conservative and a Republican by convenience for whom I have only contempt. The Trumpkins have merely earned my disdain. The neo-brownshirts who assaulted them are my enemies. Since the enemy of my enemy is merely the enemy of my enemy, Trump and his Trumpkins have in no way risen in my esteem.

      Our resident chief Trumpkin is our most despicable troll.

    • pennywit

      Wasn’t Trumpkin the noble dwarf in Prince Caspian?

  • pennywit

    Bloody hell, this is awful. And I suspect worse is to come.

    I’m not on board with people who are saying this falls on Trump or his supporters. Want to lay violence by Trump supporters at his faction’s feet? Fine. But if you oppose Trump, and you committed violence unprovoked, that’s on you.

    • jim_m

      As seen elsewhere:

      “The dark night of fascism is always descending on the GOP and yet lands only on the democrats.” — with apologies to Tom Wolfe

  • Paul Hooson

    This cannot be blamed on mainstream Democrats. Many young extreme leftists, many of whom are Greens or independents, some of which might be supporting Sanders are more likely involved. – But, you only have to look at the conservative Western states like Utah where Sanders has won to see that many conservative Democrats voted for Sanders to oppose Clinton. In the general election, Trump is likely to do well with these voters, where their vote is only a protest vote against Clinton.

    • Except we’ve since learned that the DNC and the dhimmocratic nominee were actively recruiting for agitators for such disruptions.

  • jim_m

    Speaking of fascism and fascists:

    Rick is preparing to ban me once again because I point out that he is lying about what I posted. I posted over 13 hours ago that I believed that the bomb was justified by the estimates of losses from a land invasion were far too high.

    I then recently posted a question asking what if using the bomb in WWII would have saved a later use that was far worse.

    Rick then mischaracterized my question as a claim that using the bomb was justified by the possibility of a later use being worse. I made no such claim.

    That asshole now threatens to ban me for trying to clarify what I said and for refusing to let him put words in my mouth.

    • Just ignore the richard’s posts.

      • As you ignore the lies that Jim is telling?

  • magic1114

    Things will flip in the near future, I believe. Soon it won’t matter whether or not you support Trump; very shortly it’ll be enough that you don’t back Shillary. The furs really gonna fly before November…

    • A pox on both their houses.

      • I thinkk he’s right, though. Look at China’s Cultural Revolution – where people were publicly shamed and beaten because they were ‘insufficiently enthusiastic’ about the Revolution. To a leftist fanatic you’re really either with them all the way or you’re the enemy that must be destroyed – there’s no middle ground.

        • If he is correct then I shall have to lay in an honor guard to open me heavan’s gate.

          • All you might need to do is just stand back. After last night, I’m thinking that Hillary/Bernie supporters are going to be indulging in significant amounts of political fratricide.