Does It Matter If Orlando Nightclub Shooter Omar Mateen Was Gay?


Overnight report began popping up that the terrorist who killed 49 people and injured 53 others at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando may have been a regular at the club. The New York Post summarizes:

The ex-wife of Orlando mass killer Omar Mateen claimed Monday that she believed he was homosexual — as it was revealed that he frequented the gay nightclub where he staged the nation’s worst massacre in modern times.

Sitora Yusufiy, who was married to Mateen in 2009 for three months, made the shocking claim on Brazilian television station SBT Brazil.

Her fiancé, Marco Dias, speaking in Portuguese on her behalf, said Yusufiy believed that Mateen had “gay tendencies” and that his father had called him gay in front of her. Dias also claimed “the FBI asked her not to tell this to the American media.”

The bombshell came as a male former classmate of Omar Mateen said he had been asked out romantically by the mass killer, who reportedly was a virtual regular at the Pulse nightclub, having visited it more than a dozen times over the years.

Others report the Mateen regularly used gay hookup apps and was “creepy.”

If Mateen was a “lone wolf” terrorist, maybe Pulse was just a natural target for him and there was no particular significance. Admittedly, that seems pretty far fetched as he was married with a child and if he was gay, or closeted, his family, culture, and religion all tended to reinforce a worldview that homosexuality was to be punished by death. The father didn’t exactly back away from that view after the shooting, instead parsing words that it was not man’s duty to enforce that sanction…

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  • pennywit

    It matters and it doesn’t matter. It matters if we want to understand why Mateen did it. But it doesn’t matter to the people he killed or their friends and families.

    • It matters not at all. Nor does his “reasoning” for this act of terrorism.

      • Commander_Chico

        Yes because we can never let the whole truth get in the way of politics.

        • Ah yes, our resident apologist for all things anti-American.

          • Commander_Chico

            Yes full understanding is anti-American.

          • Anything which proceeds from your keyboard is automatically strongly suspected of being anti-American.

          • Ah the things which are not…

          • Commander_Chico

            You went to a lot of trouble to make that. You will not get those minutes back.

          • You make a good argument for your own bannishment.

  • Constitution First

    Straight or gay, some people just suck. People forget, a worse case of mass murder in a nightclub happened in NYC in 1990, a jilted lover soaked the entrance to a Honduran nightclub that killed 87 people. Where was the Progressive outrage for banning flammable liquids? There is no cure for insanity. Some people just suck.

  • Paul Hooson

    Yes. it proves a dangerous self-hating disturbed psychology. Instead of sorting out his own balance between his Muslim faith, approval from his father and his own sexual orientation he lashes out at innocent persons in anger. What I see is a picture of someone much more mentally disturbed than motivated by a genuine support for ISIS here. His own father displays some bizarre traits as well, hosting a cable access program in military dress, claiming to be some president of Afghanistan living in exile. Mental illness appears to run through this family.

    • jim_m

      Hat you are seeing is what the leftist media wants you to see: radical Islam is not a danger, guns are the problem.

      You are a dumbass

      • Paul Hooson

        Not in this particular case. There’s plenty of radical Islamic terrorism to go around in the world part of al Qaeda, Hezbollah, ISIS, etc. Everyday I read about my fellow Jews around the world as victims of this. – What’s emerging in this case is a young disturbed individual unable to cope with his own Gay tendencies, unable to find approval from his father, who feels at odds with his Muslim faith. Seeking psychiatric help or counseling is most often the path that individuals take here, suicide more rarely, with blaming others for his homosexual tendencies far less common yet.

        My educational background is as a psychologist. I see this particular case as much more about mental health issues, and less about genuine terrorism such as what motivated the 9-11 attackers. Radical Islamic terrorism happens everyday in the world, but does not adequately explain this particular case.

        He was a customer of this Gay bar for three years and signed up for a Gay dating site and talked to other men for a time. Facts like this suggest my analysis is the more correct one here.

        I’m not an advocate of banning guns either. I’ve owned guns myself. But, if someone is considered dangerous enough to be banned from flying, they should not be able to legally purchase a gun. There is sadly no way to control the black market to these individuals…

        • jim_m

          SO you are going to ignore his calling 911 and a news station and claiming that this was all in support of ISIS?

          SO you are ignoring reports from the nightclub of his shouting “Allahu Akbar!”?

          Instead you are going to blame this on some idiotic theory of sexual repression that the media is using to spin this as being the fault of conservatives and Christians.

          You really are a dumbass.

          • Paul Hooson

            He was so ashamed of having Gay feelings that he proclaimed himself as a terrorist as a cover. Killing others and claiming to be a terrorist because he feels cornered in with damnation from Allah, disapproval from his father, disapproval from his Mosque is very pathetic. In his own sick mind he was attempting to “atone” to Allah for his Gay feelings and seeking out male boyfriends and sex partners from the Pulse Club. What he did was very disturbed, as well as having a lot less to do with terrorism and ISIS than mental illness. But, ISIS does attract a lot of criminals and others willing to do dirty work, so maybe his terror isn’t much less genuine than many of the others in the loose organization which operates much more like large gang of modern day pirates, looting, raping and killing their way along. Real Muslims are really offended by all of this which has nothing to do with the teachings of the Koran…

          • jim_m

            Stop digging Paul. You look like a complete and total idiot.

          • Paul Hooson

            Officially it’s an act of terrorism in my view. But, look at what brought him to justify it.

          • jim_m

            You are claiming that he did not have any islamist beliefs, which is not the truth. His father is a radical islamist and so was he. You are trying to put some BS psychology in order to make excuses for Islamic terrorism. The only people trying to do that are leftist homo0phobes who believe that gays are icky and that radical muslims are their friends.

          • Paul Hooson

            No, I never said that. My best guess is his Mullah or prayer leader may have preached that homosexuals face damnation from Allah, which may have driven him deeper to seek some support from what he felt to be a support network, drove him to look towards ISIS. While he never contacted anyone about his homosexuality, ISIS provided a cover justification for his failed attempts to deal with own private psychological and spiritual battle with his guilt feelings.

          • jim_m

            You said: “he proclaimed himself as a terrorist as a cover”
            That is a claim that he did not have islamist beliefs.
            Sober up

          • Paul Hooson

            No. It was his flawed justification. He had violent tendencies as his former wife admitted. It was all a process that made a terrorist here. He didn’t just wake up one morning and decide “today I’m going to kill”. He got there through a process of events.

            It was mostly Hispanics he killed at the club, which may be a whole other thing.

          • jim_m

            You are seriously ignorant. I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are drunk off your ass.

          • Scalia

            Since nobody at this point knows what is motive was, you’re again drawing unsubstantiated conclusions. You must have been doing that for so long that you don’t even notice it, and you can’t stop even when you’re called on it.

            Since he may have frequented that nightclub, he may have simply chosen it as an ideal target. He was yelling that the U.S. should stop bombing his country during the shooting, so that may have been his motive. Since it was Latino night, he may have wanted to bump off as many Latinos as possible.

            What we know is that he claimed allegiance to ISIS. I know at this point advice futile, but it’s a good practice to avoid ascribing motives to people before you have something solid to base your opinion on.

          • Paul Hooson

            New stories and evidence unfolds each day. With my background in psychology, I find it interesting to analyze why this individual decided to commit mass murder.

          • Scalia

            Your “background in psychology” is irrelevant and does not justify your ascribing motives to people you don’t know. You may find it “interesting” to accuse people of doing this or that, but it’s dishonest. You don’t get to a pass just because you might have a degree.

          • Paul Hooson

            I’m looking at predictable behavior patterns, much like anyone who has experience with statistics might do. For example, a number of men have now come forth, claiming that Mateen sent them pictures of his penis and that he contacted a number of transsexuals, so the odds seem to say that Mateen had homosexual tendencies of some sort. In addition, Mateen’s dad took a hardline against homosexuals, so odds are that Mateen was in some conflict with his father, failing to get approval for his homosexual interests. Now, more needs to be known of his attraction to ISIS. But, what emerges so far is a portrait of a very disturbed individual.

          • Scalia

            And if he is gay, it could also mean that the narrative that he targeted gays might not be true. As I stated earlier, it could mean that he simply chose a place he frequented because there would be a lot of people to kill. There are all kinds of logical possibilities. You don’t operate that way, Paul. You often ascribe motives to people based on mere speculation (as you do here). Again, your “background in psychology” is irrelevant, except perhaps you proclivity for making up things about people and using your training as a cover for gossip.

          • Paul Hooson

            I have serious doubts that many true ISIS members send out pictures of their penis to other men. Some Gay men found him just too forward with that and blocked his account on Gay dating sites.

            I don’t print it if there isn’t documentation somewhere…

          • Scalia

            And as this discussion has revealed, there’s all kinds of information out there. That’s why the jury is still out on his motivation, but that doesn’t stop you from behaving irresponsibly. I’ve seen your “documentation” in the past. All you need is a sliver and you run with it. You just like to gossip and falsely accuse people under a veneer of “psychology.”

          • Paul Hooson

            When the first Mateen Penis pictures become available, I’ll publish them over at Wizbang Pop, because that’s newsworthy. I understand your standards of evidence from your prior legal background. Hopefully, that evidence standard will satisfy your standards without you having to actually physically hold the evidence to be sure, much like some latter- day “Doubting Thomas”.

          • Does our host know you intend to drag Wizbang POP to an end such as that suffered by WizbangBlue?

          • Scalia

            There you go again with your reading comprehension issues. I never said that Mateen wasn’t gay.

          • Scalia

            Well, it appears that the gay angle was a rabbit trail:

            But the FBI has found no evidence so far to support claims by those who say Mateen had gay lovers or communicated on gay dating apps, several law enforcement officials said.

            Mateen, 29, told police negotiators he had carried out the shooting that began at 2 a.m. June 12 and ended, after a three-hour standoff, when he was killed by police.

            He claimed the shooting was carried out in allegiance to the militant group Islamic State, as a message to halt U.S. bombing in Iraq and Syria.

            Several Pulse regulars have come forward in the days since the shooting, claiming to have seen Mateen at the club or to have been contacted by him on the gay dating apps Grindr, Jack’d and Adam4Adam.

            On Tuesday, Univision aired a report in which “Miguel,” a man wearing a disguise to conceal his identity, alleged he had sex with Mateen after meeting him on the gay dating app, Grindr. He said Mateen had sex with other men too, including a threesome with a Puerto Rican who allegedly told Mateen, after having had unprotected sex with him, that he was HIV positive.

            But investigators do not consider the man’s account credible, according to one senior law enforcement official with access to the investigation.

            In seeking to verify the reports, federal agents have culled Mateen’s electronic devices, including a laptop computer and cellphone, as well as electronic communications of those who made the claims, law enforcement officials said.

            So far, they have found no photographs, no text messages, no smartphone apps, no gay pornography and no cell-tower location data to suggest that Mateen — who was twice married to women and had a young son — conducted a secret gay life, the officials said.

          • Scalia

            And, of course, a friendly message from Al Qaeda:

            Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has published a guide urging jihadis to carry out more ‘lone wolf’ operations in the U.S. following the deadly terror attack in Orlando earlier this month and to set their sights on the targeting of white Americans.

            The publication, “Inspire guide: Orlando operation,” which seeks to capitalize on the terror attack carried out by gunman Omar Mateen who pledged allegiance to ISIS, plainly encourages extremists to attack Americans.

            While Mateen chose to target what the guide refers to as a “homosexual nightclub,” noting that killing gay people is “the most binding duty and closer to human nature,” it suggests to “avoid targeting places and crowds where minorities are generally found in America,” because “the federal government will be the one taking full responsibility.”

            This refers to the heated debates sparked in the U.S. in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting by media, law enforcement and legislators debating the roles that gun laws, hate crimes and terror each played in the incident.

            Instead, the guide advises jihadis to target “areas where the Anglo-Saxon community is generally concentrated. This class of the American community is the majority and it is the one that is in the American leadership.”

            [I]n the guide, the Orlando attack is referred to as one of “the most successful Lone Jihad operations” and will undoubtedly “inspire others to wage similar operations.”

            In conclusion the authors note that while Mateen killed and injured almost a third of attendees at the nightclub, an extremely high tally for a ‘lone wolf,’ he could have killed even more by making explosives if he followed the simple guides that appear in previous editions of the group’s “Inspire” magazine.

    • Wild_Willie

      Self hating or relationship spat? We’ll never know. ww

  • jim_m

    It doesn’t matter because the overriding reason he killed the people was because he was a radical islamist. Whatever sexual proclivities he may have had are as relevant as whether or not he was diabetic or if he suffered from hay fever.

  • Retired military


    The person who wrote the article is an idiot and deserves all the scorn heaped upon him.
    So many factual inaccuracies it is ridiculous.
    He bruised his shoulder firing an AR-15, 40 round magazine ( I know that there are some around but 30 round magazine is about 100000 times more common), sounded and felt like a cannon even with earplugs on.
    Geez. I have fired literally thousands of rounds (several hundred in a day) through an M16 which is similar to the AR15 and never had any of the issues described by the author.
    Want a humbling experience? Be walking on a TRAINING night patrol and have an M60 open up from behind a bush 10 feet in front of you and it is pointed straight at you.