Pelosi, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!

"Nancy, you've got some 'splaining to do!"

“Nancy, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!”

Coming on the heels of Hillary Clinton escaping prosecution for her gross negligence as a government official, we now have a report of Nancy Pelosi appearing to be above the law.

In a letter to the editor of the St. Helena Star (a Napa Valley publication), St. Helena resident Paul Smith recounts what he witnessed when Pelosi went shopping for shoes on 06/04/16:

“A large perfectly polished and gleaming black SUV is attempting a left turn from Hunt onto southbound Main (not easy). Suddenly blue/red lights are flashing from the windshield area of the SUV (like you would see in an official fire/police vehicle). . . The big black SUV then darts out across both lanes of traffic with lights flashing in both front and rear windows. It goes directly into the red zone/fire hydrant area in front of Padis and Footcandy. . . a man exits the SUV assisting a woman from the vehicle. She dashes off to Footcandy while he waits by the SUV in the red zone. . . As I approach Footcandy, Nancy Pelosi comes out with her shopping bags and the man assists her into the awaiting SUV. The SUV, with lights flashing, bursts back into southbound traffic.”

When the newspaper asked St. Helena Police Chief Bill Imboden to respond to Smith’s letter, Imboden replied with the following:

“The St. Helena Police Department has received similar complaints in the past, and on occasion we come across a scenario like what is mentioned in the complaint. Unfortunately local law enforcement has no authority to prevent this type of activity. The U.S. Capitol Police and the U.S. Secret Service provide dignitary protection for certain high-ranking members of the Federal Government, and this protection comes with the discretion to violate some state and local laws (illegal U-turns, parking in a red zone) under the guise of providing the best possible protection to the dignitary. In the case of Congresswoman Pelosi, she receives her protection detail from the Capitol Police. As the Chief of Police in St. Helena I can assure you we don’t like or condone their behavior, but I can tell you from personal experience that while they sympathize with the position they put us in, they will not alter their tactics to appease us.”

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Pelosi’s spokesman is denying that Pelosi’s driver did anything wrong:

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill confirmed that his boss was in Napa County on the weekend in question, but insisted that Smith had gotten it wrong. “This is not at all an accurate account,” he said without elaborating. “The security detail always complies with appropriate laws and regulations.”

St. Helena’s villagers responded to Hammill this way:

The San Francisco Chronicle elaborates:

Imboden told us that Pelosi visits St. Helena a lot — she and her husband have a winery just outside town — and that her security detail at times plays fast and loose with the traffic laws. But Pelosi’s isn’t the only one, he said — it happens with other VIPs as well. “Typically, they turn where they want to, or double park, or park in red zones … and in front of fire hydrants,” the chief said. “But I’ve never seen them in a handicapped zone.” These antics “happen occasionally, and it makes us cringe a little,” Imboden said. “It’s not something we would do, but it’s not something we can stop them from doing.”

Who knew that it was of vital national interest for Pelosi to buy high-end designer shoes?

[Post originally published @ The Moderate Voice.]

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  • Retired military

    Oh please. Laws are for the little people.

  • Vagabond661

    The elite “public servants” who rule us.


    Two police shootings, a Congressional hearing because they didn’t like the answer (by the way, Comey is proving difficult to trap due to his history of being apolitical and garnering praise from people he has worked with in the past, including Trey Gowdy), record losses posted by big banks and I am reading a story about traffic infractions while Nancy Pelosi buys shoes? Perhaps this story found its proper place in media, a letter to the editor in the St. Helena Star.

    While I find David to be generally objective, this is a good example of how the right is nothing if not relentless in their dissatisfaction with anyone who does not agree with them. Heck, even moderate Republicans are generally lumped in the enemy category. Must be suffocating to keep shrinking the circle of people that are acceptable.

    I do, however, have to laugh when people take it a step further and comment that they can’t watch a television show, listen to music or view a movie because the star has “unacceptable” views. How many comments do you see on political websites that say they have eliminated Barbra Streisand, the Dixie Chicks, George Clooney or Matt Damon, etc., because they disagree with their political views. Considering Hollywood is historically liberal, it must make entertainment choices rather limited.

    Heck, I couldn’t care less what the political views of an entertainer might be as my goal is to be entertained. I just binge watched Ray Donavan and Jon Voight is incredible (he sure is playing a character that represents none of his stated views). Why would I care what he does in his spare time? Heck, I grew up with Ted Nugent (my brother was in bands around Detroit and even then he was known as a bit of a jerk, but I didn’t mind when he played our high school dances on the weeks Bob Seeger was not available) and certainly listened to his music when I was young. I would imagine even those on the right have to admit he is a political radical, but who cares? It is hypocritical, however, that he dodged the draft by crapping his pants at the draft office, but portrays himself as some kind of uber-patriot.

    So what movie or comedy choices does that leave? Let’s see, right wing comedians, ummm…, Gutfeld, perhaps, or Dennis Miller (although you get the idea he is only leaning right because he found a way to make money in an untapped field).

    Lastly, what is the over under on hearings regarding the choice of the FBI to not prosecute Hillary Clinton? I know that the right often likes to say they need answers (usually when they do not like the answers that are provided under oath). How many for Benghazi? Was it eight? In this case it happened in two days, although as I watch the hearing I think this might be it the final one as it isn’t even good as political theater. I know many thought they could keep it alive until November, but they may be disappointed.

    Sorry to veer off topic, but considering the subject of the post, how can one not comment on more important matters?

    By the way, Trump says he has some “stars” set up for the convention. I wonder who they might be? Omorosa?

    • Vagabond661

      The left calls conservatives “terrorists” but we are intolerant….yeah sure.

    • Scalia

      Yes, you’ve veered way off topic. You should comment on the post and then recommend other subjects to discuss. Please keep your comments on topic.

      I was going to post something on Comey, but I’m too slammed at the present.


        I guess I didn’t’ understand the serious nature of veering off topic here on Wizbang. Please either delete comment or I would ask that no one else read the comment, or at the very least, limit their reading to the section that refers to the inanity of posting about traffic violations while shoe shopping.

        I simply misunderstood because I swear I see a lot of instances of people going off on tangents or veering off topic. My apologies, I must be mistaken if I have caused any undue harm.

        • Scalia

          Going off on tangents that are the result of on-topic discussions is tolerated so long as it doesn’t amount to hijacking a thread (which is what your post attempts to do). Yours is rant against the Right because Pelosi got exposed (again) for being an elitist. It smacks of deflection.

          Now, do you have a comment on this thread’s topic?

          • WHO’S THE BUSTER

            No, I think I will wait for something more substantial than traffic infractions while shoe shopping. I can’t imagine that will take long.

          • Scalia

            But if a Republican did it, it would be all over the news. Left-wing blogs would be full of posts about how Gingrich, with lights flashing, broke traffic laws to buy a pair of Johnson-Murphys. We all remember how important it was for the MSM to repeatedly remind us that Dan Quayle misspelled potato. I guess there wasn’t anything more important to talk about.

            Such a person doesn’t deserve to be in office, and I suspect your silence is based more on politics than principle.

          • Vagabond661

            Right. Google “Rubio traffic tickets”. Press went bat chit crazy over that one.

  • jim_m

    What some people obviously fail to see (an they do so only because Pelosi is on their side, but would be all over any GOP pol who did the same as Pelosi), is that this is yet anothe example of how detached and arrogant our political leaders are. They form what they believe is a privileged class, where they alone are above the law. The law does not apply to them. They are immune.

    Congress is so used to passing laws that do not apply to the government that everyone in government believes that all laws are for someone else. Certainly not for them. The coming middle class revolt will change that.