Ann Coulter, Please Go Away!

Dear Ann Coulter:

Please go away! The vile stuff that you spew has reached a level that is appalling even to right-wing extremists.

If Donald Trump wants his Sister Souljah moment, then all that he has to do is to rebuke you in front of a national audience . . . and he should.

What did you say that is loathsome even to your ideological kin? This:

What you said is so disgusting that even Erick Erickson knows it.

Yes, Khizr Khan was angry, and he has just cause to be angry. His son made the ultimate sacrifice for America.

Perhaps you missed these replies to your tweet.

Coulter, you screwed up big time. You didn’t criticize any of the contents of Khizr Khan’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. Instead, you attacked Khizr Khan as a person. Why? Because he is an immigrant with a thick accent and because he is a Muslim.

Here is a news flash for you, Coulter:

It is neither illegal nor immoral to be an immigrant with a thick accent, just as it is neither illegal nor immoral to be a law-abiding Muslim who is angry.

Mr. Khan was correct when he pointed out the U.S. Constitution’s ban on religious discrimination by government officials. Like it or not, Donald Trump did propose a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants, although he has amended his proposal by suggesting a temporary ban on immigrants from “countries that are hotbeds of radical activity.” Your ranting against Mr. Khan doesn’t change the fact that Trump originally proposed something that would be a violation of the 1st Amendment.

Coulter, your tweet reveals anti-immigrant bigotry. You aren’t against illegal immigration only, as the Republican Party is. You are also against legal immigration by people who don’t meet the criteria of your liking.

Indeed, during a video-recorded interview, you were asked what would happen if Hillary Clinton won the the presidential election, and you responded with an attack on immigrants, saying, “If Hillary wins, we’re going to be overwhelmed with refugees, with immigrants. That’s it. It’s lights out America.”

It is one thing to be opposed to letting terrorists into the USA. It is another thing to be opposed to immigrants because you are biased against their ethnicity.

Seriously, Coulter, you have jumped the shark more often than the Fonz and Ian Ziering combined. The reason that you survive in the SYFY movie Sharknado 3 is because you are so distasteful that not even sharks want to eat you.

Come to think of it, if a movie about you were to be made, then you would be the shark.

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  • Paul Hooson

    If she had some politically incorrect shock humor stand-up comedy act, then this sort of outlandish commentary might have an audience. But, Ann Coulter is not the new Lenny Bruce or Mort Saul, but a supposed serious conservative political commentator who behaves far more like a short-sighted painter who paints himself into a smaller and smaller corner of acceptability.

    • Commander_Chico

      She is a barren fading hag who is trying to be Morton Downey Jr. It is some Irish thing.

  • We already know you don’t like Ann.

  • jim_m

    Ann Coulter is about as relevant as Pat Buchanan. So she made an ass of herself? So what?

    • Hgg61688

      The thing is she appeals to your side of the political spectrum. Maybe not you, but she has an audience and those folks will in all likelihood vote for Trump.

      • jim_m

        If she appeals so much to conservatives, why is it that I don’t see conservatives going on about her opinions but I only ever hear lefties? Seems to me that she is just a gad fly that seeks media attention and the left gives it to her because she fulfills all their bigoted stereotypes of conservatives.

      • That at least is what you project.

    • Commander_Chico

      Pat Buchanan is a thinker, Coulter just a troller for bucks.

  • Sky__Captain

    I find it most intriguing the view that non-citizens have rights under the US Constitution.
    Human rights, yes, but there should not be a carte Blanche right for all migrants to come on in. Screening them for religious views can’t be a 1st Amendment violation, as a non-citizen is not covered.
    Does any other country in the world allow it? Of course the Eurozone is and look at their results.

    BTW, I’ve known Ann Coulter was an idiot and not conservative since she supported Romney. I avoid her screeds like the plague.

    • Commander_Chico

      Bill of Rights and 14th Amendment guarantees rights to “people and “persons” in the USA not “citizens.” You don’t know your Constitution very well.

      • Persons legally within the United States.

        • Sky__Captain

          It would appear that the Comrade does not know his US Constitution very well.

        • Commander_Chico

          Where is that in the text?

      • jim_m

        I find it humorous that you, who do not believe in the Constitution, should cite it to defend your position.

        • Commander_Chico

          I find it humorous that you only respond with ad hominems. Someone makes an obviously false statment and you all got nothin but bald assertions and attacks on me to back him up. Funny!

          • jim_m

            No I actually agree that non citizens are afforded constitution al rights. I just find it ironic that you, who hates the constitution, should cite it as a defense of your position.

          • Commander_Chico

            I give you a +1 for supporting my true statement.

  • Robert Copia

    The life of Mr. Kahn’s son, who was lost in battle in 2004, is not worth anymore or any less than the 49 people in Orlando Florida, the 13 people killed in San Bernardino, the 84 year priest in France etc. etc. etc. all killed by Muslim terrorists.
    Mr Kahn said his son would not have been in the USA if it were up to Mr. Trump. Wouldn’t that have been a good thing?? The son would still be alive not having fought in an ill-conceived, needless war not supported by Mr. Trump.
    Does Mr. Kahn plan to visit France and take on President Hollande who has declared WAR on Muslim-Islamic terrorism??
    It is a fact that a certain percentage of Muslims believe in Jihad against the west and would do harm if allowed in the US. or any other western country..
    It is prudent policy not to allow immigration from certain regions and countries to the U. S.. Some consider Europe to be lost because of reckless policy on refugees.
    Mr Khan shamelessly exploited the death of his son, which occurred 12 years ago, for political purposes.

    • Hgg61688

      That’s one of the most absurd justifications I’ve ever heard.

      • And there you implied you were a dhimmocrat and a hitlery voter.

    • seira

      I’m sorry but as Indian and as a decent human being I oppose what you said about immigration. We have a considerably large population of Muslims and banning immigration from India is stupidity.

      And most people from Syria etc..are refugees. Their houses are bombed, their schools destroyed. Why shouldn’t they be allowed the chance to set up a good life in another country?

      • Robert Copia

        I read your comment,”Am I the only one that hopes Ann Coulter dies” That is shocking, that is disgusting.
        I pray that you are in India not the United States.
        If India is so misguided that they want to take in every Muslim-Islamist, that is their business.
        You mentioned “radical Christianity” What is that???
        Before you judge Ann Coulter and hand down a death sentence, look in the mirror.
        Americans, that is legal American citizens, are the kindest, most generous people on GOD’S green earth.
        First and sometimes the only ones to help those in trouble anywhere in the world, through our government or private charity.
        But we can no longer afford or tolerate anymore immigration especially from countries where some of the citizens have pledged to do us harm.
        Once again wishing death is a terrible sin.

        • seira

          It might be but I’m not the only one who wants that. If she changes her ways …..Well I wouldn’t ask her to die….But right now….. She’s poisonous. She’s creating problems right now for LEGAL IMMIGRANTS and I really don’t like her attitude.

          And neither do I like yours. You’re behaving exactly like the Brexiters I’ve had conversations with and I really dislike that attitude WHICH SAYS OUR COUNTRY IS FULL, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

          And radical Christianity? Well maybe that’s the wrong term to use but ….hmmm I’ll have to get back to you on that.

          • Robert Copia

            I am correct in saying that you have abandoned your country, India, where you could have stayed and made a contribution to its betterment.
            Rather than show gratitude to the Brits for their beneficence in taking you in, you criticize them for wanting to protect their country.
            You reach across the pond to wish death on a woman who is an author and commentator.
            Then your pathological hatred of Christianity emerges with your fantasies of Christians, AK 47s kicking open the door of the Mosque and mowing down members of the religion of peace.
            Please do not come to the USA, you would not like it.
            There are a lot of people like me here.

          • seira

            I forgot I was talking to a Trump Supporter. Anyone who can support Trump has to be psychologically imbalanced and your comments prove that you’re insensitive to the plight of other non white countries and no I don’t live in Britain and no I have no gratitude for a country , Cough Britain Cough, which STOLE from mine and which oppressed mine.

            And no I would never abandon India, I wouldn’t want to live in racist , xenophobic countries like yours would become. if Trump ever got his way. He’s a monster and is psychologically ill. He has no empathy, none whatsoever for the parents of a Soldier…Who yes might have died in an ill conceived war but still deserves respect.

            By criticizing his parents, you’re disrespecting his sacrifice which has far greater value than any of Trump’s so called sacrifices could ever be.

            It’s an unwritten rule across the globe , that you DO NOT disrespect a soldier who dies in service of his country or his/her parents

            And NO I don’t hate Christianity. I have friends who are Christians and who are lovely people , unlike you. I just hate your sick twisted version of Christianity .

            Where people force others to become Christians , where women can’t have abortions, even if their lives are threatened by the child, simply because ‘Life is supposed to be sacred’ , where people petrol bomb Mosques, the list goes on and this is RADICAL CHRISTIANITY.

            Ann Coulter , an author and commentator? More like a psychologically sick woman who has no respect for the soldiers who sacrificed themselves or their parents . She and Donald Trump are the worst things to happen to America since 9/11.

            And I’ve been to the US recently and have met genuinely sweet people who care about other people, unlike you. You’re a disgrace to mankind and to American values. You’re a bigot , racist and just plain stupid.

            And if you have nothing worthwhile to say, please don’t bother replying. I don’t want your vile pollution tainting my eyes. Goodbye.

          • Retired military

            Well buy your plane ticket now. Trump will beat Hillary and if you act quckly then your prices will be cheaper.
            “t’s an unwritten rule across the globe , that you DO NOT disrespect a soldier who dies in service of his country or his/her parents”

            Really. well ask the parents of the 4 who died in Benghazi about how they feel about your great Billary.

          • seira

            Why would I need to buy a plane ticket when I don’t even live in the US? And trust me I don’t trust Hillary Clinton either but out the two evils I’d vote for her if I was in the US because she’s definitely the lesser of the two evils.

          • Robert Copia

            I am so pleased to hear that you are in India with no plans to come to the USA.
            As you may know:
            1. India is the largest recipient of aid(cash) from the USA, SIXTY SIX BILLION dollars, over 64 years paid for by people like Donald Trump and myself.
            2. While lowest caste Dalit goes hungry, Indians worship
            COWS and lynch people suspected of eating beef.
            3. The caste system keeps 15% of the population on the
            margins of society because of “untouchability”
            Members of the upper caste refuse to touch anything
            that has come in contact with a “Dalit”. Dalit are publicly
            beaten and receive no police protection. Forced to do the
            most menial jobs. Denied access to medical care and education.
            The Dalit are subject to public ridicule and harassment. Generation after generation
            Far worse treatment than blacks under apartheid in South Africa. Far worse than black slaves in the USA, who by many accounts were treated very well. The US fought a civil war over slavery with the loss of 500,000 lives.
            The :untouchables: have endured this misery generation after generation. Laws passed to help them have done very little.
            In India Christians are persecuted and killed for their faith..
            the 2008 riots in Orissa left FIVE HUNDRED CHRISTIANS DEAD, killed by machete wielding Hindus. Anti-conversion laws make it a criminal offense to involved in a religious conversion, Hinduism to Christianity.
            This was all reported in the BBC and other credible sources.
            I now understand your primitive response to someone you disagree with, “KILL THEM’ and your anti-christian bigotry.
            You have the greatest amount of nerve in criticizing Myself and the vast majority of AMERICANS who wish to keep out people who would do them harm.
            The image of India in the media is that that of a nice looking well dressed person. The fact that it is such a hellhole is hidden.
            India should be so lucky to have a leader with the courage and decency of Trump to drag the country out of this barbarism. Or maybe you like the way things are?

          • seira

            Oh I will come to the USA. Some of my family members live there and I have every right to visit them.
            1.We do get aid but so do countries like Israel, Pakistan,Germany etc.. And most of our aid comes from the World Bank not the US alone.
            And we’ve also provided aid to Bhutan, Sri Lanka etc… we’re not just borrowers , we’re lenders as well.
            2.Not all Indians worship cows, only Hindus do and FYI not all Hindus worship cows either. Only extremely religious people do.
            Lynching people who’re suspected of eating beef has only started recently. Otherwise we generally are well balanced society.
            3.We do have a problem with violence against Dalits. But the same could be said about the US which is fracturing along racial lines. You’re telling me that we’re barbaric but USA has a problem with violence against Black people. Sikhs are called terrorists are beat up simply for wearing turbans.
            Blacks are subjected to ridicule simply because of their hairstyles , they’re called thugs simply for the way they speak and are shot at indiscriminately by WHITE POLICE OFFICERS simply because they’re black.

            So before you point fingers at my country, look at your own. Look at your own problems .

            4. We don’t have a National Anti Conversion Law and the laws we do have protect people against FORCED CONVERSIONS, FORCED. SURELY YOU’RE MENTALLY COMPETENT ENOUGH TO UNDERSTAND THE MEANING OF FORCED?

            And you’re talking about India being a well dressed person? Look at your own country Robert, your country’s fracturing. Your country supports violence against blacks, against legal immigrants. And then you dare to point fingers?

            And do you have a pea sized brain or do you have a problem in understanding the English language? I AM NOT ANTI CHRISTIAN. I HAVE CHRISTIAN FRIENDS AND FRANKLY I LOOK BEYOND RELIGION WHEN MAKING FRIENDS.

            And your precious Donald Trump can stay out of India and Indian Affairs. We don’t need the so called ‘ GREAT WHITE MEN WHO COMMITTED THE WORST GENOCIDES IN HISTORY TO INTERFERE IN OUR AFFAIRS.

            And please next time reply only if you have something worthwhile to say, otherwise don’t bother. You’re disgusting and not worth anything. GOODBYE.

          • Robert Copia

            You have your own set of facts.
            I got my facts from BBC reporting.
            66 billion dollars over 64 years direct aid from the USA. Get a job India. I would cut that to zero and I will urge Mr. Trump to do so.
            From everything I read worshiping cows is quite common. One of your areas has a Minister of Cow Worship.
            You kill someone because they eat a hamburger and you think it is no big deal. Other than that you are fine.???
            Interracial crime in the USA is 90% blacks crime on white victim.
            Police do not just shoot at blacks whenever they feel like it and the government and the American people do not support violence against anyone. I have never heard of anyone being beaten for wearing a turban.
            We do have a problem with violence against
            Dalits, you say that like it is no big deal.
            I read three essays written by Indians about the treatment of Dalits, I was horrified.
            The whole caste system is a disgrace to humanity. You have many anti-conversion laws and a national law has been proposed.
            The laws are so vague they can be enforced for any reason.
            The Hindus are scared because the percent of the Indian population practicing Hinduism has fallen below 80 percent.
            There is no Christian country that prohibits a person from changing religions.
            There is no Christian country where you get killed for eating a hamburger.
            India, a backward, barbaric country with a caste system that protects the elites and keeps the less fortunate that way forever
            A country with its hand out, permanently
            I had no idea that something so against
            basic human rights as classifying someone as “Untouchable” still existed

          • seira

            That’s enough. You’ve insulted my country, said we’re all barbaric and you’re smearing the character of all the good Indians who don’t believe in Casteism.


            The less fortunate get most of the seats , it’s us General Category folk who suffer the most because of that.

            Indians don’t use beef in hamburgers, we use chicken and we certainly don’t kill anyone for eating Hamburgers. If you don’t know the facts keep your mouth shut.

            My country doesn’t prohibit voluntary conversions and the planned law has been scrapped.

            And some Hindus are scared, namely the RSS and Shiv Sena. Don’t smear the name of every Hindu in India . And the % of Hindus in India is 80.5% and hasn’t fallen below eighty percent.

            I live in India. Are you trying to tell me that as an Indian, as a citizen of this country, my facts are wrong?

          • seira

            If you don’t live in India, don’t know the ground realities, then it’s best if you don’t speak about my country. Yes there is a Minister for COW AFFAIRS, NOT WORSHIP, and I do believe it’s stupid. And I don’t see how it matters if some Hindus do consider Cows sacred.

            You worship Jesus Christ and some of you believe that Angels and Demons exist. We don’t criticize your faith, so how dare you criticize Hinduism?

            And you said that you don’t know anything about Sikhs being beaten : Well I suggest you go through the articles on this page.


            Are you so blindly patriotic that you can’t see your country’s problems? If you are, then please stop replying to me. I don’t have any more time to waste on the likes of you.

          • Retired military

            Personally I would put a halt to ALL immigration until we can get a handle on what is currently going on in our country and throw the illegals out.

      • JoseyW

        Because they bring their Muslim beliefs and customs to our land, sooner or later we have dead american’s because we don’t kowtow to their way’s.
        Or they build a Mosque, right next to a Catholic church, and behead the priest, for exercising his religion.

      • Retired military

        Why not set up a home in their own country. Oh yeah because then they wouldnt be able to vote democrat in the next election

  • Jeff Bearden

    This is your newspaper, and your readers. “Waaaah….waaaaah….waaaaah…”

  • Par4Course

    I agree that Ann’s Tweet was mean-spirited and nasty, but the First Amendment does not guarantee Muslims (or anyone else) the right to emigrate to America.

  • Ann used to be a serious, thoughtful, conservative, but she abandoned those principles when she flirted with a Christ Christie candidacy starting in 2011.

  • fustian24

    I dunno.

    I didn’t react well to the dems presenting the story of Mr. Kahn either, although I would hope I wouldn’t have said something quite so inflammatory about it.

    Because if you think about this for even a moment, you know this had nothing to do with the military service of Mr. Kahn and everything to do with the unregulated importation of Muslims.

    When has the left had any use at all for the US military or its members? In fact, the dumb bastards are so ignorant of anything military that the backdrop for Admiral Nathman’s speech was ships from the Russian navy!

    I’m a big fan of legal immigration. We need more good people. People that want to join with us in our little experiment with democracy.

    What we don’t need is a bunch of La Raza types that have no intention of being Americans. That are interested in conquest.

    Some percentage of Muslims are in that same category. The Koran and the Hadiths are pretty explicit that Islam and sharia must be dominant. This is not a religion that intends to go along and get along.

    It is true that many Muslims choose to interpret their religion in a more modern way. I appreciate every single one of them that does that. But even there, we have no guarantee that one day, perhaps under the influence of a particularly fiery imam, they will actually start reading their Koran more literally. This happens a lot. A Kuwaiti acquaintance explained how quickly his country changed in response to a large influx of Saudi imams. He said that about half his high school class changed from desultory Muslims to devout Muslims in one year.

    I can imagine all kinds of reasons for Barry to bring in more Muslims. Yeah I know he went to a “church” for a while, but I suspect that was about optics and had nothing to do with his personal beliefs. I suspect also that he is technically a Muslim in that he probably said the shahada as a child at Madrasa. But I doubt he’s any more a practicing Muslim than he is a Christian. But I do think he identifies with Muslims. He sees them as his people.

    Hillary I’m not so sure about. I’ve read that she intends to increase Muslim importation even over the Obama rates. It’s not immediately clear why that would be a priority for Hillary, although the ties Huma has with the Muslim brotherhood are extremely troubling. This may be her response to some big payoffs. Part of it I imagine is rooted in the Marxist belief that all conflict is at heart economic. They believe once they show Muslims their economic Utopia, those little religious differences will fade away into unimportance. Well, I’ve got news for you. That isn’t happening. The Marxists are simply wrong here.

    So, yeah. Ann said something provocative. It’s her job. That’s how she makes a living.

    And I’m sorry she denigrated the service of Mr. Kahn. although I really doubt that was her intention. I took it differently. Don’t you think her comment was instead cynicism about the way the democrats were using his story? Because what the democrats were doing was abuse of the Kahn military story in the service of flooding this country with unvetted Muslim immigrants.

    It WAS offensive. But not for the reason you’re giving.

  • JoseyW

    Where is it I can find where Mr.Khan, came out and denounced all the Muslims killing of Americans, throughout the world, I must have missed those comments somewhere along the line, can someone please link that for me.

  • Logo & Shibboleth

    Ann is correct. Sorry facts bother you.

  • Commander_Chico

    Attention whore’s gotta attention whore. She was a big cheerleader for that war.

  • CommonsenseVanessa

    What she says or doesn’t say in the grand scheme of things, really doesn’t matter. She’s just a talker not a doer. Exactly what has she done to make the world a better place? Nothing, absolutely nothing. This is not a surprise. At all.

  • seira

    Am I the only one who hopes she dies?

  • jon raitmon

    We are facing two choices for the future of the US — choose: Kahn or Coulter.

  • Scalia

    David writes,

    Your ranting against Mr. Khan doesn’t change the fact that Trump originally proposed something that would be a violation of the 1st Amendment.

    How does Trump’s original comment violate the First Amendment?