Clinton’s Speech and the Facts

Hillary Clinton’s usual less-than-secure grasp of the facts was on display last night:

  • Clinton misrepresented Donald Trump’s “I alone can fix it” line, suggesting he said he could fix everything by himself. Trump was referring to a “rigged” system, and went on to talk about working with others.
  • Clinton said that “we’re going to pay for every single one” of the initiatives she has proposed. We can’t predict the future, but a nonpartisan analysis found her proposals would add to the national debt.
  • Clinton said “90 percent” of income gains “have gone to the top 1 percent.” But that is an outdated figure. It’s now 52 percent.
  • Clinton said 15 million private-sector jobs have been created since President Obama took office. The actual number is 10.5 million, and it’s less — 10.1 million — when accounting for the loss of 460,000 public jobs.
  • Clinton rejected Trump’s border security proposal, saying, “We will not build a wall.” As a senator, however, Clinton voted for and supported legislation to add more fencing along the southern border.

Moreover, Her Majesty stated, “Our country’s motto is e pluribus unum: out of many, we are one.” Well, not exactly. The official motto of the United States is:  In God we trust. Then again, maybe Hillary doesn’t trust in God, so making up something might better fit her village mentality.

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  • Paul Hooson

    Many of the speakers did a far better job advocating for her election than she actually did for herself in my view, but they are not running for election so it is up to her to successfully state her case or not. This election will be won or lost in the industrial Midwest so reminding voters the present administration supported the automobile loans and bailouts to GM and Chrysler, where sales went from 9 million units a year in 2008 to 16 million a year this year, or that gasoline had peaked at $4.11 in 2008, but dropped to $2 a gallon earlier this year, or how the value of the stock market has soared since 2008 might be some of her strongest arguments for a third Democratic term to blunt some of Trump’s appeal to many blue collar voters.

    I expect both candidates will spend much of their campaign money and efforts on about 12 or 14 states, where the industrial Midwest becomes the ultimate kingmakers this year.

  • Vagabond661

    I’ve read the jobs created were mostly part time positions because of Obamacare.

    • Scalia

      Did you read that HERE?

      • Vagabond661

        No, I wish I could remember but it was a couple of years ago. Could have been WSJ, Forbes or Cavuto.

    • Scalia

      Or perhaps HERE?

  • Hgg61688

    Since you essentially copied and pasted from I assume you read what they had to say about Trump’s “Speech and the Facts”? Now I don’t think Trump’s necessarily your first choice but I wonder if you intend to vote for him anyway? Just asking.

    • Scalia

      Do you have anything on topic to add? You’re trying to deflect. If you question the accuracy of the information contained in the post, by all means say so.

      • Hgg61688

        Mea culpa. Does she have trust problems? Of course. But I suppose I’m like some of my conservative friends and I will hold my nose while voting for the candidate of my party.

        • You have wandered into the wrong blog…

        • Scalia

          If a person will hold his nose and vote for Clinton, then he should say so. To attack Trump as justification for that decision is rather disingenuous given Hillary’s demonstrable dishonesty and character baggage. You should have simply said, “Hillary’s got a lot of problems, but since I’m a liberal and since she’s the only liberal at this point that has a reasonable chance of winning, I’ll hold my nose and vote for her.”

  • LiberalNightmare

    It was an interesting speech. On one hand, her delivery of the speech itself was much better than anyone expected,

    On the other, I kept expecting her to rip her human mask off to expose her mandibles as she jumped into the audience to consume Bill Clintons head.

    Lots to think about,

  • Commander_Chico

    52% of GDP growth going to top 1% still a hell of a figure but what do you expect with the Fed’s free money for Big Finance?

    Blow asset bubble, pop, repeat.

  • Retired military

    “Clinton said that “we’re going to pay for every single one” of the initiatives she has proposed. ”

    Oh we will pay alright. and not just with money.

  • Scalia

    I don’t know how your post got deleted, but I’ve restored it.

    I don’t see my reaction as putting words in your mouth so much as it is a suggestion to avoid a charge that you are deflecting. Again, if you’re holding your nose, it is sufficient that you say so.

    You have previously made a comparison of the two major candidates and have given the nod to Hillary in the temperament category. That has no logical force anywhere because even if Hillary is a tad better in that department (I most certainly disagree), that has little or no bearing on your position since you are a liberal. As a liberal, you’ll vote for the most viable liberal candidate regardless her dishonesty and perhaps criminal behavior. If that is your position, then your complaint about Trump’s temperament is a non-starter.

    EDIT: By the way, you said, “Thanks for putting words in my mouth, wrong as they may be.” What’s wrong with what I said? You don’t think she’s “got a lot of problems”? What was wrong with what I said? You said you’re not a Hillary fan for “lots of reasons,” and you agree that you’ll be holding your nose, so again what’s inaccurate with my suggestion?

    • Hgg61688

      Thanks for restoring my comment. I think it’s clear who did it. I believe I have been nothing but respectful in my comments so I appreciate your open-mindedness.
      There are lots of reasons why I’m not for Hillary the person but am for the ideas she espouses. Yes I’m a liberal and believe in liberal ideas. I don’t believe she’s a “criminal.” That accusation goes all the way back to the loony right’s belief that she killed Vince Foster. Government figures have used private servers for years (if I remember correctly millions of emails were kept on private servers that came to light after Bush II fired the US Attorneys and many of those were deleted). You’re a lawyer as I understand it and she has been cleared by the FBI of any criminal conduct. If there are any other crimes that make her a criminal please enlighten me.
      One of the principal reasons I’m not a Hillary fan is that, like many people in this country, I’m just tired of the Bush/Clinton “dynasties” and all the drama, some self inflicted some not, that comes with them.

      • Scalia

        I don’t have time for a more complete response, but you didn’t answer my question. You said that the words I put in your mouth were wrong, and I asked you what was wrong with what I said. Here it is again:

        “Hillary’s got a lot of problems, but since I’m a liberal and since she’s the only liberal at this point who has a reasonable chance of winning, I’ll hold my nose and vote for her.”

        Given what you have said thus far, why is that wrong? You don’t think Hillary has a lot of problems?

      • Scalia

        I’m still waiting for an answer to my question. Will one be forthcoming?

      • Scalia

        And while you’re putting together your answer, you might find the Washington Post’s Fact Checker on Clinton’s claim that her answers to the FBI about the email scandal were truthful rather interesting.