France Urges Countrymen to Let Migrants into Their Homes


THE French government has urged citizens to welcome refugees into their homes because the country’s migrant centres are so crowded.

There are currently 147 reception centres across France, but these are in massive demand as desperate refugees continue to flee the Middle East.

Housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse has pledged to built a further 50 centres before the end of next month in a desperate bid to ease the crisis.

But she has also called on French people to open up their homes to migrants in need. Several organisations have already promised to help.

The group Singa has helped 300 migrants find a temporary home since it launched its ‘Calm’ scheme last June.

Singa co-director Alice Barbe said: “We match people according to where they live, their job, their hobbies, and the languages they speak.

“If things work out, the migrant will remain in the person’s home for a minimum of two weeks, and for up to nine months.”

And so my fellow Americans, are you willing to accept refugees into your homes for up to nine months because your government is too inept to properly regulate immigration?

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  • Walter_Cronanty

    In other news, Elmer Fudd urges Tweety to allow Sylvester into cage.

  • Not only no, Hell No. And damned be any who would ask.

    • Brett Buck

      They don’t have to invite them, they will just drive a truck into the living room.

      This is quite literally a *suicidal* idea.

  • Fuck, no.

    Is that plain enough?

    I can imagine a lot of Frenchmen are are now going “Okay, time to stock up on prosciutto, wine, bacon and beer. And go ‘Oh, I don’t think so’ when politely asked to house one of those filthy refugees.”

  • Commander_Chico

    95% of illegals in USA are from Latin America. They already have their housing set up, just pack into their relatives houses.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    What could possibly go wrong?

    “SWAT team shoots dead would-be ISIS suicide bomber in dramatic raid: Fanatic was plotting to blow up packed public place at rush-hour in Canada”

    “German Intelligence: We Have Evidence ISIS Hides ‘Hit Squads’ Among Syrian Refugees”

  • Vagabond661

    Domestically the government is not ept in anything.

  • creeper

    Bleeding-heart French will probably do it.

  • TheyTukRJobz

    Perhaps they should start with the Elysee Palace.

  • Hell no. Once you let them in, the government SJWs will fight any attempt to evict them. Then they’ll bring in their families and eventually you’ll have to move out.
    And after that, when they’ve destroyed your house, they’ll demand another.
    How many liberals and politicians are going to sign up for this.
    Bernie has three houses, he can spare two.
    Hillary has what, five?
    No one “needs” more than one house. Give yours up first, be the example!
    For the Children!
    It’s Common Sense!

    • Scalia

      Welcome to Wizbang. I hope you continue to comment on our boards.