If You Think That American Politicians Are Bad

If you think that American politicians are bad, then check out what has been happening to the residents of the London suburb of Surbiton.

From Auto Blog: “Residents of a Southwest London neighborhood are up in arms after receiving a series of fines for parking on their own property in early September.”

The politicians there decided that a driveway is a part of a street, the former being what the the politicians call a crossover. So, Surbiton residents have been receiving parking tickets for parking in their own driveways.

Apparently, the politicians of Surbiton have crossed over into the twilight zone.

Twilight Zone

The Debate: Round 1
Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Sept 23, 2016
  • Already a violation of some HOA rules here enforceable by towing.

  • Paul Hooson

    One of the greatest moments in French politics was on Feb 16, 1899 when French President Felix Faure died from a massive stroke while receiving oral sex from his mistress, Marguerite Steinheil. If anything, this serves as a strong lesson that heads of state need to keep their heads when receiving head.

    Strangely, Faure’s tomb looks much like he was found lying as Marguerite adjusted her clothes…. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1e8e934ab51dc0435b6bcde80d75cf1ff213f256050b61d35918db32a45712c9.jpg

  • Retired military

    Well on the debate I give a slight edge to Trump.
    a. Hillary made it through the whole thing on her feet which is a plus to her and she could have been a clear winner if you didnt have to take into account the fact that she lies about everything.
    b. Trump did what he needed to do.
    c. Trump had some golden opportunities that he take. Ie during Cyber question he could have said how is she going to protect America when she says she cant even recognize classified material when she sees it and her home email server didnt even have the basic protection on it.
    d. The moderator went after Trump numerous times and basically left Hillary alone over all her scandals.
    E. Hillary called Trump a sexist racist and Trump didnt even respond about Hillary covering up for Bill’s numerous affairs.

    • jim_m

      Hillary won it by the blink of an eye

      • Paul Hooson

        SNL will have a lot of fun with this debate.

      • Retired military

        Well Jim the only thing is IF you are correct is that Hillary was expected to do so much better given what she, the media, and the entire left has been saying about Trump for months.
        Trump didnt come off as the incompetent buffoon and in fact left some rather nasty comments unsaid that everyone who watched the debate was thinking.