Clinton Ethics An Oxymoron

Again the American public has been given news which shows that Hillary Clinton is deficient in the area of ethics.

From The Washington Free Beacon:

“Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sought to arrange Pentagon and State Department consulting contracts for her daughter’s friend, prompting concerns of federal ethics rules violations.

Clinton in 2009 arranged meetings between Jacqueline Newmyer Deal, a friend of Chelsea Clinton and head of the defense consulting group Long Term Strategy Group, with Pentagon officials that involved contracting discussions, according to emails from Clinton’s private server made public recently by the State Department. Clinton also tried to help Deal win a contract for consulting work with the State Department’s director of policy planning, according to the emails.

Deal is a close friend of Chelsea Clinton, who is vice chair of the Clinton Foundation. Emails between the two were included among the thousands recovered from a private email server used by the secretary of state between 2009 and 2013. Chelsea Clinton has described Deal as her best friend. Both Clintons attended Deal’s 2011 wedding.

Government cronyism, or the use of senior positions to help family friends, is not illegal. However, the practice appears to violate federal ethics rules that prohibit partiality, or creating the appearance of conflicts of interest.

Specifically, the Code of Federal Ethics states that government employees “shall act impartially and not give preferential treatment to any private organization or individual.” Pentagon ethics guidelines also call for avoiding actions that would create even the appearance of improper behavior or conflicts of interest…

… Good government advocates say the emails indicating Clinton sought to steer contracts to her daughter’s friend are troubling and appear to violate ethics rules.

“By now there is a strong pattern of Hillary Clinton showing bias in the dispensing of government funds and favors to a long list of friends, political supporters, and Clinton Foundation donors,” said Ken Boehm, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center.

“It looks like she was single-handedly trying to revive the corrupt spoils system,” Boehm added. “As the old saying goes, sometimes things are what they look like.””

That was then. This is now:

From Real Clear Politics: “On Thursday’s edition of The Kelly File, Krystal Ball, Dana Loesch and Megyn Kelly discussed Hillary Clinton’s campaign being busted planting a question at a town hall near Philadelphia this week.”

Sigh! I hope that Clinton’s supporters know what they will be getting if Clinton should win in November.

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  • Paul Hooson

    Clinton is far from perfect, but Donald Trump’s drive for the presidency is probably all but over tonight after the release of 2005 video in which he brags about that as a star and celebrity that he can get away with sexually assaulting women if he wants to. Anyone with a mother, wife, daughter or girlfriend in their life shouldn’t be very happy to hear such outlandish comments.

    • jim_m

      Yeah, and Bill actually did get away with being a serial rapist but you don’t care.

      And your bullshit that you care about the safety and respect of women is rich coming from a guy that runs a strip club and advocates for the porn industry.

      • Paul Hooson

        Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky was consenting adult behavior. A friend of mine who owns a business has told me before how she attempted to befriend him and she got sexually involved with a Lewis & Clark professor, where she actively sought out men in power and then used sex as a tool. Lewinsky’s motives were to sleep her way into power by befriending men in power and then getting sexually involved with them.

        Adult entertainment is all about consenting fantasy and a legitimate business industry, not assault or violence against women, who deserve all due human respect.

        • jim_m

          Juanita Broadrick.

          It’s OK with you that people you support ideologically commit crimes.

          It’s really that simple. You exempt your ideological allies from any moral or ethical requirements.

        • Wild_Willie

          Paul, your hypocrisy, as always knows no bounds. You are a good dem my friend. ww

        • Honesty

          It sounds like you are putting all the blame on a young woman and ignoring the fact that Bill was the elder statesman and that he was the married person. You want us to believe that Our President at the time was so weak that he could not resist her and that he put his sexual desires before respect for his wife, daughter, friends and supporters. You have joined Hillary with her trashing of Monica, shame on you.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      I don’t think DT ever got 4 people killed, then lied to the deceased’s parents about what caused the deaths in order to hide her own incompetence. You simply can’t get any lower than Hillary.

      But, don’t take my word, take that of a woman who was raped when she was 12 and Hillary defended the rapist. I’m sure Hillary undertook the rapist’s defense for the benefit of young girls everywhere:

      “A woman who says she was raped by an Arkansas man in the 1970s now says Hillary Clinton “took her through hell” as the defense attorney for the man charged in the case….”

      ‘I had him take a polygraph, which he passed, which forever destroyed my faith in polygraphs,’ Clinton said, with a chuckle, when talking about Thomas Alfred Taylor, the man she represented as a 27-year-old lawyer.”

    • Retired military

      So speaks the strip club owner who posts pictures of him humping his workers.
      Give me a break Paul.

      • Paul Hooson

        No, completely wrong. Monica was my girlfriend of three years and we had a loose engagement date. We had a long sexual relationship before I called her up one day to tell her, “Honey, I just bought $1.9 million dollar nightclub. How would you love to work with me there?”. She sometimes helped me at my grocery store long before I purchased the nightclub. We were a couple for many years.

        • Retired military

          Imagine how those pictures would look if you were a republican running for president. Your explanation would be in paragraph 37 of the articles lambasting you (if they were there at all)

  • Retired military

    The only news is IF anyone is suprised by this.
    Meanwhile Trump talks about a women;s body and it is main thing in the MSM.

    • jim_m

      What is the MSM going to talk about? Clinton’s illegal campaign coordination with The Open Society Foundation (funded by Soros)? Talk about the DOJ deliberately working to crush the FBI investigation of the email scandal? Talk about The Clinton Foundation taking tens of millions in bribes from Putin?