Treason, Not

As mentioned before here on Wizbang, Treason under the United States Constitution is quite narrowly defined:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Constitution of the United States
Article Three Section 3

This was done quite deliberately by the framers of our Constitution as the charge was remarkably flexible in England, and they sought to curb such abuses.

As is usual, the dhimmocratic party has failed to understand this.

Democrat Group Files Treason Complaint Against Roger Stone

A Democratic political group has filed a complaint with the FBI against Trump surrogate Roger Stone, alleging he is connected to the hack of Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s email. The group alleges that Stone, of sartorial splendor and ill repute, had advanced knowledge of the hack, which was likely perpetrated by cyber actors near to…

So, to make a Treason charge stick, the prosecution must prove that:

1. The United States is (de jure or defacto) at war with the entity with which Roger Stone is allegedly cooperating.
2. That John Podesta is an Agent of the United States Government.
3. That John Podesta had access to information damaging to the war aims of the United States.
4. That the leak of John Podesta was actually arranged by or facilitated by Roger Stone.

Good luck with that.




P. S. The Daily Caller copy protections suck.

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  • Wild_Willie

    I smell desperation in the Hillary camp. ww

    • jim_m

      I think it is clear that the dems have this sewn up. Everyone has underestimated just how much they have undermined our democracy already.

      As one of the comments says: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” –JFK

      This ends with bloodshed. No other way exists.



        • jim_m

          You saw that dem operatives are assaulting people they disagree with and have already escalated to using mace and other weapons. You can go back over the last 2 election cycles and see where dems have broken the legs of GOP supporters who had the audacity to walk down the street.

          Yes, bloodshed, because you forced it to be that way. Your side has taken to the street to injure those of us who disagree with you. Now you are firebombing political headquarters. If you won’t restrain yourselves(and you won’t) it is only a matter of time before someone else does. Whether it is ultimately the police or someone else the dems will require overwhelming physical force to stop them on this road to a totalitarian state.

          Do you honestly think that people who believe that physical violence and firebombing political headquarters are legitimate political acts will stop committing those acts because someone asks them politely? No they won’t. And if you think otherwise you are deluded.

        • Jwb10001

          Did you miss the fire bombing of NC Republican HQ?

          • pennywit

            I read that … and about the local Democrats immediately raising money to help the local GOP rebuild.

          • jim_m

            The dems have spurred on the violence. Yes, some reject that, but the party leadership is organizing and provoking that violence. Just as muslims must reject the islamists the dems must reject the elements within their party that is doing this. Simply saying that you don’t agree with it is not enough.

            Liberals must be willing to point out those within their midst and bring them to justice. But they aren’t. They are willing to make a petty token gesture that they disagree with the violent tactics, but they aren’t willing to give up the ideological gains from it.

          • Hank_M

            Just perfect, isn’t it? Democrat rhetoric responsible for inciting the fire-bombing. (Proof? Look at the grafiti). Then the democrats, never letting a crisis go to waste, raise other peoples money to help repair the HQ and when they raise enough, donors are instructed to donate to a local school.

            The democrats get everything they’d want. The Repub HQ is destroyed and useless for the election, the democrats get great PR, they get to spend other peoples money and their cronies in the local school get more money to donate to democrats.

            I’m surprised they aren’t bombing everything associated to Trump.

        • As Gilbert and Sullivan wrote:

          I have a little list
          They really shan’t be missed.

  • Retired military

    If it goes to trial Stone can call Hillary for the defense and have her explain how her emails got out in the first place from her homebrewed server and also how she didnt get charged by the FBI for far more serious offenses.. Also govt regulations require you change your password every 60-180 days. Padesta didnt even after he found out he had been hacked. As such he is violation of security regulations and could be prosecuted.

  • Vagabond661

    Is is possible that Homeland Security will take over the Internet to prevent us from breaking the law by reading these leaked emails? Just kidding Bruce…….

  • jim_m

    If Hillary is elected Mr Stone gets a bag dropped over his head and he disappears into the federal prison system without a trial. It will be just like he posted a video on YouTube.

  • TheyTukRJobz

    Just another step in the long march of progressivism turning political opposition into a criminal offense.

  • Hank_M

    Thankfully, the democrats still have faith in the FBI.
    It’s also nice to see that they object to seeing laws broken.