Everybody Knows That The War Is Over

Everybody knows, everybody knows…

But it’s still not so.

Not only is the War in Iraq still on (the President’s promises and assertions, not withstanding), it is but one of five that the United States is actively fighting under the incompetent leadership of a Nobel Laureate who most assuredly did not build deserve that.

Why won’t anyone admit that America is fighting 5 wars?

By Damon Linker, the Week

In an election flush with conspiracy theories, here’s one that’s real: Both major party nominees, as well as the journalists who cover the election and moderate the debates, are actively conspiring to avoid talking about the fact that the United States is waging war in at least five countries simultaneously: Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia.

In the first two presidential debates, our involvement in the Syrian civil war was briefly discussed, as was ISIS in vague terms, and the Iran nuclear deal, and Russia’s mischief-making in Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and Libya, though mostly in the past tense, focused on our 2011 intervention to depose Moammar Gadhafi and the subsequent attack on American government facilities in Benghazi a year later.

But our role in “advising” the Iraqi army “a few miles behind the front lines” as it works to take back territory from ISIS? Our “secret war” against Shabab militants in Somalia? Our support for Saudi Arabia’s bloody assault on Houthi rebels in Yemen? Our air strikes pounding positions in and around the city of Sirte on the Libyan coast?

Nada. Zip. Nothing.

Seems the truth does not fit the narrative, and must thus be ignored or belittled.

Republicans have an incentive to avoid a conversation about our multiple wars because the GOP finds it more politically advantageous to portray Barack Obama as a feckless commander in chief who has made the country less safe through grandiloquent displays of spinelessness. To put our wars on the table for discussion and debate would expose the actual truth, which is that Obama has very much governed as a hawk (albeit one who, unlike Republicans, prefers not to brag about it).

Democrats, on the other hand, have several reasons of their own to avoid a conversation about our multiple wars. First, because they quite understandably fear that the American people might object if they realized the Democratic administration was meddling militarily in so many places. Second, because the results of and strategic goals at stake in these interventions are so consistently muddled. Third, because it would reveal that Democrats are closely following the foreign policy vision of their nemesis George W. Bush.

I will take issue with that last.  President George W. Bush and his military and foreign policy advisors had a clear strategic vision.  His successor is an incompetent dilletant with delusions of competence.


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  • Walter_Cronanty

    All five wars are being fought with the resolve and success as Clinton’s war on aspirin factories.

  • LiberalNightmare

    On the plus side, we wont lose any of these wars, because we are on both sides in all five of them.

    • Brett Buck

      A corollary is that in none of these cases can we clearly define what it would mean to win! Leaving “win” open to political argument later, which is of course the point.

      • I am profoundly sad and furious at the blood, sweat, tears, and lives of my brothers and sisters being squandered by these poltroons.

        • Brett Buck

          Dilettante is certain the word for it. No one could plausible expect any better. Obama has done *nothing* like a real job in his entire life, so it is no surprise that the concept of objectively determined success and failure/win or lose is utterly foreign to him.

  • Retired military

    But hey he isnt Donald Trump so David Is happy.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    [Totally off Topic, and moderator can delete if he so desires]

    Sometimes you read two articles from different sources back-to-back, and the juxtaposition is so jarring you can only hang your head and say: “WTF?”

    I’ve often commented on my concerns about Western Civilization in general, and the US in particular, committing slow and agonizing suicide. After reading these two articles, I thought: “Is Western Civilization worth saving?”

    First, in the name of “feminism,” our “finest” universities are assaulting the knowledge and common sense learned through the millennia about sexual relations. This in turn, is leading to totally due process free star chambers on campus, with males cast as the main villains deserving of any punishment some “progressive” educrat deems fitting:

    “Under Yale’s sexual misconduct policy, sexual harassment includes verbal statements that have the “effect” of creating an “intimidating” environment. Sexual assault includes any contact without “positive, unambiguous, and voluntary” consent. According to Yale, consent must be “ongoing” at each stage of an encounter but “cannot be inferred from the absence of a ‘no’ ” or presumed from “contextual factors.”

    With these expanded definitions in hand, “independent investigators”—eager to justify their employment by a university desperate to appear tough on sexual misconduct—rush off to find evidence of violations. They build dossiers on professors’ offhand comments made decades earlier. They probe the murky “he said-she said” of drunken hook-ups seeking to prove that consent was not freely given, irrespective of whether a crime has been committed. Administrative tribunals, lacking due process protections provided in a court of law, determine guilt and mete out punishments that forever label people misogynists, harassers, or perpetrators of sexual assault.”
    WSJ via Stephen Green at Instapundit.

    Next, we have the situation of the poor male 20-year old Iraqi refugee living in Austria who had a “sexual emergency” at a public swimming pool and raped a 10 year old boy. He admitted it, and was sentenced to 6 years in prison. His sentence was overturned because – – well, you read the rest and tell me if Western Civilization is worth saving:

    “The attacker, identified as 20-year-old Iraqi migrant Amir A., had been treated to a trip to the Theresienbad pool in December 2015 as part of the integration process.

    He had also been provided with a 15-year-old helper and translator who was supposedly teaching him how to integrate into life in Vienna.

    At the pool, Amir A. dragged the schoolboy, aged ten, into the changing rooms where he locked the door and violently sexually assaulted him, leaving him in need of urgent treatment at a local children’s hospital. The boy is still plagued by massive post-traumatic stress disorder….

    After the rape, Amir A. went back to the swimming pool and was enjoying himself on the diving board when police turned up.

    The ten-year-old had told a lifeguard he had been attacked, and he informed the police.

    Amir A., who had worked in Iraq as a taxi driver, was still clothed in swimwear when handcuffed. He confessed to the rape, saying he knew it was wrong but did it anyway because it was a “sexual emergency” as he had not had sex for four months.”

    The appellate court overturned Amir A.’s six-year sentence on the ground that rape hadn’t been proved: Amir might have thought the boy consented.

    • Brett Buck

      I have to say, in recent months, I have had the same question. What *I* and many of the people I know consider Western Civilization is certainly worth saving. But your point is apt; western civilization isn’t what it used to be. We may just be living in the past.

      One thing for certain – we have long passed the point at which merely holding the line will accomplish the goal. It will be necessary to roll back the last 40-50 years of corruption by the various dope-smoking pseudo-intellectual nitwits who now set the standards. It will take concerted effort for a very long time to alter the current direction, just like the corrupting influences have undertaken. I honestly no longer know if it is possible.

      • It’s taken us decades to get to this point – it’ll take decades to reverse it.

        The first thing that’ll have to be accepted is that ‘diversity’ for it’s own sake isn’t an unmitigated good. The second thing is that not all cultures fit together well.

        Think of trying to fit the gears of a 1935 Ford manual transmission into a 2016 Corvette – without any modifications. You’re not going to ‘improve’ anything. If you’re LUCKY, you’re going to stop when you realize it doesn’t fit. If not, you’re gonna bust something trying to make it all mesh up.

        Now add a healthy dose of 90W differential lube instead of transmission fluid, with a nice mixture of 000 carborundum.

        Should run real smooth, don’t you think?

        Some things can’t be made to fit together, no matter how much you supposedly want them to.

        The third thing that’ll have to be accepted is that pathological altruism is NOT a healthy thing for our leaders to have – and that they be blocked when the first signs of it be seen.

        But, hell… I think we’re going to see a decade or more where things get worse before people start going “Screw this – it’s just not working.”

        • Walter_Cronanty

          “…I think we’re going to see a decade or more where things get worse before people start going ‘Screw this – it’s just not working.'”

          Can an additional decade or more of this self-loathing insanity ever be rectified?

          I believe that a society which has devolved to the point where it is unable to say: “If you have male genitalia, use the men’s room, if not, use the woman’s” is a society that has completely lost its way.

          Consider this, again from one of our “finest” universities:

          “‘The Vagina Monologues is “antiquated” because it suggests “that in order to be a woman, you must have a vagina,’ an American University student has claimed….”

          Based on the above “reasoning,” “…’the Women’s Initiative solicited new monologues that “make this a place for all bodies regardless of gender identity.’”

          • I don’t know – I really don’t. I do think that we’ve about hit the limit on what people will accept – look at how Chik-Fil-A got a MASSIVE boost on their sales when the ‘proper’ folks started screaming how they were homophobic based on the founder not supporting gay marriage. And Target’s seen a significant hit on their bottom line due to the idiotic ‘trans’ acceptance they adopted. (Starbucks quietly changed their single-person bathroom signs to show both men and women. If it’s empty and you need it, it automatically becomes the gender bathroom you need. Magic!)

            People don’t mind the noisy idiots being idiotic until it starts affecting them directly – and there’s been too much direct idiocy being pushed out lately that’s not being taken well. Take Obamacare – yeah, it sounded good until it was implemented, and now people are seeing that it’s massively bad. They’ve seen their premiums double along with their copays, all to benefit some nebulous group of ‘uninsured’ that apparently hasn’t been much reduced – because people who could afford insurance beforehand had to drop it because it wasn’t affordable!

            Now we’re looking at Hillary proposing raising taxes and importing loads of refugees to freeload on us all. Hey, I’m all for voluntary charity – but bringing in more people who don’t know the language, aren’t vetted in any way, shape or form, aren’t going to assimilate well and will be dependent on government generosity to even subsist here isn’t altruistic, it’s a ‘Oh, I feel so good about myself’ bit of self-indulgence by our political elite. (And look how it’s working out in Germany and Sweden.)

            I think people have had about all the ‘You’re racist / bigoted / homophobic / transphobic / fat-phobic / xenophobic / Islamophobic’ /gun-lovin’ ‘ hectoring they can stand. And I think it’ll double under a Hillary administration – because they’ve convinced themselves that they’re completely right about everything, and won’t listen when results show otherwise.

            It could be subtle, it could be really overt – but there’s going to be massive pushback if the stupid elite don’t pull their heads out of their asses and look around.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            From your keyboard to God’s monitor.

  • Retired military

    But but Trump said “p*ssy”

    • Who didn’t know before the tape was revealed that Trump was a boor?

      • And who here HASN’T been a boor in their lives? Been rude, crude, obnoxious?

        Can the man get things done? Apparently, yes.

        Can Hillary fuck up royally EVERYTHING she touches, even emails? Apparently, yes.

        It’s kind of a no-brainer, really.

  • john ryan

    Yeah Bush thanks for that mess in Iraq

    • Walter_Cronanty

      Well, the mission was accomplished until Obama pulled out all of our troops so he could campaign in 2012 that he actually kept one of his campaign promises. Of course now we’re back in there trying to win back what we had already won, only now we’re at war with the JV. What a putz Obama is.

      • Paul Hooson

        The old government under Nouri al-Maliki mandated that United States exit Iraq, which of course was not wise as the standing Iraqi army could not stand up to the growing threat of ISIS, sometimes running away in fear and even abandoning their weapons. For a number of reasons, including the threat of ISIS, Maliki lost support from his ruling Islamic Dawa Party, which has two factions, and the new government of Haider al-Abadi was far more pragmatic, seeking American and allied air support and advisers to improve the Iraqi army, where Iraq could have nationalist pride that their ground troops were able to defeat ISIS with foreign help. This has kept many American soldiers from harm, sharply reducing American combat deaths, while giving Iraqi soldiers and citizens a source of pride and self-respect.

        • Brett Buck

          Right. We left troops in Germany for 60+ years with arguably less immediate threat, and plenty of the Germans wanted us gone that whole time.

          That’s why you don’t let the losers set the terms.

          • Paul Hooson

            Germany and Japan formally surrendered to the U.S. and their allies, so were occupied. In the second Iraq War, Iraq did not surrender to the United States. and American soldiers were scolded when some raised the American flag in Baghdad. Saddam Hussein was believed to be hiding chemical weapons of mass destruction in violation of U.N. sanctions and the United States sought to enforce these sanctions and dispose of the Saddam Hussein government, allowing democratic parties elements to form a government, write a constitution and have free elections. The United States had no basis under international law or the U.N. mandate to occupy Iraq on a permanent basis. Further, the U.N. mandate also allowed many other states to assist in the rebuilding of Iraq including China and others.

          • Brett Buck

            So you suggest that the Iraqis were the winners of this conflict? And that the UN, which had nearly nothing to do with the actual fighting, was going to hold up the show?

            As above – there ARE winners and loser, and the winners set the terms. Or disaster ensues – which is exactly what happened.

          • Paul Hooson

            There was no formal declaration of war between the United States and Iraq here. Remember Secretary Of State Colin Powell having to present his case to the U.N.? This was a limited U.N. mandated mission with limits on what was allowed to be achieved here.

        • Walter_Cronanty

          I see. We can negotiate a “deal” with Iran, our enemy, but our crackerjack State Department can’t get a deal done with the country we fought for and freed. Not buying it secret agent man.

          • Paul Hooson

            I’m personally opposed to the Iran nuclear deal. It freed up millions in frozen Iranian assets that have only helped to fund Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorism as well as only delayed Iran’s nuclear weapons program for about 10 years, leaving this problem up to the the next two presidents to deal with. Being Jewish and very proIsrael, I’m just well read on Mideastern issues because the safety and security of Israel are at stake every single day in the Mideast.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            A deal can always get done, Paul. Obama didn’t want a deal done. He wanted to campaign on all the troops being home, Bin Laden’s dead, al Qaeda is on the run. Remember? He’s the worst President we’ve had for a very long time, and Hillary served him, but not the American people, very well.

          • Paul Hooson

            al Maliki was so difficult to work with. You have to believe that American defense officials worked very hard to convince al Maliki to extend the American stay there. It was only when the new prime minister took over that this situation changed.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            Given how Obama has gutted our military and made it an institution more worried about transgenders and political correctness than winning wars, I don’t have nearly as much faith in our military leaders. From what I’ve seen, there’s not a Stormin’ Norman in the lot of ’em. I feel sorry for our lower military personnel because Obama has politicized the military like he has politicized the DOJ, FBI, ATF, IRS, ad nauseam.

          • Paul Hooson

            I can certainly disagree with Obama on many issues including some military cutbacks to programs I support. But, the war against ISIS has cost $9.3 billion so far before this major battle in Mosul where ISIS loses it’s last base in Iraq. Further, the Department Of Defense has noted 116,391 military intelligence flights to gather information on ISIS to target aircraft, drone or ground force attacks. Obama hasn’t declined to spend a lot of money to defeat ISIS.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            I have no doubt that ISIS is barbaric beyond what we would normally call barbaric. Nor do I doubt Israel’s predicament and abilities to meet the challenges she faces. What I especially have no doubts about is Israel’s leadership. I believe Netanyahu is one of the finest, most clear-minded and prescient leaders in power today. The comparison of Obama to Netanyahu is quite stark. In today’s world who would you trust more to make judicious decisions to protect your country and countrymen – a community organizer or a battle hardened special forces veteran? To ask such a question is to answer it.
            Obama/Hillary-Abedin’s treatment of Israel and Netanyahu is a scandal and one of the reasons I could never support Hillary. It’s also one of the reasons why I can’t understand your desire for 4 more years of Obama’s policies toward Israel.

          • Paul Hooson

            Gov. Kasich, Jeb Bush and Carly Florina all would have been very acceptable candidates to me. But, Trump’s extreme views on immigration concern me as a Jew. Many Jews have lost their lives by not being able to emigrate from some hostile areas to safety. His extreme views also represent a form of racism towards many groups. Further, his own money problems have moved him too close to many Russian financial sources to keep what’s left of his business empire alive. He will not release his taxes because of where his loans have come from, hasn’t always paid taxes and other issues. Trump’s financial dependence on Russian money sources also presents a serious national security risk for this country as Trump is far too willing to allow Vladimir Putin to move ahead with his own foreign policy objectives that are not in the interest of the United States. Trump has had way too many Russian advisers and spokesmen in his campaign including a convicted Russian gangster who is an economics adviser to Trump. In addition, Trump uses lawsuits and the threat of lawsuits to mow down those that disagree with him. Even when Trump loses in court, which is most of the time, persons with limited financial means have been drained of any savings they have to defend themselves from Trump who can better afford these legal antics. In November, after the election, Trump heads to court to testify in the racketeering trial of his failed Trump University, where too much evidence suggests this was a scam to separate people from their life savings. Add to all of this Trump’s business deals and associations with organized crime, threats to sue women who claim they were sexually abused by Trump, his threats to sue newspapers that disagree with him, his poor track record in business, his bizarre and caustic personality and unstable nature. None of this suggests that Trump is stable enough emotionally or has the character necessary to lead our great country.

            I sure expected that Jeb Bush or some mainstream conservative who would be a stable and reliable leader would be the Republican nominee. I have so many objections to Clinton in so many areas, and do not like her very much at all. But, given the choice is between this establishment candidate, who many mainstream Republicans like Ebay’s Meg Whitman feel they can work with, and much more doubts about Trump, it becomes a choice of the lesser of two evils. Further, Republicans will likely retain control of both the Senate and House, where Clinton will need to rule as a centrist if she wants to see much if any legislation passed or nominate mainstream court choices.

          • Which has what to do with the subject of this post?

          • WHO’S THE BUSTER

            I don’t know how anyone can consider out military gutted. If so, an investigation should be launched to discover where the money went.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            Investigation complete:

            “One of the major worries that confronts those who study the American military at present is the question as to whether the accommodation of its units to the social and political agendas of a portion of America’s elite might not in the long run damage what has been for the past thirty years the most competent combat organization in the world. Given the darkening strategic picture that confronts the United States at present with the rising threat of China, the collapse of any sort of stability in the Middle East, and the increasingly threatening behavior of Putin’s Russia, the international environment represents one of the most important issues confronting the American people as they approach the election of 2016. It is not one to which there are simple or unambiguous answers.”


            “Navy to Hold All-Hands Training, Webinars on New Transgender Policy”

            “You may recall the Washington Times piece awhile back reporting that Arizona State University Army ROTC cadets were allegedly pressured by leadership to walk around in high heels to “raise awareness of sexual violence against women.”


          • Paul Hooson

            Indeed we have vast lots where tanks, Humvees, aircraft sit in mothball fleets while congresspersons who have military contractors in their districts constantly slip new spending proposals in bills to build more of the same sort of equipment as the mothballed equipment.

          • ME negotiatiing is “You start out on opposite sides and work your way to an agreeable resolution.” In this case, they started with ‘We want you to take out all the troops’, expecting to end up with maybe a third to a half remaining.

            Obama went ‘Okay” and announced the pullout.

            They went “WTF? That’s not how this works!” But of course it was too late by then.

            Yeah. ‘Expert diplomats’. Idiots believing their own press on how ‘intelligent’ and ‘competent’ they were – tromping around not knowing jack shit about what they were doing, but convinced they knew better than anyone ever before them.

          • WHO’S THE BUSTER

            Didn’t Iraq demand that American soldiers be charged with crimes if Iraq deemed them to do acts that they considered to be against Iraqi law? That was the deal breaker.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            Sorry, you’re not going to get me to believe a deal couldn’t be brokered. This is why a deal couldn’t get done:

            “As a candidate for President, I pledged to bring the war in Iraq to a responsible end — for the sake of our national security and to strengthen American leadership around the world… After taking office, I announced a new strategy that would end our combat mission in Iraq and remove all of our troops by the end of 2011… So today, I can report that, as promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year.”

            Barack Obama October, 2011

          • Paul Hooson

            al Maliki was so difficult to deal with.

          • Brett Buck

            Golly gee whiz, one little tin pot dictator and we must give up, because we are helpless despite thousands of troops and the finest army and air force in the world, all placed in the ideal places.

    • You should thank the sitting President and his Secretaries of State for pissing away the gains made in Iraq with the blood, sweat, turmoil, and tears of my brothers and sisters.

    • Brett Buck

      It wasn’t a mess until Obama, predictably (and predicted) cut-and ran.

      At what point does something become Obama’s fault? Say, like the 95 million people out of work? Or ISIS, which effectively didn’t exist until Hillary and Barry got involved?

      • Walter_Cronanty

        Don’t forget that Hillary voted for the Iraq invasion. And when General Petraeus correctly testified before Congress concerning the surge, she said that “…I think that the reports that you provide to us really require a willing suspension of disbelief….” She added that “any fair reading of the advantages and disadvantages accruing post-surge, in my view, end up on the downside.”
        What a maroon!

        • Brett Buck

          A real tactical genius, our Hil!

      • Cut and Run, it’s what dhimmocrats do.