Another Sign Of The End of Times

As if the current crop of candidates were not sufficient sign unto themselves, we have this un-natural event as well:




“Surely a loving God would never allow such a travesty.”

I should probably apologize to Dale Brown, but I shan’t.


Consider this an open thread.


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  • Retired military

    Dont forget that the Cowboys are 5 -1 so far this season.

    We are doomed, doomed I tell you.

    • Scalia

      And the Lions are on a three-game winning streak.

      • TheyTukRJobz

        If the Superbowl is Lions v. Browns, then it is the apocalypse.

        • Scalia

          Funny you should say that. The last time the Lions won a championship, they were playing the Browns (1957).

          • jim_m

            now THAT is funny.

        • WHO’S THE BUSTER

          I am reasonably sure that will not happen in my lifetime and it has nothing to do with my advanced age; I would tell my young nieces and nephews that they are not likely to see it either.

  • Paul Hooson

    A sure sign of Hell freezing over? Baseball games have an impossible effort to fill seats during the day, but now can suddenly get an absurd $7200 for the best World Series seats. – I’m a strong advocate of the benefits of capitalism, just as much as Ayn Rand was, but this just begs the absurd here. No sports event should cost $7200…

    • jim_m

      That’s right. We should have government controls preventing people from spending their money as they want to. Paul can be in charge of determining the fair and equitable price for everything.

      Prey tell us dumbass, how it is that you will ration everything? Typically it turns out that fascist lefties like you want to give everything to their friends and then fuck over everyone else. I suppose it will be the same with you.

    • Then don’t buy tickets.

      • jim_m

        Oh no. Paul wants to have price controls so that he can feel that people who want to buy tickets can purchase them at a price that he deems to be socially appropriate. Only when everything is aligned with the fairy tale price structure that he believes the world should run by will there be real justice in the world.

        Paul won’t be satisfied until the government imposes a universal price structure that dictates the legal price to sell all things. Then everyone can have everything they want at a fair price. Just like they do in Venezuela today.

        • Paul Hooson

          Jesus Christ. You just like to argue. I never said anything about government controls on prices here. I’m convinced that in all markets in which free market and not monopoly conditions exist, competition keeps prices in check. Since I was five years old I helped out or ran family businesses because that was the Jewish family thing to do. That’s 56 years of my 61 years. In Oregon here, I just voted against a new sales tax on corporations as not being good for business growth.

          But, I do think that $7200 for the best tickets to the game is too much and bad public relations for any sports event.

          • So don’t buy the tickets already…

          • jim_m

            Thrice an idiot you are.

            The face value of the tickets is only a couple of hundred bucks. The $7200 is on the secondary market.

            It’s not that I like to argue (I do, but that is beside the point), it’s that you are an idiot.

          • Paul Hooson

            That’s not a family night out at the baseball park. The good old days were a family night out at a game and hotdogs, before all this greed set in.

          • jim_m

            SO what? You can do that during the regular season for 162 games.

            If you knew anything about Cubs history, you would know that Phillip K Wrigley made a conscious decision after WWII that what people wanted was a place for family entertainment. That ushered in 70 years of futility since their last trip to the world series in 1945.

            I think you can see that what the fan base wants (and not socialist fantasists like you) is a team that wins.

            And again, you make the mistake that the team is somehow gouging their fans. People were able to buy tickets in a lottery, families were able to get in at prices that were not out of line compared to other ballparks.

            What you object to is that many of those people turned around and resold their tickets for thousands of dollars. Some of those who paid thousands turned around and resold them again for even more thousands. What you object to is that people have the freedom to choose to attend the games or to profit from selling their tickets. You object to capitalism.

          • jim_m

            It is competition for scarce resources (a limited number of tickets) that has dictated the price. So while you pay lip service to the idea of competition you are actually against a free market in practice. Ticket resellers aren’t holding onto these things. They are selling them. If they do not they lose everything. These prices are not being driven by monopolistic despots. They are being driven by the market.

            Your statements show a complete lack of understanding of what free markets are and how they work. You keep using the words “free market” but I don’t think they mean what you think they mean.

          • Paul Hooson

            Most consumer goods work fine as creating a competitive business environment where competition keeps prices low. Why anyone purchases at only store other than Dollar Tree surprises me because their prices are so good, but other higher priced discount stores like Walmart and Target aren’t hurting. But, in other areas one $30 a month Internet provider was purchased by a larger provider simply to close the smaller company, because the purchaser sold $60 a month Internet access. The EpiPen story is one where federal legislation limits competition by generics, so a device that costs $3 to manufacture is priced at $600 to consumers.

          • jim_m

            Seriously? Why buy anything from anywhere other than Dollar Tree? Because quality matters and quality costs money.

            If the $30 per month internet company were really viable they would not have been able to have been purchased. That they were bought at all suggests that at $30 they were not financially sustainable.

            I travel a lot. When I started I had a nice bag from Target. It was OK. But it had a number of issues with the design, the handle, the way it extended, etc. I couple of years ago I replaced it with a Tumi bag. The level of quality is amazing. The amount of thought put into the design is eye opening. Is it worth the hundreds of dollars they charge for it? Maybe (to be honest I used my airline mile to get it).

            The bottom line is that you are conflating multiple things here. You compare the epi pen issue, where it is government intervening on behalf of cronies to establish a monopoly that predates upon the sick and needy, to a free market that allows people to sell their property at a price that other people are willing to pay. You lament the death of companies that supply cheap services without asking whether that business model is the strongest and most likely to be able to provide those services in the long run.

            You really do not understand capitalism.

          • Paul Hooson

            The biggest difference between the Dollar Tree and nearly every other store is comparable or the same merchandise at 4 to 10 times the price.

          • It’s clearly where the vermin shop.

          • nanny

            This is where he works as a stock boy.


    I am torn on who to pull for, although I suppose I am leaning towards Cleveland. The fact that the last time the Cubs won a World Series was the week after the first Model T rolled out of the factory is something, but I have a soft spot for Midwestern cities that have experienced hard times. The tie breaker? The Cubs beat my Detroit Tigers in that 1908 series (although the Tigers did beat them in the Cubs last appearance in 1945).

    They are moving the game up an hour due to cold tonight. Baseball in the low forties certainly changes the game.

  • jim_m

    I’m trying to decide which team’s fans will be more insufferable if they win so I can root against them. It’s a close call.

    • Brett Buck

      Cubs fans by far. All I have heard since March has been about who awesome the Cubs are gonna be,

      • jim_m

        I’m inclined to agree. This has already become something that they feel they are owed. The degree of smug will be incredible.