Dhimmocrat Desperation

California is one of, if not the, deepest darkest blue of blue states.  Despite which the Dhimmocrats are in such a panic that they are stuffing the ballot box here.

Nearly 100 [Absentee, vote by mail] Ballots Found Outside California Man’s Home

California resident Jerry Mosna found 83 unused 2016 voter ballots at his home over the weekend — each ballot had a different name but were all addressed to his neighbor’s two-bedroom apartment — causing concern and serious suspicion of voter fraud.

by JEROME HUDSON, Breitbart

Mosna and his wife Madalena attempted to turn the ballots over to Los Angeles police, but they eventually found their way to the Los Angeles County Registrar’s office.

“We are carefully reviewing our records and gathering information to fully identify what took place,” the office of the Registrar reportedly said in a statement. “Our preliminary assessment is that this appears to be an isolated situation related to a system error that occurred causing duplicate ballots to be issued to an address entered for a single voter. We are working directly with the system vendor to ensure the issue is addressed and to identify any similar occurrences.”

Brenda Duran, a spokeswoman for the office of the Registrar, said the U.S. Postal Service “has indicated that they returned all of the improperly addressed ballots to our office.”

One must suspect that their internal polls have become alarming.


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  • Wild_Willie

    As I heard a democrat mumble as his head was in the sand,”there is no voter fraud.” ww

    • There never is. Who are you going to believe, the narrative or your lying eyes?

  • jim_m

    But wait… Voter ID laws are all racist, because blacks don’t have ID’s, don’t know where the DMV is, don’t know how to use the internet, Don’t own smart phones, are uninformed and most of all… Blacks are mostly felons and prohibiting felons from voting is racist!!!!

    • Brett Buck

      Of course, the entire platform of the party and their (stated) core principles are steeped in and a 1:1 function of racism. They absolutely depend on it.

      Of course, it’s just a method by which to exploit minorities, the downtrodden, etc, and the rest of us to enrich themselves.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    We can witness the left’s reaction to opposing views – Brownshirt Fascism – from their virulent anti-free speech actions on campus to their violent anti-Trump actions. The crybullies on the left only recognize brutally applied power. Ethics, rule-of-law, civility, etc. are out-dated principles, to be followed only for show and only when convenient.