Hillary Clinton Rebuked!

The voters have spoken, and they have rebuked Hillary Clinton for her misdeeds.

It is said that actions speak louder than words.

Donald Trump’s words have been bad, but Hillary Clinton’s actions have been worse.

In previous posts, I describe Trump as a political monster, but I never accuse him of being corrupt.

The “corrupt” label belongs to Hillary Clinton, and, apparently, the majority of voters agree with me.

In previous posts, I clearly state that Clinton should not be the next POTUS.

Apparently, the majority of voters agree with me.

I am happy that Donald Trump won – not because he is a great person, but because Clinton is worse than him.

To be specific, I have argued that Clinton belongs behind prison bars. I still believe that Clinton actually committed a felony while she served as U.S. Secretary of State.

The people who wanted Clinton to win seem not to care about Clinton’s misdeeds. Instead, they are claiming that the USA will encounter horror now that Trump has been elected. I believe that they are wrong.

Sure, American politics may become a nightmare for people who want the nation to become the United Socialist States of America.

Sure, there may still be a nightmare for people who want SCOTUS decisions to be based on feelings and desires instead of on the actual words of the U.S. Constitution.

Sure, the USA might become a nightmare for people who are opposed to the rule of law when it comes to immigration.

The defeat of the bad is always a nightmare for those who want the bad.

However, the election of Trump is no nightmare. A surprise? Yes. A nightmare? No.

At least Trump’s victory is not a nightmare for people who place their faith in the God of the Tanakh (a.k.a. Old Testament), because that God can’t be thwarted by any POTUS.

I expect Trump to make innocent mistakes as the next POTUS, but every POTUS makes innocent mistakes.

Clinton’s mistakes, however, border on the criminal even if they aren’t actually criminal. Now, her mistakes have caught up with her. Clinton’s chickens have come home to roost.

Perhaps now the Democratic Party will wake up and face the real Hillary Clinton.

Real Hillary

Post originally published @ The Moderate Voice.

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  • Walter_Cronanty

    I guess there was a massive turnout of those misguided, ignorant, theologically challenged Trump supporters who “… don’t believe that the God of the Bible has kept his omnipotence and sovereignty.” http://wizbangblog.com/2016/10/12/political-atheism-within-the-gop/

    • Brett Buck

      Now, don’t go confusing David with his own words.

      Speaking of words, “rebuke” is not exactly the phrase I had in mind, “Kicked to the curb” is more like it.

  • Commander_Chico

    Good post. The Clinton years are over. The Bush years are over. We are in a new era where the Republican Party becomes the workers’ party and the Democratic Party becomes the globalist party.

    • PBunyan

      “Becomes”? During the Clinton-Bush-Obama years both parties were the globalist unitparty. Let’s hope and prey that Trump can transform the Republican party into the patriots and productive persons party.

      I don’t care for the “workers’ party” label. While technically accurate it sounds too Marxist. I prefer we call ourselves patriots and productive persons. The Democrats have been and will continue to be the party of the oligarchs and leeches.

      • Commander_Chico

        Whatever we call it, the party should retool to support an economy which produces jobs in the USA, rather than catering to the desires of transnational corporations in tax havens like Ireland.

        Government spending should focus on US infrastructure.

    • Paul Hooson

      I think the election was an indictment of our failed education system. A self-serving billionaire who favors tax cuts for others in his economic class and large corporations, who opposes the current minimum wages, tells working people that some Mexican has taken away their coveted dream job of cooking fries at McDonalds, and it all sounds reasonable to them. Our schools have apparently not really equipped their former students with all the skills necessary to sort out the facts from the pure bullshit.

      • Jwb10001

        You mean the education system infested with labor unions and democrat operatives?

      • Vagabond661

        I agree with your first statement. The rest, not so much.

        Since the government took over our education system, we have plunged in ranking. If you want to point fingers, start with the government.


        • Jwb10001

          That would be the education system that Paul’s candidate thinks is just grand. You know that candidate of choice except when it comes to sending your kids to a better school.

      • Commander_Chico

        You should be grateful that those ignorant voters saved you from Hillary’s know-it-all gender tyranny which would have put you in the crosshairs as an “exploiter” of women.

      • fustian24

        Paul, I’m wondering just how you think the government can create jobs?

        • Jwb10001

          easy as pie you kill private industry

        • fustian24

          The only way that the government can create new jobs is to get off the backs of business. This means tax breaks. It means less regulation. It means putting more money in the hands of investors, entrepreneurs, and citizens.

          Lots of these obvious steps are anathema to the left. The just don’t get it. Even worse is that anybody that actually takes real steps to create jobs will be demonized by the left because they simply do not understand the way that an economy works.

          One of the many amusing things that the left simply cannot grasp is that you CANNOT tax business. Business, like Soylent Green, is people. Businesses have only three ways to pay extra taxes:
          1. Raise prices.
          2. Cut back on the business.
          3. Take it away from the stockholders.

          The left thinks that business holds these slush funds of money that can be tapped by government without consequence. But, in the end, it all gets passed through to actual people. Taxing business is just another way of taxing people. But the left never sees that.

      • Retired military

        The same education system that set up safe spaces and trigger free enviroments. The same education system that is ruled by liberals.

  • Hank_M

    Gotta wonder about all the recent “contributors” to the Clinton Foundation who were expecting “payback” of sorts.

    Also seems to me that any “immunity” the Clintons had is gone.

    Things is, karma couldn’t have happened to a more deserving couple.

  • Retired military

    Can we treat this as a thread on eletions biggest losers.

    I want to nominate Hoover umm I mean Huma. Chances are Obama will pardon Hillary but I think Huma will get thrown under the bus and used as a scapegoat for a lot of stuff with the emails. She is the perfect fall person with almost no fallout against the dems for sacrificing her.

    • fustian24

      Huma is fine. She’s by Hillary’s side right now. The question is whether she stays there. If she’s just the usual ambitious aide, she’ll leave Hillary for someone else that looks promising. If she’s a Manchurian Candidate, she’ll do the same. If she’s Hillary’s lover, on the other hand, she’ll stay with her.

      It’s Wiener that will need to go into witness protection. If that guy was smart, he’d wait years before walking around on any New York street because those lefties might hurt him badly.

      Comey is another guy that shouldn’t be sleeping at home.

      Lynch will sneak out of Justice untouched.

      KellyAnne Conway and Reince are big winners. Kasich loses big.

      Bill Clinton probably caught the first Lolita Express out of New York.

      Hillary becomes perhaps the biggest political loser in American history and will have some explaining to do to some very scary donors. Fundraising for the Clinton Foundation dries up overnight.

      • Retired military

        I agree with most of what you say but I disagree about Huma. I honestly think that someone is going to have to go under the bus and to me Huma is the most likely candidate. She has no power or connections of her own, she is a leech off Hillary. If someone has to take a fall for the emials and all the illegal stuff then she is the most likely. Plus the emails that were on her home laptop. If everyone gets away scot free (not discounting it) then she will be okay but if someone has to go to jail then it will be her or her husband. Of course she will have money set aside to pay her off for the time she serves but IMO she is toast. What politician wants Huma by their side? with all the clinton baggage that she has? WHen Hillary lost she became radioactive and expendable. Just my opinion.

        • fustian24

          I think it’s important that Hillary and her lying associates pay an enormous public price for illegal behavior.

          But I’m not seeing it actually happen.

          Because everyone in Washington lives in glass houses, they REALLY don’t like to see ANY stones thrown.

          I expect this will all quietly go away. If it doesn’t, Obama will pardon Hillary and Huma. Maybe some aides in the State Department.

          In the end, I really hate to say it, but I think Hillary walks.

          • Retired military

            I am of the opinion that you are more correct than not. But one can always hope.

            Oh and one person we havent mentioned.

            Mitt ROmney should jsut STFU and stay away from any TV camera for at least 8 more years.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        Yes, Kasich appears to be a pissy, little man.

        • Who?

        • fustian24

          Kasich was expected to give a talk to a Washington think tank tomorrow to discuss what the Trump loss means to the Republican party going forward.

          You can’t make this stuff up!

          • Walter_Cronanty

            Wow. Looks like a scintillating discussion. I’m sure David Brooks will enjoy it immensely.

          • Who?

          • fustian24


          • Retired military

            Maybe he can ask Mitt Romney for crib notes.

      • Retired military

        Hillary wont explain anything to anyone IMO. She will simply take the money they gave her and laugh at them.

        Kasich is toast.

        Comey will most likely get fired SOON. He is going to be a scapegoat and his political career is over.

        Lyndsey Graham and McCain will do their best to stick it to Trump every chance they get.

        Lynch may get investigated but I think she will get off scot free as long as they dont go after Comey who might start lobbing bombs if they go after him too bad.

        Soros probably lost about $10 million.

        Hopefully Ryan will not be Speaker anymore.

        Chelsea may run in the future but I dont think she will get anywhere. I think the Clintons as a whole will be unviable for our lifetimes.

        Obama gets to watch his legacy get torn apart. Obamacare will be toast and all the exec orders and crap that he pulled will be in the dust bins of history. However, the MSM will be glad to stick a microphone in his face for the next 4 years so he can tell us his great feats are being destroyed and he could have done it better.

        • Jwb10001

          If I were the democrats I would tread softly on Comey, they should remember that Trump is now nominating people for these jobs. He did after all determine not to indict Hillary. I know they are looking for a scapegoat but that might be cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  • fustian24

    Well, I have rarely been happier to have been exactly wrong.

    I really didn’t think Trump could win.

    I’m still worried about what he’ll do. My hope is that he’ll handle the country like he does his businesses, specifically, that he’ll turn it over to capable people.

    Let’s hope he is able to keep a lot of his promises.

    One thing is for sure. We have an opposition press once again. It’s bracing!

    • Hank_M

      Yes, an opposition press that got everything wrong. An opposition press living in a bubble reporting on people they don’t know, live around or understand, One that will shortly start writing and reporting about what Trump should be doing while in office.

      • fustian24

        My point is not that the enemy press aren’t still hateful.

        It’s that they simply would not hold Hillary accountable for anything.

        Well, they are BACK ON THE JOB now!

        • Hank_M

          I understand and essentially agree.
          But, do you think they still remember how to do their jobs?
          Especially without the DSC guiding them?

          • fustian24

            I think that the notion of an objective press is unnatural and not realistic. The press has always been a ragtag mob of bias and partisanship.

            It was TV that changed all of that. Everybody realized immediately that TV news had too much power. There were at most 3 channels and much of the country tuned in.

            To keep from being censored by the government, this notion of an “objective” press was invented and proselytized. They’ve chafed under this for years, even while subtilely becoming more and more partisan.

            It has only been recently with the advent of the talk radio and the internet that the press has felt they could stop pretending to be objective.

            Particularly with this election, the press has finally returned to its natural state of being heavily biased.

            That’s fine.

            The problem is that they insist on trying to retain the mantle of objectivity that they REALLY no longer deserve. This is infuriating.

            I’m hoping that a lot more people realize that the popular press are just democrats with bylines (as Instapundit would have it).

  • Wild_Willie

    Even though you voted for Hillary, David, I hope you can rally behind the winner. Good things are going to come to our country now. ww

  • EricSteel

    Remember all of the talk about the coming GOP crackup? Keep in mind that the Biggest Loser in this election is the Democrat Party

    Come January Republicans will control…
    The White House i.e. The Executive Branch of Government
    The Senate and the House i.e. The Legislative Branch of Government
    The Supreme Court i.e. The Judicial Branch of Government
    33 out of 50 Governors will be Republican
    66 out of 99 State Houses will be controlled by Republicans

    The Democrats will be out of power across the whole spectrum of government in the US. That is the party that is in line to crack up!

  • Retired military

    On a side note DU was apparantly hacked and has been down since early yesterday. Damn I wanted to read the whining threads but I guess I will have to stick with watching CNN and MSNBC. I have watched them more in the past 24 hours than in the past 12 years.

  • Retired military

    Pau Krugman stated aroudn the time that everyoen realized that Trump would win and the stocks dropped 800 points

    “If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.””

    The dow finished up 162 points.

    You cant make this stuff up.

    • That diminutive practitioner of the dismal science has less chance of being correct in his prognostications than a broken clock has of showing the correct time.

  • Paul Hooson

    Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by over 200,000 but less than the 500,000 Al Gore won the popular vote by. This becomes the fifth election in American history in which a Democratic candidate has won the popular vote, but lost in the electoral college which gives more weight to fewer voters in smaller Republican leaning states compared to much larger pools of voters representing one electoral vote in many larger more Democratic-leaning states. One elector in Idaho represents a far smaller group of voters than the much larger pool of voters who represent one elector in NY or California.

    Clinton would have won this election if Trump would have more honestly represented his economic views. Few workers in Michigan would want to be held to a minimum wage kitchen job in a Trump hotel restaurant, or even worse, paid the .30 cents an hour wages that Trump pays workers in Bangladesh to produce his Trump ties. Trump won this election only because he was able to flip some industrial Midwest states because many blue collar workers had some misguided racist sentiments that somehow they lost their dream minimum wage job frying at McDonalds to some Mexican immigrant worker. There was also that silly misguided notion that somehow because Trump is wealthy, that somehow it might rub off on people who don’t have so much money, as though they think they will get something for nothing without the hard work required. Trump isn’t some rich uncle who includes his voters like some distant nephew in his will. Trump’s tax cuts to the extreme wealthy and corporations will completely miss those blue collar types that voted for Trump. Their only hope to see any benefit will come from an eventual trickle-down effect, although I personally support the concept of tax cuts. I voted against a new tax on corporation here in Oregon for example as being bad for economy or attracting new business to Oregon. I tend conservative in my economic views, but just do not see Donald Trump as the right messenger to actually deliver the goods without spoiling the slow by steady economic gains of the Obama years with his unbroken chain of 73 months of improving economic strength.

    One good thing that happened last night? California voters voted down a condom requirement in adult films, apparently deciding that watching “barebacking” is more fun to watch. Voters in California apparently were preparing themselves to watch a few adult films and try to ignore the next four years of nonsense and drama with Donald Trump….

    • EricSteel

      On the popular vote… maybe she did/maybe she didn’t win the popular vote. 200,000 sounds like a lot, but with 120,000,000 votes cast it is only 0.17% of the votes cast.

      Either way, a difference of 0.17% is less than the 1/2 of 1% standard used for automatic election recounts. If we used the popular vote for determining the President, this would be Election 2000 recount on a national scale.

      If you want to hang your hat on Hillary winning by 0.17% of the vote, that’s fine with me but Trump won 30 out of 50 states.

      • Paul Hooson

        I don’t see any recounts here because there was no reported ballot problems like there was with Florida’s infamous “butterfly ballot”, where some poll workers did not properly empty the punch machines of tabs which would prevent the ballot tab by staying in place and not punching through or off the ballot. There were not statewide ballot problems in Florida, but ballot problems mostly in a single country.

        • Retired military

          Actually there are no recounts ;because it wouldnt matter due to margin of victory in the electoral college and the margin of victory by state. If an eletion is decided by about 1% it generally triggers an automatic recount.

          • Paul Hooson

            That’s right. New Hampshire might have had a senate recount, but the Republican candidate seems to be accepting her narrow loss.

          • Jwb10001

            Unlike the people rioting in the streets because they don’t like how their fellow citizens voted. You have implied some truly terrible things about the 57 million people that voted for Trump, if you want to place blame for Trump you should look at your side. The hard vitriol and endless name calling has emboldened Trump to dig in against it and attracted people sick of the PC nonsense. The focus on letting men in the women’s restrooms and locker rooms while 95 million Americans are out of work has turned working people against Clinton and Obama. The desire to flood our country with illegal immigrants while our under privileged youth remain unemployed at alarming rates has cost you the white house. The complete debacle that Obamacare is for middle and lower middle class households is costing the democrats. For the democrats to nominate, via a very questionable primary process, a very flawed candidate has cost them the white house. To call people intolerant racists is intellectually lazy and counter productive. You want a better more united country stop assigning the absolute worst motives to people that disagree with you. Instead of calling them racists maybe ask them why they voted the way the did. I would offer the same advice to the other side by the way (I’m pointing at people like Chico) I think you’d be surprised how many late deciders voted to reject Clinton and all she stands for having nothing what so ever to do with race, sex etc. People in middle America in large numbers are fed up with self serving politicians Trump gave them an alternative, perhaps an unattractive one but who can claim that Clinton was an attractive alternative? So please grow up face the loss, stop insulting your fellow citizens. Perhaps Michael Moore has hit upon some truth, the democrats have turned their backs on working people in middle America, they in turn have turned their backs to the democrats.

          • Retired military

            We have been called racist for the past 10 years. We have been called sexist for the past 3 years. We are the bitter clingers. We want to put African Americans back in chains.
            I mean then they wonder why we voted against them.

        • EricSteel

          Paul, you missed my point. Many states have automatic election recount laws. Typically, if the difference is less than 1/2 of 1%.

          My point was, that IF we elected the President based on the popular vote and IF we had an automatic recount law it would be triggered by the current difference.

          Imagine what a nationwide recount would entail?

      • Retired military

        Also there are over a million votes which are not counted mainly because they are spread out among the states and are not needed to determine the majority and they are write in or absentee ballots.

        Say NH is decided by 20000 votes in the general and they have 10000 absentee ballots. Those ballots arent even looked at unless they would affect the general or one of the subsequent elections.

      • LiberalNightmare

        If Hillary had made it to 270 electoral votes, you can bet your ass that her followers wouldn’t be complaining.

    • Wild_Willie

      The electoral college is there precisely so majority doesn’t rule. If we did, LA, Chicago, New York and Miami would determine every election while the rest of the country doesn’t get any say whatever.

      Paul, the dem’s have proven beyond a doubt that they will take any step to win. I am so sure you know more then the founding fathers. NOT. Grow up and take the loss. And then learn some history. ww

      • Jwb10001

        People start this get rid of the electoral college crap, I’d love to hear how they plan to get the 2/3 majorities they need to actually change the constitution to enable that.

    • Thank you, Oh Lord of Hosts, for inspiring the framers of our Constitution to create the Electoral College.

    • jim_m

      While even David can attempt to show he is not a complete dumbass, Paul lacks that capability and demonstrates such here.

    • Jwb10001

      “Clinton would have won this election if Trump would have more honestly represented his economic views.” You say that like Clinton has been honest about anything. As far as your minimum wage stuff I think free trade beat the shit out of minimum wage as a concern, as more people are concerned about good paying auto industry jobs then they are $15 per hour dish washing jobs. And for god’s sake stop with the racist shit, Michigan, Ohio, NC, Florida, and Penn all voted big for Obama that just doesn’t fly,

      • Paul Hooson

        I’m not happy that protests are breaking out across the nation, mostly by young women, Blacks and Hispanics in many cities. Trump is like throwing a match in gasoline with his white hot racism that will only serve to incite a lot of civil unrest in this country compared to other Republican candidates Trump defeated who were all much more level-headed. But, we have what we have here. Some people wanted this clown president, now the country will pay the price with this unwanted civil unrest. Sometimes free speech is a bitch, such as protests which I’m not fan of.

        • Thugs will be thugs.

        • LiberalNightmare

          Why does it have to be white hot racism? Is that supposed to be some sort of dog whistle?

        • LiberalNightmare

          You say that your not a fan of the protests, but you spent half of this post justifying the protests, and blaming the clown president.

          See the problem yet?

        • LiberalNightmare

          Lets not forget the Republican riots of 2008 and 2012, which were touched off by 0bama’s election victories.

          For months, the skies glowed at night from the flames of burning Bass Pro shops and LL Beans outlets. It was months before I could find a decent pair of electric socks!

          But it wasn’t our fault you see, those riots were touched of by the black hot racism of this country and the liberal president.

        • Jwb10001

          Man you are deep in the tank, I can’t stand Trump but for God’s sake have you zero faith in your own country to withstand even this? Do you not know that the republic and it’s citizens are above whoever is the president? This attitude of yours and your willingness to pass blanket judgement on people you disagree with in no small part is responsible for Trump, you want reasonable people in office stop being so freaking unreasonable yourself. The media and the political establishment in this country are so far over the cliff and vitriolic that it’s doing real damage. Tone it down if you want to have your argument heard otherwise you’re just going to get pushed back twice as hard.

        • fustian24

          What in the world makes you think Trump is racist?

          That’s just silliness Paul. I’m no big fan of the his Orangeness, but one thing he isn’t is a racist.

          The left IS trying very hard to make this ridiculous charge stick. They saw that as many as 30% of Hispanic voters went for Trump. How do you go about reconciling this?

          • It’s projection writ large and bold. Scratch a real racist and a dhimmocrat yelps.

          • fustian24

            I think it’s more a strategy than projection this time. Sure some of the rank and file project as a matter of course, but I think this is intentional.

            The left has to be horrified that Trump pulled 30% of the Hispanic vote. To some extent, many Hispanics have always been natural conservatives. They are largely Catholic, they work hard, they are family people. And a lot of Hispanics REALLY don’t want to see the problems they left in Mexico follow them to the US.

            The black vote was surprisingly suppressed in this election as well. Blacks may not have voted for Trump, but they didn’t vote for Hillary either.

            The long-term strategy of the left for a while not has been to “brown” America, not because they have any interest at all in diversity, but because they believe all of these people will vote democrat in perpetuity.


            If that political wall breaks, the left dies and they know it.

            A lot of this narrative they’re pushing hard right now is meant to delegitimize Trump by claiming that he is the choice of racist whites. That’s gravy. The main function, though, is that it’s a call for minorities to remain on the democrat plantation.

            We’ll see how it goes.

    • Retired military

      “Clinton would have won this election if Trump would have more honestly represented his economic views”

      Clinton would have gone to jail if she had more honestly represented her actions over the past 8 years.

      Paul give it a break. You are going in the tank for a skank, lying criminal who should be in jail in a just world.

    • LiberalNightmare

      “Clinton would have won this election if Trump would have more honestly represented his economic views.”

      Now I get it, The problem was that Trump wasn’t honest enough. Its all so clear now.

    • Jwb10001

      Paul, the depth of your nastiness is unbelievable. Where did you get this notion?
      “There was also that silly misguided notion that somehow because Trump is wealthy, that somehow it might rub off on people who don’t have so much money, as though they think they will get something for nothing without the hard work required”

      Where were you when Obama had people believing he would pay their mortgages? What was your reaction to Obama’s claim that he would heal the earth and lower the oceans? When did Trump ever suggest that because he was rich us toothless rubes working at MickyD’s would come into big money for sitting on our asses? Please stop.

  • Vagabond661

    Working title: This Writer Declares Trump is Not Toast

  • Retired military

    I know this is far far far far far far far into tinfoil hat land but I want to make the observation that Trump is not officially the president elect until the Electoral college meets and says that he is.

    Whiile you are in tin foil hat land take a trip to VOX and Motherjones and read the anguish.

    • Scalia

      Vox is great for comedy relief.

      • Retired military

        Just FYI NY Post ran a story today about Hillary’s last hope is the electoral college.

  • Retired military

    The special snowflake libs in California rioted. What was funny is that they most likely destoryed other liberals property.

    • In Oakland, almost certainly. Pitty they didn’t burn down Governor Moonbeam’s private residence up in the hills.

  • Retired military


    Here is a decent article on some of the whys that Hillary lost


    it is on Slate no less.

    Also Obama didnt help considering he lost so much of the dem power structure at national and state levels.

    • Jwb10001

      Paul has his fingers in his ears HE CAN’T HEAR YOU! It’s all racists nevermind all the Obama states that Clinton lost and Obama with a sky high approval ratings.

  • Retired military

    Anyone want to take bets on how much Bill and Hillary’s speaking fees are next year?

    I am thinking in the range of 5-10k

  • Retired military

    I wonder if this is why Hillary was so late this morning to the press conference


    or it could have been she was so hung over that she needed to dry out

    • LiberalNightmare

      I figured she was just shitface drunk, possibly swinging from a chandelier, while flinging empty vodka bottles and poo at James Podesta.

  • Retired military

    This is good for a few laughs

    • LiberalNightmare

      “Somebody better fix this shit!”

      We did.

  • Retired military

    One thing I thought of today.
    Trump’s election is good for the young folks in college today.
    It will show them that they can call for all the safe spaces and trigger word free places they want and real life will still intrude

  • Retired military

    One of the biggest reasons Hillary lost

    5 million fewer democrat voters in 2016 than 2012

    • Jwb10001

      Wonder if Paul will accuse those 5 million (some of them black) of white hot racism?