Truth Poisons Democrats

One again a Democrat politician is promoting the Russia-elected-Trump canard.

From The Hill: “[Sen. Dianne] Feinstein, the ranking member of the Intelligence Committee, said “I do. I believe that” Russia’s interference altered the outcome of the election.”

Once again, let’s go over the allegations as stated in the previously-reported Intelligence Community Assessment.

  1. Russians gained information about the Clinton campaign via hacking.
  2. Russians gave that information to WikiLeaks.
  3. WikiLeaks gave that information to the public.
  4. That information was not fictitious.

In short, American voters were given facts about the Clinton campaign.

More from The Hill: ““I think that, and I think the FBI, in the October surprise — I call it an October surprise, of announcing a subsequent investigation [into Hillary Clinton’s private email server], did have an impact,” Feinstein told NBC’s “Meet the Press.””

Once again, let’s go over the facts about that particular case.

  1. Hillary Clinton had an unauthorized private server set up in her home.
  2. Classified government information passed through that server.
  3. Some of that classified information ended up on a laptop computer that Clinton aide Huma Abedin shared with her husband Anthony Weiner.

In short, FBI Director James Comey gave facts to Congress.

Now, who is responsible for the existence of the above-mentioned facts?

American voters were told the truth regardless of how the truth was told.

Congress was told the truth, too.

Here is another fact to be considered: That Intelligence Community Assessment says that Russian hackers did not hack into systems that were used to count the votes on Election Day 2016. Thus, Americans elected Donald Trump, not Russians.

What Senator Feinstein and other congressional Democrats are claiming is this: American voters based their votes on facts about Hillary Clinton and her campaign – facts made public before the election took place instead of afterwards.

Democrats might claim that they want the truth, but in this case, the truth is poison to them.

As Colonel Nathan R. Jessup would say to them . . .

That is why Democrats keep making the false claim that Donald Trump’s presidency isn’t legitimate.

If Democrats keep swimming in denial, then they had better watch out for crocodiles.

The above post was originally published @ The Moderate Voice, where Democrat readers aren’t hesitating to complain about my post.

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  • Brucehenry

    Ummm, Jessup was the bad guy in that movie. Moments after that famous line, he admits to ordering the “Code Red” that killed the private.

    Maybe we’ll have a moment when Trump snaps and admits that Hell yes his buddy Putin helped him. Not that it will matter to those making excuses for him. Wingnuts still think Ollie North is a hero, not a criminal.

    • Ha, ha!

    • Bruce, I knew that Col. Jessup is the villain in that movie. That still doesn’t change the reason I used that movie clip.

      Anyway, you haven’t refuted anything that I say in my post.

      • Scalia

        If he could, he would. Since he can’t, he wants everybody to look at shiny.

    • jim_m

      No one, and I mean NO ONE, including the cia, FBI, DNI or anyone else in the Intel community alphabet soup, has claimed that Russian influence changed the outcome of the election.

      You know this to be true yet you publish the lie anyway.

      Why not just admit that you are every bit as psychotic as Rosie O’Donnell and that you think Trump is a Russian agent and that you would endorse her call for a fascist couple.

      • Brett Buck

        Not that I would ever defend Bruce, but I have been surprised at how much traction this nonsense has gotten. I had someone this weekend, a nominally intelligent person, who equated Trump Russia trip to Neville Chamberlin negotiating with Hitler. This after Obama and Co. fawned over Putin for years – until he started to side against the Islamist revolutionaries in Syria, of course.

        • The degree to which one thinks brucehemorrhoid may have a point is a sure indicator of error.

        • jim_m

          Not a coincidence that. Once you take sides against radical islam the left starts to get really pissy.

          I find that the usual case with the left is that when they start making comparisons to monstrous dictators it is because they are projecting their own wishes and desires on others. The dems would love for Hillary to be president and ushering in a totalitarian state. The policy arc they were on was leading to the criminalization of all opposition by 2020.

          That is what they want. The behavior at UC Davis is proof that they believe that contrary ideas should be illegal and that anyone espousing them should be the subject of violent reprisals.

          • Brett Buck

            Particularly when the *very first act* of the Obama administration with regard to Russia was to pre-emptively surrender! Recall the infamous and misspelled “reset button”? Of course, they went around preemptively surrendering to everyone else, too.

      • Brucehenry

        Who said it changed the outcome? Not me.

        But I will say that the Wikileaks “revelations,” dribbed and drabbed out over weeks and weeks, may have had an effect on those who figured there must be fire where there’s all that smoke and voted against Hillary accordingly. If you take Julian Assange’s word for anything (like for instance on who gave him the hacked/leaked info) I suggest you may be somewhat naive.

        No one in the intelligence community has claimed that Russian influence changed the outcome because that’s not what they were trying to establish. The mission was to find out whether or not any hacking took place, and not the degree to which the hacking had an effect.

        The bigger factor IMO was Comey and his nothing-there-woops-maybe-there-is-woops-maybe-there-ain’t act.

        • jim_m

          Your statement that “Putin helped him” indicates a belief that Trump’s vote tallies were increased because of Russian intervention. You make the claim that the outcome was affected by their actions.

          • Brucehenry

            Jim, you humorless hump, that was in the context of the Jessup character in “A Few Good Men” blurting out an admission. It was meant to be somewhat facetious. Jeez what a schmuck.

          • brucehemorrhoid you witless progtard, FOAD.

          • Brucehenry

            Tough guy

  • yetanotherjohn

    You speak only of bourgeois truth. Only revolutionary truth, the truth which means whatever will advance the left, is the only truth that matters. Bourgeois truth is just facts that are correct and have no place in a just society if they do not advance the left.

  • Jwb10001

    The dems are much better at twisting the language than conservatives are, releasing emails is “hacking” the election, average family will SAVE $2500 in heath ins. cost. Obama is the master with his multiple wordsmithing around dropping bombs and killing people, while avoiding congressional approvals. I forget how he framed dropping a drone on a US citizen but I’m sure it was a doozy.