Defending Barack Obama One Last Time

With Barack Obama’s presidency coming to an end, I want to defend the man one last time.

I am able to do such a thing because I don’t live in a Right-wing bubble. I’ve never had Obama Derangement Syndrome. In fact, for the last eight years, I have spoken against Obama Derangement Syndrome.

No, I never voted for Obama. Anyone who has read my posts during his presidency should already know that I haven’t hesitated to criticize Obama’s job performance as President.

At the same time, I have spoken against verbal attacks on him that are wrong.

Speaking of which, here are some of the things that members of the anti-Obama Right have gotten wrong about Obama.

#1 Obama’s Place of Birth – Contrary to what Birthers claim, Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, and he is a natural-born U.S. citizen. Hopefully, Birthers will fade into the woodwork once Obama moves out of the Oval Office.

#2 Obama’s Faith – Contrary to what many people on the political Right believe, Barack Obama is not a Muslim. Obama has openly said that he is a Christian. He might not conform to man-made rules dictating what Christians should and shouldn’t do, but he doesn’t have to.

#3 Obama’s Middle Name – Occasionally, a member of the anti-Obama Right will take a potshot at Obama by highlighting his middle name.

Obama’s full name is Barack Hussein Obama II.

Like plenty of American boys, Obama was named after his father. Unlike plenty of American boys, the 44th POTUS has an Arabic middle name, one that some on the political Right attack as being something bad.

Algerian journalist Djelloul Marbrook explains why this particular potshot is ridiculous:

The Hussein in Barack Obama’s name is not Muslim, it is not a religious name, it is in fact a pre-Islamic Arab name, meaning the Comely One. True, many Muslims now bear the name, as many Christians bear pre-Christian pagan names. But the hate-mongers want us to believe that the name has something to do with Muslim terrorism. The popularity of the name Hussein derives from its having been borne by the Prophet Muhammed’s grandson.

Raising this bogus issue about it is rather like saying anyone named Sean has something to do with Irish terrorism, a notion we would immediately reject as absurd.”

University of Michigan history professor Juan Ricardo Cole elaborates:

“Now let us take the name “Hussein.” It is from the Semitic word, hasan, meaning “good” or “handsome.” Husayn is the diminutive, affectionate form.

Barack Obama’s middle name is in honor of his grandfather, Hussein, a secular resident of Nairobi. Americans may think of Saddam Hussein when they hear the name, but that is like thinking of Stalin when you hear the name Joseph. There have been lots of Husseins in history, from the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, a hero who touched the historian Gibbon, to King Hussein of Jordan, one of America’s most steadfast allies in the 20th century. The author of the beloved American novel, The Kite Runner, is Khaled Hosseini.

But in Obama’s case, it is just a reference to his grandfather.”

No, there is nothing bad, evil, sinister, corrupt or scandalous about the Arabic name Hussein, a name that predates the founding of Islam.

Still, the name continues to be highlighted in rants about President Obama. Such highlighting is illogical at best.

#4 Blame Game – As it has been with every sitting POTUS, President Obama has been used as a scapegoat by Americans who are not members of his political party. Like his presidential predecessors, Obama has been blamed for things outside of his control.

#5 Obama’s Post-Presidency Residence – Some on the political Right have made uncalled-for speculations about why President Obama will still live in Washington, D.C. after he leaves the White House. No, he isn’t staying in D.C. for political reasons. He is staying so that his younger daughter Sasha can continue attending Sidwell Friends School in D.C. – where she has attended since moving to D.C.

I realize that members of the political Right will criticize me for daring to defend Barack Obama when he should be defended. Meh, so what? I am not obligated to conform to their will.

By the way, I am also not obligated to conform to the will of the political Left.

Whenever political partisans criticize me for not believing what they believe, I simply sit back, munch on popcorn and enjoy the show.

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  • Retired military

    This is the best that you can do????

    ITems 1,2 and 3 are about as inconsequential to the vast majority of folks on the right as they are to the vast majority of people on this board.

    Item 4 where as True for the most part, I dont see you mentioning the fact that he had blamed GW for crap 6 -7 years into his presidency. Hell Bush was recently blamed for th $10T that was added during Obama’s legacy. GIve me a freaking break.

    Item 5. “No, he isn’t staying in D.C. for political reasons. ” HAHAHAHA if you actually believe that you have been smoking some dope. He wants to stay in the limelight and make it all about him. Just as he had done his entire presidency. How much you want to bet after his daughter graduates he will still be in DC in 20 years commenting on how great a decision he would have made and if they had only listened to him and not have decimated his legacy. I give Obama less than 2 weeks before he is in front of a camera criticizing Trump which will have nothing to do with his daughter finishing school.

    If you want to defend Obama start working on the things discussed in this article

    • jim_m

      I give Obama two hours before he starts second guessing Trump as he starts signing the first executive orders repealing obama’s dictatorship. Definitely not past Monday when the bulk of obamas malfeasance will be rescinded.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        You’re right. He can’t stand to be out of the spotlight where all of his followers can worship him.

      • Retired military

        I would take odds that it would be a news conference from a golf course.

  • Hank_M

    Wow! That’s some defense of Obama.
    Rehashing his birth place, his religion, and his middle name?

    About his religion though. I’ll offer this. Obama himself used the term “my muslim faith” when talking about the McCain campaign. The quotes being:

    SEN. OBAMA: What I was suggesting — you’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith, and you’re absolutely right that that has not come …

    MR. STEPHANOPOULOS (interrupting): Your Christian faith.

    SEN. OBAMA: My Christian faith — well, what I’m saying is …

    MR. STEPHANOPOULOS (interrupting): Connections, right.

    SEN. OBAMA: … that he hasn’t suggested that I’m a Muslim, and I think that his campaign upper echelons haven’t either. What I think is fair to say is that coming out of the Republican camp, there have been efforts to suggest that perhaps I’m not what who I say I am when it comes to my faith, something which I find deeply offensive, and that has been going on for a pretty long time.

    No one does that. No one. That was a telling slip supposedly debunked everywhere.
    I don’t buy it.

    Then moving on to what every President has to endure, being responsible for what happens during his time in office?
    As for what he does after tomorrow, who cares as long as he’s outa the WH.

    Some might say he is the personification of the “Peter Principle”.
    I disagree. He reached that stage as a Senator.

    • Some might say he is the personification of the “Peter Principle”.
      I disagree. He reached that stage as a Senator.

      ….as a Community Organizer

  • TheyTukRJobz

    On #4, of course every president gets blamed for things outside their control. But I cannot really think of any of the major issues that people have blamed Obama for as being things that were outside his control. Above his capability, yes. Beyond his comprehension, to be sure. But outside what a president is supposed to be in control of, no.

    Let’s also look at all those things that he didn’t really do that he claims as part of his accomplishments, shall we? How about success in the war in Iraq, that was accomplished by Bush and the Surge that Obama opposed? How about the price of oil that is due to the fracking revolution that he had no ability to stop or prevent, though he obviously wanted to?

    There are many things Obama has run from taking responsibility for, but that doesn’t make him not responsible for them.

  • pennywit

    You have successfully defended President Obama from a legion of right-wing strawmen. Thank you for your service.

    • Brett Buck

      Whatever your political perspective, this post makes we want to start a Pennywit Fan Club.

      • pennywit


  • Who?

    • Brett Buck

      Swell theory, but unfortunately, I think you will quickly find that it doesn’t work in practice.

      • Worth it just for the looks on the faces of his followers… Try it, you’ll like it.

  • Charles Harkins


  • Wild_Willie

    I for one David will not attack you for this article. I expect immature drivel from you and I get it.

    I am an independent with economic policies on the conservative side and militarily. I am moderate on social issues. I fault Obama for what I said from day one. I have hired many professionals and non professionals in my career before I retired. I would NEVER put someone in as a CEO with a resume’ of no experience as an executive as Obama was. We now have the world disrespecting us, our economy very stagnant, racial animosity has grown and deficit spending is off the charts.

    You are trying to defend Obama because you sited no successful policy that he enacted. ww

  • yetanotherjohn

    Fair enough David, now give us a list of what you think his scandals are.

    • jim_m

      Watch for the inevitable post from David declaring that Obama is the first presidency to be completely scandal free and that he handled himself with “Grace and class”. That meme is all over the internet and it is a great tool for identifying the mentally incompetent.

  • Retired military


    You left out item 6

    6. Michelle has proven to be a woman and not a man.

    • Remind us again what proof was proffered to that effect?

      • Retired military

        Hey I am trying to emulate David’s way of thinking. It aint that easy.

        • Steven Modica

          Well, people can choose their gender, so it is subject to change.

  • Retired military

    Here is an article from WAPO. You are defending Obama’s middle name how about defending these

    • Scalia

      They forgot to add that he promised to have the most transparent administration in history.

      • That rates at least six Pinocchio’s on their none to four scale…

  • Scalia

    David Robertson writes,

    Whenever political partisans criticize me for not believing what they believe, I simply sit back, munch on popcorn and enjoy the show.

    It’s actually:

    Whenever posters reply to my uninformed opinions with sound logical reasoning, I ignore what they say, repeat my discredited arguments, and resort to calling them names.

    There, FIFY.

    • He almost never defends his positions.

      Then again, most of them are indefensible.

  • Olsoljer

    Once Trump takes office and a new DOJ, FBI, CIA and other investigative agencies are purged of their political driven administrators, perhaps we will be enlightened as to why obama has a false social security number, why one of his college ID cards show he attended as a foreign student, and maybe the numerous discrepancies on his alleged birth certificate. It may be forced on this administration in order to revoke many of obama actions which have proven to be questionable, if not traitorous or outright sedition.

    “No sound sweeter than the muslim call to prayer” “my muslim faith” his “wedding band” and a few other Freudian slips by moochelle and him as well as the muslim allowance of lying to non muslims might be noted as well.

    Interesting you throw the meaning of his middle name into the fray as “handsome” or “good looking” and ignore the barak obama loosely translates as cast from heaven with fire which describes the anti Christ.

    At least the first 6 years of obama’s occupation of the White House, I can’t remember a week going by without hearing “Bush did it”. Bush left us this mess”, or “I blame the previous administration”.

    $900,000. for a home so his kid can go to school for a couple of more years? Put the tube down and back away from the bong.

  • Paul Hooson

    It was a disappointing administration with few larger achievements and a largely feckless foreign policy of paternalism towards Israel such as the misguided Iran nuclear deal which did not prevent Iran from developing nukes, but only delayed their nuclear ambitions for 10 years, pretty much sweeping this problem under the rug for future leaders to address. But, the successful raid to kill Ben Laden did severely damage al Qaeda as a terrorist organization, leaving less charismatic al Qaeda leaders in charge, damaging this organization, although the rival ISIS terrorist organization was able to replace al Qaeda as a much larger threat. However, a united effort by NATO members as well as many moderate Mideast states finally were able to blunt them from taking complete control of Syria and Iraq. Although this administration was very vocal about opposing Russian ambitions contrary to ours or NATO, it seemed to do little to blunt Vladimir Putin’s military game of chess to achieve his own ambitions.

    But, as to achievements, while I lamented the loss of GM’s Pontiac Division with the government mandated reorganization of the automobile industry as a prerequisite to receiving the government loan, GM and the American automobile industry did not only survive, but thrived as a result of this administration. And, despite the deep economic hole of the 2008 recession, eventually this administration’s economic policies did result in over 70 months of continued slow, but at least steady, economic recovery.

    As far as personality, this president was funny and likable, and did at least inspire some great jokes over at the weekly funny caption contest here.

    • Retired military

      Paragraph 1.

      “It was a disappointing administration”

      You could have left it at that and summed up Obama’s entire 8 years.

      Paragraph 2

      You mean when Obama blew 100 years of bankruptcy law out of the water and took care of his friends and contributors?

      Paragraph 3

      “at least inspire some great jokes over at the weekly funny caption contest here.

      Where as this statement is truer than most that you make we had to try to laugh to keep from crying.

  • jim_m

    Something tells me that when obama intercedes in some selfish, egotistical and inept way to defend his anti-American policies from being erased from the history, that David will be back to defend him yet again.

  • Vagabond661

    Someone needs to defend why David still blogs here.

    • Retired military

      Well we don’t have that many folks who write articles for this great site.
      That being said his articles are somewhat amusing in that like Rush says we need to keep at least one liberal around just so they can remind us of how bad they are.

    • Jwb10001

      He was born in the US and his middle name is no big deal.

  • LiberalNightmare

    meh, I dont care if you defend him or not. He’s gone.

  • Retired military

    David if ever there is a time that you think about coming to my defense. Do me a favor. Dont.