The Follies Of The Coastal Elite

Are plural and profound. I address myself to but one of them. What they call “CalExit” and what I refer to as Secession Version 2.

There is no mention in the United States Constitution (unlike the EU Constitution) of any means for one or more states or territories of the United States to withdraw from the Federal Government. The issue has of course been tested, and decided, by trial at arms (qv the American Civil War 1861-1865). Thus, in my estimation, the issue is well and truly settled.

The blue residents of my native state are nonetheless proceeding to re-test the issue.

Let us assume for a moment that they manage to get their wish and move to secede. Let us further assume that the United States does not once again settle the issue by force of arms and agrees to let California secede (neither of which I find likely).

The new Nation will face some challenges.

  1. Land Ownership. About 48.5% of the land in California is Federal Property1. How will the new Nation recompense the U. S. Government for this land?
  2. National Debt. California, with an estimated population of 39.370,000 is 12% of the population of the United States (U. S. Population of 322,762,018). 12% of the National Debt ($13,620,000,000) works out to $1,661,346,038. Starting out a new nation with nearly 2 trillion in debt is unlikely to result in favorable bond ratings nor in high confidence in any currency or debt instruments issued.
  3. The West Virginia Precedent. 25 California counties went for Trump in the 2016 elections. It seems a safe bet that those counties will not be favorably disposed towards leaving the Untied States to become part of the new nation. Expect some or all of these counties to apply to the United States for Statehood.

  1. Electrical Power. California is a net importer of Electrical Power. The systems providing that power in the United States would be under no obligation to continue providing that power at the current rates.
  2. Water. California’s Southernmost counties (South of Los Angeles, which draws its water from the Sacramento River via the California Aqueduct) import most of their water from Hoover Dam in Nevada. The United States and the State of Nevada would be under no obligation to continue providing that water at the current rate structure.
  3. Trade Relations. As a foreign nation California will be subject to tariffs, and will not enjoy the same trade arrangements that the United States has negotiated.
  4. Border Control. The new nation has a very long coastline and borders with Mexico and the United States (Arizona, Nevada, Oregon)

For those who have not figured out my subtext, I’ll speak plainly. This is surely one of the worst ideas I have ever heard. Only a fool or a mad man would pursue it.

I’m a third generation native of the formerly Golden State (along with less than 10% of current residents). My first allegiance is towards the United States. Should California persist in this folly, I will emulate the late great Davey Crocket, and will only return as part of a 21st Century Union Army.

End notes

1Federal Land Ownership: Overview and Data, Congressional Research Service


The insanity continues:

Calexit backers can begin collecting signatures to qualify for 2018 ballot

Could California really break off from the United States and form its own country? Should it?

BY JIM MILLER, The Sacramento Bee

Backers of a proposed constitutional amendment seeking California’s secession from the U.S. can begin collecting voter signatures to qualify for the 2018 ballot, the secretary of state’s office said Thursday.

The so-called Calexit movement emerged within days of the upset presidential victory of Republican Donald Trump, who lost California by nearly 4.3 million votes. A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that nearly one in three Californians support the state leaving the U.S.

Proponents have until July 25 to collect 585,407 valid voter signatures to qualify for the November 2018 ballot.

The proposed measure would strike language from the California Constitution defining the state as “an inseparable part of the United States of America, and the United States Constitution is the supreme law of the land.” If it passed, there would be a statewide special election in March 2019 to ask voters if they want California to become an independent country.

State campaign finance records show that Yes California has opened a fundraising committee but has not reported any contributions. Besides the measure’s long odds of qualifying for the ballot, let alone passing at the polls, any effort by California to leave the U.S. likely would require an amendment to the U.S. Constitution. That would require approval by two-thirds of Congress and three-quarters of the states.

If I say eject, and you say “What?” you’ll be talking to yourself…

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  • Brett Buck

    As a fellow resident, of course the entire idea is complete nonsense. Just another hissy fit by the usual suspects.

    • jim_m

      They will make that connection in the near future whether they secede or not.

  • yetanotherjohn

    Obviously you don’t understand their carefully crafted plan.
    1 Secede (nothing succeeds like secession, just ask Dixie)
    2 ????
    3 Perfect utopia is established without all those nasty, hateful conservatives, of course under the benign and wise rule of Queen Clinton the First.

  • Scalia

    This national loony liberal hissy-fit is comedy at its best.

    • Prior to election 2016 i’d have agreed with you. I am now far less certain that sanity will prevail.

      • jim_m

        Asking for sanity to prevail in California is a tall order indeed.

      • Scalia

        I feel for you and all of my friends in California. The kooks are running the asylum.

  • pennywit

    How prevalent is this movement?

    • Retired military

      Go to DU and search for it. They are all in favor of it and are clamouring for it to happen (when the subject is raised)

    • Prevalent enough that my lady and I are making contingency plans to sell and leave should the measure make the ballot.

  • jim_m

    The issue is not well and truly settled. What has not been tested is the situation where both the state and the rest of the nation want separation. That is the case with California. The bulk of the nation would love to see them leave. Leave and fail (because the only certainty is that California is a failed state already).

    I would be in favor of waiving issues 1 and 2, if only to make it easier to watch this car accident. California has irresolvable issues with regard to utilities, borders, and internal finance.

    Really the only drawback to the idea of Calexit is the inevitable fact that in sort order the US would have a fascist dictatorship on its western border. But since it would be one without the ability to organize a military that risk might be acceptable.


      “The bulk of the nation would love to see them leave.”

      Is this statement based on anything beyond a poll of your friends?

      • jim_m

        The only people seeming to object are the few remaining conservatives in California. After the constant whining from Hollywood about Trump’s election I would wager the half of America that voted for him would love to see them go (and once you subtract California, Trump won over 50% of the vote).

  • Retired military

    It will never happen as the libs in the rest of the country would quickly realize that as Calif goes so goes their 55 electoral votes and thus never another democrat president and most likely never another democratic led house.

    From the conservative side never having to see Boxer, Pelosi and the rest of the libs ever again would be nice.
    Of course they could just let the blue areas leave. the rest can stay in the US.

    • Scalia

      Yes, we’ll keep the red areas. We’ll actually get the blue ones back once their socialist utopia implodes.

  • Retired military

    Sorta tied into this topic

    Alinsky’s rule “Make them live up to their own standards”

    • jim_m

      Freedom of association includes being free to not associate with someone.

    • Not so much.

  • Retired military

    Well one thing Trump can do to try to hasten this process to its end one way or the other.
    (and I sent in a suggestion on the WH website for this)
    McConnell needs to declare an OFFICIAL RECESS.
    Trump then goes in and recess appoint EVERYONE. All his cabinet positions, supreme court nominee, and every judicial position requiring congressional approval.
    Schumer, Pelosi and the MSM would have heart failure as their is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it. Liberals everywhere would be freaking out. Trump should declare war on the libs and use his pen and phone at every opportunity.

  • Saw the cover on this – and thought “Yep, they’ll go for it” without even knowing what the details were.

  • Wild_Willie

    It would have to be the United State of China. California has NO funds and such complicated tax laws it is hard to raise money unless it comes from outside the state via tourism. They are truly nuts. ww

  • Barking Dog

    My family came to the once great state of California in the late 1800s. We had lived there and, despite going to other places to fulfill my obligations during military service and then job requirements, I always returned to live in California. That is until last year, the last straw had been reached, further increases in taxes and fee, more money out of our hard working pockets and into the pockets of those that don’t feel obligated to work or improve their lot in life or the Democratic cronies. Enough was enough and we have moved out of the state over to Nevada where the cost of living is less and the money we make goes significantly further.

    Sadly, with the like of the populations of the Bay Area and So Cal a return to sane fiscal policies and less government will never happen, the Democrats will never loose the power base and will continue to drive the state into the ground. Only a significant state financial event will sober those that support the non-stop reaching Democrats and that is speculative at best.

    I miss my state, I visit occasionally because I still have family there that could not escape, they have built their livelihood on businesses that do not move easily and despite the growing cost of taxes and other items, they have not reached the tipping point yet. Will I ever go back permanently? Not unless sanity returns and that is a very remote possibility.