Trump Administration Is A Junior Varsity Team

Ex-President Barack Obama was criticized for calling the Islamic-terrorist organization ISIS a junior varsity team. As it turns out, the Trump Administration is the real junior varsity team.

From The Hill: “At least four senior officials in President Trump’s White House have active accounts on a private Republican National Committee (RNC) email system, according to a new report.”

Newsweek quotes Tom Blanton, director of the National Security Archive, as saying, “If senior aides to President Trump were using private RNC servers on the afternoon after the inauguration, they have about 16 days to copy them into the official White House systems. If not, not they are in violation of the law.”

The Trump aides being referred to are counselor Kellyanne Conway, White House press secretary Sean Spicer, chief strategist and senior counselor Stephen Bannon and senior adviser Jared Kushner.

Thus far, there is no evidence that classified government information passed through the RNC e-mail accounts of the aforementioned Trump aides – unlike the private e-mail account that Hillary Clinton used for official government business while she was U.S. Secretary of State.

Also, there is no evidence that the aforementioned Trump aides have contradicted any laws or government rules regarding the use of private e-mail servers – unlike what Hillary Clinton did while she was U.S. Secretary of State.

From The Hill: “It is not clear whether or how Trump’s staff is using the RNC accounts, Newsweek reported on Wednesday, adding that the use of separate political email accounts at the White House is not illegal.”.

Nevertheless, it was foolish to keep those RNC e-mail accounts active once President Trump was sworn into office. Doing so makes the Trump Administration look hypocritical.

Once again we have here an unforced error from the Trump Administration.

The Trump White House should have a sign posted out in front that says this:

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Democrats Opposed To Rule Of Law?
  • Vagabond661

    Hmmm…No evidence. No evidence. 16 days after the inauguration.

    So no wrong doing, right David?

    So why again are they hypocritical and JV?

    • Brett Buck

      And of course, they actually CAN use all the private accounts they want, as long as it is not for official government business. So even if true, there is, additionally, no evidence that happened either. That’s what most of these posts are about, the bread crumbs stuffed into the hamburger.

  • Brett Buck

    Like clockwork, and exactly as predicted, another non-content post slanted the other way, but actually saying nothing aside from “trump bad” to show David’s vaunted “balance”. There must be a subset of nitwits out there somewhere that are passionate to show how ‘neutral’ they are, aggressively promoting their vision of a world without a point of view.

    I can have a modicum of respect for even the left, as long as they have an actual opinion, whether I agree or not.

    • Vagabond661

      For true balance, David should post about Independents.

      • Scalia

        Good observation. I guess independents have a lock on truth in David’s mind because he never criticizes them.

      • Actually,

        For true balance, David should post only about Independents.


  • Hank_M

    I take it Richard Windsor couldn’t be reached for comment.

  • yetanotherjohn

    Canceling TPP and starting bilateral trade talks? Suckering the left into investigating voter fraud which in turn can lead to universal voter ID laws? 59% of likely voters approving of Trump (up since inauguration day)? Obama’s DOJ censured by federal judge for repeatedly lying to him in furtherance of lefty ideals?
    Nah, lets not talk about any of that real-world stuff. Go full main stream media David and chase whatever shiny object Trump flashes.

    • There are people who believe the stories they tell themselves, and they never question whether those stories match reality. They WANT the stories to be true, no matter the consequences.

  • pennywit

    It is ENTIRELY appropriate for Trump’s senior staff to keep and use their RNC email addresses, as long as they do not use them for government business. In fact, the RNC email accounts are basically required if they are going to conduct political business (i.e., fundraising). There are some pretty strict rules about not using their gov’t addresses for that sort of thing.

    • Retired military

      Damn Penny
      You are making more sense every day.
      I hereby give you an official upvote

  • A nothing burger with sides of innuendo, slander, and supposition.

  • Par4Course

    As always, David focuses like a laser on the trivial.

  • Retired military

    If they use their RNC accounts for purely personal reasons than they aren’t in violation of any law that I am aware of.
    Maybe they are talking about yoga and their children’s weddings.

    • jim_m

      David’s whining is based on facts not in evidence: That they passed classified information with unsecure email accounts, that they will not convert to secure WH accounts in the time frame prescribed by law (which has not expired yet).

      Whining over something that hasn’t occurred? Definitely left wing JV behavior.

      • LiberalNightmare

        its funny how emails were an unimportant distraction just a few weeks ago. I wonder what could have changed to make them so important all of a sudden?

        • Shifting from a (D) to an (R) in the Oval Office… and not an (R) that takes a long time to do anything, either… but someone who’s hit the ground running and (so far) seems to be getting positive results.

    • Or for purely party business…

  • Retired military

    Not only do I not wish for you to defend me because it would do me no favors I hereby give you complete permission to attack me all you want. That would do nothing but help me.
    Please continue on.
    I give 2 days until we get another set of postings.

  • Retired military

    Yeah I don’t upvote nearly as much as I should
    I do try to be liberal with them on the caption contest though.

    • jim_m

      Classically liberal

  • jim_m

    Let me understand this correctly. You are saying that Trump staffers because they are new and haven’t had official WH email accounts set up yet, have been using RNC accounts so they can get their jobs done. Further, that they have 16 days to copy over any email to their official accounts so it can be saved.

    So what you are complaining about is that they are 1) doing their jobs and 2) that in another 10 days they may be found in a violation of the law that is laughably minor to the violations committed by 0bama and Hillary which you laughed off as meaningless and totally justified because Hillary is so unfairly scrutinized.

    You are a sad, pitiful excuse for a human being. You embarrass people who really are moderates and independents. Your pretend attacks on dems are so obviously pretexts to cover you sad and embarrassing attacks on conservatives.

    Maybe next time you could actually criticize the Trump admin for something they have one wrong. There are lots of choices to pick from: Trump’s overly antagonistic posture toward Mexico, The inept pushing of water boarding and similar interrogation techniques that are statutorily illegal,

    Junior Varsity? That would apply to you far more than it applies to the current admin.

    • Scalia

      Yes. The Art of the Deal author isn’t being very artful with Mexico. This yes and no on the 20% import tax is not good. They can’t be going off half-cocked with stuff like that.

      • Think of an OODA loop – I’m waiting to see what happens before I judge whether it’s half-cocked or not.

        • Scalia

          We’ll have to see. So far, the results from the new administration have been more than positive. I just don’t like proposals and walkbacks. That said, it’s to be expected that Trump’s team will need a little time to get its sea legs. I’m hopeful they’ll get the hang of things soon.

  • Paul Hooson

    The Republican Party has to only hope that this fresh administration eventually falls into a groove and approval poll numbers stabilize, where actual policy, rather than distracting language from President Trump become more important.

    Being right on America’s doorstep, Mexican cooperation on so many matters is very important including the flow of illegal drugs, and cannot be squandered away. Of the estimated 415,000 illegal immigrants that flow into the U.S. from the South, Mexicans are the smallest portion at 85,000, so cooperation with other South America states is needed as well.

    • Retired military

      The Mexican govt arent helping with the illegal drugs. They are for the most part corrupt and complicit in the drug trade. And how do the South American illegals get here? Through MEXICO. Stop them at Mexico’s southern border and they wont make it to Mexico’s northern border. So a wall will help stop them as well. And if Mexico did a better job enforcing their own immigration laws (which are far stricter than ours ) then per your numbers a lot of our problems would go away. Geez Paul. You used to post at least some stuff that made some sense. Are you seriously smoking too much dope or just overworking yourself.

      • Scalia

        Our resident liberals are really going sideways, except pennywit.

        • pennywit


          • Scalia

            Did you swing by the March for Life rally to hear Pence speak?

          • pennywit

            Sorry, no. I was at a meeting with George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and L. Ron Hubbard.

          • Scalia

            Please get back with George and tell him his check bounced.

          • Did you forget to mention the Wright Reverand Wrong or did he fail to show?

    • jim_m

      Trump’s approval rating is 59%. How high does it have to be?

      You’re a freaking dumbass.

    • You confuse the Republican Party and the GOPe.

  • LiberalNightmare

    Its hard to say how good Trumps team is at this point, but so far all of them have paid their taxes. Can we say the same of 0bama’s team?

    • No, that cannot be honestly said of the former President’s “team.”

  • stan25

    People in this country worry too much about what Trump will do next. I for one, have a lot more concern about what kind of crap the lefties will try to pull in the next four years. They are the ones that need watching closely, not Trump.

    As long as George Soros, Barack Obama, John Kerry et al can still suck air into their lungs, they will do everything in their power to make sure that Trump is taken out. Even if they have to assassinate him.

    Trump needs to get Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General, so criminal charges can be filed against Soros and company. Then deport Soros as a criminal alien.

    • Retired military

      Hey Hillary is supposed to be a talk show host (maybe). Maybe she can reintroduce herself a few dozen more times and continue to suck the air out of the room.

      • Jwb10001

        No one seems to want to tell Hillary the more people see and hear her the less they like her.

      • jim_m

        I can’t wait to see her as a talk show host. “Why are my ratings not higher, you may ask?” The American public wants a shrill harpy telling them what to think for the next 4 to 8 years.

  • TheyTukRJobz

    How many times are we going to hear “Wolf!” cried against the Trump administration?

    • Rdm42

      Just once. It’s like the announcer saying ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!” Only its “WOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!” And they haven’t reached the ‘f’ yet.

  • Rdm42
    • Walter_Cronanty

      Your article’s last sentence applies to this post by Robertson as well as the Newsweek article: “A swing and a miss.”

  • Wild_Willie

    If you want an example of junior varsity, it is David Robertson compared to Rodney Graves, Scalia and others. Maybe David is even T Ball. He has no idea what he is saying or a clue about what is going on. David, your lack of insight and wisdom is huge. ww

  • pennywit

    If we’re going to refer to the Trump team as “JV,” this Politico article on the executive orders is of a bit more concern. If Politico is right, Trump hasn’t done a good job of communicating his intentions with his team or seeking their input on his raft of executive orders. This both isolates his subordinates and deprives him of their expertise.

    The lack of vetting also means that his executive orders are more likely to run afoul of existing law … and that the Trump White House may not have a game plan for fighting legal challenges.

    • Hank_M

      It’s politico.
      They’re trying to push the narrative that the Trump WH is in chaos and out of control.
      Consider it alt-news.

    • Retired military

      Just think of their writers as democrats with bylines. You will be closer to the truth.

      • You owe a shout out to Glenn Reynolds for that.

        • Retired military

          Yeah yeah. I know.

  • Retired military

    Well David thinks that the Trump Admin is a JV team but at least he cant accuse them of photoshopping Trumps hands to make them appear bigger.
    thank heavens. The MSM saves the country again.

  • Retired military

    With David declaring Trump as the JV Team I wonder what CNN says. Why they are shocked. SHOCKED I dare say that Trump is umm keeping campaign promises. In fact they seem to think there is something wrong with it.

    Forget the first 100 days. It’s only been a week and Donald Trump is reinventing the presidency.

    Amid a torrent of action, disruption and protest, the new President’s moves on trade, immigration and foreign policy have honored his campaign promises — and dramatically reshaped Washington’s role in national and global affairs…

    …But the determination to keep campaign promises is verging on an obsession inside the Trump White House.


    Imagine the sheer AUDACITY of a president umm doing what he said he would.

    • Scalia

      Yes, I saw that piece and almost featured it for a new thread. A Republican actually fulfilling his campaign promises. Imagine that.

      Looks like the press expected him to renege like other politicians. Rest assured, they would have crucified him for it. They’re probably foaming at the mouth because he’s not giving them that opportunity.