Is There Method To Donald Trump’s Madness?

“What’s the method in Trump’s madness?” That is the title of a commentary by Washington Post opinion writer E.J. Dionne, Jr.

Dionne writes, “He [President Trump] has now put his presidency behind a lie, that 3 million to 5 million illegally cast ballots cost him the popular vote. He went further Wednesday, despite widespread criticism, even from within his own party. In a morning tweet, he said he’d ask for “a major investigation into VOTER FRAUD,” using those Trumpian capital letters.

Here again, Trump set off a debate between madness and method. The most obvious conclusion is that we are confronting yet another case of his bizarre insecurity. He’s furious that even though he is president, his enemies are denying him a popular mandate because he lost to Hillary Clinton by 2.9 million votes.”

During the 01/24/17 edition of Special Report with Bret Baier, President Trump’s aforementioned claim about voter fraud was brought up during the show’s discussion panel.

Regarding the claim, Bret Baier lamented, “There is some part of me that thinks is this somehow a strategy? It seems, I can’t figure out why, but is it?”

Psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer replied, “Guy [Benson] asked the question, why are we talking about this? Why is it being brought up? And the answer is rather simple. I don’t think it’s a strategy. This is a character problem.”

Psychiatrist Keith Ablow has the opposite opinion about President Trump’s behavior. Ablow writes, “So what’s really going on in his mind? Here’s my opinion: Everything Donald Trump does is strategically calculated to achieve a goal. His communication is designed not to simply convey his gut feelings, but to make people focus on one thing — call it a decoy — so he can do six other things while they’re distracted.”

In other words, President Trump is yelling “Squirrel!” to get the media dogs to look away from what he is doing.

So, is President Trump delusional, or is he playing the Press and his critics like a fiddle? Is President Trump simply crazy, or is he crazy like a fox?

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  • jim_m

    Is David Robinson delusional? Or is he just another dumbass leftist who doesn’t read the freaking news?

    Hillary Clinton garnered more than 800,000 votes from noncitizens on Nov. 8, an approximation far short of President Trump’s estimate of up to 5 million illegal voters but supportive of his charges of fraud.

    Political scientist Jesse Richman of Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, has worked with colleagues to produce groundbreaking research on noncitizen voting, and this week he posted a blog in response to Mr. Trump’s assertion.

    Based on national polling by a consortium of universities, a report by Mr. Richman said 6.4 percent of the estimated 20 million adult noncitizens in the U.S. voted in November. He extrapolated that that percentage would have added 834,381 net votes for Mrs. Clinton, who received about 2.8 million more votes than Mr. Trump.

    Consider that there is a heavy incentive for illegals to lie to the poll taker and you realize that 800,000 illegal votes is probably the extreme lower bound on this number.

    It isn’t that David is ignorant, it’s that he pushes a narrative he ought to know is a lie and does so in the most dishonest fashion possible.

    • Vagabond661

      Plus the Motor Voter law in California…..all those illegals….

  • Retired military

    And I called it again. 48 hours give or take for more of David’s postings.

  • Retired military

    For those that dont follow or havent read Dionne just be aware that he is a delusional far left winger who never saw a democrat that he didnt like. He has been one of Obama’s staunchest cheerleaders in the OPED section of WAPO.

  • Vagabond661

    Add up the dead, illegals and other means of voter fraud and you have a hefty number.

    Question David: Why not investigate? People were are for that loser Green Party woman when she insisted on recounts which ironically found Democrats cheating.

    • jim_m

      Meanwhile David is silent on the fact that the NAACP opposes ANY investigation into voter fraud. As a far left partisan organization that long ago forsook the mission of civil rights they are committed to holding power at any price and if that means disenfranchising black people by the millions they will do it.

      Remember, any illegal vote for a dem keeps black people trapped in poverty and ignorance, right where the left wants them, where they can be controlled.

      • Retired military

        If Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are against it then it makes sense to me to take a look at it.

  • Wild_Willie

    Dionne for a source? Did he call Obama a liar about keeping your doctor? No. Did he call Obama a liar about shovel ready jobs? No. David, really man. Know your audience. We are a smart, very involved group that is up on all things political. It is obvious you are not. Using the MSM for a source about Trump is akin to using lobsters to talk about how good a restaurant is. ww

    • jim_m

      Oh, but you see when 0bama lied to the people it was because the people are stupid and he needed to lie to them in order to lead them into the promised land of socialism. When Trump lies it is because he is Hitler.

  • Sky__Captain

    I seem to recall a statement about Trump during the primaries.
    It was to the effect that Trump was playing chess – everyone else was playing checkers.

    It would seem that was a valid observation, and still applies. Especially in regard to the Democrat media. And David Robertson.

    • jim_m

      Hell, David is doing simple arithmetic and Trump is doing Quantum physics.

    • Is there a meaningful difference?

  • Paul Hooson

    Mr. Trump will, but should not give himself too much credit. In a relatively close race with the unpopular Hillary Clinton, he managed to get the right combination of electoral votes, although losing the popular vote by 2.8 million votes and 2 percentage points. Against Bernie Sanders who was not tainted with the Clinton scandals, Trump trailed by 9-15 points. It is a rather accidental presidency, where Trump should always be concerned how to expand his narrow 46% base. Already, some approval polls numbers suggest that any “honeymoon” approval numbers of his may have eroded, and he is even down to a 36% approval in one poll, suggesting he is even running behind his 46% win numbers. He should be very mindful of these numbers as well as his erosion with some Republican members of congress. This is a presidency on thin ice, where attacks on Hillary Clinton and others may have worked during the campaign, a far different and more presidential conduct should now be expected.

    There’s nothing brilliant about his goofball Tweets against SNL or celebrities posted at 3am in the morning. However, Trump did conduct himself as a gentleman when the British Prime Minister visited, which did prove that he is at times capable of conducting himself like a normal person rather than a wild animal that just escaped a cage. I think that 54% of voters who did not vote for him want to see more of that civil and presidential conduct such as during the Prime Minister’s visit.

    • Hillary got the opponent she went out of her way to get. She chose the form of her destructor.

      • Paul Hooson

        She was a flawed candidate that was only able to capture her party’s nomination due to party loyalty which the formerly Socialist Party Sanders did not have, as well as her strength among African American voters that Sanders also lacked. Sanders then largely became a vehicle for White Democrats from liberal to conservative to support to oppose Clinton. In the general election, Trump then added some of the antiClinton Democrats to his own voter core. along with some Republicans willing to hold their nose and vote for him, giving him his narrow path to victory.

        • What don’t you understand about her having chosen the form of her destructor?

          • Paul Hooson

            She wanted Trump as her opponent very much. And, Trump managed to poke many holes in her campaign with his relentless attacks.

        • jim_m

          Outside of California Trump won buy something like 1.8 million votes. Not as narrow as you think.

          • Paul Hooson

            In states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, those antiClinton Democrats made a huge difference, while in a few other places, it was not as much of a factor or she even slightly exceeded Obama’s 2012 figures.

          • jim_m

            The mistake you are making is claiming that they are dems. They are simply voters and like Ronald Reagan, they didn’t leave the democrat party, the democrat party left them.

            They will not be likely to be going back as long as the dems hate white people, hate working people, and hate America. Which pretty much means they will never be going back.

          • Paul Hooson

            I look at a county like Kenosha County Wisconsin, where voters supported Obama in the two past elections, but narrowly favored Trump this time around. This is where the former American Motors Corporation built automobiles until some time after the 1987 sale to Chrysler, where German Daimler eventually closed the plant. Now, Italian owned Fiat owns the company where all American automobile construction is being suspended, where only Jeeps and Ram trucks will be built in Michigan. Blue collar voters had some unrealistic expectation that factory jobs will flow back in droves with Mr. Trump who better states an economic vision than did Clinton to these voters. Clinton also did poorly communicating that many jobs that were lost during the deep 2008 recession had been replaced with many good paying jobs or factory jobs during the unbroken chain of slow but steady economic recovery under Obama. Clinton poorly connected with these industrial Midwest voters. On the other hand, Mr. Trump just killed U.S. participation in the TPP trade agreement, where Michigan produced automobiles are exported to Vietnam to the tune of $270 million dollars a year because of Trump’s belief that trade deals are bad, not comprehending that deals are complex, where Europe and China both stand ready to gain if U.S. produced goods have trade barriers and tariffs standing in the way. Vietnam had some 99% taxes that stood in the way of trade that Europe and Vietnam were able to agree to relax over 7 years for Europe and 10 for Vietnam. Buit, when Mr. Trump ends a trade deal by executive order that eliminates a 99% tariff on Ford trucks exported to Vietnam, and Europe eliminates those tariffs, Europe will sell more goods. Whether blue collar voters will understand any of this is a good question, but a factory worker might better comprehend a layoff because of reduced work.

            Swing counties in elections are just that.

          • Scalia

            If you’d like people to read your posts, you should learn something about paragraphs. Perhaps this tutorial will help improve your posts.

          • jim_m

            Dumbass. The objection is not to trade deals. THe objection is to trade deals that are unfair to the US. Most of these so-called deals restrict the US’s ability to put tariffs on imports while the other parties to the deal put exorbitant tariffs on our products.

            Trump has repeatedly said that he favors bilateral deals, which can be more easily monitored and which we can exit when the other party is not playing fair. We can’t do that when we are in a multinational deal.

            If you are going to make a criticism, make an honest one. We all see that you are lying about this.

          • Paul Hooson

            I thought I addressed TPP made the U.S. competitive in exports to Vietnam the same as Europe has done. While U.S. produced machinery is the largest U.S. export to Vietnam, American auto and truck exports are a strong second place at $270 million a year. TPP was complex and actually addressed so many of Trump’s trade concerns, even though he opposes it and most Republicans in congress support it. Trump is the one supporting blanket opposition to trade deals such as TPP and NAFTA, instead of seeking to amend concerns.

            Government foreign trade figures dealing with imports and exports are factual, including the fact that the U.S. has exported goods to Cuba for many years, but not imported from Cuba because of the embargo. But, Cuba places a tax of nearly 200% on many imported goods, which needs to addressed in any trade talks.

          • jim_m

            Your obvious claim is that the US could never arrive at the same agreements in a bilateral treaty. Like I said, you’re a dumbass.

          • Wild_Willie
        • Wild_Willie

          She and her DNC allies were caught fixing the primary against Bernie Sanders. Also, I really believe Trump does not govern by polls. Thank God a grown up is in there. Secondly, Trump won fair and square. It must be because a woman managed the campaign that you do not acknowledge that fact. Must be due to all the women you exploit in the strip clubs you own. Women are capable. ww

          • Paul Hooson

            One dancer once earned $3000 in tips one night at the club for a few hours of dancing. McDonald’s doesn’t pay $3000 for one night of work for a nonCEO employee. – The world “exploit” is a loaded and hence, meaningless term. Shell “exploits” oil reserves for profits, which is not a bad thing. I helped a lot of single moms earn a good living to take care of their kids. – Female customers sometimes enjoyed getting on the stage and taking off their panties and bra just for the fun of it as well. It was just harmless adult fun by consenting adults.

          • jim_m

            And do your strippers pay for the privilege of working in your dive bar? Most do elsewhere. Do you take a cut of the stripper’s tips? If either is the case you are exploiting them.

            There is a difference between exploiting natural resources and exploiting another human being. That you are incapable of understanding this says a great deal about your lack of any moral understanding.

    • Scalia

      Against Bernie Sanders who was not tainted with the Clinton scandals, Trump trailed by 9-15 points.

      What makes you think those polls are correct? We’ve already seen how accurate they were, and when their internals were examined, they were found time and again to be heavily weighted in favor of Democrats.

      For what’s now the umpteenth time, we listened to the polls and thought like you that the consistency of the vast majority of the polls pointed toward a Clinton victory. Of course they were wrong, but you continue to parrot the same polls as if they have validity. They do not, and the fact that you rely upon them when this has been repeatedly pointed out on these boards lends credence to the observation that you’re not firing on all cylinders.

      I realize you’ve had some health issues, and if that’s really the case, your lack of focus is understandable. So, perhaps you can write yourself a note on a sticky pad and put it on your computer screen. Write something like this: POLLS ARE WEIGHTED TOWARD DEMOCRATS BY THE FAKE NEWS PURVEYORS. If there’s a smidgen of honesty in you, that’ll keep you from quoting them as if they were the Scriptures. Oh yeah, you don’t believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, but perhaps Gallup has crossed the threshold of infallibility, right?

      • jim_m

        “Health issues” meaning that he is in the middle stages of dementia.

      • Paul Hooson

        The last polls had Clinton with a two point lead, which is what she got. However, some of the industrial Midwest state polls understated Trump’s strength. For example, Clinton generally did no worse than a five point lead over Trump in Wisconsin in the polls, but some claim that voter suppression efforts might have made it difficult enough for some to vote there.

        Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan were believed to lean to Clinton, but all three narrowly chose Trump instead.

        • Scalia

          Why don’t you do some research before firing off an answer? The average was 3.2 in Clinton’s favor, and she led in every poll excepting the LA Times. The “beloved” FiveThirtyEight had Clinton ahead by 3.6 points with a projection of 302 EVs and a 71.4% chance of winning.

          You can’t blame what you just did on a stroke or advancing age. You’re lying through your teeth, and you ignore the fact that the polls gave more weight to Democrats than Republicans. One of the very few outliers was the LA Times, but you surely weren’t singing their praises before election night. Quit trying to push your propaganda.

  • Jim O’Neil

    On the other hand perhaps, just perhaps, our president understands that trust in the election process is tantamount if we want to support the system that is our democratic republic and that investigation of possible voter fraud is long overdue.

  • Olsoljer

    …… ever cross your mind that turning up voter fraud might result in a national voter ID requirement? Golly gee, the American public might even support it..

  • Glenn Instapundit Reynolds has an answer for David:

    Honestly, I think Trump’s encouraging the freakoutrage on purpose here. The more the Democrats shriek about not “normalizing” President Trump, the more they de-normalize themselves. This piece is circulating among some of the smarter lefties at the moment, and makes that point, although I don’t think Trump is Hugo Chavez or even close. If he were, all those lefty celebrities would be supporting him. . . .

    • Scalia

      Spot on.

  • fustian24

    Nobody knows how much voter fraud is out there.

    But we DO know that the democrats are frantic to keep people from having to show an ID to vote. Why might that be?

    Well, they say it is to prevent the usual minorities from being discriminated against. Forcing a voter to show ID is apparently a racist attempt to prevent minorities from voting.

    But, wait a minute.

    You have to show ID to cash a check still. Don’t the dems care about minorities buying food?You have to show ID to buy or rent a house. Very discriminatory. Where is all the hue and cry about that?

    It’s nonsense on a stick is what it is.

    A camera crew went into Harlem and tried to find a black person that didn’t have ID. Not only did everybody have ID, they were offended at the notion that any black person could not produce ID.

    The democrat objection to having voters show their ID at the polls has always been about the voter fraud. And a prominent democrat political operative details how they do it in the Veritas videos.

    Personally I don’t care if there was enough voter fraud to tip the popular vote for Trump. I think we want it gone. I’m tired of recounts finding more democrat votes than there are citizens.

    It is braindead stupidly obvious that a citizen SHOULD need to show ID before voting.

    The left is stupidly falling into a fairly obvious trap here. Angry beyond belief about the election loss, they are desperate to make something out of the popular vote. Trump seems to be trolling them. Are the democrats REALLY going to insist that we investigate illegal voting. REALLY?

    • Scalia

      Personally I don’t care if there was enough voter fraud to tip the popular vote for Trump. I think we want it gone. I’m tired of recounts finding more democrat votes than there are citizens.

      That’s exactly what happened in Detroit. In a close election, an effort was made to pad Clinton’s numbers, but there were more than enough Trump voters to offset their fraud. Democrats don’t care about election integrity. Their whole crybaby posture over Russia is just a vent for their anger over losing an election. Had they won by fraud, they would be rejoicing over the merits of “democracy.”