Donald Trump’s Political Bubble

Seeing through a political bubble is akin to seeing through glasses.

Glasses distort light in order to make things clearer. A political bubble also distorts, but it makes things less clear.

People inside political bubbles think they see the outside just as it is, but they don’t. Instead, they see distortions. For example . . .

Bryan Dean Wright has a message for his fellow Democrats in the Left-wing bubble. He writes, “I believe the Democrats can make a compelling case if we rediscover and embrace the legacies of Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, O’Neill, and Foley. We have a proven path forward. First, we’ve got to find, train, and promote candidates who put America first, not our party. No more ideologues who are unwilling to compromise.”

People in the Right-wing bubble are also challenged. In a 12/12/16 commentary, A.B. Stoddard writes, “Indeed, party loyalty — which has succeeded in running the government aground in recent years — will be tested as never before in a Trump administration. Many Republicans already disagree with the president-elect on infrastructure spending, entitlement reform, tariffs and trade.”

So, is President Trump in the Right-wing bubble?

No, not necessarily.

Responding to President Trump’s 2017 inaugural speech, psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer states, “I think, after hearing this speech, we can conclude that Trump was a third party candidate who won under the GOP banner.”

Yes, President Trump supports things popular in the Right-wing bubble, but he refuses to be confined to that bubble. For example, he now has no objection to same-sex marriage being legal in the USA. Also, he is siding with labor-union bosses in regards to NAFTA.

Some Republicans have criticized President Trump for not being Right-wing enough. That’s OK because he doesn’t have to be. Donald Trump is the President of all Americans, not just Right-wing Americans. That is why his political bubble of choice is the American one.

As for me . . .

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  • Margerin Woubly

    The speed at which he moves and produces scares both sides of the fence, and those in the middle are probably the most having fun. Personally I would like for all to have a good share of popcorn.

  • Vagabond661

    There is no real wing of either party in the sense David is posting about. The Liberals have taken over the democrat party and/or have shouted down any objections. The Conservatives for now reside in the GOP.

    The Moderate Independents have not come up with a definition, leader or party platform….and never will because that requires a spine to adhere to a position.

  • jim_m

    What David objects to is that Trump does not conform to a stereotypical representation of some far right reactionary.

    Like most people Trump has views that lie predominantly on one side of the spectrum, but he also has some views that are divergent. David is pissed because he can’t pin them on one side of the aisle.

    The left has purged most of the moderates from their ranks and recent behavior demonstrates their intent to drive every last one out of the party.

    The GOP on the other hand is dealing with the opposite, a take over of the party by a populist center. Social conservative issues have mostly been pushed to the back burner. The major issues in the campaign were economic and national security.

    The left has abandoned the field on both of those issues. The only answers the left has on economics is eat the rich and give everything free to everyone else until the country goes bankrupt or they monetize the debt and let inflation crush the nation. The answer on national security is free Bradley Manning and support traitors to the US like Bo Bergdahl, and to end sovereignty by allowing everyone in our borders and allow anyone who happens to be in the country at the time of elections to vote whether they are a citizen or not.

    Beyond that the left has promoted all sorts of radical social issues that the majority of Americans are not on board with. The promotion of the fake “rape culture” meme, the promotion of a billion genders and making bathroom access a key campaign issue, add to that the destruction of due process rights and silencing of people who would speak opposing views in public (one need only look to the black listing of performers at the inauguration for substantiation of that).

    These issues are proof that the left has abandoned the center and in fact has done everything it can to isolate itself ideologically and to purge the impure from their ranks. Where the Right is having to learn to accept the shift to focus on economic and security issues that appeal to the center, the left is reacting to its loss of power by doubling down on its radicalism.

    • Scalia

      And as an example of Newspeak, they insist that their positions are centrist and therefore mainstream.

      • jim_m

        When you have shouted down all opposition so no other ideas can ever be heard and your position is the only one anyone is willing to speak about in any way, it has the appearance of being centrist.

      • Vagabond661

        More elitist than centrist. Or pompist…if that’s a word.

  • Wild_Willie

    I am loving the speed of the Executive Actions. The left truly does not know where, when or how to protest. I encourage Trump to keep them coming. I imagine SCOTUS today. ww

    • News is he’s going to announce that at 8 PM today.

      At 8:05, the media will start screaming again – best have your earplugs in and other hearing protection ready!


    What happened to concern about debt? Increased spending and tax cuts (and possible tariffs, which are, in reality, taxes on Americans) that have led to projections that indicate a massive increase in debt. Of course there will be no government shutdowns or problems with the debt ceiling now that the GOP is in power.

    • Scalia

      What happened to concern about debt?

      You know, come to think of it, you’re right. Where ARE your posts complaining about Obama’s spending and the huge debt? Very good of you to notice your silence.

      • jim_m


    • jim_m

      So government shut downs to prevent the US from going over the debt ceiling are now good things? Weren’t these characterized by you as acts of terrorism when 0bama was President?


        I made no comment about it being terrorism. Mainly because I find hyperbole as ridiculous as simply making stuff up and attributing it to others.

        • jim_m

          OK then. Since I have no intention of going through all your comments to prove otherwise I will say then that you (as indicating the left in general and left leadership in particular) called it terrorism. Since you have not repudiated your leadership or their tactics you (Buster) own it.

          I will also say that in the same manner all the left owns the recent violence and fascist tactics at NYU and UC Berkeley. These riots are accepted by the left as advancing heir agenda and they coordinate with the criminals rather than trying to stop them. It’s all yours. You own it and the consequences as you do nothing as a group to stop it.

    • Well, this might help some.

      Of course, that’s spending that isn’t going to happen (hopefully) – so we’ll see if it sticks. But it’s a start.

    • Retired military

      Trump has been in office for what 10 days? Libs are complaining about how fast he is doing things yet you are screaming for him to take action on more things. Isnt one or two miracles a day enough for you? Also libs didn’t seem concerned about the debt under Obama.