Effective Use Of Violence

The “Effective” use of violence, defined as the discrete application of violence to one’s actual foes in such a manner as to achieve the desired outcome is not a skill of the American Left. The American Left is great at breaking and burning things, and at indiscriminately killing, maiming, and otherwise injuring random persons. I’ve long said that you’d know when the Right had decided to engage when the bodies start stacking up like cordwood in the streets where the riot had been proceeding shortly before.

Seems I’m not the only one with this opinion:

A Thought Experiment About Republicans

By Scott Adams, The Dilbert Blog

The left has done a stellar job of demonizing Trump supporters and Republicans in general. Their excellent persuasion involves conflating the bad apples with the entire group. Both sides do it. The right calls everyone on the left selfish snowflakes, and the left calls everyone on the right racists. They do it because it works. The brain likes to conflate things. And if the shiniest object in our view involves headlines about racists, or lefty rioters, those images stick in our minds and taint our impressions of the entire group.

Personally, I don’t find riots persuasive. Mr. Adams continues:

So let’s try this thought experiment.

Let’s say there is a group of Trump-supporting racists – the violent kind that I have never met – that starts terrorizing an African-American neighbor of yours. And let’s say it turns into a violent confrontation between the racists and the victim family. The neighborhood hears some commotion and pours into the streets. The racists have weapons and they are about to kill the family that was just minding its own business. The police are on the way, but not in time. Violence is about to happen.

Suddenly a shot rings out. A bullet goes through the back of the scariest racist’s head and hollows out his skull. He drops like a rock. The other racists drop their weapons and flee.

Who fired the shot that saved the African-American family? Was it a Republican or a Democrat?

One of the most underrated qualities of Republicans is that they police their own ranks. If you have a problem with a violent Republican racist, call some Republicans. They’ll solve it for you.

I’d ammend that to “If you have a problem with a violent racists, or other thugs, call your Republican neighbors. They’ll solve it for you.” If you have no Republican neighbors, well, you are surely out of luck.

But don’t call a Republican if you are simply offended by another person’s opinion. In that situation you want to call some Democrats to ridicule and physically attack the person with the objectionable opinion.

By the way, I’m not a Republican. This is just an observation. I’ve been watching Democrats not police their own ranks – after the Berkeley violence for example – and it occurred to me that you don’t see that on the Republican side. Republicans generally appreciate free speech, but if someone attacks your family, your country, or your freedom in some physical form, keep some Republicans on speed dial.

Try it. You’ll be surprised how well it works.

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  • Hank_M

    The riots we’ve been seeing may not have been persuasive but they are contributing to the narrative that there’s chaos everywhere, because Trump.

    And yes, the violence we’ve been seeing has been nothing short of cowardly, with many of those committing it hiding their faces and retreating back into the crowds after their sneak attacks.

    Still, there’s a purpose to the violence and never ending fake scandals being reported 24 x 7.
    I read recently of a man sitting next to a woman on a train. Current events came up in conversation and she mentioned she missed the calm of the Obama years. No riots, no scandals, no problems.

    The left means to wear us down with a never ending drumbeat of negative news, fake news, purported scandals, chaos and never ending violence. They figure eventually people will have had enough. Of that they’re correct. But they’re going to be wrong about exactly what it is we’ve had enough of.

    • Streets stacked with dead rioters are quiet streets.

      • Paul Hooson

        They should face serious criminal charges, but I think few national guardsmen ever took pride in shooting some teenager breaking a store window. But, if these hoodlums do endanger the lives of police, firemen, the national guard, innocent civilians. In those cases, defensive force is required to keep order. Street mob violence like this has nothing in common with reasonable political differences that responsible persons represent when they write their newspaper or representative opposing something.

        • jim_m

          I think you underestimate how far the left has gone I making themselves enemies of America. There are a lot off national guardsmen that will have no problem shooting people who have openly called for the violent overthrow of our nation.

  • yetanotherjohn

    If the left really go for the full communist movement political revolution, then there will be a lot of bodies in the street. But I think the left will be surprised how quickly they crumble.

    As a thought process, imagine the two side truly at each others throats in armed conflict. Now imagine the right blocking food deliveries to the major cities. How long do you think the left will continue to control the major cities in that scenario?

    The left really needs to take a deep breath, realize you don’t and can’t win them all and start planning for 2018/2020. If they really think their current practices are planning for 2018/2020, then I think we can start talking about Pence’s inauguration in 2025.

  • Retired military

    I saw where the Dakota pipeline “environmental” protestors left mounds of garbage that will take a couple of weeks to clean up.

    • Paul Hooson

      Another favorite thing of mine is that many protestors were allowed to stay at the multimillion dollar Native American casino that offered them support. This business did not mind helping to obstruct another business from making a profit. In the scheme of things, I think that gas to drive to work, school or church is more important than gambling. The pipeline is probably a good thing in my view.

  • Mary Gehman

    The only real difference between a riot and a revolution is in a protest/riot, only ONE side of the argument shows up….in a revolution/civil war, BOTH sides show up. It remains to be seen how all this discord will all play out over time…

    • Protestors are often met by counter-protestors.

    • Brian Brandt

      Luckily, in the deeply blue Philadelphia suburb where I live, I have cornered the market on hand guns, long guns, and shotguns.

      • Paul Hooson

        I’ve been a gunowner as well. I was rather proud of an old Winchester, which a few collector’s admired.

      • Mary Gehman

        Surely, you have local competition… 🙂

        • Brian Brandt

          Nothing that can’t be fixed with a little free spending at the gun show this weekend.

          • Mary Gehman

            Are we driving, or you? Or, are we just meeting there?

  • Paul Hooson

    I deeply resent these far-leftist inspired street hoodlumisms. The Occupy Movement even broke into landlord’s homes and lived there for free until landlords spent a lot of time and money with the courts to evict what should have been handled as burglary episodes by the police.

    • Better yet they should have been treated as home invasions summarily by the legal occupants.

      • Paul Hooson

        Sometimes a landlord has fantasies like this. – Another great thing is when I sold an RV or trailer to a customer on my lot, and they merely moved it to the side of the lot, plugged it on the power pole and lived on the lot for days until the police finally told them they had to leave. And, sometimes as a landlord of rental homes. tenants would threaten me or pull a knife on me when I came to fix a leaky pipe or something. A landlord’s life is no bowl of cherries sometimes…

  • TheyTukRJobz

    The fallout from the Berkeley Kristallnacht seems to have some legs.