The Alternate Reality of the Political Left

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) thinks that he is living in an alternate reality. The Hill quotes Kaine as saying, “I wake up some mornings and it seems like the campaign was a dream, and I wake up other mornings and think I might be living through some alternate reality now.”

I have news for Senator Kaine: The Political Left, as a whole, has been living in an alternate reality long before the 2016 presidential election.

According to that alternate reality . . .

#1 It is anti-worker to want workers to have the right to work without having to pay labor unions in order to work.

If labor unions were to demonstrate that they really are beneficial to all workers, then the former wouldn’t have much trouble getting the latter to join the former. The Teamsters Union is like that. The Teamsters have a good track record of taking care of their members.

#2 People who aren’t Americans have the right to enter the USA whenever they want no matter who they are.

This is why the Political Left won’t differentiate between illegal immigrants and legal immigrants.

When it comes to the USA’s immigration laws, the Political Left promotes the rule of emotion instead of the rule of law.

#3 You have freedom of speech only if members of the Political Left approve of what you have to say.

From Heat Street: “Santa Clara University Bans Conservative Group, Saying It Makes Liberal Students Feel ‘Unsafe’”

Also, “Campus Leftists at UChicago say Free Speech Shouldn’t Apply Equally to Everyone”.

Left-Wing college snowflakes are just too delicate to tolerate any speech that conflicts with their beliefs.

#4 Wealth envy is a virtue.

Wealth envy drives members of the Political Left to try to tear down people who have acquired a large amount of wealth through honest means. If the former can’t have the same wealth as the latter, then the former want the latter to be deprived of wealth, even if the wealth was obtained by honest means.

This behavior on the part of the Political Left is unjust at best.

That is enough for now about this subject. I am not interested in writing a tome.

Yes, members of the Political Right can be guilty of living in their own alternate reality, but that doesn’t do away with the alternate reality of the Political Left.

Then again, anyone can be guilty of living in an alternate reality. As the Cheshire Cat said to Alice,

As Dilbert said, “All humans are irrational.”

That is why I consider politics to be a circus with audience participation.

Of course, watching a circus wouldn’t be complete without refreshments.

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  • jim_m

    You omitted that as part of #2 the left believes that anyone living in the United States has an interest in how the US is governed and therefore should have the right to vote in all elections. They do not believe in citizenship because they are all “citizens of the world”.

    • Jwb10001

      And yet no one seems to be able to vote for the world government or the leaders of said world government.

      • jim_m

        My God! (or as Monty Python portrayed the communist commissar: “My lack of God!”) Let the proles have a say in government? Never!

  • Hank_M

    Sounds more like the democrat party platform.

  • Retired military

    You left out alternate reality number 5.

    5. Trump lost and Hillary Clinton is actually the president.

    The left is in an alternate reality altogether

    How can you have a discussion with someone who wont even acknowledge the basic reality and has to make shit up to make themselves feel better.

  • yetanotherjohn

    What is amazing to me is how many positions of the left were just a short time ago considered to unhinged from reality to be taken seriously. Now, the slightest deviation from those positions is sufficient to name you racist and fascist.

  • jim_m

    You missed #5 the problem with America is islamophobia, so therefore they are going to elect Keith Ellison, an open supporter of islamism and rabid antisemite, as DNC Chair.

  • Constitution First

    If Progressives hadn’t picked such a corrupt candidate (or not thrown Bernie under the bus so hard) snowflake convulsions would be getting codified into law right now.

    “You can always get want you want…” rinse and repeat.

    • Scalia

      During the election run-up, I thought that Sanders would have won in a cakewalk. After sorting through the election’s aftermath, I’m not so certain of that. With Trump’s undertow and what I think is still middle America’s reluctance to embrace an open socialist, a Sanders victory appears unlikely.

      Whether or not I’m right, we can all breathe a great sigh of relief that Trump won.

  • Retired military

    Also in the Alternate reality of the left the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor during WW2 . Dont believe me? Just ask the front runner for the DNC Chair Keith Ellison.


      And here I thought that was commonly attributed to John Blutarsky of Delta Tau Chi.

      • Keith Ellison seems to have been Bluto’s student.

      • Hank_M

        I believe that’s also correct.

    • Hank_M

      Good grief! Finally had a chance to look it up and yes, that’s what Ellison stated.

      Here’s hoping he becomes the DNC Chair.

      Then again. DWS, also an idiot, was the chair and the media always acted as if she knew what she was talking about, so maybe not.

      Where’s Hank Johnson when we need him?

      • jim_m

        Media won’t be able to hide that he’s an anti semite. Nor can they hie his connections to radical islam. They elect him and the dems really do become the enemy.

        • jim_m

          Ellison also went on record saying that if he is made DNC chair it will be all impeachment all the time for the dems. Bring it!

      • Retired military

        He is trying to save Guam by acting as a counterbalance to the marines on the other side of the island.

    • Scalia

      Yep, right here…

      • jim_m

        “The trouble with our Liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

  • Vagabond661

    Alt Looney left reality: When a heart stops beating, you dead. When a heart starts beating, you ain’t alive until you cross the vagina.

    • Paul Hooson

      For me, I always thought that you haven’t lived until you’ve been in a vagina, or two, or three, or four…

  • Scalia

    Man alive, David. I went over to the same post on your other blog to fence a little bit with the posters there. Those guys are positively nuts. I’ll take the crew here over them any day of the week.