Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners February 24, 2017

This week’s Weekend Caption Contest™ was a bit quiet. We barely got into double winners per post territory. I guess everyone was celebrating the annual rite of elitists giving each other awards for memorizing and repeating things other people wrote and faking emotions. But enough about the DNC meeting…
The assignment this week was to caption the following picture:

Here are the winning entries:

1) (Retired military) – “I don’t know what is going on here but I am sure it will be followed by mass hysteria from the media while they dress up in sack cloth and ashes.

(Rick Adams) – “I think this is the only photo of Bannon I’ve ever seen in which he doesn’t look like spent the night on a park bench after losing a 2 am bar fight.

2) (Joe_Miller) – “Bannon stuns the audience at CPAC by doing a powerful rendition of “You’re Having My Baby” to Reince Priebus.

(Paul Hooson) – “Least known song by The Who, “THE MAGIC PRIEBUS”.

3) (cathymv) – “Wait, no , its my turn to say something to drive the leftists crazy!!

Our Father……

(yetanotherjohn) – “You know, if you re-arrange the letters in their names it spells: Liberal heads blown apart.

4) (Brian Brandt) – “Svengali, Inc. meets Pee Wee Herman.

(Mike) – “Yet another success from eHarmony!

5) (Olsoljer) – “Hey! Do you know “I Did It My Way”?

(guido81_MA) – “Reince and the Revolution – Orange Reign, Orange Reign, I only wanted to see you, Laughing in the Orange Reign.

6) (RadiCalMan) – “The “Stephen & Reince Show” will be taking names and kicking lefttards, for the foreseeable future.

(jim_m) – “Put your hand on my knee again and I’ll show you where I put my jack boot.

The Readers Choice Award this week goes to:

(Mary Gehman) – ““I combed my hair, dressed up, and shaved my back for this…?”

Most Inappropriate But Funny:

(rodney dill) – “Steve: (As Carnac the Magnificent): The answer is a “Crowbar.”
Reince: “…and the Question is: Where Milo comes from, how do they separate the men from the boys?”

(Thanks Paul)

(fustian24) – “Hey Reince, what’s the difference between Hillary Clinton and a case of gonorrhea?

Simple. You can get rid of gonorrhea.

That’s all for this weekend. A new edition of the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™ will debut Friday morning.

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  • Joe_Miller

    My hats off to you, Sarah. If I wore a hat, that is.

    • Paul Hooson

      For me, that hat is a yarmulke. It’s not a great hat in the rain. What were they thinking?

      • Joe_Miller

        It fits right over that bald spot that lots of men develop, doesn’t it?

        • Paul Hooson

          For me it does. More than a few generations of “male pattern baldness” in my family.

    • Brian Brandt

      Maybe Mary Gehman can knit you one of those pussy hats.

      • Joe_Miller

        I do have a beard, however. Maybe the pussy hat can be designed to incorporate it. A throwback to the time when ladies didn’t shave their netherparts.

      • Mary Gehman


  • yetanotherjohn

    On the podium again.
    It’s just great to be on the podium again
    The life I love is making captions with my friends
    And I can’t wait to get on the podium again

    Thanks Sarah and congratulations to all the worthy winners. A special shout out to Mr. Inappropriate Fustian.

  • Paul Hooson

    Wow! A second place tie win for me more surprising than Bill Paxton’s little surprise to get a mention at the Oscars tonight. Thank goodness my grandmother didn’t make the Bill Paxton announcement tonight or Bill Pullman might have been surprised to learn that he’s deceased.

    The funny thing is that I make a joke about a 1960’s song by The Who and people get the joke and laugh at it. Gez, we must be getting old. – Another funny thing about my “Magic Priebus” joke is that it’s another more in the style of David Letterman, a Gentile, than in some Jewish shtick style by me. David Letterman’s style of humor, as well as MAD Magazine and CRACKED really influenced my humor thinking and writing style.

    I’d also like to offer congrats to Rodney, who thanked me for inspiring his genius “crowbar” joke about Milo. Milo’s shocking admissions lend themselves to some pretty indignant jokes like this when we resent people who think like Milo does on sexual issues. Adult consenting sex is one thing, but Milo’s outlandish sexual libertarian views thankfully have little public support. Thank God for that at least…

    Thank you so much Sarah and everyone. God bless…

    • Brian Brandt

      Milo is our Madonna. Theoretically on our side, but you’re always wondering what he’s going to say next to embarrass the crap out of you.

  • Thanks Sarah

  • cathymv

    Third… with yetanotherjohn!! sweet! Thank you Sarah.. .. I just thought of another caption this morning… but of course, a dollar late a penny short… lol…

  • Mary Gehman

    Thanks all for “Reader’s Choice”…it’s nice to have other caption-writers like my caption! Congrats to all the winners! My personal favorites this week were Cathy MV’s ‘Our Father’, YAJ’s letter-rearranging, Rick Adam’s park-bench/bar fight, and Fustian’s crowbar…oh, what the hell…they were all great! Have a great week and see y’all Friday! God Bless!

    • Maybe next week you won’t have to say — I combed my hair, dressed up, and shaved my back for this…?

      • Mary Gehman

        Well, I hope you know I wasn’t referring to MY back, but theirs!

        • I surmised that from the use of quotes…… didn’t prevent that thought from running through my mind though. 😉

    • cathymv

      Thank you dahling!! I live vicariously in your limelight!! 🙂

      • Mary Gehman

        You’re welcome…but, my limelight is pretty dim. 🙂

  • Brian Brandt

    Thanks for the 4th. I was really running on fumes this week.

  • Retired military

    Thanks all for the first place.

  • Thank ye kindly! (Reince and repeat!)