NBA: Bad Conduct in Oklahoma City?

Fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder have been fuming ever since NBA star Kevin Durant left the Thunder to play for the Golden State Warriors. Thunder fans act out whenever the Warriors are playing in Oklahoma City. Sometimes, the acting out goes too far.

In an article about the 03/20/17 game between the Thunder and the Warriors, sports writer Matt Moore reports, “The cupcake memes were out again, with OKC fans mocking Kevin Durant’s injury.”

Yes, you read right. Thunder fans mocked an injured player’s injury.

In a separate article, Moore writes, “Now, to me, that’s over the line. You’re openly mocking an injured player. Not a player’s weakness, or inability, but him getting hurt while playing the game. That seems too far.”

Do you agree that Thunder fans went too far by mocking Kevin Durant’s injury?

Side Note: Bad conduct from Thunder fans shouldn’t be extrapolated into a negative view of the Thunder franchise. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr calls the Thunder “a class organization all the way.”

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  • yetanotherjohn

    I speak from a vast well of ignorance. I can’t remember the last basketball, let alone NBA game that I saw. I believe I have heard that Oklahoma had a team, but would not have sworn to it. All that said, I think David presumes a question answered that is not.

    David presumes the Thunder fans were mocking the injury. But the cupcake symbolism raises the question whether the mocking was the injury (I don’t see the connection between cupcakes and injury, but concede there may be one) or were they mocking a player who feigns or exaggerates an injury. The cupcake meme certainly could be applied to the latter.

    The player who plays through the pain is generally admired, though playing through the pain may not be the smartest thing long term. The player who takes the money, but does not perform because of a feigned or exaggerated injury is not so much admired.

    You have to click through multiple links to tease out the cupcake meme.
    “When Kendrick Perkins played center for the Thunder, he called teammates “cupcake” if he thought they were acting a little soft. Westbrook and Durant adopted the term in jest.”

    This would seem to indicate that the cupcake meme is aimed at saying Durant is soft (i.e. not playing through the pain) vs injured.

    Sorry David, you seemed to have once again made a mighty swing and whiffed the ball.

  • Retired military

    Do you remember the WW2 movie A Bridge TOO Far?
    IMO this thread is A Column Too Far.

  • Retired military

    I am going to change my name to Nostradomus.

    • Brett Buck

      You’re a latter-day Edgar Cayce. Although Dave’s apparently boundless need to crank out 5000 words/day, whether or not he has anything interesting to say, hardly requires supernatural power to predict.