NFL’s Raiders: Las Vegas – 1; Oakland – 0.

It didn’t take long for Oakland, California mayor Libby Schaaf to put a spin on the recent vote by NFL franchise owners to allow the Raiders franchise to move from Oakland to Las Vegas. Fox News quotes Schaaf as saying, “Never that we know of has the NFL voted to displace a team from its established market when there is a fully financed option before them with all the issues addressed.”

That is a politician for you – spinning what happened to make the other party look villainous.

What actually happened is that the NFL voted to allow a team to relocate to a place where the team could get a better deal.

Fox affiliate KTVU reports, “Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and a group who were trying to keep the team in Oakland, made a last-ditch presentation to the NFL last week. But that letter was “filled with uncertainty,” according to Commissioner Roger Goodell.”

The Mercury News reports, “NFL executives were not moved by Oakland investors saying they could start building a new football stadium almost immediately. “We worked for two years,” said Texans owner Bob McNair, finance committee chairman. “Our first choice was to try and find” a solution in Oakland. Added Goodell, “We just couldn’t get it done.””

The Los Angeles Daily News reports, “Closed out of Los Angeles and with nothing viable to turn back to in Oakland — a reality that remains to this day — there was uncertainty in the air for the Raiders. From which their recovery has been so remarkable, the NFL is now poised to unleash one of its most iconic brands on Sin City. Compelled to do so by a neatly comprised stadium deal too good to pass up and the absence of a viable plan in the Bay Area to offset it.”

Oakland politicians can whine all they want about the Raiders moving away from their city, but the team isn’t theirs. Mark Davis is the owner, and what matters is what is best for him.

Sure, Davis is taking a gamble by moving his team to Las Vegas, and only time will tell if the gamble pays off for him. Still, Davis isn’t doing anything immoral or unethical by moving his team.

Oakland’s leaders had their opportunity to propose a deal that would be acceptable to Davis, and they blew it. Now, the same free market that gave Oakland the Raiders in the first place is giving the team to Las Vegas. That is how the free market works.

There are no villains in this story, only disgruntled losers.

Instead of being poor sports, let’s just wish the Raiders well.

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  • yetanotherjohn

    I understand the “psychic” benefits of a city having a major sports team, but can anyone point to a situation where a straight economic analysis shows that for every tax dollar put into a sports team, more than one dollar was returned to the government? I can’t think of a case like that. Which to me makes these sorts of activities more about cities vying for who can give the most tax dollar paid welfare to millionaires.
    If you really wanted to fix this issue, use Green Bay as a model. Green Bay would have long ago lost their team except the team is owned by the fans.

    • Brian Brandt

      Kick it up a notch – nations competing to host the Olympics.

  • Retired military

    Wife beaters and mysongonists (spelling. yep I am lazy) in Vegas celebrate.

  • Retired military

    Reinforced Steel: Over 11,000 tons of steel bars to reinforce the cast in place concrete. If the average bar was one inch in diameter, this would stretch for 1,560 miles.
    Cast in Place Concrete: About 95,000 cubic yards of concrete were poured.

    Gee now I know why we cant build nuclear power plants due to expensive concrete. We are using the same amount of concrete and almost the same amount of steel to build football stadiums.

  • Par4Course

    It is not immoral or unethical for Mark Davis to move the Raiders to a new location – but it is immoral and unethical for states, counties and cities to use public money to build stadiums that primarily benefit the already-rich team owners. But this misuse of public funds is accepted throughout America and no politician wants to be the one to buck the trend.

  • fustian24

    And think just how easy it will be to gamble on football with a Las Vegas team.

    They should call the new team: The Las Vegas Spread.