Oklahoma’s GOP Morons

Thus far in 2017, Oklahoma GOP politicians have worked hard to bring embarrassment to the GOP.

How have Oklahoma Republicans messed up? Let me count the ways.

1) State Rep. Dan Kirby resigned after the Oklahoma House of Representatives’ Special Investigation Committee recommended that he be expelled from the House of Representatives for sexually harassing two legislative employees.

2) State Rep. John Bennett insisted that Oklahoma Muslims fill out a questionnaire before he would let them meet with him. That questionnaire asked Muslims, “Do you beat your wife?”

3) State Sen. Ralph Shortey resigned after being charged with three felonies related to child prostitution.

4) State Sen. Kyle Loveless resigned after the Oklahoma County district attorney began investigating Loveless over possible embezzlement of campaign funds.

5) Then along came state Rep. Mike Ritze, who has made national news by promoting an outrageous idea.

A Tulsa World editorial explains the issue:

“Rep. Mike Ritze, long known as one of the most conservative Republicans in a very conservative, very Republican state House, has topped himself for dreadful ideas.

The Broken Arrow Republican suggested to KWTV in Oklahoma City last week that the state could save money by asking federal immigration authorities to consider deporting Oklahoma public school students who don’t speak English.

No, really. That’s what he said.”

Here is more from an AP story published by the Tulsa World:

“State Rep. Mike Ritze of Broken Arrow told News9 in an interview Wednesday that the newly created Republican Platform Caucus believes the state could save $60 million if it would identify what the caucus believes is 82,000 non-English-speaking students “and then turn them over to ICE” (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) to determine if they are citizens.

. . . several Republican legislators, including members of the Republican Platform Caucus, quickly distanced themselves from Ritze’s comments.

“On this subject of deporting students, that is not a position that we support,” said Rep. Chuck Strohm, a Republican from Jenks and the co-chairman of the caucus, which he says has 15 to 20 members.

Strohm said the caucus discussed the additional financial burden that students who require additional English instruction create, but never the idea of reporting students to ICE.

“This caught many of us by surprise, because that’s not the direction that we talked about,” he said.

Oklahoma schools Superintendent Joy Hofmeister, a Republican, said Ritze’s suggestion is “utterly shameful.””

With seven more months left in 2017, there is still time for another Oklahoma Republican to embarrass the GOP.

Currently, the Oklahoma Bar Association is investigating EPA administrator Scott Pruitt in order to determine if he lied to Congress.

From the Tulsa World:

“An environmental organization and a University of Oklahoma law professor have filed a complaint with the Oklahoma Bar Association against U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt.

The complaint alleges Pruitt violated bar association rules by lying to the U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee during his January confirmation hearing. Pruitt was Oklahoma attorney general at the time.

The Center for Biological Diversity and OU Professor Kristen van de Biezenbos say emails obtained by another organization through the Oklahoma Open Records Act show that Pruitt used a private email address to conduct business while Oklahoma attorney general.

Pruitt denied doing so while testifying to Congress.”

Sure, the expression honest politician is somewhat of an oxymoron, but must the Oklahoma GOP have so many morons?

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  • Thank you for the news from Oklahoma.

    • Vagabond661


    • Vagabond661

      Do you use disqus for book publishing?

  • jim_m

    Before we cast aspersions on the Oklahoma GOP we should check to see how many of them believe that Guam is in danger of capsizing. Until anyone on the GOP has demonstrated that level of stupidity I think we should be cautious in alleging stupidity dwells anywhere apart from the left.

    It may visit the right from time to time, but it makes its home on the left.

  • yetanotherjohn

    Do you know why Texas doesn’t slide into the gulf of Mexico?
    Because Oklahoma sucks.

  • Wild_Willie
    • jim_m

      If you are going to post a series of pictures of dem sex offenders, Wizbang is going to have to pay for more server space.

  • Wild_Willie
    • Remarkable what you can get by with when there’s a ‘D’ after your name, isn’t it?

  • Sky__Captain

    Now waiting for David’s expose on this:

    Purely in the interests of fairness, of cours3.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      Just got done reading that before coming here. Can you imagine the reaction if, in 2009, a State R convention closed with chants of “Fuck Barack Obama”?

      • Man, they would have been frothing about the hating hatey haters who’d dare do anything like that to the God-King Obama…

        At this point, the chances of me ever voting for a Democrat again are pretty much nonexistent. For the party of ‘The little guy’, it’s clear they don’t give a shit about the little guy.

        • Walter_Cronanty

          Yeah, the mint would have had to work 24/7 to print up enough race cards.

  • Scalia

    David, if you want to look for morons, look no further than the city of Seattle:

    ‘Community member’ term for suspects on Seattle police use of force reports.

    When Seattle police officers write use of force reports they no longer call a suspect a suspect.

    “Community member” is the new term. Several officers say the term is offensive, explaining their work with violent suspects.

    Sources point to the suspect who shot three officers last month after a downtown Seattle armed robbery. When officers involved in that incident were writing their use of force reports they were required to refer to the shooter, Damarius Butts, as a “community member,” not a suspect, police sources said.

    Police fatally shot Butts after they said he shot the officers.

    “I think this is all in an effort to make sure our report writing sounds politically correct,” Seattle Police Officers’ Guild Kevin Stuckey told KIRO 7.

    The online use of force reporting system, called Blue Team, is used for more than just use of force reports. It also tracks the department’s administrative investigations and the Early Intervention System among other reports. A photo sent to KIRO 7 shows the Blue Team in a recent online department training.

    The “community member” terminology changed for multiple forms – but it’s only in the use of force reports that officers find offensive.