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The Democrats, their media puppets, and our very own progtards insist that voter fraud is a non issue.

This makes sense as the only truth they acknowledge is “revolutionary truth” which is to say, “truth” which forewards their agenda regardless of actual factual veracity.

Here’s a fresh dose of burgeoise (aka real) truth injurious to their cause:

Alien Invasion: Thousands of Foreigners Registered to Vote (and Voting) in Virginia

By J. Christian Adams, PJ Media, The Rule of Law.

Some inside the Beltway are in a froth about foreign influence in our elections.

Yet I’ll wager they won’t say a word about real foreign influence in elections — even when actual evidence exists.

A new report released today documents that in Virginia alone, 5,556 voter registrations were cancelled because of citizenship defects. Many of those cancelled had gotten on the voter rolls despite saying on their voter registration form that they were an alien and not eligible to vote.

Voter history records also show that many thousands of ballots were cast by registrants removed for citizenship defects.

So much for the Voter Fraud is Fake News trope…

Even worse, the report documents the extensive efforts by state and local election officials to conceal the extent of noncitizen registration and voting.

These efforts include internal emails that revealed an intent to alter public records to hide the full extent of noncitizen cancellations.

The report, titled “Alien Invasion II: The Sequel to the Discovery and Cover Up of Non-Citizen Registration and Voting in Virginia,” notes that the 5,556 removed for citizenship defects in Virginia are only the tip of the iceberg. These 5,556 were only caught by accident after each told a state agency of his or her alien status after previously registering to vote. Had they never provided an inconsistent answer to citizenship status, they never would have been detected.

The report released by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, of which I am president, can be accessed here.

PILF originally asked in 2016 for election records demonstrating registrants removed from the voter rolls for citizenship defects. Under federal law, all list maintenance records are subject to public inspection. You would have thought election officials would be transparent and keen to comply with federal disclosure laws.

Seems like something the DoJ and thier investigatory arm (the FBI) should be investigating for prosecution.

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Unprecedented Collection and Dissemination of Communications against United States Persons by their Own Government
  • yetanotherjohn

    Of course criminal charges and/or deportation against someone who is not a citizen registering to vote and claiming to be a citizen would be an idea only supported by those knuckle draggers who elected Trump.

    • Um, my knuckles don’t drag and I was not a Trump donor, supporter, or voter…

      • yetanotherjohn

        Then obviously you are a racist. You can’t challenge the narrative (or at least you’re not supposed to).

        • Watch me do just that thing…

        • jim_m

          He lives in California. Any vote that is not for a dem is a waste of time.


    Luckily, President Trump has put Mike Pence in charge of the “Presidential Commission on Election Integrity,” so we will soon get to the bottom of this massive fraud.

    As I have mentioned before, when someone sneaks into the country and tries to earn a living, while doing everything in their power to evade capture, voting is, of course, at the top of their “to do” list. Sort of defies logic, does it not?

    • Does the evidence linked suggest thousands of fradulent voters in Virginia or does it not?

      • yetanotherjohn

        Rosa Ortega, Jeanene Johnson, and Latunia Thomas, were all convicted of illegal voting in Texas in 2017. Others, like Crystal Mason, have been indicted for illegal voting in Texas. Over the past few years, Avery Ayers, Debra Briseno, Elizabeth Martinez, Adrian Heath, James Alan Jenkins, Lorenzo Antonio Almanza, Mario Manuel Medrano and Raul Reyna have all been convicted of illegal voting in Texas. Could this be why Clinton lost Texas, because illegal votes canceled out the brave proletariat who sought to get dear leader elected? Why would a felon or illegal alien decide to run the risk of getting caught by illegal voting? I don’t know, but just a wild guess given their past behavior (i.e. felon/illegal alien) might suggest that they don’t seem to hold the law in very high regard.

    • Scalia

      As I have mentioned before…

      And as we have mentioned before, that’s already been refuted without a substantive answer from you.

    • Raaron

      Nonetheless there they went – and voted. You think cancelling out legal votes is ok?

      • He’s still denying that truth as mere burgeoise…

      • jim_m

        Since the votes disenfranchised were almost certainly conservative votes, of course he is OK with that. If it were the other way around that pathetic a– wipe would be totally wrapped around the axle about this.

    • Brett Buck

      So, you have no answer or response to the stated facts, and instead came up with something entirely tangential.

      • Jwb10001

        As he has mentioned before,

  • jim_m

    Obviously there could be no fraud in Virginia as they keep on electing democrats. Don’t think of it as fraud, rather think of it as a means to an end. To not use a means to an end would, by the left’s definition, be immoral. The end of course is the forced imposition of their agenda.

  • You’ll never find what you refuse to look for.

    But now that people are looking, figure more situations like this will be found…

  • Vagabond661

    I shudder to think about what’s going on in California.