Resident Evil: Alex Jones

Evil comes in many forms. Last week, evil used a rifle to shoot at Republican members of Congress who were practicing for a softball game. Over in Manchester, England, evil use a bomb to kill 22 people at a concert.

Although it reveals itself in such horrific acts, evil doesn’t need to use a lethal weapon in order to inflict harm. Evil can also use a microphone and the Internet. American journalist Megyn Kelly confronted this latter kind of evil in an interview that was aired on NBC on 06/18/17. This was the segment of her show that featured conspiracy peddler Alex Jones.

In the week leading up to that show segment, others in the American media reported about the work of Jones. After reading the various reports, I came to a particular conclusion about Jones. Either he was a shameless huckster who didn’t actually believe the falsehoods that he promotes, or he had more loose screws than a hardware store in an earthquake.

After watching Megyn Kelly’s report about him, I have concluded that Jones is worse than what I previously concluded about him. He is an instrument of evil. Every time that Kelly confronted him with the wicked falsehoods that he actually spoke, Jones dodged more than Vince Vaughn’s movie character Peter LaFleur.

It is no wonder that Jones did not want the show segment about him to be aired. In an article published by the Hollywood Reporter, Jones claims that Megyn Kelly was distorting him.

That claim by Jones is …

Kelly quoted Jones’ conspiracy claims verbatim. In doing so, Kelly didn’t make Jones “look like a Halloween character“. He did that to himself.

If Jones were not successful with his shtick, then he wouldn’t have been interviewed by Kelly. Yet, he is successful. That fact in itself is scary, especially because Jones’ most famous fan is the current POTUS. It is Jones’ connection to President Trump that has put the former in the mainstream spotlight.

If it was wrong for Barack Obama to be associated with William Ayers, then it is definitely wrong for President Trump to be associated with Alex Jones.

Perhaps President Trump will distance himself from Jones now that the latter’s disgusting falsehoods have come to light, but what about the rest of Jones’ audience?

In closing, I want to make known that I rarely – if ever – describe a person as being an instrument of evil, and I certainly don’t want to mimic Dana Carvey’s church lady.

Still, evil is real, and it has been channeled through Alex Jones. Where is Milla Jovovich’s movie character Alice when you need her?

One more thing: Being an instrument of evil isn’t the same thing as being evil incarnate. Adolf Hitler and Jim Jones were evil incarnate. Alex Jones is nowhere near their level when it comes to being a purveyor of evil.

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  • Paul Hooson

    Sadly, Alex Jones ranks right up there with the most transparent fake televangelists with a fake sincerity and all show business…

    • Wild_Willie

      I don’t know what you just wrote is true. Until verified you are peddling slander for whatever reason. Yes there are bad televangelists, doctors, lawyers, nurses, teachers, congressmen, etc. I think you have a personal hatred towards these people. ww

      • Paul Hooson

        No, I actually watch many hours of televangelists each week and love their sermons. Most are very good persons in my eyes. But, Tilton is a different case. His bragging about the “preacher rap” was a terrible thing to say. Very cynical and certainly not a work of God.

        • WHO’S THE BUSTER

          I watch televangelists as well, but only because I enjoy viewing great hucksters. Especially now that most of them have embraced “prosperity” sermons. They are selling a product, yet carry no inventory; they are merely posing as doorman charging a cover charge to heaven. They are simply hosts of infomercials.

          However, some of them are incredibly entertaining, for example, Jesse Duplantis is simply riveting and offers great entertainment.

          A friend of mine, from Charleston, SC was related to Jimmy Swaggert and we would find ourselves at social events and even he viewed himself as an entertainer and without elaborating, let’s just say he was not beyond sin. Of course, Swaggert (as well as my friend, who owned a furniture company you would all recognize) were both cousins of Jerry Lee Lewis and they all grew up together.

  • Retired military

    I have seen one or two of Jones’s videos on youtube. I am not a fan. At the same time I eagerly look forward to David’s thrilling expose on the likes of Maddow or Matthews. You know for balance sake. I mean 4 right wingers bashed vs umm zero left wingers who are just as bad or worse than Jones ever could be.

    • jim_m

      Honestly, I had never heard of him until Megyn Kelly started advertising her interview of him.

      • I’d heard of him – put him right up there with Art Bell and ‘Coast To Coast’.

  • Retired military
  • Wild_Willie

    I have not watched Jones, but his theories have every right to be exposed as is Rosie, the Russia connection, Oprah, Jerry Springer, etc. And I am a huge fan of Trump but did not know he knew of Jones until you mentioned it. Must be a leftist thing. Listening and acting are two very different and distinct things. Kelly and NBC made Jones a huge star overnight.

    David, look up JT whom posted on Wizbang years ago. Now that man could write a post. As does Scalia, et al. ww

    • He’s been parrodied by a couple of the Science Fiction authors I follow… I treat him and his website as I do brucehemorrhoid and DU; ignorance which is best ignored in turn.

  • Retired military

    Tell me David. Did Alex Jones ever say that someone deserved to be shot for their beliefs? If not why are we not talking about Joy Reid instead?

    I mean if conspiracy theories are the stuff which makes people evil take a gander over to and you will find evil in abundance. Yet you don’t deem to mention them.

  • Brett Buck

    He’s not evil, he’s just a garden variety nutcase with nothing much to distinguish himself, aside from having a well-known website and a decent skill at self-promotion. He’s on about *reptilians”, for God’s sake! He means nothing, he’s irrelevant, and is best ignored.

  • Deserttrek

    so the President and jones are pals or something?
    time for fresh air dave


    BY Kate Feldman


    Sunday, April 16, 2017, 8:03 PM

    “Alex Jones’ dangerous rants are apparently all for show.

    The Infowars host and founder is “playing a character,” his lawyer said in a recent custody hearing.

    “He is a performance artist,” attorney Randall Wilhite told a judge, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

    The radio host has been known to peddle conspiracy theories without any
    evidence, including that 9/11 was an inside job, Sandy Hook was
    “completely fake with actors” and the government is using chemicals in
    the water to turn people gay.

    He also perpetuated the “Pizzagate” theory that Hillary Clinton and
    other Democratic leaders were running a child sex trafficking ring run
    out of a Washington, D.C., pizzeria, before eventually apologizing.”

    In other words, he just makes stuff up for ratings, which is fine as a “performance artist,” but there are rubes who think it is news, including the President.