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From CNN:

Democrats just went 0-4. When will they win?

Atlanta (CNN)Democrats tried an inoffensive moderate message in Georgia. They ran a banjo-strumming populist in Montana. They called in the cavalry in South Carolina and tried to catch their foe sleeping through a long-shot in Kansas.

None of it worked.

In the special elections for House seats vacated by Republicans who wound up in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet, Democrats went 0-for-4.

Now, party officials, strategists and candidates are pondering what went wrong — and how they can turn it around in time for the 2018 midterm elections.

Jon Ossoff’s loss Tuesday night in a hyper-competitive Georgia race — the most expensive in history — “better be a wake up call for Democrats,” tweeted Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton, an emerging Democratic leader.

“We need a genuinely new message, a serious jobs plan that reaches all Americans, and a bigger tent,” he wrote, “not an smaller one. Focus on the future.”

Indeed, Democrats went all-out to win this seat, only to watch it vanish away. Make no mistake, had Ossoff won, the 24/7 MSM meat grinder would have trumpeted that as the beginning of the end of Trump’s presidency. Much to their chagrin, they’ll have to put away their champagne for the time being.

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  • Paul Hooson

    From the open primary result of gathering 48.1% of the vote compared to Handel’s 19.8% of the vote, Jon Ossoff completely failed to grow his share of the vote. Unfair negative ads seemed to blunt Ossoff who ran as a centrist, but negative ads unfairly attempted to align Ossoff to the Scalise shooting and the absurd antics of Kathy Griffin. Handel denounced the ad, but seemed to benefit from it. Outrageous negative ads like this seemed to make the difference in closely contested races.

    Ossoff had all of charisma and personality to become a rising star in the Democratic Party, but negative attack ads, no matter how absurd, seemed to be just enough to turn this race and were a factor in the other races as well.

    • jim_m

      Ossoff claimed to be a centrist, but after the last time the dems took the house by running scores of so-called moderates who later turn and marched in kick step with the most extreme left wing factions of tge party lead by pelosi, people are wise to the fsct tgat tge no longer is any such thong ss a moderate dem.

      • Paul Hooson

        Ossoff was much like a Jimmy Carter-type centrist, which once could win statewide in Georgia. But, like Jimmy Carter, Ossoff was often vague and fuzzy on the issues, somewhat like trying to nail jello to a tree to figure out where he really stood on many issues. I think Ossoff hoped this vagueness would make him less controversial, but some other issues such as his residency or not in the district became issues. Handel helped herself by being a more mainstream and less controversial Republican as well. Many voters found that very acceptable.

        • Rdm42

          Jimmy carter a centrist? Oh boy, and if I vacation in California I’m on the east coast ….

    • Rdm42

      Paul, why the lies about ‘centrist’?

      • Brett Buck

        Because they can’t admit that they’re the crazy fringe, so they delude themselves into believing that their ideas are mainstream.

    • Retired military

      “Ossoff had all of charisma and personality to become a rising star in the Democratic Party”
      As compared to Al Gore, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. A candidate doesn’t need much charisma to be a rising star. THey just need to be nuts.

    • “Ossoff had all of charisma and personality to become a rising star in the Democratic Party”

      Seriously? Paul, he doesn’t HAVE any real charisma. The ads I saw FOR him where they weren’t attacking Handel were practically worthless. On a D&D scale he rolled 2D6 and came up snake eyes. And the smarmy git didn’t even see a need to live in the district he wanted to represent!

      Okay, I get it – they were betting on him to be the ‘New Face’ of the DNC, running a young candidate they could (maybe) compare to JFK. God knows everyone else is looking like they need to infest the HOA in a Retirement Living Community…

      I’m thinking IF he’d won, he’d have spent the next three years angling for a shot at the Presidency.

      But – he lost. That ‘rising star’ just flamed out, and took $21 mil of the Dems’ money with it.

      • pennywit

        On a D&D scale he rolled 2D6 and came up snake eyes

        You roll your stats in D&D on 3D6. Although most GMs let you roll 4D6 and drop the lowest die. But truly enlightened GMs use a point buy system — usually 15 or 20 points.

        • I know – but I haven’t seen many snakes with 3 eyes. (Trying to make it accessible to the non-D&D folks.)

          And besides, he was starting with one die missing – not even living in the district.

          • pennywit

            Y’know, I was on a liberal-ish blog once where they debated sex ed, including abstinence based sex-ed. I cracked a joke — something along the lines of a d20 being an effective way to keep the teens from having sex. Damn, the nerds got pissy about that one.

          • Lol… Get kids hooked on D&D and that’ll be it for teen sex from there…

          • pennywit

            “Sorry, babe, no time. Gotta face down the lich.”

    • Olsoljer

      Having returned from a 3 week + cross-country “vacation” (California to DC and return) your analysis, even though you support it with arguable “statistics”, is what is defeating opposition of the party of Trump. I say the party of Trump, because there are “Republicans” who will soon lose their bids for re-election as their lack of support for President Trump and his policies are revealed. These gutless wonders, backstabbers, and corrupt politicians may well end up, next to or sharing cells with their democrat compatriots.
      Tell a family back in Kentucky, West Virginia, and parts of Virginia, many who lost their homes and were forced into basically subsistence living all about your job statistics and how terrible they are. Won’t get you far, as the mines are beginning to gear up and mine operators are telling them they may have to hire even more workers from surrounding areas to supplement the work force. Reflect on what that will mean for the local economies which were essentially dying or at best stagnant.
      Tell your story to the people working in the oil and gas and related industries in New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, North Dakota, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, etc, and their local economies how much better off they would be keeping the job killing regulations, EPA BS, and other redundant, costly measures forced upon them by an even more radicalized democrat bureaucracy.
      After you try to sell them that bill of goods, here is another one. Convince them that while they and their children were going without, how the democrats were spending close to a Trillion dollars a year on supporting illegal immigrants, making sure THEIR families received food, housing, medical care and education. That bringing in muslim refugees has made their families safer from violence where the refugees are concentrated in large numbers. That refugees and illegal immigrants should have priority over American citizens in jobs and education. That it makes perfect sense to bring large numbers of a diametrically opposed culture who vow to overthrow and enslave or kill us and support that culture until they attain the capability to do so.
      I didn’t talk to statisticians, politicians or corporate big dogs. I talked to ordinary every day Americans, the heart and soul of this country. The ones who have been knocked down by the politics of the past 30-40 years and kicked every time they tried to get up, belittled by the politicians who poke fun at their lifestyles, belief in God, the Constitution, and the Rights they give. They are sick and tired of seeing those rights and freedoms eroded and/or re-interpreted by a corrupted legislative, judicial and executive system. A system that mutually protects itself, regardless of party affiliation.
      President Trump offers a hope that maybe, just maybe, we can be the USA again. While they may not understand the intricacies of the process(es) involved, they certainly support the intent. These folks are the lifeblood of our country. They are very well armed, and it seems the general consensus is that if President Trump is taken down in any way, or it appears imminent, the bloodbath that will ensue will be incomprehensible.
      I know you are not a stupid man Paul, but you may be ignorant. I would suggest that if you, or any of those living in the “safe” bubble of a large populated area question my veracity, put on a pair of levis, leave your safe space and go find out for yourself.

  • jim_m

    As the article points out, dems have no message other than “we hate Trump”. That will not win anything outside of California, new York and Illinois.

    • Paul Hooson

      Well, take the issue of Democratic candidates opposed to removing those receiving public health care from the rollback of Obamacare, but will be reluctant to make this a big campaign issue out of fear of being tagged a welfare stater or a big spender. Democrats have some real issues, but sometimes lack the political courage to run on these issues.

    • Retired military

      Will Illinois be able to afford to holding voting in the next election. I mean they may as well just deem all dems as winners but they don’t even have the money to try to pay lottery winners.

    • Hank_M

      “dems have no message other than “we hate Trump”.”

      Actually, their message seems to be “We hate Trump and the half of the country that supports him.”

      • Rdm42

        ‘So vote for us you rubes and hicks!’

  • Par4Course

    Despite Trump’s relatively low poll numbers, public optimism remains very high. If the GOP would get behind the President’s agenda and pass tax reform, ObamaCare replacement, and improved border security, the economy and approval poll numbers would catch up with expectations of restored American greatness.

    • Paul Hooson

      The only problem with that view is that it is way too optimistic for a president unable to grasp all but the most simple of details and lacks most political skills. Mr. Trump cannot see the forest for the trees on most issues. Take Cuba for example. American farmers and other businessmen sell Cuba $245 million dollars in products last year and would have sold even more this year, but Mr. Trump is thinking ahead to 2020, and to appeal to Cuban voters in Florida, cuts into this trade opening, and also gives Russia the opportunity to offer Cuba cash help and then set up Russian military bases 90 miles from the United States, possibly setting up a national security crisis for the U.S. Nobody seems to be able to not convince Mr. Trump to not do some things which have no benefit to anyone but himself. Mr. Trump can always be counted on to things to benefit himself, regardless of the cost to everyone else.

      But, I do believe that tax cuts can have some temporary effect giving a boost to the economy until spent. But, for now, although wages are up ever so slightly, Mr. Trump’s job creation rate per month is actually 30,000 fewer jobs per month than the average of the Obama Administration.

      • Rdm42

        You are a guy who applied the word ‘centrist ‘ to JIMMY CARTER I think I will take your analysis with a grain of salt…

      • Vagabond661

        To win in the midterms, the GOP better run on the Trump agenda. But to have credibility, they need to SUPPORT the Trump agenda from now up to the midterms.

  • Retired military

    Is David crying in his coffee.

    If you want some enjoyment folks go over to DU and laugh at their frustration.

  • Wild_Willie

    I will sum up the losses. The dem’s and libs lost touch with America. Millions of dollars came to the dem’s in GA. from NYC and Calif. The two biggest anchors on the shoulders of any candidate because they have lost the American voter. They just don’t get it. It isn’t Trump the dem’s have problems with, it is NYC and Hollywood. Their two biggest bank rollers. They have serious financial ties to consider breaking. ww

  • pennywit

    From a PR standpoint, I think Democrats were foolish to put their eggs in the special election basket. I know they’re trying to seize the Big Mo, but you also shouldn’t pour shit-tons of treasure and sweat into a fight you probably won’t win. Dems would have been better, I think, to focus on the gubernatorial races in Virginia and Jersey this year.

  • pennywit

    The WaPo and Kaiser Family Foundation investigated the rural/urban political divide. They say the divide is about culture, not economics. Here’s the WaPo article:


    And here’s the report:


  • pennywit

    There’s a lot of rumbling about creating a universal basic income. I’m not opposed to the idea, but I’m not enamored of it either. The key to it (as I understand) is that the UBI ought to be universal, available to everyone regardless of income or economic cirumstance.

    The argument for it is essentially that with automation coming to multiple fields, there just aren’t enough jobs to keep people employed anymore … and a UBI will give people the security of earning a living, even if they’re unemployed.

    I’ve also seen some people argue that a UBI may be cheaper, in the long run, then the current rat’s nest of federal anti-poverty programs.

    The argument against it is that if folks have a guaranteed income, they’re less likely to seek out work, will more likely remain on the dole … and that doesn’t even get into the “how do we pay for it?” mess.

    I also think there are a couple other potential issues. First, there’s the question of “how much?” $2k a month might get you a basic standard of living in a small city in the Midwest, but it’ll get you almost nothing in Silicon Valley.

    Second, I think that over time, the economy would adjust to the UBI. That is, I believe that UBI could provide people with economic security in the near term, but in the long term the market will “bake in” the UBI in all transactions, essentially removing the economic security.

    Thoughts here?

    • Brett Buck

      Paying people to sit around and produce nothing is a bad idea.

    • Retired military

      LOUSY IDEA. If nothing else they can be out sweeping streets and picking up trash. Go to the local dump and have them separate recycleables. After all it will help CPT Planet and Gaia.

    • My thoughts?

      That UBI is a well intention-ed superhighway to Hell on Earth,

      That this is a textbook case of Pathological Altruism.

  • Headline should read:

    Carpetbagger goes down in defeat as National Democrats fail in their attempt to buy a Congressional special election

    The vanquished dhimmocrat was not a resident of the district, and raised more funds for his campaign in CA than in GA. The dhimmocrats have focused on the national at the expense of state and local, and these are the consequences of that choice.

  • pennywit

    Judge orders a cross be removed from a public park in Pensacola, Fla. I think there’s a pretty clear Establishment Clause argument that the cross had to come down. But I’m also convinced these lawsuits do more harm than good.

    • I think you stretch “establishment” beyond what the authors of the Constitution understood the word to mean.

    • Scalia

      I think you’re pretty wrong.

      • pennywit

        So you think these lawsuits do some good? I find them disruptive and nonsubstantive.

        • Scalia

          Ha! As you know, I’m referring to the EC.

          • pennywit

            *Shrug*. There’s about a zillion pieces of case law supporting my contention. I’m really not going to argue that point with you. There’s no percentage in it for me.

          • Then you should not have gone there.

          • Scalia

            You’re the one that posted that comment on a discussion blog. If you didn’t want to discuss it, why bring it up?

          • pennywit

            I think the social and political angle is a more interesting angle.

          • There are…

          • Scalia

            Ouch! Quit correct. Will fix now…

        • Good in the sense that they constantly remind us that the progressives are of the same lineage and proclivities as the fascists.

          • Scalia

            And they exhibit the same intolerance they see in others.

          • Ah…

            And they exhibit practice the same intolerance they see in others project upon others.

          • pennywit

            And suits like this breed ill will that saps the credibility from AHA, etc., when they act on something substantive.


      Is this a Christian park?

  • cathymv

    Its good to see all the feminists out there celebrating the win of this woman – Karen Handel – and the great support she got from NOW for running for this position!!

  • Heh!

    Or as Iowahawk tweeted today, “This just in: cornpone Georgia hicks sell Brooklyn Bridge to visiting California city slickers for $25 million,” adding, “‘Y’all come back now, you hear?’ — fat Georgia TV ad salesman counting cash and chuckling in his leisure suit.”

    City slickers just don’t get it.

  • Meanwhile at Instapundit:

    STEPHEN MILLER: Ossoff’s Loss Shows Things Could Get Much Worse for Democrats. “The only thing Democrats won recently was the congressional baseball game, while the only way Democrat voters can seem to get Republicans out of Congress is by shooting them. And they can’t even do that right.”


    • Scalia

      Let’s hope their aim continues to be as lousy as their beliefs.

    • jim_m

      and the shooter was in contact with the DC offices of Bernie Sanders and both dem senators from Illinois.

      when do we get the FBI investigation into collusion? im sure there is more evidence than there is of collusion between Trump and Russia (but since there is none, that won’t mean much)