I’m still glad that Trump is the President.

Upon looking back at President Donald Trump’s first five months in the Oval Office, ones who wanted him there might be having second thoughts about that.

Not me, with the reasons being recorded in some of my previous posts.

Here are some of the things that I wrote prior to the 2016 presidential election:

“Only if one believes that Donald Trump would be worse as POTUS than Hillary Clinton should anyone entertain the idea of voting for Clinton. The problem with making such a judgment is that one doesn’t really know how a person will perform as the President until the person actually is the President. For all we know, Donald Trump might perform well if he were the POTUS. At the same time, we have no guarantee that Hillary Clinton would abandon her Nixonesque sleaziness if she were to be elected. Yes, Hillary Clinton is as oily as a politician can be, and while serving as U.S. Secretary of State, she behaved in a way that is unethical at best.”


“Although I have spoken negatively about Trump, I have never been a member of the Never-Trump gang. I would prefer that he win instead of Clinton, because I believe Clinton to be crooked.”


“Anyone who has read my previous posts should already know that a Clinton victory is something that I do NOT want. Only an idiot would conclude that I would vote for Clinton or want her to win.”

Immediately after the election, I wrote, “In previous posts, I describe Trump as a political monster, but I never accuse him of being corrupt. The “corrupt” label belongs to Hillary Clinton . . . I expect Trump to make innocent mistakes as the next POTUS, but every POTUS makes innocent mistakes.”

After President Trump entered the Oval Office, I wrote, “So, yes, President Trump is a political monster because he often lacks finesse. He isn’t as refined as a seasoned politician such as Hillary Clinton. Then again, he isn’t as deceptive as her, either. When it comes to who is the POTUS, I prefer someone who is rough but honest over someone who is smooth but deceptive.”

In short, I’m still glad that Trump is the President because Hillary Clinton is still Hillary Clinton.

Sure, plenty of liberals and Democrats continue to treat Clinton as if she were a saint, but I cannot prevent them from having such a delusion. They are so far out in orbit that NASA can’t get a radar fix on them.

Then again, some others are also that far out in orbit.

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  • Retired military

    Granted I would say (in all seriousness) you prefer Trump over Hillary. Most people would prefer Donald Duck over Hillary. Although I have a feeling that you would have much more preferred a RINO GOPe (ie Kasich, Rubio, Bush) win than Trump and IMO that would have been almost as bad as Hillary winning.
    I am assuming the bottom right comment in the cartoon was meant for me however, I could be wrong.
    I just think that your look on the matter is skewed. Perhaps if you would do more than GET AND GO posts and actually defended some of the things you say in the comments your posts may umm be more well received. As it is you sound like the guy on the Street corner holding a sign that says “THE END IS NEAR” and when asked why you feel that way you simply change signs and the new one says “THE SKY IS FALLING”.
    IMO your posts are much more favorable to dems than to republicans. I find most of both reprehensible when speaking about politicians.
    Just my 2 cents which I will continue to share as I am sure you already know.

  • Hank_M

    So far I’m thrilled with the job Trump has done.
    I provided a list of accomplishments in another piece here. He’s done more that people know mainly due to the Trump accomplishment embargo the MSM is employing.

    • Scalia

      Not only an information embargo, but also a blizzard of phony data that CNN is apparently now admitting:

      • Walter_Cronanty

        He’s obviously a Russian plant.

  • jim_m

    If people think that you were for Hillary, the fault lies with you David. If you didn’t spend your time consistently attacking conservatives and excusing leftists people might think otherwise. But you don’t. What people think of you is your own fault.

  • Brett Buck

    David, if you don’t like what people think about you, then act differently. Show your real, consistent, and well-considered perspective. Make a real, sensible point, People who have read your endless drivel (like the repeated “Trump Frankenstein” posts, etc. ) and concluded that you are a leftist troll are not foaming at the mouth idiots – your own words have defined you.

    You seem to hold no real perspective, or any guiding principles. Posting once from the left and once from the right to try to even everything out doesn’t make you a “moderate”, it makes you, at best, a phony, and at worst, spineless. A true “moderate” would decry the excess on either side – not swing wildly (but predictably) from one side to the other like a demented metronome.

    If you think that’s what you have been doing – you are greatly mistaken.

    Even Rick Rice had a perspective – it was an absurd one based on his deep and fundamental misunderstanding of his own religion – but at least he had one.

    Posting in a completely contrived style, with endless moronic cutesy graphics, just shows your immaturity. If I didn’t know better I would guess you were a smart-ass 14-year-old.

    If you don’t have a consistent point of view, then your posts mean nothing and tell us nothing worthwhile.

    • Retired military

      “Posting once from the left and once from the right to try to even everything out doesn’t make you a “moderate”, it makes you, at best, a phony, and at worst, spineless.”

      There are reasons to post against both sides. I have no problem with that. IMO it just seems that David will pick someone like Alex Jones, a youtube commentator, on the right and call him true evil and yet you have Maxine Waters on the left who is a politiician and does serious damage to the country gets no mention. Ann Coulter has foot in the mouth disease yet the MacAwful, Dem governor of VA says that 93 million people in the US dies from guns every day.
      There seems to be no balance in David’s posts unless you simply count the threads up.
      Lets see Evil Republcan thread.
      Democrat said something bad thread
      Evil Trump thread.
      Hillary should be investigated thread
      Evil Republcan thread.
      Democrats should look at this thread

      That isnt balance .

  • Paul Hooson

    I’m going to ask another question here. Are the children of Syria, caught in the middle of a bloody civil war, happy that Mr.Trump is president? While the world community has been appalled by the war crimes of the Assad Regime and the Russian involvement in Syria supporting this regime, and has offered asylum to many refugees and medical and humanitarian aid, the Trump Administration has not only supported the antirefugee travel ban, but has also opposed aid to prodemocracy antiAssad rebels, somehow wishfully believing that both Assad and Russia can somehow be rehabilitated to be trusted to combat ISIS.

    The fact of the matter is that the Assad Regime lost control of 75% of the country to ISIS, until a coalition of nations, not including Russia, engaged in a heavy military effort against this terrorist organization. Assad’s allies, Hezbollah controlled a smaller area in Northeastern Syria, but Assad had largely been reduced down to being the mayor of Damascus before the Russian military involvement propped up his regime which could have soon fallen to the growing rebellion against Assad, South and North of Damascus. Russian involvement in Syria has only increased and emboldened the war crimes of the Assad regime against those that oppose him including chemical warfare against his own people and having his snipers shoot pregnant women in the stomach so to leave them alive but to put a bullet in the unborn baby. The latest war crime by the Assad Regime is to have snipers deliberately target children and shoot them in the spine so to cripple, but not kill them. Somehow the Assad Regime and their Russian backers, who look the other way, seem to believe that a terror campaign against pregnant women and small children is going to win a war they had appeared to had lost until Vladimir Putin moved in to prop up Assad.

    Israel considers both Assad and his Hezbollah terrorist supporters a grave threat to their nation and has offered field hospitals and other humanitarian support to the same prodemocracy refugees and rebels who the Trump Administration now opposes. And, Russia has only moved in some more dangerous weapons to Syria, useless against ISIS, such as higher tech antiaircraft weapons aimed at U.S., Israeli and antiISIS coalition aircraft. ISIS has no air force. These weapons are meant to shoot down U.S. and Israeli aircraft.

    In Syria, one could only have expected a Clinton Administration to continue the Obama Administration policies of support for the prodemocracy rebels who would have eventually won the war against Assad as the battle would have soon moved to Damascus. Instead, we have this feckless Trump Administration policy of wishful thinking that somehow Russia will be a responsible player in Syria. Add to this another feckless policy towards Cuba, only insuring lower American goods sales to Cuba, and encouragement of Russia to put military bases and possibly even nuclear missiles only 90 miles from the U.S. Add to this the feckless domestic policies such as the current rewrite of existing health care bill, which will give huge tax cuts to the wealthy, at expense of leaving 22 million without health care, and will cost a 60 year old man, earning $40,000 a year an average additional cost of $9000 a year to maintain the same level of health care he has under the current legislation.

    The big argument against Clinton was that she used a private server for State Department Emails, which Colin Powell and other modern Secretary Of States had also done since the invention of the Internet. At worse, Clinton probably would have continued either Obama or Clinton era economic policies, where the Obama policies added 30,000 more jobs average per month than Trump has so far or the Clinton policies added more than 90,000 more jobs more than the Trump has so far.

    Mr. Trump’s favorite catch phrase was “Crooked Hillary”. Yet, it is an increasing number of persons from his own administration who are the ones hiring lawyers these days. And, each day is new controversial problems created by the Trump Administration by their own hands, own words, own Tweets. – As objectionable as some might imagine Clinton to be, it is a real stretch to imagine how as much could be wrong with domestic policy, foreign policy, questions about involvement with an enemy of the U.S.(Russia), or many other problems right now. David might be personally glad that Trump is president. That’s his personal opinion. But, actually looking at the mess in foreign policy, the mess in domestic policy, lower job creation numbers, investigation woes, daily controversy, it seems very difficult to imagine that Clinton could be near as bad in any of these areas right now, despite how much I dislike her phony and plastic personality. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/16a6e3c5cc744ebb6fb88f72d830bc83cbb7de34972211d05a31b2ae85732943.jpg

    • Walter_Cronanty

      In Syria, one could only have expected a Clinton Administration to continue the Obama Administration policies of support for the prodemocracy rebels who would have eventually won the war against Assad as the battle would have soon moved to Damascus. Instead, we have this feckless Trump Administration policy of wishful thinking that somehow Russia will be a responsible player in Syria.

      That is, perhaps, the most counter-factual argument you’ve ever made.

    • Scalia

      The big argument against Clinton was that she used a private server for State Department Emails, which Colin Powell and other modern Secretary Of States had also done since the invention of the Internet.

      Neither Powell nor any other SOS used a private server for State Department emails—except Clinton.

      • Jwb10001

        I suspect Paul quits reading post after about 3 or 4 words, he’s clearly missed a few additional critical items listed here about her majesty Hillary. Off the top of my head I can come up with, lying, war mongering, work place abuser enabling, unequal pay for female employees, hypocrisy, security breaches, Benghazi, self righteous entitlement mentality, unlikeability, I suspect others can come with more. Oh by the way, the private server should by itself been enough to disqualify her anyway.

        • Retired military

          I replied before reading your post. Your list is much more inclusive than mine though I suspect another dozen felonies could easily be added to it.

      • Retired military

        Paul, That isn’t the biggest argument against Clinton. You haven’t mentioned things like failure to secure classified documents, pay for play, corruption, perjury and a whole host of other things.

      • As we have previously established here on Wizbang…

    • Retired military

      I hope pot is legal in your area because if not I would hate to see you go to jail.

      • Paul Hooson

        It is legal here, but I am allergic to any sort of smoke.

        • Retired military

          You hitting those brownies pretty hard aint ya

    • Retired military

      After 8 years of Obama why is Syria a problem at all? I mean we had the lightbringer, the sea calmer, the person who stopped the oceans from rising for 8 years as President. Yet we have all these problems which the MSM seems to have noticed since about ohhh ummm noon 20 Jan 2017.

      • Paul Hooson

        Mideastern problems have the tendency to not resolve themselves quickly. Russia recognized Afghanistan as a problem on their doorstep and eventually left, only allowing the Taliban to take over and set up problems for the U.S. and other allies to have to battle. – Syria is a terrific problem, with Assad, Russia, ISIS and Hezbollah all problems there for both the U.S. and Israel.

        • Retired military

          But but the lightbringer. I mean Obama was the Messiah. Just ask the hardcore libs like the folks at CNN

    • Brett Buck

      Trump is not the president of Syria.

  • Wild_Willie

    You list as a character flaw of President Trump which is why you don’t get it. America doesn’t want a politician in office. K street owns both sides. That is why D.C. is going nuts, all the lobbyists have spent billions of dollars to influence political leaders and now they don’t have an in. Shame of both parties for selling out over the years. We need not only Trump but we need to clean house.(There are some clean, altruistic reps but only a few). ww

  • Retired military

    Why are you picking on Hillary? She has committed her life to public service. Just look at this picture as proof.

  • Retired military

    Hey David

    Here is another Russian connection that has to be investigated. Because ummmm Russian


    Funny how the democrat connections to Russia never seem to make it into CNN ABC CBS NBC NY Times WAPO reporting