When One’s Public Reputation is in Tatters…

…One may find it wise to avoid Trial by Jury.

Gillian Anderson as the New American God “Media”

BREAKING: “ABC: Settlement reached in ‘pink slime’ defamation lawsuit.”

By Charles Glasser, Instapundit

These are indeed tough times for legacy media. Between CNN’s multiple woes, The New York Times’ having to correct an Op/Ed and other events, media entities are more fearful than ever of facing a jury. That’s what happens when you lose public trust.

The Tired Gray Crone might want to consider doing the same with regards to the Defamation suit announced by Sarah Palin

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  • Walter_Cronanty

    I don’t know what this settlement means. When I did libel work for a local TV station, out of about 10 – 15 libel lawsuits I handled, we settled one. The others were dismissed before trial.
    The one we settled was after all discovery had been done, the judge had denied our motion for summary judgment and trial was imminent. The settlement amount was for less than 1/2 the amount of money we thought it would cost to try the matter – note, that amount is for about 2 weeks of trial, expert testimony, witness prep, researching jury instructions, etc. It does not include pre-trial discovery. The insurance company “urged” us to settle. Thus, simply because a settlement was reached does not mean that the ABC believed it was going to lose the case – it may have just been an economic decision.
    I will say, however, one didn’t want to go to trial on a libel case, even back in the day. If I remember my stats correctly, about 20% libel suits would make it to trial without being dismissed. Of that amount, about 60-70% of the plaintiffs would win at trial. Of that amount, about 10-20% of the plaintiffs’ verdicts would survive appeal. Not great odds – but when you hit, you usually hit big.

    • Imagine having to defend a Libel or Defamation suit now with the current levels of antipathy towards the MSM…

      • Walter_Cronanty

        You still would rely on getting the suit dismissed on a motion for summary judgment, prior to trial. When we defended libel suits, we put the plaintiff on trial – nobody has completely clean hands. I hope Sarah Palin has thick skin.

        • No doubt the Tired Gray Crone of Gotham will try. I doubt they will avoid trial short of settlement.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            From your keyboard to God’s monitor. Oh, and unlike every other settlement is cases like this, I hope the settlement agreement us not subject to a confidentiality agreement.

      • Walter_Cronanty
    • jim_m

      You settle a suit as you have experienced. because it is cheaper to settle than to litigate.

      ABC settled because the risk of losing was greater than the cost to settle. The risk at 1.9 B was way more than what they ended up paying.

  • Hank_M

    The legacy media’s reputation might be junk right now but I have no doubt they’ll be the last to know and they’ll never acknowledge it.

  • CNN spiked their story because the target of it, threatened to sue for $100,000,000.00, and they freaked out. Panic…it was delicious.