Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds Is Right

Which is certainly not news where news is defined as man bites dog. It is however timely and a message that needs to be spread.

TIME TO PRIMARY SOME FOLKS: Republicans repeal and replace the Tea Party.

Even when Republicans control the White House and both houses of Congress, liberalism remains the default ideology of the federal government.

A Republican Senate could not muster even 50 votes for the full repeal of Obamacare’s taxes and spending. Six Republican senators who had voted for repeal in 2015, when the party was merely pretending it was possible, flipped on Wednesday rather than deliver.

Five of the six represent states President Trump won in November. The sixth hails from a state Trump lost by less than 3 points.

An argument can be made that repealing these parts of Obamacare while leaving its regulatory structure largely in place is a bad idea. But we are discussing a law that Republicans spent seven years campaigning against. Every GOP senator except one either voted for repeal in the past or campaigned on it in a recent election cycle. Their leader was said to have a “secret plan” to repeal Obamacare “root and branch.”

There was ample time for a contingency plan or even a better approach to replacing the healthcare law.

No amount of time ever seems to be enough. Not 1 inch of ground gained by liberalism is ever ceded without a fight. Republicans can campaign against those gains. They can now tweet about them. But when it comes to action, Republicans can seldom do more than nibble around the edges. The slightest retrenchment of a healthcare law that did not even exist a decade ago is portrayed as a mass casualty event.

Repeal and replace some members.

An excellent suggestion which I endorse wholeheartedly.

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  • Retired military

    Get rid of McCuckold McConnell and RINO Ryan.

    • Amen.

    • Scalia

      Yes. The swamp includes the RINOs.

    • Par4Course

      McCain won reelection in 2016. so he can’t be defeated until 2022. Mitch McConnell was last elected in 2014 and won’t face the electorate again until 2020. Also, congressional incumbents enjoy a 95+% reelection rate. While it’s not impossible to replace RINOs with more conservative Republicans, it’s very hard. Often, such plans backfire, as when a conservative beats the incumbent in the primary but then loses in November. For example, Rep. Tom Railsback of Watergate Committee fame represented a western Illinois district from 1967 to 1982, when he lost the primary to a more conservative candidate. The Democrats beat the newcomer and, except for one 2-year term, the Dems have held the district ever since. It is much more practical to demand the current GOP Representatives and Senators get their act together than to hope to replace them with better people.

      • Ken in Camarillo

        And thus we are held hostage? No. Always oust treacherous candidates. If treacherous candidates always lose, you’ll see less treacherous candidates.

  • Hank_M

    Do I have this right?
    McCain rushes back from the hospital to allow voting on repealing Obamacare to take place.
    He urges Senators to work together.
    They vote to implement a so-called skinny repeal takes place and just before he votes, he huddles with the democrats and then provides the killing vote?

    What a self centered vindictive fool. He’s still sore that Trump insulted him during the campaign and set this as payback. Guess he wasn’t too happy when the so-called dossier he provided fell flat and didn’t work earlier in the year.

  • Retired military
  • Retired military

    Prince “Sit down and shup up” Reibus is out which I think is great. As far as I am concerned he was GOPe all the way. Kelly (retired 4 star) is new Chief of staff and I think will be a great improvement.

  • yetanotherjohn

    The problem is that a Tea Party challenge isn’t likely to stop any of the three that defected. Collins could be challenged, but how far right is Maine going to elect in the general? McCain isn’t running again. Murkowski was knocked out by a Tea Party challenge but came back to win the general as an “independent”. I think we are better off challenging in the primary for states that are going to go red anyway (e.g. Utah, Oklahoma, Texas) and concentrating on knocking of democrats everywhere. I would much rather have 11 more RINOs (and thus 11 less democrats) and be able to twist those eleven arms to get one more vote.
    Look at the top RINOS in the senate.
    McCain – AZ
    Murkowski – AK
    Graham – SC
    McConnel – TN
    Hatch- UT
    Alexander – TN
    Corker – TN
    Collins – ME
    Flake – AZ
    Cornyn – TX
    Portman – OH
    Isakson – GA
    Capito – WV
    10 of the 13 top senate RINOS voted for the bill.
    Sure, several of them are from “safe” states and should be primaried. But several of them are from states that as likely to elect a dem (which would have been a guaranteed no vote) if they got primaried.
    Think about senators on the dem side up for election in 2018.
    Nelson – FL
    Donelly – IN
    Stabanow – MI
    Klobouchar – MN
    McCaskill – MO
    Tester – MT
    Heidikamp – ND
    Brown – OH
    Casey – PA
    Kaine – VA
    Baldwin – WI
    Those are all from states Trump won or lost by only 1% or less. Add those 11 to the GOP column and you will do more good than primaring RINOS.

    • I understand your point but emphatically do not agree. The six promised one thing and then repudiated. It’s worth losing control of the Senate to be rid of them, pour encourage les autres.

      • yetanotherjohn

        First add to the numbers in 2018, then prune when the majority is safe. While a ineffective GOP senate is frustrating, a dem senate would be worse. I agree that in a just world, they would be tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail. But we don’t live in a just world.

        • Playing “safe” is what the GOPe depends upon.

          Qui audet adipiscitur

          • yetanotherjohn

            I don’t see it as playing it safe, but rather playing it smart. Which of those three would you primary? As explained above they are all in their way inoculated. Assume for the sake of argument that you could pick any three senate seats to run a conservative Tea Party candidate. Would you really pick those three vs IN, ND, MI? I would rather have 55 seats with those three RINOS still seated than 52 (or fewer because the Tea Party candidate very well may not win in ME, etc in the general). Thats not “safe” thats simple arithmetic.
            If you want to primary someone, primary Hatch, Flake and Corker. We would be likely to hold the seat anyway and you reduce the RINO herd by three.
            If you look at conventional wisdom, there are four even or better odds for D to R flips. IN, MO, NV, ND.
            FL, MT, OH, PA, WI, WV are longer shots but doable. Those are the seats I want to see taken.

          • All of them.

          • yetanotherjohn

            None of those three are even up in 2018. So you would wait until 2020 to primary someone who has already survived losing a primary to a tea party challenge and 2022 for someone who won’t run again and someone who arguably has the toughest GOP seat to hold. In what universe does that make sense. Now you are sounding like a liberal looking for idealogical purity over real world sense.

        • Ken in Camarillo

          If we had already had a history of defeating officeholders who lied to us, there would be no room for the calculations that led these Senators to vote against the copy of the 2015 bill. I say oust them regardless of the consequences. There might be some short term undesirable effects, but in the long term we’d have much better governance.

  • jim_m

    Allow me to say that it is well that should McCain live to the next election he will certainly not run and therefore avoid the embarrassment of being turned out on his ass.

  • yetanotherjohn

    Seems Glenn has some updated thoughts on the subject

    SO IT SEEMS TO ME THAT THE THING TO FOCUS ON IS THE 2018 ELECTIONS. The press will continue to go crazy over Trump’s latest tweet, but what happens will ultimately turn on whether the GOP keeps its majority — and whether, if it does, the majority that it keeps is as lame as this one. I think that people who want small government will want to primary Senators and Representatives who don’t, while still trying to keep a majority. As tempting as it is to just wash your hands, we learned in 2006 that a determined Democratic Congress is a lot more destructive than a wishy-washy Republican one, as irritating as the latter is.

    Posted at 8:00 am by Glenn Reynolds

  • Walter_Cronanty

    The feckless, lying establishment Rs have pissed me off so much I’m ready to change my registration to Independent.
    As I live in Ohio, I’m asking for some advice: When Obamacare ultimately implodes, will it be better to have Rino Portman in the Senate, or have him lose the election to a lefty D like Sherrod Brown?

    • Supoort a primary challenge to Portman and let the chips fall where they may.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        Oh, I will support a primary challenger – but, Portman will be reelected unless: 1. the challenger’s campaign is extraordinarily well financed and the candidate is somewhat charismatic; 2. Portman does the right thing and doesn’t run; or, 3. Photos surface of Portman screwing the pet pooch.

    • Scalia

      As much as I hate to say it, we need a very solid majority on the Supreme Court. The SCOTUS’ refusal to hear the California concealed carry case is a recent example of why we need a rock-solid court system. Of course, that means supporting a RINO like Portman in the general election.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        I suppose you’re correct. It doesn’t make me feel any better about voting for him.

        • Scalia

          At the very least, Portman helped kill the filibuster and voted for Gorsuch.

          • Then she turned around and stabbed us in the back.

          • Walter_Cronanty

            Yes, yes he did. And I should be thankful for that. But I can’t tell you how much I detest someone who promises one thing on the campaign trail, and then does the opposite when the chips are down. The act of lying, at least to me, destroys a person’s integrity and I really want nothing to do with him/her. Just the way I was raised, I guess.

          • Scalia

            Agreed. I can’t stand guys like that.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    Will all the Rs at least back Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity?

    The Government Accountability Institute released a study that found in the 2016 election in 21 states [the other states either refused to give public data or charged exorbitant fees]:

    found that 8,471 votes in 2016 were “highly likely” duplicates – extrapolating this to all 50 states would likely produce, with “high-confidence,” around 45,000 duplicate votes;

    more than 15,000 voters registered at prohibited addresses “such as post office boxes, UPS stores, federal post offices, and public buildings.” In some cases, more than 100 voters “were registered to the same UPS store locations;” and,

    45,880 votes cast by individuals whose dates of birth were more than 115 years before the election.
    There’s more at the site.