Regarding Confederate Monuments

Once again, the fate of Confederate monuments is on the the front burner of public debate in America.

From the DFW affiliate of CBS News:

“The debate about Confederate statues in Dallas intensified on Monday as a group made up of predominantly African Americans called for the monuments to remain standing.

Several cities across America have now begun to remove or talk about removing Confederate markers shortly after a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville turned deadly.

Former city council member Sandra Crenshaw thinks removing the statues won’t help.

. . . Crenshaw, along with some Buffalo Solider historians and Sons of Confederate Veterans are coming together to help protect the Confederate markers from toppling over in Dallas.

They feel the monuments, like the Freedman’s Cemetery, tell an important story and help heal racial wounds.

“Some people think that by taking a statue down, that’s going to erase racism,” said Crenshaw. “Misguided.”

City council member Philip Kingston disagrees. . . “These monuments distort history, they don’t teach history,” said Kingtson.”

Now for my two-bits worth.

Yes, Confederate monuments represent history, but it is up to present generations of adults to make sure that the history represented is properly taught.

I will say here what I have said elsewhere. I am in favor of Confederate statues remaining on public property on one condition: Such statues should have added to them plaques which say, “This statue represents one(s) who fought to keep black Americans enslaved.”

Likewise, if the Confederate flag is displayed on public property or in text books, then it should be accompanied by the following statement: “During the Nineteenth Century, this flag represented people who fought to keep black Americans enslaved. During the mid-Twentieth Century, this flag represented people who tried to prevent black Americans from having the same rights as white Americans.”

At least then an accurate record of American history would be on display.

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  • Wild_Willie

    Again, and again, public liberal opinion and history collide with a strong dose of stupidity. Like President Trump stated, these issues are left up to the local areas. But in this case, obviously outside influences created the problem seen over the weekend. The mayor issues a standown for the police. The ANTIFA does not have a permit to counter protest AND show up with clubs. This is a rigged game played out by the liberals on the sidelines.
    President Trump said there is bad on both sides of this issue and I agree. There were regular citizens of that country/city who showed up to protest against taking down a Robert E. Lee statue AND renaming the park it stands in. Definitely a local issue. Only politics from alternate left and right sides interfered.

    A towns history and honors belong to that towns people. We can’t allow public opinion on the macro level effect micro issues. I am embarrassed again and ashamed of our behavior. Other countries like France do not tear down King Louis’ things or busts of Napoleon, etc. At least they act like grown ups. History is history. We don’t need plaques to know slavery is bad, but we do need them to teach most of the slavery was driven by England and not the USA. We had a small role compared to the bigger picture. You need to know your history.

  • I have no problem with local states/communities making decisions as to what park names they employ and monuments they want to display. I do believe that in most cases the prevailing opinions of the majorities in many of these areas has switched to having the monuments removed (or destroyed). This could be an impression tainted by the media and politics, but in general I think the change to this view is occurring. I do like the one view that instead of destroying the monuments that they should be donated to museums or confederate cemeteries that are willing to accept them.

    Just destroying them strikes me to be too similar to the ISIS move of destroying cultural/religious artifacts in regions that ISIS took over. Of course the historical value of confederate monuments could come into question as I doubt any or many were commissioned until after the war that the south LOST. Probably a concession of the north to placate some in the south.

    Then there is the precedence of Saddam’s monuments being torn down after Iran’s liberation, but mostly they were just an exercise in self-aggrandizement, and were mostly destroyed by those that were liberated.

    If plaques are added, how many monuments in the north would need the plaque added “FORMER SLAVE OWNER”. I like the sentiment of the plaque idea, but think its execution would be problematic.

    • Retired military

      I would rather spend millions of dollars educating people on what happened and why rather than on a sign which would hardly depict the entire picture.

      • Why would we need to spend anything on education when the Left is telling us for free what to think?

        • Retired military

          Well the word education to me implies telling the truth about something. That isn’t what is coming from the left.

          • That would be bourgeois education, our education system has been captured by the Left and now serves only revolutionary education, which we know better as indoctrination.

      • I dare then to place an initiative on the ballot for this.

        • I see it as more grandstanding than a serious attempt, but it would be interesting to see the backlash.

    • Wild_Willie

      The bigger picture for all of us is being missed. We are being told how to act. Who to act with and if you don’t you are a bad person, racist and full of hate. They, the loony left do these things because we aren’t out there stopping them. I am very close to positive those clown hiding behind masks are cowards. If confronted, take their mask off and let the world see these clowns. The left has upped their game because they have nothing left. No power. No position. No ideas. Just hate and they are sucking up all the oxygen.

      I am frustrated as you can tell. The stupid MSM including FN is still talking about our Presidents statement. We have a mayor who is liberal. Lost a court case to keep the protesters out. Lost. The permit was granted. Counter protesters were allowed to confront them. They did not have a permit and the cops stood down. In my opinion a person died so the left can make political points. ww

      • Yep. The President can condemn the racism and bigotry of the supremist groups* AND condemn violence perpetrated by both sides, without being racist or supporting racism and bigotry himself. The MSM and the Left won’t stand for this and taint their message in only one direction. They’ve even resorted to editorialing in their news reporting using the now derogatory “Double-Down” phrase constantly in their message to describe the President stating his message.

        Even the Republicans are falling in line with the MSM message for fear they’ll be painted as racists and bigots otherwise.

        *Of course, racism and bigotry exist on both sides.

  • Retired military

    “At least then an accurate record of American history would be on display.”
    Hardly. Your statement has some truth. Not everyone who fought on the side of the South did so to keep slaves or for others to have the right to keep slaves. Some fought to save their homes and some fought for their states.
    Ref the Stars and Bars. That is a confederate battle flag. It doesn’t represent slave holders any more than the the US flag represents American Nazis or communists. A battle flag is something used to rally troops around it.
    So David should there be a plaque on every thing in VA with Robert Byrd’s name on it stating “This XXXX is named after a US Senator from this state who was a member of the KKK which stood against African Americans having equal rights” ?? I see no mention of anything of the sort in your screed above.

    How about a plaque at the Jefferson memorial in DC. “This man who was a founding father of our country was a slave owner”

    How about the same for George Washington? Every bit of our money could have a disclaimer on it stating “This man was our first president and was a slave owner”

    As usual David you attempt to be politically correct is insufferably stupid and just shows that you are a typical liberal who wants to look like you are doing something when in actuality the results doesn’t matter as long as you can point to something and say “See I care”

  • Hank_M

    Once all of the confederate monuments are taken down do you really expect it to stop there?

  • Vagabond661

    Dang. Now I need a disclaimer for my avatar.

  • Scalia

    Let the citizens of each community vote on the issue and act accordingly. It’s none of the federal government’s business.

  • Charles Harkins

    If we remove all these monuments, where will the pigeons sh*t?

  • Retired military

    Say goodbye to those mean nasty slaveholders who umm founded our country.

  • Retired military

    Here you go David
    In case you were wondering about the statue that was pulled down that was to honor all those who (In your words) fought for slavery.

    “that she ws the one who tossed a rope over a monument to conscripted Confederate soldiers and pulled it down.”

    Look up the word CONSCRIPTED David. You may learn something about those of whom you are so willing to denigrate and condemn them.

    From Ace of Spades

    The statue, which honored children conscripted against their will into the Confederate Army during the Civil War, stood in Durham’s public square since 1924

    Maybe you should be like the NY Times and write a correction to your article and publish it on page 147 of Wizbang.

    • You have a very good point RM. David should correct that.

      • Retired military

        HA Never happen.

        • I agree with you on the likelihood. Nonetheless he should make the correction.