No Man Is Above The Law

Though it does appear that the former President and his inner circle seem to believe they were and are. For more evidence of this let us turn to the Gateway Pundit who has provided us a handy primer.

PAPER: It Wasn’t Comey’s Decision to Exonerate Hillary – It Was Obama’s

By Joshua Caplan, Gateway Pundit

James Comey’s irreparable reputation took another body blow this week after a memo emerged, written by the former FBI Director, appearing to exonerate Hillary Clinton of any wrongdoing in relation to her handling of classified information — prior to the investigation’s conclusion. With all the focus on Comey’s role in Hillary Clinton’s exoneration, it begs the question if the decision was made by a “higher power.”

No, not God.

But by a man who may think of himself as one — Barack Obama. National Review’s Andrew McCarthy believes Obama was the puppet master, so to speak, driving the narrative to insure Hillary was gotten off the hook, ensuring the Democrat Party continued its control over the White House.

National Review reports:

Let’s think about what else was going on in April 2016. I’ve written about it a number of times over the last year-plus, such as in a column a few months back: On April 10, 2016, President Obama publicly stated that Hillary Clinton had shown “carelessness” in using a private e-mail server to handle classified information, but he insisted that she had not intended to endanger national security (which is not an element of the [criminal statutes relevant to her e-mail scandal]). The president acknowledged that classified information had been transmitted via Secretary Clinton’s server, but he suggested that, in the greater scheme of things, its importance had been vastly overstated. This is precisely the reasoning that Comey relied on in ultimately absolving Clinton, as I recounted in the same column: On July 5, 2016, FBI director James Comey publicly stated that Clinton had been “extremely careless” in using a private email server to handle classified information, but he insisted that she had not intended to endanger national security (which is not an element of the relevant criminal statute).

The director acknowledged that classified information had been transmitted via Secretary Clinton’s server, but he suggested that, in the greater scheme of things, it was just a small percentage of the emails involved. Obama’s April statements are the significant ones. They told us how this was going to go. The rest is just details. In his April 10 comments, Obama made the obvious explicit: He did not want the certain Democratic nominee, the candidate he was backing to succeed him, to be indicted. Conveniently, his remarks (inevitably echoed by Comey) did not mention that an intent to endanger national security was not an element of the criminal offenses Clinton was suspected of committing – in classic Obama fashion, he was urging her innocence of a strawman crime while dodging any discussion of the crimes she had actually committed.

As we also now know – but as Obama knew at the time – the president himself had communicated with Clinton over her non-secure, private communications system, using an alias. The Obama administration refused to disclose these several e-mail exchanges because they undoubtedly involve classified conversations between the president and his secretary of state. It would not have been possible to prosecute Mrs. Clinton for mishandling classified information without its being clear that President Obama had engaged in the same conduct. The administration was never, ever going to allow that to happen.

If that doesn’t alarm and outrage you I submit that there is something wrong with you. Such lawlessness by the Chief Executive and his deputies is criminal, and should be treated as such.

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  • Vagabond661

    If Fast and Furious didn’t upset you, if “you can keep your doctor” didn’t upset you, in fact, if Obama’s 8 years of his presidency, 96 million on food stamps, worst growth ever, loss of credit rating….heck the list goes on and on.

    In fact, you could just say, “Name one thing Obama did or said that infuriated you.. And go!


      You mean like inheriting a country mired in the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, an American auto industry going out of business, losing 200,000 jobs a month and the stock market at 7000 and then considering the end result?

      In addition, he comported himself like a president should, as opposed to the current buffoon that drops by the White House every now and then. And the current holder of the office complained about the mess he faced upon entering the office? Yeah, record stock market and years of job growth. Of course he he has faced a number of obstacles, that were, up until Hurricane Harvey, all a result of his big mouth.

      I still say he was unhappy when he won the election. He wanted to lose narrowly, claim it was rigged and then go his “I told you so” rally tour. Hey, it still might happen. He misses his old life and I can easily see him start a network with Bannon (and his backer). A 33% job approval is historically bad, but it could comprise the necessary quantity of viewers for a network that paints Fox News as “too liberal.”

      Will America ever be viewed the same way again? If you ever watch BBC News, or read newspapers from regions outside the United States, you quickly realize that they simply cannot understand how the United States, that was always held in high esteem, could possibly elect a person that is seemingly bereft of character. Simply stated, he is an embarrassment.

      • Vagabond661

        The kool-aid is strong with you.

        • WHO’S THE BUSTER

          Well, let’s see how they are judged when Trump is out of office. The early returns for Trump are not exactly encouraging. Add to that the fact that Trump is a rather despicable human being, which I wouldn’t mind if he really did care about the country rather than himself.

          Does Trump strike you as a smart man? An effective hustler? Well, sure, but well-informed, well-read, eloquent, hard working? Not so much. Everyone said his shortcomings would not matter because he would hire the best, but what is the evidence of that trait? Flynn, Manafort, Spicer, Preibus, DeVos, Perry? We all know this is not going to end well, for Trump or our country.

          Oh well, I simply hope that he stays in office as opposed to leaving and having Pence take over as he is an accomplished politician. Trump, on the other hand, can do damage without even trying during the mid-terms and one can only imagine the debacle he can deliver in 2020.

          • Vagabond661

            Just know it is a joy and delight for me to watch y’all come unglued over Trump.

  • twolaneflash

    Joe the Plumber: American Seer. He told us ALL we needed to know about The Kenyan Kandidate, B. Hussein Obama, Communist. His election was a fraud, corrupt beyond belief, and I will forever consider him a usurper and a puppet controlled by hidden (cough, Soros/Jarrett) hands.

  • Our Public Officials should be held to a higher standard, not a lesser one than is enforced upon The People.

  • Robert Catesby

    I’m more than upset.
    Why aren’t these crimes being investigated?
    AG Sessions needs to get it in gear or resign.