Taco Bell Employees Drop Armed Robber and OPEN THREAD

From CBS Pittsburgh:

CLEVELAND (AP) – Police say three employees of a Cleveland Taco Bell opened fire on two armed robbers, killing one.

Police have said two masked robbers entered the restaurant early Wednesday and ordered three employees to lie on the floor. Police say three other employees pulled out handguns and opened fire, shooting one of the suspects six times. The other suspect ran off.

The Cuyahoga (ky-uh-HOH’-guh) County Medical Examiner’s Office on Thursday said the man killed was 24-year-old De’Carlo Jackson.
Investigators say Jackson was found with a loaded gun in his hand. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

No one has been arrested. The employees who opened fire are said to be two 19-year-old men and a 23-year-old man.

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  • Scalia

    New Senate Obamacare repeal bill due Monday: senator:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A new Republican bill to replace Obamacare will be unveiled in the U.S. Senate on Monday with backing from President Donald Trump, according to one of two Republican senators who have crafted the legislation.

    The lawmaker, Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana, told reporters he was optimistic the legislation could pass before a Sept. 30 deadline, if it can attract the bare minimum of 50 votes needed to succeed in the Republican-led Senate with tie-breaking support from Vice President Mike Pence.

    The bill, which Cassidy is sponsoring with Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, could revive Republican hopes of overturning the Affordable Care Act weeks after their last attempt on July 28 came up one vote short in a humiliating defeat for Trump and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell.

    The new measure, which would give more healthcare powers to the states, is a revamped version of legislation that did not gain enough support during the summer healthcare debate.

    “Mitch has said that if we get 50 votes, he’ll hold a vote. I can tell you that the president’s all about it,” said Cassidy, noting the bill had also drawn some favorable comment from a key July ‘no’ vote, Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona.

    Some Senate Republicans doubt there will be a successful last-ditch effort this year to replace former Democratic President Barack Obama’s signature healthcare law.

    “It is not easy to get 50-plus-one (votes). Everybody’s kind of got another idea. But I’m open to it,” said Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, the chamber’s No. 2 Republican.

    Cassidy said the legislation has had fulsome support from White House officials including Pence, who he said had sought to rally the support of state governors.

    • The Establishment wings of both parties will pull out the stops to kill this.

    • Watch McCain downvote the thing again, if he’s the 50th vote.

  • Good on them.

  • Scalia

    15 States Sue Administration over Decision to End DACA:

    1. The States of New York, Massachusetts, Washington, Connecticut, Delaware,
    District Of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia (the “States”) bring this action to protect the States—including their residents, employers, regulatory systems, and educational institutions—against the illegal actions of the President and the federal government. On September 5, 2017, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) issued a Memorandum (the “DHS Memorandum”) ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”), a program that has protected from deportation approximately 800,000 young people who grew up in this country, most of whom have known no home other than the United States. Pursuant to the DHS Memorandum, the federal government will only issue renewals for grantees whose terms expire before March 5, 2018, provided they apply for renewal by October 5, 2018. DHS will immediately cease accepting new applications under DACA.

    • pennywit

      I could understand a DACA beneficiary saying he has standing to sue. But how the hell does a state get standing here?

      • Scalia

        I don’t believe they have standing, but that won’t stop an activist judge from pushing it through.

        • Jwb10001

          Good, even Obama knew this thing was unconstitutional so let it go to the courts they can put a stake in it’s heart once and for all. After that the empty suits on capital hill will either have to do something or not.

          • jim_m


          • Scalia

            Being an empty suits means they have no spine and no guts. Describes the GOPe perfectly.

  • Scalia

    A tip of the hat to Jim for this story:

    More than 5,000 out-of-state voters may have tipped New Hampshire against Trump:

    More than 6,500 people registered to vote in New Hampshire on Nov. 8 using out-of-state driver’s licenses, and since then the vast majority have neither obtained an in-state license nor registered a motor vehicle.

    Conservatives say the state’s same-day registration is an invitation for fraud because of loose proof-of-residence rules.

    New Hampshire House Speaker Shawn Jasper, a Republican, issued the numbers Thursday based on inquiries he made to the Department of State, which oversees elections, and the Department of Safety.

    Since Election Day, Republicans have charged that a significant number of nonresident Democrats, principally from Massachusetts, flowed into New Hampshire to vote illegally, tilting a close race to their party.

    “Having worked before on a campaign in New Hampshire, I can tell you that this issue of busing voters into New Hampshire is widely known by anyone who’s worked in New Hampshire politics. It’s very real. It’s very serious. This morning, on this show, is not the venue for me to lay out all the evidence,” White House policy adviser Stephen Miller told ABC News in February.

    • yetanotherjohn

      Obviously this has to be fake news. I have been assured that even questioning vote integrity is nothing but racism.
      Imagine where the dems will be as election integrity laws become a thing and the medias power to cover for them becomes a has been.

    • TheyTukRJobz

      Same day voter registration?

      Because nobody knows when the election is going to be? It just happens suddenly and without warning? If there were only some document where the date of the election was written down…

      Such a thing so ripe to be violated is either done out of stupidity or with the intent to get those illegal votes.

      • Scalia

        It’s the latter.

    • Hank_M

      Makes sense.
      Most Ma. voters, being hypocritical moonbats, vote for ever higher taxes here in Ma. and then do most of their shopping in NH. Might as well vote while they’re up there.

    • Par4Course

      This puts the lie to the Democrat claim that there is no voter fraud. Fraud may not account for Hillary’s 3 million popular vote margin, but it likely accounts for much of it. All voters should be required to have ID. If the GOP had a majority in Congress, maybe they could get such a law passed. Oh, never mind.

      • jim_m

        Some estimates show that Hillary’s entire margin comes from vote fraud in California alone. She won by over 4.3 million votes in California, her 2.8 Million national margin could easily have been from that alone given that Cali offers virtually no protections against illegals voting and actually encourages them to do so in most municipalities.

        • WHO’S THE BUSTER

          What estimates?

          • Scalia

            Are you incapable of looking it up yourself?

            You might also check out Hillary Clinton: President of California for your reading enjoyment. Here’s a tidbit:

            Outside California, Trump outdistanced Hillary by 1.41 million votes, 47.8% to 46.6%. As I have noted before, Hillary’s support was so geographically narrow that she won a popular vote majority in only 13 states (plus DC), the fewest of any major-party candidate since Bob Dole, barely half as many as Obama four years ago. Bill Clinton in 1992 is the only candidate since World War II to win the election without winning a majority in at least 15 states. Trump, who won a majority of the vote in 23 states and won 7 of the 10 largest states, nonetheless had his support spread out much more broadly: his largest total margins of victory were in Texas (807,000 votes) and Tennessee (652,000 votes). By contrast, Hillary also won New York by 1.73 million, Illinois by 944,000, Massachusetts by 904,000, and Maryland by 734,000.

            You might also want to check out THIS. We also have the very suspicious voting issues in New Hampshire to indicate a real effort to tip the scales in favor of Clinton.

            So, Buster, do your own searching for the rest and come back with a cogent argument. Do you know nothing about California’s registration laws? Do you know there is practically no safeguard against voter fraud—especially with President Obama encouraging illegals to vote? We’ve had this discussion before, but you’ve apparently forgotten again.

          • An excellent and thought provoking article.

  • Scalia

    Graham wants to haul back Comey to testify on Clinton email case, says ‘I smell a rat’

    Sen. Lindsey Graham told Fox News on Thursday that he wants to bring back James Comey to testify on Capitol Hill, citing concerns about his statements on the conclusion of the Hillary Clinton email case.

    “This doesn’t add up, and I smell a rat here,” Graham, R-S.C., said in an interview with Fox News’ Catherine Herridge.

    The Republican senator, who chairs a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, and Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, last week revealed new details they learned about the Clinton case from interview transcripts. According to the senators, the transcripts say Comey began drafting an “exoneration statement” for Clinton weeks before interviewing her – which in turn raised questions about the former FBI director’s testimony in June before the Senate Intelligence Committee.

    At the time, Comey was asked whether his decision to announce the results of the investigation in July 2016 was influenced by then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s infamous meeting days earlier on an Arizona tarmac with former President Bill Clinton.

    • fustian24

      I’m pretty cynical about this stuff.

      Either Comey will just say that they were mistaken and that this never happened, or he’ll say that it was clear to him by then that nobody would take Clinton to trial so he decided to start a little early.

      Comey will assure us that nobody was going to stop the FBI from completing the “investigation”, and he was always ready to throw out his statement should the “investigation” uncover something new. But Comey will say that he just believed in being ready.

      Unless they can get several witnesses prepared to testify that Comey told them what the investigation needed to find, this will likely be another disappointing “effort” by Congress.

      I really think that everyone in DC lives in glass houses. Because of this, none of them are willing to cast the first stone. (to mix metaphors)

      • Once that first stone hits, there’s gonna be a hell of a lot of broken glass…

        • fustian24

          Dunno about you, but I’ve been waiting for the stone for a LONG time!

  • Scalia

    Trump presses ahead in his dealings with Democrats

    President Donald Trump pressed ahead on making deals with Democrats on Thursday, acting on a request from House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi on immigration in the aftermath of his agreement with the minority party to keep the government operating and raise the nation’s debt limit.

    After battling with Republican leaders during the summertime, Trump has emerged from the Labor Day holiday in a deal-making mode. He offered reassurances on Thursday to young immigrants on Pelosi’s behalf, tweeting that those covered by the federal program “have nothing to worry about.”

    Pelosi told reporters that Trump tweeted the message at her request to make clear that the “Dreamers” wouldn’t be deported during the six-month period that Congress has to act. The message followed the Trump administration’s announcement earlier this week that it was rescinding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program but giving Congress six months to take action on it.

    The White House later said that Trump had also spoken by phone on Thursday to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

    “The president is committed to working across the aisle and doing what is needed to best serve the American people,” said White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who noted that the president would be dining Thursday night with Ryan.

    Yet the overtures to Democrats, including Trump’s courting of Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota during a tax event in her home state, underscored the discord at the highest ranks of the Republican party.

    • pennywit

      I’ve been laughing at this for the past several days. A lot of Trump supporters now disappointed that Trump’s flirting with the other side …

      • jim_m

        I’m not mad. I’m hoping it gives the GOPe a kick in the ass.

        • Indeed. Having not received the support of the GOP he is moving foreward without them. There is a lesson there.

      • It’s about actually getting the job done. Trump’s inclined to do that – but the GOPe’s still stuck in the ‘We can’t do anything’ mode, despite having a majority.

        And a lot of people have realized their willingness to actually push forward legislation was dependent on them being unable to do so.

        Trump’s taking away their excuses, and showing them for what they are, I think. “Oh, you can’t even consider tax reform until the issue of the debt ceiling is resolved for 18 months? (Makes deal.) There ya go – you’ve got 3 months to pass tax reform, then you can jerk off while playing with the debt ceiling. Better get to work.”

        • Jwb10001

          Give us the house, give us the senate, not good enough, gotta give us the presidency, still not good enough…… Wonder what it would take to actually have these spineless POS’s to do what they promise? Maybe they need all the seats in both houses.

          • jim_m

            GOPe still wouldn’t be able to pass a conservative bill, couldn’t repeal obamacare, couldn’t pass tax reform, couldn’t secure the border…

          • Scalia

            It just shows again, ad nauseam, that they’ve been lying to us. No wonder somebody like Trump won.

        • Retired military

          Get rid of RINO RYan and Mitch the Bitch McCuckold McConnell and maybe something will get done. Those 2 didnt have a problem passing stuff Obama wanted.

  • Scalia

    Buried in backlog, Feds give top-secret clearances to murderers, rapists

    Under a crushing backlog in the issuing or renewing of security clearances, federal authorities have given interim clearances to people they later discovered were murderers and pedophiles, a senior government official said Wednesday.

    “This is very, very dangerous,” said Daniel E. Payne, head of the Defense Security Service, a federal office that oversees the granting of temporary clearances.

    Payne said roughly 100,000 people hold interim clearances while working for companies with Defense Department contracts or at 13,000 cleared facilities and plants around the country and as they await a full comprehensive background investigation.

    “I’ve got murderers who have access to classified information. I have rapists. I have pedophiles. I have people involved in child porn,” Payne said. “This is the risk we are taking.”

    • Hank_M

      They mean democrats, right?

    • Walter_Cronanty

      Are these the same people who vet immigrants?

      • Miss Fortune

        Muslims vet immigrants. No kidding.

    • The heads of the interim approvers need to roll.

  • Scalia

    High School Reverses Flag Ban After Student Protest:

    A Minnesota high school has reversed its controversial flag ban after a protest.
    Approximately 30 students and parents gathered at the Rocori High School parking lot Wednesday afternoon, proudly flying American flags on their cars and trucks.

    The school, which is located in Cold Spring, Minnesota, put the ban on all flags in place last spring to prevent students from displaying the Confederate flag.

    The new guideline in the student handbook said: “Students are not allowed to display flags or banners from their vehicle while parked in the Rocori High School parking lot.”

    After the demonstration, the school agreed to allow American flags, but it won’t allow other flags that might cause other students to feel “threatened, uncomfortable or unsafe.”

    • pennywit

      Oh, horseshit. Students, IMO, ought to be able to display whatever damn flag they want.

      • jim_m

        I think you would have a problem saying that prior restraint of speech is constitutional in this case.

        • pennywit

          The school district would probably rely on Hardwick v. Heyward, but I’m not convinced that’s a good application of Tinker v. Des Moines. Of course, Justice Clarence Thomas would disagree with me …


        High school students? What if they want to display something inappropriate, either sexual or more than a little politically incorrect, like, say, a flag with a swastika? High school is for education and trying to get laid, not making political statements.

        • pennywit

          What if they want to display something inappropriate, either sexual or more than a little politically incorrect, like, say, a flag with a swastika?

          Try reading Tinker v. Des Moines. Then come back and talk to me.

          • WHO’S THE BUSTER

            I was giving my opinion of what I think is right, not legal. So, based on this opinion, a flag with a swastika is their right. Well OK then.

          • pennywit

            In the sentence I quoted, you did not state an opinion. You asked a question. You answer lies in Tinker.

          • QED

          • He never does his homework…

  • Scalia

    Birds of a feather…

    Book by Hillary Clinton’s pastor will be pulled from shelves due to extensive plagiarism:

    Hillary Clinton said that the email her spiritual adviser, the Rev. Bill Shillady, sent her on the morning after she lost the 2016 presidential election helped her heal from her devastating defeat.

    It wasn’t until months later, when Shillady published that email in a book, that it came to light that he had plagiarized the words that so moved the candidate.

    Now, less than a month after the book’s publication, the publishing house that printed it says it is pulling the book off the shelves because it’s riddled with plagiarism.

    “Abingdon Press initiated an extensive review of the book and was alarmed to discover other content unattributed by the author. Abingdon Press has zero tolerance for plagiarism,” the Rev. Brian K. Milford, the president of the publishing company, said in a statement. “Consequently, we have discontinued sales, will remove existing copies from all sales outlets, and will have them destroyed along with our existing inventory.”

    Shillady, who did not respond to a Washington Post reporter’s call on Tuesday evening, sent an emailed statement: “I deeply regret my actions. I was wrong and there is no excuse for it. I apologize to those whose work I mistakenly did not attribute. I apologize to those I have disappointed, including Secretary Hillary Clinton, Abingdon Press, and all the writers and others who have helped me publish and promote this book. I ask for everyone’s forgiveness.”

    • Hank_M


      Hillary Clinton’s spiritual advisor?
      Let me guess…he hangs out with her ethics advisor.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        [H]e hangs out with her ethics advisor…in hell.

  • Wild_Willie

    It is amazing to see how the a minority in this country is pulling out all the stops to hate Trump. Hollywood writers and stars are severely damaging profits to movies.
    Established politicians have been revealed to be in the pockets of lobbyists or special interests groups. The media has proven once and for all their editors steer the journalists and their stories. The spoiled people of the country don’t know how to accept defeat so they pout and yell this disapproval hoping to get their way.

    Through it all, our President and First Lady continue on with what is good for the country. I admire their ability to press on.

    One thing I do know I have to do is always, always stand up for the country and its’ president when put down in my presence. The people that do act this way back down right away due to lack of knowledge or no knowledge at all. We can’t be silent anymore. Too much is at stake. ww

  • pennywit

    Shootout in a Taco Bell. It really demands some cinematically appropriate one-liner, doesn’t it?

  • Retired military
  • On Vote Fraud…

    My Lady received notice today from the Alameda Registrar of Voters notifying her that her polling place had changed. The problem with that being that we moved from Alameda County to Santa Clara County 11 years ago and promptly changed our voter registration when we did so. We have been registered in Santa Clara County and have voted in every election here since we moved…

  • Retired military

    “the left wont stop with confederate statues”

    Now why would someone think of something so absurd as that. I mean it isnt like they display that behavior time after time after time.

    Alt-Left Insanity: Dreamers Demand Amnesty for Parents, Too

  • Retired military

    Hillary and her supporters dont understand why she is not considered trustworthy, honest and people dont believe a word she says.


    Read this and go to the link if you dont believe I copied the paragraphs word for word as they appear in the article. Compare the first sentence and the 3rd sentence in the block

    Clinton told Pauley she had no idea what the outcome would be on Election Day 2016. She said she laid down on a bed as the results started coming in, but as midnight struck, she realized she had lost.

    -She first called Trump to concede, then President Obama. “I felt like I’d let everybody down,” she told Pauley.

    -She hadn’t written a concession speech because she had been so sure that she was going to win that she’d instead written a victory speech.


    • Scalia

      Yeah, she had “no idea what the outcome would be,” but she was so certain she’d win, she didn’t bother writing a concession speech. I guess when you’re a congenital liar, you’re not careful about trying to make your lies sound truthful.

      I don’t know if it can be said enough how thankful everybody should be that she’s not the president.

  • Retired military

    Why the left is totally clueless and divorced from reality


    My three months of immersive debate prep taught me being Trump means never having to face the consequences of your actions.

    The writer has the absolute gall to say this when he was trying to help Hillary LIAR Clinton win the Presidency.

  • Retired military

    Hillary in her book on why she wanted to be President

    “It was a chance to do the most good I would ever be able to do.””

    CS Lewis said it best

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. “