My Home and Car Vandalized Because I’m a Conservative Writer

Over the course of this year someone in my neighborhood has targeted me. At first I thought it was just random vandals as the attacks were penny-ante nonsense, but now I am pretty sure it is being done by someone who knows I am a conservative writer who has a body of work stretching back to 2001 and they are trying to intimidate me.

It started early this year when a flag was pulled off my flag staff and left ripped and in pieces on my lawn.

I replaced the flag imagining it was just local punks acting tough. Weeks later that new flag disappeared.

That’s twice.

Then my garage door was egged.

That is three times.

Still, it was all small-ball stuff and I thought it could just be punks who don’t have any underlying reason to attack me on a personal level.

But then something more specific occurred. On the night of July 1, the U.S. Army flag that I fly in honor of my son who is in the service was scorched and on it was written in marker “die dogs.”

This was a bit more threatening and more specific than just mindless destruction. It seemed directly aimed at the U.S. military and me personally.

That incident added up to four times vandals struck my home. I made a police report after the flag burning just to be on the safe side.

Next, on September 24 another incident was perpetrated against my property, and this one had a specific message, too. Over night, someone egged my garage door again, but this time they also wrote “racist” on one of the metal panels.

Naturally, as a conservative writer, I write on subjects such as Islam and immigration. They are topics that would goad most liberals to call me such a name. I also frequently had political yard signs in my yard for the more conservative candidates in my area. So, my home is well known (or at least easily known) as a place where a conservative Republican lives.

As to my writing, I’ve never tried to hide where I live nor written under kitschy Internet names. I have always written under my full, real name. It probably isn’t too hard for someone to find me if they are serious enough about doing so.

At this point, with those two bits of graffiti I began to wonder, is someone targeting me because of what I do for a living? So, I made a second police report after the garage door incident.

Thus far none of these incidents were really too major, but they did show signs of coming faster and picking up in severity.

As an aside, I have no troubles with my immediate neighbors. In fact, our neighbors across the street had been on an extended visit to Mexico for the last several months and the neighbors right behind us just moved in and weren’t even here for much of this vandalism. The other neighbors are two elderly neighbors and a recently arrived middle eastern family I haven’t even really met. I have had no cross words with any of them.

But last night it went into high gear.

At about 1 AM or so on Saturday morning, I was awakened by a noise outside my home. I can’t really say what the noise was as it woke me from a deep sleep. It was just a shout that awoke me. I looked at my window and saw what struck me as a strange light outside. So, I went to the front door…

And saw my car interior on fire…

The surface of my passenger seat was set aflame and the entire interior of the car destroyed. Fortunately it isn’t a new car (it’s a 1999 Oldsmobile 88). But unfortunately, because it is so old I never put it on comprehensive coverage leaving it only at liability coverage. So, insurance won’t cover this destruction and I am now without a car.

Naturally the police became involved, but they say they won’t classify it as arson because they don’t have any evidence to show for it. A plastic pop bottle and cap was left inside by who ever did this. It smelled of gas to me.

Police wondered if I smoked in the car. I don’t smoke cigarettes and only occasionally smoke a cigar but NEVER in a car. If you’ve ever smoked a cigar you know that doing so in a car is a messy, ashy endeavor. I don’t do it. So, there is nothing that should have set my car on fire 7 hours after I last drove it. Also, it was the surface of the seats that went up in flames. Nothing electrical any where near the burn zone.

I firmly believe that this is an attack on me because of my writing.

This is the tolerant left in action. They are trying to intimidate me.

I will not be silenced.

My son helped set up a GoFundMe campaign to replace my car.

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  • LissaKay

    After the first incident, I would have invested in a video security system, and made sure my home and auto coverage was comprehensive.

    • McG

      Certainly by now it would be a good idea, if not for the need to replace the car first.

      • Retired military

        That is why I suggested the signs. A few bucks and they may act as a deterrent to the ass that is doing this.

        • Connect the flag pole (and possibly the car) to an electric fence generator (the non-lethal animal zapper variety) and wait for the screams.

          • pennywit

            Non-lethal? You’re going soft.

          • Lethal boobytraps are not something I would recommend.

          • pennywit

            Probably not … although if I were in Warner’s position, the fantasy would be viscerally satisfying.

    • Scalia

      I second that, Warner. Time to get security cameras.

  • Vagabond661

    Watch out Nov. 4th. I hear the Looney Left will be out in droves.

    • What is the significance of November 4th?

      • Olsoljer

        Aside from being a full moon when whackos are at their finest, antifa is supposed to physically attack conservatives and run President Trump out of DC.

        • pennywit

          Bloody hell. I’m all for running Trump out of DC (on Nov. 3, 2020). This crap has to stop though.

          • Retired military

            You mean 2024.

          • pennywit

            I think YOU mean January 2025.

          • Not sooner than January of 2021 (or 2025).

          • pennywit

            Oh, I’ll VOTE to run him out of town Nov. 2020, but leaving isn’t until 2021.

      • Vagabond661

        Beginning November 4: This Nightmare Must End! | In the Name of Humanity …

        • Sounds like a good day to go heeled.

          • Vagabond661

            Aye. As always.

  • pennywit

    This should not happen. Period. Whoever is pulling this crap has moved past counting coup and into serious property damage. It’s probably worth your while to invest in a video security system — there are several on the market that aren’t too expensive.

    Good luck.

  • Retired military

    Sorry to hear this Warner.

    May I suggest you install cameras on your property. If nothing else put signs up that say people are being recorded. It does wonders if they cant see the cameras (especially if there are none).

    I wish you luck

  • EricSteel

    The car and the bottle can be tested readily enough to see if an accelerant was used.

    • Retired military

      If the cops will actually expend the money to do that. Half the time they wont and will deem it as a kids prank, yada yada.
      Hell if your car gets broken into and your $300 radio stolen they wont even come out to make a report.

  • I’ve got a Ring doorbell I swear by. I see now they have a floodlight/camera with a motion detector, that can be used to record video as well. Keep your head down and your powder dry.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    Hey Warner – too bad these a$$holes don’t read the comments many of your posts generate, because you’re not considered to be conservative here. I’m sorry this happened to you. Keep your chin up, and as many have suggested, get a video security system – an NRA sticker isn’t a bad idea, either.

    • Scalia

      He’s not considered a conservative here? How?

      • Walter_Cronanty

        Ugh – You’re correct in your comment. I unfortunately mixed up Warner with David. My bad. I will edit my comment.

  • Brian Brandt

    I would second the posts suggesting surveillance and a motion sensor. Whoever did this is escalating, and the next may be a fire bomb thru the front window.

    • pennywit

      That’s what I really notice about this. It started with stuff that was minorly harmful (graffiti, etc.), but has escalated to actual property damage. Warner needs to put a stop to it before whoever it is decides to get violent.

  • The_Queen_of_France

    Rotten thing to have happen to you, my sympathies. But a GoFundMe? Really? That should be a last resort and for really serious things.

    • Retired military

      I have seen GOFUNDME set up for a lot less. Also don’t judge others financial situation by your own standards.

      • The_Queen_of_France

        So have I and I think it’s ridiculous. You know nothing about my financial situation, either, so get off your high horse. I’ve always been more of a ‘do-without’ because I can’t afford basics rather than asking friends, let alone strangers, for help. It’s degrading. No car? Never had a car till I was almost 40. Did a lot of walking. Rode a lot of buses. I think they’re still available.

        • Retired military

          Didn’t mean to come down on you like it sounded (upon reading your reply and rereading my answer). I meant to make a statement in general rather than targeting you specifically.
          Whereas I don’t ask anyone for assistance unless it is absolutely impossible not to do so. But for someone who may have to go 50 miles to get to work (I don’t know Warner’s situation either) I can see where it may be necessary.

  • Wild_Willie

    Very upsetting to read this Warren. Conservatives have always been a respective lot of people who respect others opinions no matter how insane. Our behavior goes as far as making fun of them. Unfortunately, our society has gotten to a point where good people need to take strong action. Things are out of hand and will only get worse if there is no push back. The NFL won’t lead now high school teams are taking a knee. The liberals lost power and ideas so they are resorting to covert violence or just overt lies. As a group we cannot keep going to a gunfight carrying a knife. The police are useless as their higher ups have a political bias either way. Bottom line is it is our country and we can correct it. I see no other way.

  • Hank_M

    Sorry to hear about this Warner.
    Hope things work out for you.
    In the meantime, look for someone driving around with a coexist sticker on their prius.

  • Paul Hooson

    Sadly, we have entered a very divisive and angry era where many people are becoming targets of bias crimes and hate acts because of their political beliefs, religion or ethnic background. Both of my dogs were deliberately poisoned to death with rat poison and I was illegally foreclosed and evicted from my home because the management of a gated community didn’t like a Jew living there. If i wouldn’t have put up Hanukkah decorations on my home in December 2015, not wore my yarmulke on the holy days while walking my dogsm and only read the Torah in secret in my bedroom with all of the doors locked and window shades pulled down, then I might have been allowed to practice my faith without a long string of bias acts by the management and not had my home and dogs taken from me and had to live as a homeless person in my van for a week until I put in applications and went through the process to find a new place to live.

    Warner, you have every right to practice your political beliefs and proudly fly the American flag without prejudice from criminals who belong in jail.

  • Retired military
    • Paul Hooson

      A person may feel like this, but probably local laws won’t justify shooting a vandal if they are not inside your home and present some danger. However, arson will be treated seriously by local prosecutors who may seek five to seven year sentences in some cases because arson puts fire fighter lives in danger.

      • Retired military

        In Texas it is fear for your life or protect your property. I wouldn’t kill someone over vandalism but they will have to change their pants afterwards. And if someone is firebombing your car then that falls well under fear for your life.

        • Rocksalt loads…

          • Retired military

            No more like seeing a pistol pointed at them and hearing me say on the phone “Officer I am in fear for my life”. Just about everyone in TX knows the meaning of that phrase.

  • Rdm42

    Budding little proto-fascists are not actually cute …

  • EricSteel
    • Paul Hooson

      This is exactly right. Arson is given a serious investigation by some agencies.

  • Retired military

    Well Warner I saw the below today on the local craigslist rants and raves page. I think I would rather have your situation rather than what this lady is going through.