Dear Conservatives, Supergirl Thinks You’re Stupid and She Doesn’t Want You Watching Her Show

Last week the premiere episode of season three for the CW network’s Supergirl debuted, and it had a very clear message for conservative viewers: you are stupid, and you should go away.

As season three kicked off were treated to an evil, sexist, capitalist, Trump-like real estate developer who hates poor people and told that only “morons” don’t believe in global warming, all in a show that treats all white males like villains. Well, all but the one who is a geeky, tech guy who is afraid of his shadow, bad with girls, and uncomfortable in his own skin (Last season featured a white guy, of sorts, as Supergirl’s needy boyfriend, but he was an alien, not a white human).

It is a long way from the easy-going, inoffensive, and fun show that debuted for a single season on CBS before moving to the CW.

The fingers in the eyes of conservative viewers began in the first minutes of the debut episode, “The Girl of Steel.”

The episode opens in the midst of a battle between Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and a bad guy. She defeats the bad man, of course, and saves her lesbian stepsister and her fiancée in the process.

Next, we are introduced to season three’s big baddie who shows up in a meeting as evil capitalist real estate developer Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar). He is, of course, a capitalist “exploiter,” we are told. During a meeting of city officials, Edge is accused of setting up a “development that would level the whole area and force people from their homes just to build high-rises for the wealthy.” Of course. They later call him a “stubborn sexist” who has “all the charisma of a Michael Douglas movie from the 90s.”

If you didn’t catch that latter reference, it was yet another dig at white men. It referenced actor Michael Douglas’ 1993 hit movie Falling Down, a film that cast him as a middle-aged, unemployed, white man who snapped and went on a psychotic shooting spree through downtown Los Angeles.

Naturally, Mr. Edge has also hired superpowered baddies to force his vision upon National City. You know, the way evil, white, capitalist, real estate moguls always do things.

Next, we get to the part where conservatives are called stupid.

In season one and two Supergirl, in her mild-mannered disguise as “human” Kara Danvers, worked as a journalist for a magazine run by Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart). When the show moved to the CW Flockhart’s big-name actress salary was too much for the show, so now she appears only in walkons and cameos instead of as a series regular. For season three, Cat Grant is now the press secretary for the president of the United States…. who is a woman, of course. Yaaa, girl power. (Granted, it’s way cool that the president is portrayed by former 1970s Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter — perfect stunt casting, to be sure.)

In any case, as presidential press secretary, Cat Grant breaks out into a wonderful little monologue where she essentially calls conservatives who don’t accept man-made global warming “morons.”

Reporter: Does president Marsden believe climate change is real?

Cat Grant: Yes. Yes, Carl, as a matter of fact, she does. She also believes that two plus two equals four and that the earth is round because the president is not a moron. Any third grader knows that global warming is the biggest threat of our time and I’m happy to report that the intellectual capacity of our president is not inferior to that of an eight-year-old.

Firstly, it is interesting that Mz. Grant thinks 8-year-olds are in a position to personally authenticate scientific theories instead of just being told what to believe by adults. But, you know.

Now, about that “biggest threat” business… Last season the Earth faced an invasion from aliens, and now that Supergirl and Superman are on our planet, the world is constantly under threat by powerful extraterrestrials that want to subjugate humanity. It seems to me that the threat of dangerous aliens is a bit more immediate than “global warming” on Supergirl’s Earth. Just as threats of Islamist terrorism is probably a bit more immediate than any climate change in the real world.

Anyway, after Mz Grant’s little soliloquy, we get one final knife between the shoulder blades for conservatives as Supergirl praises Grant as the best press secretary since Barack Obama’s. “Best press secretary since Robert Gibbs,” she says.

No, really. Conservatives are morons and Obama is great all in two minutes.

It all amounts to a superhero TV show that is all about leftist politics and doesn’t want conservatives as viewers.

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  • Par4Course

    Typical Hollywood: The first season of Supergirl wasn’t too bad but when the show left CBS its production values suffered. It now apparently has a bunch of hack writers who are pandering to the La-La Land powers that be by attacking the President and conservatives. It will be interesting to see if, like the NFL player protests, this will translate to lower viewership.

  • Retired military

    I stopped watching the show after season 1. I don’t watch arrow any more either or DC legends of tomorrow. You can only take so many superhero shows.
    I am barely making it through episodes of The Gifted and The Inhumans.

    • Saw one episode of ‘The Gifted’, and made it through about ten minutes of ‘The Inhumans’. Yech. Nope, thank you.

      Supergirl? She was eye candy, now they’re going all ‘relevant/#resist’. Boo, hiss.

      ‘Bull’ and ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ are fun.

      Let’s see – ‘Arrow’ blew up the entire island at the end of the last season. (How much C4 would it take to render a roughly 50 square mile island a complete death trap, anyway? Ten or fifteen LARGE container ships full? And nobody noticed. Huh…) Hard to top that, I think. Too bad – I liked the storytelling on that one.

      “The Flash” ended up with The Flash merging with the Speed Force. Welp, that’s an end to THAT series.

      We’ll see where “Legends of Tomorrow” goes.

      • Retired military

        I have a friend who is a comic book superhero nerd. I told him that the Gifted and The Inhumans will last one season at best.

        I like Wisdom of the crowd. haven’t watched and refuse to watch Bull. I never really cared for the Tony Dinozo character but suffered through it on NCIS. Cant stand Dinozo’s dad on the show either. I just fast forwarded through his parts on the show and I hope he never comes back.

        • Wife’s a Dinozo fan from NCIS – didn’t even recognize him until the second season. (So there’s that… ymmv and all that.)

          I’ll be surprised if Inhumans and Gifted make it to the end of their first season.

          • Retired military

            I give them one season simply because of Justice league movie coming out. Could be that kids are interested in the show but somehow I doubt it. I only read like one Inhumans comic book when I was younger. And as far as I am concerned the producers should have quit after Xmen 1. They have totally screwed everything up that I liked about the movie.

          • Deadpool rocked… Haven’t laughed that hard in quite a while.

          • Retired military

            I liked deadpool too.

    • pennywit

      Check out Lucifer. Seriously. It’s a fun show with (so far) no politics, either left-wing or right-wing.

      • Retired military

        I actually like Lucifer. I thought it was a fresh look on the subject.

        • pennywit

          It’s a really fun show. I really like watching Lucifer misbehave wildly around crime scenes.

      • cathymv

        love lucifer!! really good show!!

  • pennywit

    I guess you missed the heavy-handed “aliens are illegal immigrants” metaphor last season?

    • Brett Buck

      It was a little to subtle for me, so they have resorted to bludgeoning us over the head with it.

      • pennywit

        The “supers are a metaphor for discrimination” thing doesn’t work for me. True Blood used vampires as a metaphor for gay rights, right down to “come out of the coffin” as the phrase for vampires going public and conservative Christians depicted as bigoted for hating vampires.

        Thing is, though … the vampires had super strength, super speed, the ability to hypnotize people and erase their memories, and, oh yeah, THEY DRANK PEOPLE’S BLOOD and had a secret government that conspired to rule the world.

        Opposing the vampires wasn’t bigoted. It was self-preservation.

        • manderso

          I liked the pub convention they did.

    • Nope. Just had to keep telling myself the likely leanings of the writers when binge-watching it one weekend. (Shrug.) Focused on the eye candy, like the deplorable little bird I am.

      As it is, I’m probably not going to bother with season 3.

      • pennywit

        You are old enough to be Melissa Benoist’s father.

        • Who?

          • pennywit

            The actress who plays Supergirl.

        • So what?

          I enjoyed the eye candy, and the less overtly political story points. This is a live-action version of the comics I grew up with, (back when they were a quarter or less) and they’re playing it for fun most of the time.

          Season 3? We’ll see – but if they’ve gone full #Resist, then I’m thinking it’ll be the last season. People want to be entertained, and if they start full-bore preaching instead of entertaining, they’re going to lose their viewership.

          • pennywit

            This is a live-action version of the comics I grew up with, (back when they were a quarter or less) and they’re playing it for fun most of the time.

            A quarter or less? Damn, that was a while ago.

            But if we’re talking about comics, my favorite Supergirl is not the young lass from Krypton. Instead, I’d love to see a TV show based on the Matrix Supergirl, who later became the earth-born Angel of Fire during Peter David’s run on the title. I think you could explore a lot of fertile territory about faith, good, and evil there.

            People want to be entertained, and if they start full-bore preaching instead of entertaining, they’re going to lose their viewership.

            There’s a fine line on this. Do it well, and you might reach an audience. Do it poorly, and you’re just being didactic. There’s been, shall we say, a mixed record of such things over the decades of TV.

            I thought Babylon 5 handled the political metaphors rather well, as did Deep Space 9 outside of some of the Ferengi bits. “In the Pale Moonlight” and “Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges,” in particular, examined how far one should go to win an existential war. Alien Nation only lasted one season, but I thought the metaphor was reasonably well done there.

            Battlestar Galactica had an interesting take on abortion. There, the political calculus entirely changed because a) the human race was on the brink of extinction and b) some women were fighter pilots, and thus couldn’t be allowed to take a break for pregnancy.

            But Supergirl … oy.

            I found the “aliens as illegal immigrants” metaphor in Supergirl incredibly hamhanded — part of the reason I stepped away from the show last year.

          • pennywit

            (And speaking of DS9, “Nor the Battle to the Strong” is also pretty solid).

          • Yeah, it was a while back. I pretty much gave up on comics completely in the mid-80s – the cost kept going up while the comics got thinner and thinner.

            Alien Nation was great – there was a lot left unexplored in that. B5… loved it, but then my son was born and I didn’t watch it for the better part of a season, lost track of it. One of these years, I’ll bingewatch it.

            You can get away with some preaching IF the story’s good enough that the preaching doesn’t take over. Supergirl was getting pretty close to the line for me, but the story was still good. Now it sounds like it’s gone over the line. (Shrug.) Hope they weren’t depending on me watching it to keep going.

            And I STILL want to know where they got the kilotons of C4 needed to totally mine the island on Arrow. Lol…

          • pennywit

            And I STILL want to know where they got the kilotons of C4 needed to totally mine the island on Arrow.

            Utility belt?

          • (Player1) Okay, to set this trap I open up my bag of holding and start pulling out cases of C4.

            (DM) Wait a sec – nowhere in this game have you ever been near any store that sells C4. This is set on an island, thousands of miles from nowhere.

            (Player1) Um… I found a massive underground warehouse abandoned since WW2. Chock full of C4, and nothing else.

            (Player2) They didn’t have C4 in WW2. Nitro-based explosives mostly, and they’d have seeped out after 60+ years.

            (Player1) Oookay. Uh… Korean war?

            (Player3) Nope. Wiki says it was developed in ’56.

            (Player1) Viet Nam?

            (DM) Roll 1D20, higher than a 19 and I’ll allow it.

            (Player1) 20. Whew! Okay, I pull out cases of C4 and attach them to remote detonators.

            (DM) Okay, where’d the detonators come from?

            (Player1) Umm… I’d need a shitload of ’em… Alibaba?

            (DM) Seriously, dude? Roll 1D20, you gotta ace it.

            (Player1) And… 20 again! So I set up tens of thousands of these traps all across the island and…

            (DM) That’s going to take you months. Literally. And you only have a couple of weeks at most.

            (Player1) Um… I’ve got good, unquestioning minions?

            (DM) Roll 2 D20s, you’ve gotta ace ’em both or you’re gonna fail the prep.

            (Player1) Man, this is getting worse and… okay, I aced both rolls! WOOT!

            (DM) Aargh. Okay, you have your trap ready, WITHOUT losing a single minion to an unfortunate accident fifteen minutes before Arrow lands on the island to rescue his friends. He does so, and they’re heading to the evac point… and you set off your trap. Roll 5 D20s – and you’ve gotta ace ’em all to kill the party.

            (Player1) Oh, man. Couldn’t I just roll one D100?

            (DM) Nope. Pull out that lucky D20 and get going.

            (Player1) Okay… got one. Got two. Third…. yes! Fourth… man, I’m on a roll! Fifth… and they’re all dead!

            (DM) Acing 9 D20’s in a row? Gimme that fucker. It’s gotta be loaded.

          • pennywit

            Are you trying to out-nerd me?

          • 😉

          • pennywit

            I GM a Pathfinder table. I have one player who’s just stubborn enough to push through with his plans even when I offer the Universal GM Signal: “Are you sure you want to do that?”

            Granted, this player sometimes creates moments of awesome (like when he leapt onto the back of a giant roc and punched it to death). But more often, he gets himself into trouble (like the time he quaffed an invisibility potion and nearly got eaten by a gelatinous cube).

          • McG

            Heh. I once inadvertantly got myself and nearly my entire team killed by a red dragon. Then one of the survivors found a wish ring and I (despite being dead) suggested he wish that the dragon had been killed first off, before it killed any of us.

            The DM decided to let him try, and the roll was good enough. Afterward when the others yelled at me for what I’d done I said, “Nobody died.”

            Which, as far as any of our characters knew, was true.

            I didn’t get invited to play much after that though.

          • pennywit

            I once played a morally questionable alien gunslinger in a science-fiction game. One of the players, an Air Force member, muttered, “That’s not how we do it in the Air Force” every so often, typically directed at my character. That player didn’t come back after a couple sessions.

          • McG

            Did anyone point out to him that “how we do it” in the other branches had evolved quite a bit before the Air Force even came to be?

          • pennywit

            I think the problem was that the airman wanted to play a tactical simulation, while the rest of us wanted to play a space opera.

          • I miss getting together with the old D&D group. Best DM we ever had died of AIDS, and after he passed away everyone just kind of had real life happen to them. Son played a bit at lunchtime in high school, but that didn’t last more than a semester.

          • pennywit

            That’s sad — both what happened to your DM and how your group split up. My group is a bunch of middle-aged folks. We enjoy the game and play it, but I think it’s really a framework for a bunch of aging nerds to get together and socialize. Kind of like a Saturday night poker game.

          • pennywit

            You can get away with some preaching IF the story’s good enough that the preaching doesn’t take over.

            Story is about setting, character, and plot. Neglect those three, and the story suffers.

          • Scalia

            The same thing happened with Grantchester. At first, it seemed like a nice, period series about a priest who helped solve crimes. Then it turned into a full-court press for sexual deviancy. The crime-solving literally became background noise. I quit watching pronto.

          • pennywit

            Never saw it. Can you give some detail?

          • Scalia

            It’s set in the 1950s. An unmarried priest befriends a local detective, and they solve interesting crimes. The priest falls in love with a pretty girl, but she’s engaged to a rich young man (because her father wants her to marry him). Disappointed over the turn of events, he commits fornication with a local entertainer (some singer at a local club). By the way, the priest also drinks and smokes).

            Then the priest helps solve the murder of a married gay man. He then tries to help a gay man who is accused of murder (the gay man is eventually executed by hanging). His assistant priest turns out to be gay. The priest then commits fornication with a woman who works at the office where his detective friend works. The detective has adultery issues. Finally, the priest commits adultery with his original flame who is dissatisfied with being married to the rich guy.

            I didn’t get through all those episodes. When I saw where everything was going, I read the synopses of succeeding stories and decided that enough was enough. It’s something you might enjoy, but I had my fill of their propaganda. The show turned into a transparent left-wing tent revival.

          • pennywit

            Is the priest a Catholic priest or an Anglican priest?

            I don’t know that I would enjoy it. I’m lukewarm on period detective pieces.

          • Scalia


    • jim_m

      Some of our congressional candidates at least understand this issue.

  • pennywit

    For those who are nerdy or anal-retentive (or both), here’s some history on the Morgan Edge character.

  • pennywit

    Sorry to triple-post, but …

    In season one and two Supergirl, in her mild-mannered disguise as “human” Kara Danvers, worked as a journalist for a magazine run by Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart). When the show moved to the CW Flockhart’s big-name actress salary was too much for the show, so now she appears only in walkons and cameos instead of as a series regular.

    Also, Supergirl relocated production to Vancouver to save money, and Calista Flockhart did not want to travel.

  • Scalia

    I caught the pilot episode out of mild curiosity. Didn’t watch another one. Not my cup of tea.

  • McG

    Supergirl has a show?

  • I think you’re right about the change after departing CBS. The CW caters more to the low information end of the gene pool.

    • manderso

      Yes, all the information here is very high end.

  • Scorpion

    Whoever marries her is guaranteed to have a miserable life while that lasts.

  • cathymv

    you can’t stop watching something you never watched to begin with. But good go know for future shows this “actress” is in so that I can not watch them also… she looks to have a great career in future cat food commercials….

    • pennywit

      Actually, she’s got a damn good singing voice, and pretty good stage presence.

  • fustian24

    Right after I finish not watching the NFL, I turn off Supergirl.

    • manderso

      Glad you aren’t watching, how’s the knitting?

      • fustian24

        Not much time for knitting.

        After IronMan practice I take my Harley into the mountains where I hunt for my dinner.

  • manderso

    It does make the show better, just like the better seating at the NFL games.