The Greater Crime

Radio host Sean Hannity unloaded on the GOP Monday, calling Republicans “ a dead party … morally corrupt … weak … vision-less … they have no identity”.

While Hannity’s rant may seem extreme, the facts bear him out. Since the GOP regained control of Congress in the 2010 midterm elections, the party has achieved no success in any major area. Here are the major defeats:

[] Every GOP leader since 2010 has promised the repeal of Obamacare. That has not happened, in fact most of the GOP ‘leadership’ refused to even vote on repeal, and blocked bills which tried to repeal the ACA;

[] Every GOP leader since 2010 has promised to address illegal immigration. Instead, no action was taken to stop the flood of illegals, and the GOP not only did not undo Obama’s unconstitutional “Dreamer” free pass for illegals, some Republicans actually played up support for the illegal action in hopes of gaining political support from illegals;

[] Every GOP leader since 2010 has promised to bring jobs back to the US, but instead has done nothing to lower corporate tax rates, which make US headquarters impractical for many global firms;

[] The GOP has done nothing to address evidence of fraud and media manipulation regarding the environment. The Climate Change scams promoted by Obama have gone unaddressed, let alone prosecuted for fraud already made apparent;

[] General Flynn has been charged with lying to the FBI, yet at least two major advisors to Hillary Clinton who have been proven to have lied to the FBI have received no charges at all. Further, Ms. Clinton’s direct complicity in destruction of evidence regarding emails on her private server – also a direct violation of federal law – have received no investigation since Comey decided she was guilty but should not be prosecuted. Even further, Ms. Clinton’s involvement and apparent financial profit from the Uranium One deal is very serious, yet has received no scrutiny from the FBI or anyone in Congress. This level of double standards and hypocrisy is unconscionable.

The plain fact is that GOP leaders have established a habit of lying to get into power, then cooperating with the very people they promised to fight. The taxpayers, the citizens, and the voters who put them in office are cheated by these criminals. That the Democrats in office are as bad or worse, in no way excuses the stench of corruption in GOP offices. GOP leaders are somehow still blind to just why Donald Trump won the GOP nomination – it wasn’t because Trump was a clean-cut Boy Scout, or was the next incarnation of Mister Rogers. It was because Trump was an outsider to ‘same-old-DC-politics’, because he railed in anger against the same lies and ignominy regular Americans see damn near everyone in Congress practice, and because Trump promised to do something about it.

Paul Ryan has been exposed as a fraud. So has Mitch McConnell. So indeed has Jeff Flake (who made a promise in 2000 to serve no more than 6 years in office, but has been there 17 so far), and in fact the overwhelming majority of Republican congressmen (oh yes, you are ‘representing’ all right, just not the people who voted you into office) and Senators (John McCain, for example, has not made a decision in sound mind and good conscience in two decades).

Damn them all.

I’m not going to become a tool for the Democrats. I will vote with deliberation in the general election, but starting now I won’t donate a penny to any ‘National’ committee, and I will support NO incumbent for the House or Senate in a primary race, unless they immediately get off their asses, support Trump’s work to clean up this mess, repeal Obamacare (completely, no half-assed ‘new plan’ to bring the same crap back in the door), get serious about protecting the borders NOW, prosecute Democrats caught in crimes without deals or excuses, and keep all those promises made to get into office. Yeah, it’s tough to do all that, but you made the promises and got in because you made those promises.

The media is making a big deal these days about sexual harassment claims, and yes it’s important to investigate every claim and find out the facts, then act as needed. But a lot more politicians have become rich and powerful through lies and corrupt hypocrisy, and that is a far greater crime.

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  • I gave up expecting the GOPe to do anything sensible once they got a majority in the House and Senate. I attributed it to their desire to not be cut off from Democratic hookers and blow.

    Now I’m just thinking that our political class, as a whole, are much more concerned with the next election – and as such are very unwilling to do ANYTHING which might upset the status quo and reflect badly on them. Illegal immigration? Repeal Obamacare? Tax reform? All of those require commitment and ACTION, and the certainty that the media will start screaming hysterically whenever any of them are attempted.

    And those fuckers live and die politically by the media.

    Trump knows this. But he’s not a politician – he’s a businessman. He doesn’t CARE, politically, what his life is after being President. He doesn’t have any of the institutional chains restricting what he ‘can’ and ‘can’t’ do. Take Israel for example – Presidents have talked and talked about recognizing Jerusalem as the capital, but somehow… the status stays quo. OMG, it might screw up the ME Peace Process! (Which, to my jaundiced viewpoint isn’t doing anything, so maybe ‘screwing it up’ will be an improvement.)

    Trump just shrugged and did it. Trump was elected because our political class have lost touch, and figured their little clique was more important than the rest of the country. Whether they’ll figure it out before the next election remains to be seen.

    • Retired military

      I don’t expect the tax cut to get done this year. Flake, McCain and Collins will screw the republicans and McConnell will moan about how hard it is to get things done.

  • Retired military

    Good article. Long past time for Mitch the Bitch McCuckold McConnell and RINO Ryan to be thrown out of leadership.
    The question is

  • Hank_M

    It’s all one big uni-party.

    One wing, the democrats make no bones about letting the majority of Americans know they hate them and everything they stand for.
    The other wing, the stupid party, pretends to be on their side, never missing an opportunity to join the democrats in screwing them.

    That’s how we got Trump and with any luck, Trump is only the beginning.

  • pennywit

    Every GOP leader since 2010 has promised the repeal of Obamacare. That has not happened, in fact most of the GOP ‘leadership’ refused to even vote on repeal, and blocked bills which tried to repeal the ACA;

    The GOP could not have promised this as long as President Obama was in office — he would have vetoed every attempt.

    • That just made it political kabuki.

    • Retired military

      “The GOP could not have promised ”

      Let me fix that for you

      “The GOPe WOULD ONLY have promised ”

      That way they know that they would have never been called on it. WHy do you think RINO Ryan and McCuckold McConnell didnt want Trump elected.

  • Wild_Willie

    As been said this is exactly why President Trump has been elected. The political class, the MSM and the lobbyist’s can’t stand the american people rising up. They are in an all out war to stop him/us. We are fortunate that their lies and corrupt plans are being exposed and reported. The FBI is rigged at that top.

    On the sexual abuse/harassment claims: They should call be looked at but if found false, criminal charges at a felony class needs to be applied. It needs to be taken seriously both ways.

    If Hillary was elected, do you think ANY of this would be known?

    • Jwb10001

      “If Hillary was elected, do you think ANY of this would be known?” No way Weinstein would be spending most of his time in the Lincoln bedroom, he would be more powerful not less.

  • jim_m

    GOP could not repeal obamacare until this year. Before they were grandstanding. Now they are liars.

    GOP could not affect jobs with obama as President. With a growing economy, jobs are growing but that is more due to the President, again, than it is Congress. Only Trump has pushed to lower the corporate tax rate and this is not due to GOPe leadership.

    The GOPe has been shown to be frauds, top to bottom. They stand for nothing and have few principles. The only thing that differentiates them from the dems is that the dems have no principles at all.

    • Retired military

      I lay the blame squarely on Mitch the Bitch McCuckold McConnell and RINO Ryan. They don’t want Trump to succeed.
      What is going to be their excuses in 2019 when the GOP has a bigger margin in the Senate than now? (If those 2 don’t screw it up).

  • Retired military

    Speaking of liberal lies

    Why is it that whenever we had bad economic news under Obama it was unexpected but when we have good economic news under Trump it is also unexpected.

    Per CNBC jobless claims have fallen UNEXPECTEDANTLY.
    (See link on drudgereport as I cant seem to copy and paste)

    It would almost seem that the people reporting economic news in the MSM have an agenda.

    • jim_m

      David is busy writing a defense of Al Franken.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        Working title: “Untimely Death of a Moderate.”

  • Walter_Cronanty

    There are a couple of good Rs – see Jim Jordan quiz Wray about Strzok and anti-Trump bias at FBI/DOJ [via Powerline]:

    Although I must agree with this update: “Andy McCarthy asks a question that I, too, have wondered about: why can’t Jeff Sessions, or Donald Trump, simply order the FBI to comply with Congressional requests for information, and fire anyone who disobeys?”

  • Retired military

    Ted Kennedy had a woman drown in his car but was called the lion of the Senate. Yet David feels that Moore should be able to serve in the Senate.