Feel Good, Conservatives, You Are 100% Vindicated For Voting for Donald Trump

Only a year into his presidency, the Democrats and their lapdogs in the leftist media have declared President Donald Trump to be the worst president in history. Of course, we all know that Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter (you can add James Buchanan) have already earned that title. Still, though, as the media pounds you every day with its Trump Derangement Syndrome, you may feel a bit depressed as a Trump voter. Well, here are four big reasons why you have been vindicated for voting for Trump and why even if he doesn’t do anything else he is already a great success.

Despite being in office only a year, President Donald J. Trump has had a string of important achievements, but it is the flavor of those successes that is remarkable. Considering that Trump always hovered around the political center — and sometimes the center-left — during his 50 years in the media spotlight, as president he has led a series of quite conservative campaigns. He’s eliminated hundreds of Obama’s destructive regulations, pumped up the economy, effected a directional change to the right in our court system, returned the country to a more U.S. focused foreign policy, and likely swung a tax cut (which appeared to be only days away at the writing of this article).

For conservatives, even if for the next four years Trump decides to just coast on his first year’s achievements, he has already justified his election and earned your vote. But, all signs point to him continuing these campaigns as his presidency rolls onward, so if you are a conservative, you are must realize that you have been vindicated if you voted for the president.

Reason One: Trump the Regulation Cutter

When Barack Obama came to office, he promised to cut regulations. It was one of his first major lies as president. Indeed, the cost of his avalanche of regulations cost the country over $300 billion in just the first two years of his regime. His plans to swamp the nation with regulations was so extreme that in 2012 he refused to even submit his regulatory plans to Congress as is required by law because he knew it would shock the nation. And that was only two years after Obama promised to have the “most ethical administration in history.”

After eight destructive years in office, we can definitively say that Obama lied. Not only didn’t he cut regulations as he promised, he enacted more regulations than any president in history.

Donald Trump came to Washington with a similar promise on his lips. As president elect, for instance, Trump promised to eliminate two regulations for every one that was enacted. Well, one year in we can mark this as a promise kept, because by October of this year he had surged past Ronald Reagan’s record as a slayer of regulations.

So, far, in fact, Trump has gone wildly over his claim of a two to one cut to enactment ratio. As Real Clear Politics noted this month, Trump has actually cut a whopping 22 regulations for every one he has enacted. That is a staggering achievement. And he won’t stop at only one year of cuts, either.

Here are a just few examples of his cuts:

There are many, many, many more canceled regulations, of course, but these are some of the latest. In any case, the thousands of regulations Trump has eliminated so far has made him worthy of your vote.

But, as they say on those late night TV informercials, “Wait, There’s more.”

Reason Two: The Trumponomics Boom

In his last years in office, Barack Obama insisted that slow economic growth was going to be the “new normal” and that jobs were never coming back to the U.S.A. His lapdogs in the left-sold media dutifully followed his marching orders to assure America that the days of America as an international powerhouse were over. But, only a year into the era of Trump and we have already seen that assumption demolished.

Trump ran for president on a note of boundless optimism for America’s economy. And, sure enough, one year into his presidency we now have the lowest unemployment rates in nearly 20 years (and in some cases the lowest rates ever recorded), a burgeoning stock market, and economic growth at 3 percent, something we never saw a single time during the Obama regime.

For instance, as Trump’s first year in office winds down, the unemployment rate for Hispanics is at an all-time low.

“The Hispanic unemployment rate fell to 4.7% last month, down from 4.8%. Overall U.S. unemployment remained at 4.1%, a 17-year low,” CNN Money reported early this month.

In November, Forbes magazine noted that Trump’s economy is startlingly strong. “Today marks one year since Donald Trump was elected president. Over that time the stock market has boomed, GDP growth has improved, and unemployment is at an almost 17-year low,” the magazine said.

CNBC was so shocked that Trump’s economy has soared back that it was forced to admit that the economy may even see a 4 percent growth rate under Trump.

Of course, this may not seem to be a big deal looking over the historical record. After all, Obama was the aberration. He remains the only president who never once presided over an economy boasting a 3% GDP. But remember, even as they desperately tried to shore up Obama’s failed economic policies, these same people were claiming that growth under 3% was the “new normal” and none of that was Obama’s fault.

Reason Three: A Robust U.S. Foreign Policy

Obama’s foreign policy was all about bowing and scraping to our allies and enemies alike. Whatever he could do to tear down the U.S.A. or implement policies that hurt our country, he did it. His feckless approach to ISIS was a case in point.

But, despite eight years of President Obama assuring the world that ISIS was unbeatable and that we should just be happy to work to keep their activities to a minimum, President Trump has come to office swinging into action to destroy the terrorist army. And, as things stand today, Trump has done more in a few months to destroy ISIS as a viable threat than Obama and George W. Bush combined.

Indeed, even The New York Times’ Trump-hating center-right columnist, Ross Douthat, has begrudgingly admitted that Trump is winning the war against ISIS and that his foreign policy has been amazingly effective.

In his titled, “The War Trump Won,” Douthat admitted that “if you had told me in late 2016 that almost a year into the Trump era the caliphate would be all-but-beaten without something far worse happening in the Middle East, I would have been surprised and gratified.”

“[F]or now, the Trump administration’s approach to the Middle East has been moderately successful, and indeed close to what I would have hoped for from a normal Republican president following a realist-internationalist course,” Douthat added.

Granted Trump’s foreign policy is still in its earliest stages, and many bumps will appear on the road as we go forward. But, where foreign policy is concerned, the focus is back on what is good for America. And, the fact is, what is good for America is good for the world. As Trump has said, “America is back.”

Reason Four: The Judiciary

Finally, and I leave with the most important success of all, we get to the amazing achievement in the federal courts. Thus far, Donald Trump has put more conservative judges on the bench than any president in history, and this is his most important achievement of all because it will wipe out a lot of liberal influence on the bench for generations to come. For a man who didn’t really have any hard and fast ideological opinions before stepping into the Oval Office, his effort putting conservative-minded judges to work in our courts is simply astounding.

Trumps started his work on the courts by emplacing Neil Gorsuch on the highest court in the land. And, according to a dour CNN, Gorsuch is delivering as Trump’s promised conservative on the U.S. Supreme Court.

From his first day on the bench when he dominated oral arguments, to Monday, when he wrote a dissent in a case related to gay marriage, joined his conservative colleagues in a fiery response to the travel ban case and possibly provided the necessary fourth vote for the court to hear a major religious liberty case, Gorsuch has broken the mold.

Gorsuch is already delivering as the strong conservative President Donald Trump promised his voters when he ran for office last year.

Also remember, Trump will likely have at least one more SCOTUS appointment to come. The battle may be a tough one, but he will likely put yet another conservative-leaning judge onto the highest court in the land.

While it was good and important that Donald Trump replaced Antonin Scalia with another conservative so as not to throw the court to the left, it is his achievement at the lower court level that stands out as just as important, if not more so.

To date, Trump has appointed and gotten confirmed more federal appeals judges than any president in history. By December, Trump has gotten 12 Appeals Court judges appointed which beats the previous record of 11.

Axios notes why this is important:

The federal courts carry significant weight in almost every area of policy: gun rights, executive power, LGBT rights, freedom of religion, etc., and have blocked multiple Trump initiatives in his first year. Trump’s picks of young, conservatives judges for the lifetime appointments will far outlast his presidency.

Trump has also succeeded in emplacing 6 U.S. District Court judges, and three judges for the United States Court of Appeals for Veteran’s Claims. And he has a long list of other judges he has fingered to take seats on a range of federal courts, so, as we roll into 2018, Trump will put many more young conservative judges on the bench.

As Axios said, the influence of these judges will last many decades longer than Trump’s term(s) in office. And that is his most important legacy thus far.

So, come on you Trump voters, don’t let the media get you down. You have already been proven right to have voted for Donald J. Trump. Hold your head high and prepare for an even more consequential 2018.

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  • Nice post.

  • Indeed. Given my (very low) expectations, President Trump has been a very pleasant surprise.

    You also left out his most significant achievement: He prevented Felonia VonPantsuit from sitting behind the Resolute Desk.

    • I also had very lose expectations. Hence my elation for the article.

    • Scalia

      Felonia VonPantsuit. Oh, that’s a good one!

  • Wild_Willie

    He is a strong business man ala Calvin Coolidge. He is treating government as a business and that it so very good. Business men and women hate waste and love success. I have been a Trump supporter from the beginning and my loyalty is starting to pay dividends. Now his strongest act, fire Mueller (too much wasteful spending), Have the AG un-recuse himself, and bring up daily how Franken won’t resign. Do this Friday while the world is in a holiday mood. End the charade.

    • Par4Course

      Agreed except for firing Mueller – too many GOP Senators and Representatives would desert and denounce the President – although watching Eric Holder’s head explode might be worth it.

  • Scalia

    Count me as very pleasantly surprised. Before the election, I had grave doubts about him, but as I said before, he has turned out to be far more conservative than the so-called genuine conservatives the Establishment has been telling me to vote for. I’ll gladly take this “fake” conservative over the “real” ones any day.

    • Me, too. I said from the beginning (and I hint it up there in the post) that he had NO background by which we could expect a conservative administration. What he has done is surprising and gratifying at the same time.

  • Hank_M

    Good post.

    If you don’t mind……

    I would have included a strong number 5: He fights back – ruthlessly.

    And I may have considered a number 6: He causes his enemies to become unhinged.
    The media as we know it may never recover their reputations, or at least the reputation they think they had.

    • There’s that, too. But it is a bit less concrete than my focus for the article was. 😉

  • Retired military

    Sshhhhh Don’t tell David. He is out looking for confederate statues nearby to make sure they don’t trigger him.

  • Retired military

    Imagine if Hillary had been elected.
    The press would be reporting on the mean republicans every day that (in reality on put up slight ) resistance to her policies.
    No #metoo movement.
    No million new illegal immigrants
    pay for play in the Lincoln bedroom
    No mention of the women that Bill continues to harass
    Weinstein banging broads on the WH lawn.
    2% GDP growth (at the very most)
    But David will be happy because millions would have been spent to tear down confederate monuments because that is the most pressing matter facing the nation.

  • Par4Course

    While I’d be thrilled to see someone to the right of Ted Cruise in the White House, the first job of any candidate is to WIN the office he is seeking, which is why I got on the Trump bandwagon as soon as he announced. If the GOP had nominated someone else, HRC would be President, and it would be like a third term for Barack Hussein Obama. No one would mistake Trump for the kind of President portrayed in the movies or on TV (think Kevin Klein’s President Mitchell stand-in, Martin Sheen’s President Bartlet or Keifer Sutherland’s President Kirkman), but there’s not much he could do to make him worse than Hillary would have been.

  • stan25

    The House janitors are not very happy. They have to clean DemocRAT splody parts off the ceiling, floor and walls. Especially, Piglosi’s.

  • Mary Gehman

    Thanks! I needed that. It’s good to see a list of Trump’s accomplishments that the fake news media doesn’t report on but that the general population needs to be reminded of. The rule of “first, do no harm” applies here as well. If he got nothing done to date, and simply didn’t make anything any worse, he’d still be a successful POTUS in my humble opinion, considering the mess he had to start with and move forward from. So, thanks again for a well-written, insightful and informative post! IF I had any ‘voter’s remorse’ before reading it, I certainly do NOT now!

  • Walter_Cronanty

    As one who likened Trump to a cross-between Mussolini and Fog-Horn, Leg-Horn, I am more than pleasantly surprised. So far, he’s been great.

    • Mary Gehman

      I likened him more to the love-child of Lucifer and Andrew Dice Clay, and, yet still, the far lesser of the two evils we had to choose between…

      • stan25

        How about a blunt instrument shot out of a loose cannon? This is what the country needs. No more sissy boys in a Buster Brown suit, the Republicans had been running before Trump showed up.

        • Hank_M

          “No more sissy boys in a Buster Brown suit”

          Love that phrase.

        • Mary Gehman

          Let’s keep re-loading!!!

        • Walter_Cronanty

          I generally like the demeanor of “sissy boys in a Buster Brown suit.” Unfortunately, it seems that they only grow balls when they want to stab you in the back.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        I take it Lucifer is in the person of Roseanne Barr, or perhaps Kathy Griffin.

        • Mary Gehman

          “Lucifer” can be ‘in’ anyone you want…or just be himself…He’s/She’s just anyone you consider to be evil and sneaky and who offers up un-keep-able promises and false hope!

          • Walter_Cronanty

            “He’s/She’s just anyone you consider to be evil and sneaky and who offers up un-keep-able promises and false hope!”

            Sounds suspiciously like our former racialist, jug-eared POTUS.

          • Mary Gehman

            Yeah…just like that!

  • Wild_Willie

    Both parties in D.C. have left the american people. There is no way I can vote for anyone who lives in the cesspool. It is disgusting the way the power elite and lobbyist’s were and still are trying to enrich themselves. I voted and supported President Trump mainly because of his business acumen but mainly he didn’t reside in D.C. and he can’t be bought.

  • Rdm42

    Come now, you know that any minute now a lib will show up proclaiming that ‘without those regulations people will DIE!”

  • Vagabond661

    And Bruce has left the building.

    • Who?

    • Scalia

      Buster got caught in a lie, so he won’t be in the building anytime soon either.