The Last Open Thread of 2017

What were the highs and lows of 2017 from your perspective?

For myself:


  1. Hillary Clinton was not sworn in as President.
  2. President Trump greatly exceeded my expectations in his performance of his duties.



  1. Continuous Progtard whining
  2. Discovery of just how unjust the Department of Justice has become

What’s on your list?

[UPDATE] Breaking, burried lede of the year appears on new year’s eve.

AND THE NYT RUNS THE STORY ON NEW YEAR’S EVE SUNDAY: Clinton backers David Brock & Susie Tompkins Buell steered a total of $700k to @LisaBloom’s firm to try to bring forward sexual misconduct accusations against TRUMP before Election Day.

Glenn Instapundit Reynolds

Iowahawk may have understated his case…

Weekend Caption Contest™ Winners Week of December 29, 2017
Massive Protests In Iran May Be Harbinger Of Regime Change
  • cathymv

    Highs for me:
    1. Trump is President, not Hillary
    2. New career move – will start my 3rd retirement fund
    3. Found new family members I never knew existed and now are friends with

    1. Loss of truly loved family members who died too soon
    2. Having to cut toxic people out of my life – sadly, some are family

    But all in all, I am truly blessed and wish you all a safe, successful and happy new year …

  • Scorpion

    1. Watching the party of purity throwing boomerang-shaped stones at the kettle.
    2. Appointing a legitimate Supreme Court Justice.
    3. The courage of Ronan Farrow by his willingness to absorb the inevitable spear catching thrown at him by Hollywood and the media
    4. The best the Democrats could come up for a candidate ended up being Hillary.

    1. The accelerated decline and dumbing down of our educational system
    2. Millionaires complaining about privilege.
    3. Social justice zealots claiming to be offended for non-existent victims.
    4. Too many mishaps with our Navy Ships.

    Oh well. Happy New Year everybody and keep your weekly captions coming.

  • Scalia

    Neil Gorsuch

    Detroit Lions

    • Yes indeed.

      So what?

      • Scalia

        So what?

        Doesn’t have to mean anything to you. I speak only for me.

        • pennywit

          Wouldn’t the Detroit Lions be an annual low?

          • Perennial?

          • pennywit

            That, too.

          • Scalia


          • Walter_Cronanty

            The Browns now have: 1) a perfect season; 2) a coach who has gone 1-31 and said after the mind-numbing final fiasco of a loss to the Steelers’ JV team: “”I don’t think anyone else could have stayed in this job and be 1-31. A lot of coaches would have said ‘uncle’ after last year. I know that. You know that;” and, 3) an owner who has vowed to bring back said coach.

            Oh, the humanity!

          • Scalia

            I mean, after all, nobody has had back-to-back 0-16 seasons, so perhaps the Browns see a golden opportunity…

          • Walter_Cronanty

            Oh, there’s an opportunity, but I don’t think it’s “golden.”

    • jim_m

      Aren’t the loins a low every year?

      • Scalia

        Most years.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        I would say the “loins” are more in the middle.

        • jim_m

          glad to see someone catch that

  • Rock ThisTown

    1. My 4 kids are healthy & arguably normal;
    2. Trump not Hillary;
    3. Trump not Hillary;
    4. Trump not Hillary;
    5. My 4 kids are healthy & arguably normal.

    1. Washing machine bit the dust (after 20+yrs & several DIY repairs);
    2. Govt corruption (DOJ, FBI, EPA, VA, et al) exposed as more so than we previously knew;
    3. Franken, Conyers, Weinstein, Lauer, Halperin et al;
    4. Pelosi, Wasserman-Schultz, Schumer et al;
    5. Griffin, O’Donnell, Handler, Fonda, Colbert, Kimmel et al.

    Honorable Mention Lows: Ryan, McConnell, McCain, Flake & Corker.

    It just occurred to me if Hanoi Jane Fonda & Chelsea Handler got married, would they then be Fondlers like the rest of Hollywood?

  • Retired military

    Highs “Hillary not President”

    Lows – Nothing really to speak of. I am at a point in my life where just about everything is good except my wife isnt here to share it with.


    Trump “If you think 2017 was great here hold my beer”

  • jim_m

    – Trump and not Hillary
    – Watching the left eat itself
    – Gorsuch

    – My father getting diagnosed with Myelofibrosis
    – bogus and racist concept of white privilege
    – idiotic acceptance of the concept of gender fluidity
    – BLM
    – The destruction of our military including the tolerance of communism and anti-American rhetoric at Westpoint

  • Wild_Willie

    Happy New Year to all my Wizbang friends. 2018 will be a banner year for conservatism and the liberals will continue their slow fade as they dis the american people who support Trump.

  • Sky__Captain

    – Trump governs like a conservative (a pleasant surprise)
    – Gorsuch (not much of a surprise)
    – General Mattis (a welcome surprise)
    – Bruce Henry left Wizbang (a very welcome surprise)

    – The promised exodus of Trump opponents never happened (not a surprise at all)
    – “Fake news” media (not a surprise at all)
    – The Democrat Party as a whole (not a surprise at all)

    • jim_m

      I was tempted to put Bruce’s departure on my list as well.

    • Sky__Captain

      Oh, I forgot a Low!
      – the Never Trumpers (Bill Kristol, NRO, et all) still won’t admit to their error. They would rather have Felonia VonPantsuit.

      • jim_m

        Shouldn’t that be a high? GOPe jackasses finally outing themselves as democrats?

        • Sky__Captain

          A valid point.
          I stand corrected.

  • pennywit

    Shall I congratulate the Cleveland Browns on their perfect season?

    • Sky__Captain

      Yes. Such perfection is difficult to achieve and should always be acknowledged.
      Being in Ohio, that is snark. The only thing notable about the Browns’ season is that they made the Bengals look good by comparison.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        “The only thing notable about the Browns’ season is that they made the Bengals look good by comparison.” The Browns made every NFL team look good by comparison.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      Never let a chance go by to kick a man while he’s down. Go Brow….oh, screw it.

  • Walter_Cronanty

    1. Modern medicine has kept my youngest son alive by treating leukemic tumors with radiation
    2. Hillary isn’t President
    3. Trump has by far exceeded my expectations
    4. A small beginning to de-weaponizing the Federal Bureaucracy
    5. The MSM not fawning over and covering up for the President

    1. My son continuing to get leukemic tumors and watching his body wasting away from the radiation treatments
    2. Never-Trumpers refusing to let go
    3. College students becoming fascists in the name of being anti-fascist
    4. Beginning to recognize the extent of the weaponization of the Federal Bureaucracy under Obama
    5. The MSM’s incredible anti-US and anti-Trump bias

    • pennywit

      Very glad for number 1 there. I hope your son can pull through.

      • Walter_Cronanty

        Thanks. Me, too. It’s been an 11 and 1/2 year struggle. He’s really weakened in the last 4-5 years. From watching him play some AAU basketball to helping him put on his braces and shoes has been a long journey.

  • Kenny Moore

    1. Ditto everyone Trump/Hillary
    2. Tax cut
    3. Minnesota Vikings season

    1. Ongoing vicious hatred of real America from the condescending elitist left
    2. California contempt for federal law – e.g. immigration, marijuana
    3. My website demonetized by Google for “hate speech” – I posted Huckleberry Finn with the original language and illustrations

    • That

      My website demonetized by Google for “hate speech” – I posted Huckleberry Finn with the original language and illustrations

      is sheer and utter bullshit on Alphabet’s part. You should consult legal counsel.

  • pennywit

    Hm. 2017 was a definite dumpster fire of a year for me.

    1) I consider my disentanglement from the ex to be both a high and a low. Events leading up to it were a low, the disentangling process was another low, and the feeling of it being done is (perversely) a sort of high.

    2) A bunch of us got together and bought my 4-year-old niece an electric piano. The joy on her face is a high. The musical stylings of an untrained 4-year-old are … um … can I take a pass on that one?

    3) Politics in general was a definite low this year. Not because my team isn’t in the majority, but because politics had become nasty and depressingly tribal. I live in a rather liberal area, and I move in fairly liberal social circles. In about 30-40 percent of my initial interaction with potential dates, the first or second question is “Do you support Trump?” And there are lots of people who outright say “Trump supporters should keep moving.” There was a time when political disagreement with your partner could be fun, and the discussions could be intellectually challenging and bracing. There was a time when James Carville could marry Mary Matalin. That time, sadly, has passed.

    Looking ahead, 2018 is going to be a year of profound selfishness for me. I’ll still follow politics and such, of course, and care for family. But aside from that, I’m going to try to build my own little piece of happiness, whatever that might entail. And obsessing over politics and who in my life is and is not a Trump voter is not part of that picture.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      Sorry about the “disentanglement.” Those are tough. My second wife and have been together for almost 30 years now.

      “I’m going to try to build my own little piece of happiness, whatever that might entail. And obsessing over politics and who in my life is and is not a Trump voter is not part of that picture.”

      Good for you, and much success in your building process.

  • pennywit

    Please pass the popcorn.

  • pennywit

    Please pass the popcorn.