Mythical Scapegoat Blamed For California State Mandated Disasters

Have you ever noticed that Politicians and their Policies are NEVER to blame?

A dispassionate reading of the history of the twentieth century indicates to me that there was no noteworthy disaster of the century that was not caused by or worsened by Government.  Nor did that trend change with the turn of the twenty-first century.  As a case in point take three recent disasters in California.  The first was the near collapse of the Oroville Damn.  Local residents and county governments insisted for years that lack of maintenance and a substandard secondary spillway were actively dangerous.  State bureaucrats knew better and allowed the situation to fester until the worst very nearly happened.

More recent were the wild fires, first in Northern California’s Napa and Sonoma areas, and later in Southern California’s greater Los Angeles area.  The villain, our political class would like us to believe, is the chimera known as Climate Change…  Ed Driscoll writing at Instapundit has the skinny:


California Governor Jerry Brown seized the opportunity last month to blame Climate Change for the “new normal” of rampant wildfires. With neighborhoods burning down and the fire inching closer to homes, Government and Science declared that a bogeyman of myopic mass humanity was at fault.

* * * * * * * * *

Fire experts have long encouraged “prescribed burning” to minimize vegetation growth and, in the long run, reduce smoke pollution otherwise caused by out-of-control wildfires. Not surprisingly, however, environmental policies treat prescribed burn smoke as an “avoidable nuisance” subject to heavy regulation. The Endangered Species Act, the Clean Air Act, and other regulations impose onerous limits on our ability to prevent massive wildfires.

Even as we celebrate our valiant firemen, it is also legitimate to question whether our firefighting resources are effectively coordinated and whether triage decisions are made appropriately. Over the last month, a few friends sheepishly whispered in private, wondering why insufficient air resources were deployed over some fires while others received repeated rounds of tankers. They asked why the Skirball Fire (adjacent to swanky Bel-Air) somehow was quelled immediately in difficult terrain while the Thomas Fire (begun in rustic Ojai) became unstoppable in all directions. With Climate Change as the predetermined culprit, the media and an intimidated public pursue none of these questions.

Read the whole thing. In 2011, Victor Davis Hanson warned of “The Bloomberg Syndrome:” “Quite simply, the next time your elected local or state official holds a press conference about global warming, the Middle East, or the national political climate, expect to experience poor county law enforcement, bad municipal services, or regional insolvency.”

When it comes to California, embrace the healing power of “and.”


Anthropogenic Global Warming [AGW] Climate Change, is there NOTHING it cannot be blamed for?  Apparently not.

The failure to actively manage the wild areas of the state to prevent or ameliorate massive wildfires lies at the feet of the Sierra Club and their political clients.  That failure has led to billions in property losses and loss of life.  Failure to adequately fund and stage fire fighting equipment, especially aerial tankers, greatly hindered efforts to fight the eminently predictable resultant fires.




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  • Walter_Cronanty

    Victor Davis Hanson has also railed against California’s suicidal environmental and immigration policies for years.

    The present four-year California drought is not novel — even if President Barack Obama and California governor Jerry Brown have blamed it on man-made climate change.

    According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, California droughts are both age-old and common. Predictable California dry spells — like those of 1929–34, 1976–77, and 1987–92 — are more likely result from poorly understood but temporary changes in atmospheric pressures and ocean temperatures….

    After the initial phases of the federal Central Valley Project and state California Water Project were largely finished — and flooding was no longer considered a dire threat in Northern California — environmentalists in the last 40 years canceled most of the major second- and third-stage storage projects. To take a few examples, they stopped the raising of Shasta Dam, the construction of the Peripheral Canal, and gargantuan projects such as the Ah Pah and Dos Rios reservoirs.

    Those were certainly massive, disruptive, and controversial projects with plenty of downsides — and once considered unnecessary in an earlier, much smaller California. But no one denies now that they would have added millions of acre-feet of water for 40 million people.

    • The Peripheral Canal / Vampire Ditch would have taken water from the Sacramento River before the Delta for shipment to SoCal. Those of us who remember that political battle can be identified as Norte’s or Angelinos by which name they use for the failed project.

  • Retired military

    Rodney when I saw mythical scapegoat I thought I was going to read an article by David about confederate war statues.

  • yetanotherjohn

    Global warming/Climate change is an article of faith on the left. All things can be blamed on it (e.g. terrorism) and all bad laid at the door of the GOP because the left finds the rights lack of faith disturbing. But like the feminism preached in Hollywood, the media and academia vs the actually misogynistic daily life in those worlds, the left leadership doesn’t necessarily believe in GW/CC but uses it is a convenient club to beat the right, a convenient drum to incite the left and a convenient shield to hide behind from their own ineptitude. It is the equivalent of “the dog ate my homework” which will be believed by the left and laughed at by the right.

    BTW, my not winning all six places on the weekend caption contest is due to global warming. Global warming will only be stopped when I win all six of the awards.

    • Walter_Cronanty

      I think we’re safe from a new ice age.

      • You might want to qualify that. While I doubt a full fledged ice age will manifest in my lifetime, we are in a solar minimum of such low activity as has not been seen since the Maunder minimum. The effects are lagging as one might expect, but a “little ice age” is in play.

        • Walter_Cronanty

          Yes, you are correct.

          My reply was in response to yetanotherjohn’s statement that: “Global warming will only be stopped when I win all six of the awards on the same caption contest.” I was implying that he would never win all six awards.

          Attempted jokes are never funny if you have to explain them.

          • yetanotherjohn

            Fine you cruel hearted person who wants to see polar bears die. Just be a hater.

          • I’m your Huckleberry!

          • Sorry to be obtuse…

  • DJD60_TX


  • Constitution First

    Like the rich elite who overbuild the shoreline, then cry when the sea claims it’s due. The rich elite of the bush should know that fire is natures house cleaner. Guess who’s houses didn’t burn? The ones who cleared all the brush away from their properties.