The Trump ‘Splainer Has Some Thoughts For Us

The Trump ‘Splainer of course is Scott Adams of Dilbert Fame, who was one of the few to predict that Trump might actually both win and be effective.

How President Trump Changed Your Imagination

By Scott Adams,

Do you remember when candidate Trump told us (in effect) that he would be the first non-politician to win the presidency? It seemed impossible to even imagine such a thing. Then he did the impossible.

Do you remember when it was common wisdom that if the U.S. recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel it would be a huge problem? President Trump did it anyway. So far, it looks like a minor problem at most.

Do you remember when experts said President Trump shouldn’t mess with the Iran nuclear deal because it could cause a huge problem for the United States and its allies? He did it anyway, and it is likely a supporting variable for the Iranian protestors who don’t like how their government is creating problems that don’t need to be problems.

Do you remember when experts said China will never help squeeze the economy of North Korea because China fears a refugee crisis? President Trump encouraged China to squeeze anyway. Then he helpfully provided satellite photos of tankers cheating on the high seas. After South Korea grabbed and held a second cheating tanker, the economics of smuggling oil have turned negative, or will soon. And North Korea is sounding — at least to my ears — more flexible than ever.

I think the man has a well found point.

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  • stan25

    Or how withdrawing from the Paris agreement would cause the oceans to rise.

  • There’s a lot of Pundits in DC and the media who examine Trump in the manner that ‘analysts’ used to examine Kremlin parade photos to see who was standing close to whom to figure out power blocks in the Politburo.

    And damn near to a man they’ve been wrong about Trump.

    All things considered, Scott Adams has managed to nail just about everything.

    But the ‘intelligentsia’ can’t accept that they could be wrong about their evaluations. So – they keep going further and further off track, and insist that THEY are right. (Shrug.)

    They’re killing their own credibility, but they don’t really have a choice. Backtracking would kill it off also. So they’ll go on, further and further… until they just can’t any more.

  • Jwb10001

    The tax overhaul is Armageddon, literally millions will die, LITERALLY MILLIONS. And yet I’ve yet to see anyone dead due to changes in our tax policy, did I miss something? Of course the media could actually miss an event of that magnitude if it coincided with a new “tell all” book about Trump coming out.

  • Wild_Willie

    I think many D.C. pundits underestimate President Trump’s moves and his logic. Our world enemies have become convinced we as a country just speak but behind the scenes our words didn’t match our actions. I think is started with GHW Bush and just got worse and more expensive since. Now the UN and world leaders have to rethink THEIR attitudes. He is playing them wonderfully.

    • They’re convinced they’re the only smart ones – and they base this on the fact they’re in DC and we aren’t. But what I’ve observed over the last 30+ is a variable-speed slide (sometimes fast, sometimes very slow) towards a barely-competent orthodoxy shared inside the Beltway.

      And we hit peak stupid with first Obama and then Hillary, with the Republican ‘leadership’ close behind.

      Trump does things. He makes decisions quickly, based on all the information he has. You don’t get where he is in the NY Real Estate market by carefully weighing all options then taking the least offensive one when a decision absolutely has to be made. That’s how our political class has been doing things – never make a difficult choice, never stick your neck out, and at ALL costs don’t do anything that might imperil your reelection!

      Trump doesn’t care about re-election. He figures his record will speak for itself. He has the confidence his decisions are right, not a fear that anything he might do would be wrong.

  • Rdm42

    Micro managers never manage to truly deal with macro problems, like bunters don’t hit grand slams.