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Are Pollsters Sufficiently Factoring the Enthusiasm Gap for 2010 Mid-Terms?

The most challenging aspect of political polling is determining how likely a respondent is to actually cast their vote. Mid-term elections are particularly problematic as motivation is generally much lower…

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DeMint Punches Back at Republican Establishment

South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint responded Thursday to criticism from fellow Republicans over his involvement in Christine O'Donnell's upset victory in the Delaware GOP Primary this week. DeMint's Senate Conservatives…


Primary Turnout Disparities Portend Possible Avalanche in November

Despite the hope of conservatives that the GOP will retake control of both houses of Congress in November, the most reliable polling firms have indicated otherwise. Rasmussen still has the…


Republicans Need to Make 2010 Elections a Referendum on Liberalism, Not Just Obama

Over the past two weeks, the Obama teleprompter has repeatedly hit on a new phrase – the Bush recession. While the former President was complicit in some wanton spending during…


July Unemployment Figures Confound "Recovery Summer"

President Obama's highly-touted Recovery Summer continued to unravel as the US economy "unexpectedly" suffered a net loss of 131,000 jobs in July. However, the jobless rate, calculated separately via household…


Has the National Weather Service Outlived its Usefulness?

Last night we huddled in the dark through one of the roughest thunderstorms in years here in Southwest Florida. Copious rainfall totals were widespread, including over six inches in my…


Would Alvin Greene Really be that Bad a US Senator?

When Alvin Greene won the South Carolina Democratic Nomination for US Senate six weeks ago, the party establishment was in an uproar, attributing his victory to some form of malfeasance….


Republicans Haven't Yet Sealed the Deal with Voters in Effort to Retake Congressional Majority

Wizbang author Kim Priestap fittingly expressed incredulity last week over Rasmussen poll results showing roundly unpopular Harry Reid in a virtual tie with challenger Sharon Angle in Nevada. Today we…


Could the Consensus on This Year's Hurricane Season Be Wrong Again?

The mainstream media have been citing climate-prediction sources to establish "consensus" on a severe hurricane season this summer with a possible record-breaking number of storms striking the continental U.S. The…

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The Largest Tax Increase in American History is Only Six Months Away

In observing some of the more insightful comments about my recent post regarding our nation slipping into a full-fledged economic depression, it occurred to me that some folks may be…

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It is a Depression

In one of the most embarrassing displays of disingenuity ever perpetrated by an American President, Mr. Obama lauded himself for saving our country from another Great Depression during his now…

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It is Imperative the GOP Finally Parts Company with Michael Steele

The latest gaffe by RNC Chairman Michael Steele lends the perfect opportunity for the GOP to rid itself of their divisive and at times embarrassing party leader. In a rant…

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Obama, MSM Omitting Key Facts on June Unemployment Numbers

President Obama lauded the drop in the unemployment rate from 9.7% to 9.5% as a sign of "continuing recovery" in a brief speech at Andrews Air Force Base this morning….

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Oil Spill Cleanup Efforts in Alabama: An Exegesis of Governmental Ineptitude

The Gulf oil spill has illuminated chilling realities about our federal government's incapability to handle genuine crises. Without a doubt, local officials in the Gulf region have been quicker and…

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Scott Victory in SC Exemplifies Ascendency of Conservative Minority Candidates

Conservative Tim Scott won the Republican nomination for the 1st Congressional District in South Carolina Tuesday night. A poetic irony of his victory was that he resoundingly defeated Paul Thurmond,…

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Florida Senatorial Election Beginning to Turn

Florida Governor and Senatorial candidate Charlie Crist (I) enjoyed a brief lead atop the polls after his abandonment of the Republican Party last month when it became evident he was…

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Highly Encouraging Results Seen From Initial Testing on Cancer Drug, Vaccine

Researchers from Pfizer revealed extraordinary results from preliminary testing of the experimental drug Crizotinib for patients with advanced cases of a specific form of lung cancer. The drug works by…

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An Answer Revealed

When the Obama administration and the Democrats proposed legislation that reduced the tax deductions for charitable donations down to 28 cents on the dollar earlier this year, I was highly…

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The Day After

As a business owner with 28 employees, I've had much to contemplate after the passage of the "historic" bill. I cannot possibly provide health insurance to my workers as my…

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Romney Endorses McCain… Again

Mitt Romney announced this morning his endorsement of John McCain, who is facing a stiff primary challenge from conservative J. D. Hayworth for the Republican nomination for Arizona Senator. In…

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Scott Brown to Join Democrats on Jobs Bill

Newly-elected Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown joined Democrats and four other Republicans in voting for cloture on the latest spending package dubbed the "Jobs Bill" on Monday. "I hope my vote…

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Paul, DeMint, Beck Share Important Common Theme at 2010 CPAC

This year's CPAC was particularly energetic given the political disaster that awaits Democrats this November. But thanks in large part to the Tea Party movement, another very important theme emerged…

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2012 Republican Nominee May Rise From Obscurity

As this year's Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC) winds down today, it has become evident the Republican Party possesses a wealth of articulate and principled conservatives from which to select…

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President Signs Executive Order Instituting Commission on Fiscal Responsibility

President Obama has appointed former Republican Senator Alan Simpson and former Clinton White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles to co-chair a new national debt commission that seeks to begin…

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The Walls Come Tumblin' Down

The Walls Come Tumblin' Down

Speculation continues to increase that rocker John Mellencamp may run for Evan Bayh's Senatorial seat in Indiana. The liberal singer would not face any primary challenges and simply have…

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