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Angry Americans Protest Against Health Care Changes – the 1988 version

I remember one other time that Washington attempted to make a major change to health insurance. It was in 1988, at the depths of the Iran-Contra affair, when Ronald Regan was at his weakest. He decided to propose an expansion of Medicare coverage for “catastrophic” expenses and prescription drugs, but paid for entirely by the […]

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Liberal Groups Finally Discover that Deregulation is good for Consumers

The Democrats and the media are always claiming that Republicans want dirtier air, more polluted water, and fewer people with health insurance. Here’s Obama in Real Clear Politics a year before the last the presidential election on 10/17/11: The Republicans plan, Obama says, boils down to this: ‘Dirtier air, dirtier water, less people with health […]


Big sugar and the USDA

American Sugar producers have the federal government in their pockets. Not only is there a huge tariff on imported sugar, but now the Department of Agriculture is proposing to purchase 400,000 tons (with a “t”) of sugar from domestic producers so that those producers who borrowed money from the USDA are not at risk of […]


MegaUpload Case Descends from Silly to Ridiculous

As the NY Times reports, the leader of the file sharing service was arrested in a flurry of heavy publicity last month: Mr. Dotcom — born Kim Schmitz and also known as Kimble and Kim Tim Jim Vestor — and three others connected with Megaupload were arrested in connection with U.S. indictments on charges involving […]


Fast and Furious –

Katie Pavlich wrote the book, literally, on Fast & Furious. If you are not spitting mad by the end of this, you have a screw loose. The plan was to sell the guns through straw purchasers, and then follow them. Except they forgot the “follow them” part. No Fortune Magazine article can dispute the incompetence shown here. […]


Not a Tax – Sure

Scott Stanis does political cartoons for the Chicago Tribune. He really summed up our frustration with this one: Biggest tax increase in history, at least until the Bush tax cuts expire. Then it will be the second biggest. Both under his watch.


In other news, Attorney General Holder held in Contempt of Congress

Fox news reports: The GOP-led House voted Thursday to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for failing to provide key information pertaining to Operation Fast and Furious, making Holder the first sitting Cabinet member to be held in contempt. The vote was 255-67 with one lawmaker voting not present. Seventeen Democrats broke […]


Businessmen Convicted of Wire Fraud

People sometimes say that the Republicans are the pro-business party, and the Democrats are the pro-consumer party. I would prefer to think of it, perhaps naively, that the Republicans are pro-market, and the other guys are pro-regulation. When given the chance many business people will do whatever it takes to make money, skirting as close […]


Greeks go to the polls to decide if they want to go bankrupt slowly or rapidly

The disaster of the Greek economy proceeds as they go to the polls today. In the Wall Street Journal we hear that it’s a close race: ATHENS—Greece’s conservatives and radical left Syriza parties were in a statistical dead heat in a race too close to call, early exit polls showed Sunday, an outcome that could […]


Perfectly Peaceful Occupy Protesters Damage Hundreds of Windows in Downtown Seattle

Perfectly Peaceful Occupy Protesters Damage Hundreds of Windows in Downtown Seattle

May day protests in Seattle have turned violent, as protesters wearing black clothing and masks used flag poles as weapons to damage cars and shop windows in the downtown Seattle shopping district. From the Seattle Times: UPDATE: 2:53 p.m. | Mayor McGinn has authorized the seizure of potential weapons. After vandals used handheld flag poles […]


Anti-Growth Nominee Jim Yong Kim to head World Bank

Whenever I hear that some unknown but quickly lionized person is nominated to a post by our dear leader, my BS detector goes up. Why did Obama nominate the current President of Dartmouth to this post? I think it’s because he read his work. Here are some titles and excerpts found by Bill Easterly at […]


Here come the “Milker Bills”

In Peter Schweizer’s great best seller, Throw Them All Out, he writes about what are called “Juicer” or “Milker” bills. They are legislation proposed in the House or Senate with the sole purpose of getting people to donate money to the congressman’s reelection campaign. From page 149 of the book we read: Milker bills are […]


The time when Glenn Greenwald was finally right

I rarely agree with proven sock puppet Glenn Greenwald. But he does have the admirable quality of being willing to criticize the President and other lefties when they fail to live up to the Greenwald standard of liberal perfection. In his typical long winded and multiple times updated, extended, and revised post today, he nails […]


NLRB Butts Out of Boeing’s Business

Yesterday the National Labor Relations Board withdrew their lawsuit against Boeing. Let’s try to connect the dots. In 2009, Boeing held a competition to chose a second site to build their new 787 fuel efficient wide body airplane, to meet their large backlog of orders. The State of Washington competed hard for this plant, as […]


Soros Goes Long on Italian Bonds

Remember MF Global, the John Corzine flameout? Guess who was able to write a check for $2 billion (with a B) to buy some of the one year maturity Italian government bonds from MF Global’s bankruptcy trustee? None other than the Daddy Warbucks of the left, George Soros. A few tidbits from the story in […]


Rhodes Cook: The Republican Field May Not Be Closed

I read an interesting post on Larry Sabato’s blog by Rhodes Cook. He had an intriguing and well researched article showing that the Republican Presidential field could grow from where it is today, even after the New Hampshire primary. Looking back to 1968, he notes: …[in 1968], Sen. Robert Kennedy of New York was a […]


Penn State Scandal – Defensive Coordinator and Little Boys

Penn State Scandal – Defensive Coordinator and Little Boys

This weekend brought a sad and sordid story from the Penn State football program. Their defense coordinator for decades, Jerry Sandusky, is implicated in a tale of underage boys, locker rooms, showers, and the whole mess. Ann Althouse has the NY Times story here. In 2002, Kelly said, a graduate assistant saw Sandusky sexually assault […]


Is the fix in for Romney? Why the pressure for early primaries in FL & NV?

I’m still very much undecided on the Republican Presidential Primary. But something is really bugging me about the push in some states to move up their primaries and caucuses, apparently under pressure from the Romney campaign. As Jay Tea has discussed, New Hampshire has the first primary in the nation by law. Other states can […]


If you can’t win the argument, lie about the other guy’s motives

That appears to be the tactic the Democrats are taking against the Republicans. I don’t think it will stick, but it does show their desperation. Here’s Jake Tapper, ABC White House reporter: Some very harsh words for the Republican Congress were emailed to Obama supporters this afternoon by Obama 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina. Regarding […]


They do have a point, sort of

The Occupy Wall Street crowd, I mean. I’ll bash them every chance I get, but when they have a valid case to make, I’ll support them. Here’s such a case. File it under the “what did you expect would happen” tag. The Sunlight Foundation tracks money in Washington. They noticed that the members of the […]


Occupy Wall Street – Now we know what they want

Occupy Wall Street – Now we know what they want

David Marris has a post at Forbes where he describes his not-very-scientific-but-interesting-nonetheless survey of 50 of the 1000 protesters at the Occupy Wall Street protest. He was responding to the frequent criticism that they seem aimless and without goals. There has been a lot said about the lack of vision, lack of specific demands, and […]


Inflation and the money supply

Inflation and the money supply

Inflation is commonly thought of as a gradual increase in price levels. But sometimes prices rise due to supply and demand. For example, oil prices are increasing because India and China need more oil to fuel their rapidly growing economies. Technically, gas at $4 a gallon is not inflation. It’s a reaction to increased demand […]


Elizabeth Warren Running Against Scott Brown in MA Senate

Elizabeth Warren Running Against Scott Brown in MA Senate

Heaven help us. Heaven help Scott Brown. A real live Statist is running for Senate against Scott Brown. Listen to this rant by Elizabeth Warren to a group of her adoring fans. She’s a darling of the left, and I can see why. She claims that all good things are paid for by high taxes […]


Democratic Slogan of the Day: Don’t Let the Republicans eliminate the closure of the donut hole

How’s that for a solid talking point? That’s what Debbie Wassermann Shultz (D-FL) said in the spin room after the Republican debate. From the Daily Caller: When Cooper asked Wasserman Schultz if she thinks repealing the president’s health care reforms would create jobs, she didn’t directly answer yes or no. “Oh, really, well, I find […]


The People of the State of California Are About to Officially Go Crazy

h/t to Mark Perry for this. The State of California allows constitutional amendments to be created by votes of its citizens in an election process. Using this method, if enough people sign the petitions, and the voters pass it, the following will become law in California. Here is some of the language below from a […]