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Eric Holder Doesn’t Know

I haven’t had the energy to post on the recent run of scandals rocking the Obama administration. This is mainly due to the fact that I don’t have any faith that the administration will actually be rocked by them in the long term. The media may be angry now, probably over the AP issue and […]


Bombs Explode at the Boston Marathon

Multiple causalities are being reported as two bombs exploded at the finish line of the Boston marathon. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/15/explosion-reported-near-finish-line-boston-marathon-spokesman-says/ I’ll updated this post with more information. (Credit Fox News with the photo.) Updates: Reports of 3 dead, dozens injured. No claims of responsibility have been made public. It’s Patriot’s Day in Boston and also Tax Day, for […]


Not So Funny In Philadelphia

So inside a polling station in Philadelphia there’s a huge Obama mural. A judge ordered the mural to be covered for the duration of today’s election. Here’s evidence of the diligent job that the polling officials did following the judge’s order. I’d say it is laughable but I don’t actually find breaking election rules very […]


Election Day Voting Report

One of my major, if not primary, political motivators is limited government.  I’ve worked as a government contractor for years and while I respect the mission and responsibility of many government agencies, I’m often appalled at the inefficiency.  I voted on my way to work this morning and the experience was notable enough to warrant […]


Election Prediction Thread

It is no secret that Wizbang posters are an opinionated bunch.  I thought it would be interesting to put our political junkie IQs to the test.  In the comments, please leave your election predictions. At a minimum give your electoral and popular vote count predictions. If you want, feel free to add any more specific […]


Don’t Forget To Buy A New Charger

OK, personally I’m stressed enough reading all these “positive outlook for Romney” articles and posts and worrying I’m being duped that I, for one, need break. So now for something entirely different. (Mild warning for profanity at the end.)

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We’re Going To Need A Bigger Tank

MSNBC is now so deep into the tank for Obama that they are going to need a bigger one.  I previously poked fun at the Obama campaign for changing their slogan from FORWARD to FORWARD!  I saw this MSNBC ad last night and found the online version today.  Apparently the new slogan for MSNBC is […]


Out Of Ideas!

Near where I grew up in Ohio there was a town called Hamilton. Fair or not, Hamilton was a town that was not known for much. Or rather, it was that town you were kinda glad you weren’t from. The was even a sign in the style of the Hollywood sign along the banks of […]


Professional, Unbiased Journalism

This video is being linked everywhere but it is such a short yet perfect example of media bias in action I just had to post it.  Watch at 0:29 for the reaction of the media pundits after the focus group votes 6-2 in favor of Romney after the last debate. Priceless…


11 After 9/11

It was Tuesday 11 years ago today.  It is Tuesday today.  I don’t have a lot to say that hasn’t been said.  Feel free to leave your thoughts here, if that helps.  Never forget.  Never, ever forget. (I won’t be tolerating trolling in the comments on this post.  That includes comments on how I’m being […]


Blatant And Shameless Bias Continues

I logged in ready to post a summary of the media coverage of the Republican convention thus far only to find Mr. Laprarie had beaten me to it.  So I will suggest you start there and read his post, if you haven’t already.  Don’t worry, I’ll wait. … Back? I will follow up by pointing […]


MSNBC Is Biased, Sky Is Blue

Sometimes the story just writes itself.  From the Daily Caller: One of the left’s favorite attacks on the Republican Party is that it is the party of old white people, devoid of diversity and probably racist. If you were watching MSNBC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Tuesday night, you might believe […]


His Name Was Neil Armstrong

I didn’t originally intend to post about the passing of Neil Armstrong.  But it would seem many just don’t remember what he accomplished or the importance of the symbolism.  As the idiocy mounts, I feel compelled to enter the fray. First up we have the geniuses at NBC who couldn’t even bother to get his […]


Regarding the CU Election Prediction

Yesterday I posted on a election prediction study from the University of Colorado.  In the comments a few readers wondered about the track record of the study from previous presidential elections. This issue is addressed in a LA Times article about the study: But Bickers said much of the polling thus far means relatively little, […]


University of Colorado Election Predictions

I was sent this link summarizing an analysis done by the University of Colorado predicting the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election.  Overall the prediction is quite positive for Romney and Ryan. The analysis is summarized as follows, “President Barack Obama will win 218 votes in the Electoral College, short of the 270 he needs. […]


Not A Team Player

I’m not a Republican.  I’m not a Democrat, either.  I’ve never been affiliated with either party.  I’ve been reminded recently why I chose not to really associate myself with any large group.  The law of averages is going to pretty much guarantee that while I might agree with what the core of a group says, […]


Followup: MSNBC Is Disgraceful

Yesterday I wrote about the offensive blathering of MSNBC host Toure.  Last night Kira Davis–a young, African-American, conservative woman–published an open letter response.  (Hat tip and comments at Hot Air.) Normally I would just send you to the link to read the whole thing but in this case I feel that text deserves as much […]


MSNBC Is Disgraceful

When it comes to politics, there is playing the race card and then there is despicable behavior.  Tonight MSNBC dove so deep into the bottom of the barrel I question that they can ever rise back to their normal level of laughable lunacy.  MSNBC host Toure–he is not worth my time to search how to […]


Paul Ryan At Miami University

Instapundit posts a user submitted photograph of people waiting for Paul Ryan at Miami University in Oxford, OH. I wasn’t aware until recently but Paul Ryan is Miami University alumnus.  This is of particular interest to me as my father was a professor at Miami, my mother worked there many years, and my brother and […]


The Chick-fil-A Ruckus Is Not About Gay Marriage

Chick-fil-A has been headlining the news lately.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say that random political figures have been using Chick-fil-A to get their names in headlines.  The “controversy” is reported to be Chick-fil-A being denied building permits in cities like Boston and Chicago because the owner of the franchise system spoke out […]


The Tea Party Did It!

Much has already been written (both here and many other places) about Brian Ross at ABC News immediately and falsely connecting the Aurora mass murderer to the Tea Party.  Of course the actions of Ross should come as no surprise to anyone that has been paying attention to the horrific media bias on display in […]


Fires in Colorado Springs

I’m sure many of you are aware of the wildfires that are burning in multiple places across Colorado.  I wanted to give a quick first-person account of the fires that have hit Colorado Springs. There has been a fire burning since the weekend in Waldo Canyon.  While the fire was not contained fire fighters did […]


Blame Game

(source, hat tip)


The Science Is Not Settled

A quick glance through my posting history will show numerous posts about the proper application of the scientific method and how the current approach to climate science often violates that methodology.  Looking through the comments of the posts will show equally numerous comments that I don’t know what I’m talking about and how dare I–a […]


Santorum Suspends Campaign

Breaking News: Rick Santorum announced today that he has suspended his campaign. GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum said Tuesday he is suspending his campaign. He made the announcement at the Gettysburg Hotel in Gettysburg, Pa., talking about his young daughter’s illness and reflecting on the campaign. HotAir, Ann Althouse have reactions.  Romney’s reaction: Senator Santorum […]