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The Audacity Of Hope

Hope may be audacious, but it has its limits. For one, it’s a crappy method of birth control. For another, it tends to fail catastrophically when it goes up against physics. Which is a lesson that this woman almost tragically learned. She’s one of those #Occupy idiots currently trying to shut down the ports on […]


Wisconsin, The Slave State

Follow this chain of logic carefully:   If you want to be a public school teacher in Wisconsin, you must join the union and financially support it through dues the school collects from you automatically.   If you are a member of the union, you are also expected to support it wholeheartedly and without reservation […]


This Is What Victory Looks Like

We’ve officially declared victory in Iraq. This morning, the US officially handed over the reins of power to the Iraqi government, and by December 31 every US troop will be out of the country. President Obama wasted no time in traveling to Fort Bragg (cue the irony) to praise the troops — and, of course, […]


This Is What Democracy Looks Like

There’s a petition drive going on in Wisconsin right now, to recall Governor Scott Walker. If enough signatures are gathered, then there will be an election on whether he should be kicked out of office.   I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict the drive will succeed. Not because I think […]


Excusing The Inexcusable

A couple of weeks ago, a guy came out with a book talking about how it sure looked like quite a few members of Congress — including the leadership of both parties — were using inside information for personal gain. This is, of course, contemptible. And it’s even worse when you realize that it’s not […]


Auto Underdogs

Over at Instapundit, he linked to a Popular Mechanics article on “the 100 sexiest cars of all time.” I started reading the list, but DAMN their site is a pain in the ass to negotiate. However, it inspired me — I figured that, on my own, I could pick five cars that I thought were […]


Trump Chumps Out

Well, Donald Trump has decided he won’t moderate the NewsMax Republican debate scheduled for the 27th of this month. Apparently, only two candidates thought the benefits of showing up outweighed the potential downsides — Trump bestowing his endorsement right after the debate, or Trump saying the whole field is worthless and running as an independent. […]


Liberal Economics 101

There are two dueling propositions for giving the economy a healthy shot in the arm in Washington right now. The Republicans are championing the approval of the Keystone pipeline, which would carry Canadian oil down through the US to Louisiana, where it can be refined and/or shipped wherever in the world the oil’s owners (not […]


Mister Mormon Moneybags

Howie Carr just told an interesting anecdote on his talk show. It seems that several years ago, then-Governor Mitt Romney was coming into the studio for a live interview. Howie’s wife told Howie to hit the governor up for a contribution to the Catholic school where the Carr children attend. Howie said “what the hell” […]


My Debate Fantasy

As we get ready for the 5,480th Republican presidential debate, I find myself fantasizing about how I would like things to really go. And I would pretty much pledge my vote in New Hampshire’s primary to the candidate who said something like this:   “Before we start, I just want to say two things. First, […]


Nothing Exceeds Like Excess

(tap tap tap… is this thing on?)   Sorry about this last weekend, folks. I was called away from home and had very, very spotty internet access. I’m home now, got a ton of e-mails to wade through, and even more personal things to take care of. (LONG story.) Anyway, while away and offline, I […]


Hang ‘Em High

Right after the great Enron scandal, Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which imposed all kinds of new reporting requirements on corporations and put the CEOs on the hook personally for certain acts of malfeasance. I, and a lot of others, thought the whole thing was a bit of overkill; the reporting and record-keeping requirements seemed […]


Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie

There’s a hell of an ugly story going around involving the military and the remains of fallen troops. Apparently partial remains of several hundred of our men and women were disposed of in appalling ways — landfills and dumped into the sea. And most people who hear about this are outraged. I know I was […]


Truth Is An Absolute Defense

I just heard the most amazing noise. It was a strange “pop” sound, like millions of heads exploding all around the world. I quickly started scanning the news, and quickly figured it out: Newt Gingrich had done the unthinkable and stated some very un-PC truths.   And he’s dead right. Today’s Palestinians have no real […]


“Come Out With Your Hands Up!”

You want an irrefutable sign that the government is getting too goddamned big and too goddamned intrusive and too goddamned nosy? I got one right here. The FDA is now telling this guy in California to stop giving away his sperm.   Mr. Arsenault isn’t selling his sperm. He isn’t making any kind of medical […]


Political Child Abuse

I’ve long been a fan of Peter David, self-described “writer of stuff.” He’s a hell of a good writer, incredibly funny, smart as a whip, and a real stand-up guy. I don’t particularly like it when he talks politics, ‘cuz he’s a serious moonbat, but every now and then he absolutely nails an issue.   […]


Dan Rather Dies

At least, I hope he’s dead. And not out of any sense of malice — it’s just that what is going on at CBS would surely kill ol’ Gunga Dan. It seems that there are actual journalists committing acts of journalism over there, exposing some seriously major bad misdeeds by the Obama administration. And ol’ […]



Seventy years ago today, at roughly this hour, World War II came to the United States when the Empire of Japan attacked US forces stationed at and around Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It came as a sneak attack, an act of perfidy, as we were not at war with Japan at the time. This outraged America […]


Questioning The Questioners

With all the silliness swirling around the NewsMax/Donald Trump presidential farce coming up (Trump is still raising money for a possible independent presidential bid), I’ve been wondering: the tradition has been for journalists to serve as questioners and moderators of these debates. But why? Is that written down anywhere that it has to be?   […]


And The Hits Keep Coming

Last Friday night, the Justice Department pulled the time-honored tactic of the “Friday night document dump.” This is a standard ploy of the scandal-wracked; release a huge amount of documents on a Friday afternoon, containing some really incrimating stuff about the Fast and Furious scandal, and hope it gets lost in the rush to the […]


What’s Spanish For “Crazy Like A Fox?”

The scandal du jour to emerge from the Obama administration is news that apparently the Drug Enforcement Agency has been running a long-term operation involving Mexican drug cartels. Note that I did not use words like “against” or “sting” — they’ve apparently been laundering drug money for them. Millions of dollars, over several years, with […]


When Liars Figure

I’ve often quoted Stalin’s aphorism that “sometimes quantity has a quality all its own.” It’s a profound truism, having value in a variety of areas. But recent political “scandals” have reminded me that the key word in those is “sometimes.” Hell, in those cases, I’m starting to think that quantity might very well be a […]


What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

The collapse of Herman Cain’s campaign under a barrage of unproven allegations of sexual impropriety has raised a larger issue around the blogosphere: do such things really have much effect on a president’s performance? And if not, should they matter? This often boils down to a question of morality, and that is just way, way […]


Trump Jumps The Shark

It’s only been a couple of days since Donald Trump that he will be holding auditions for his endorsement a Republican presidential debate, and it’s already jumped the shark. To show how serious he and the other folks are about this, they’ve brought in a seasoned professional to produce the debate. Eason Jordan, former head […]


The Triumph Of The Swill

This weekend saw the collapse of Herman Cain’s presidential campaign. And it’s incumbent on us to put down for the record just what happened, before the fabulists get their lies on the record. And they’re already frantically scribbling. Cain, remember, was not brought down by sexual impropriety. He was brought down by unsubstantiated allegations of […]