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Michael Becker is a long time activist and a businessman. He's been involved in the pro-life movement since 1976 and has been counseling addicts and ministering to prison inmates since 1980.Becker is a Curmudgeon. He has decades of experience as an operations executive in turnaround situations and in mortgage banking. He blogs regularly at The Right Curmudgeon, The Minority Report, Wizbang, Unified Patriots and Joe for America. He lives in Phoenix and is almost always armed.

DNC Members Can’t Name Even One Hillary Clinton Achievement

Here at Curmudgeon Central we’re not paying much attention to Hillary. We’re old enough to remember two events very clearly, the most recent was in 2006 & 2007 when she was the default candidate for the Democratic Party for 2008. How’d that work out? The second was when Teddy Kennedy challenged Jimmy Carter in the […]


Charles Krauthammer on Obama Foreign Policy – DELUSIONAL

Charles Krauthammer lays out the situation in the Ukraine – and US foreign policy in general – in single syllable words. Until he gets to “delusional”. This is astonishing. Our leaders are unable to muster anything that the Europeans will join that will hurt Putin. We can remember back to 2008 when one of the […]


Alan Grayson and the War on Women goes live

Remember the war on women Democrats are always talking about? Well, it turns out that there’s a grammar problem with that sentence, and being a Grammar Nazi we can’t let that lie. That first sentence should read “Remember the Democrats’ War on Women?” The silly little apostrophe just makes all the difference. It puts the […]


John Cornyn’s opponent calls for impeachment of Obama

You heard that right, a candidate for John Cornyn’s Senate seat is calling for impeachment of Obama. You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard about this on the national news, right? Where are the cries of Tea Party racism that we should be hearing from the roof tops? Well, there’s a little problem for the […]


Florida cops are clueless about the law

We’ve published several articles about the militarization of local police departments as well as cops who are simply out of control. Those are really two separate issues but both speak to a dangerous environment in local police departments around the nation. Today we’re writing about cops in Florida who are simply clueless about the law […]


The Republican Establishment wants the IRS harassing the Tea Parties more than the Democrats

Pat Caddell was a longtime Democratic operative and pollster, we doubt he’s worked for a Democratic candidate for a long time because he’s a reasonable man. He understands the workings of Washington inside and out and here’s what he has to say about the IRS harassing conservatives. “The Tea Parties are an outside threat to […]


Good Job Governor Cuomo! 2,000 2nd Amendment Supporters are Leaving New York

Governor Cuomo is a steadfast opponent of the 2nd Amendment and those who support it. First it was the SAFE Act. That was the hastily passed act that outlawed “assault weapons” and magazines with over seven rounds. Then there was this… “You’re seeing that play out in New York. There’s SAFE-ACT. The Republican Party candidates […]


Ted Cruz Strikes Again – another Cruz Missile!

Imagine, the horrifying idea of having to go on record as supporting an issue of major importance to the nation and to the base of the Republican Party. As you’ll see in the video, Ted Cruz forced a vote on cloture to bring the “clean” bill on raising the debt limit to the floor of […]


Ann Coulter rips, well, everybody. And does it really well

We could like Ann Coulter a little more if she’d just stop waffling. We don’t agree with everything she has to say, especially concerning primarying liberal Republicans. We absolutely agree that Christine O’Donnell and Todd Akin were complete and total idiots. A case can be made for O’Donnell – not here – and no case […]


At the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier…

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is a place for silence and respect for the unknown fallen in our wars. The Tomb is guarded by an elite unit who stand vigil twenty four hours per day every day, rain or shine, even in hurricane force winds. Here’s what happens when you disrespect at the Tomb.


Hey Colorado the horse is out of the barn

Colorado passed a ban on high capacity magazines and now they’re paying the price. Two Democrat Senators were recalled and a third was about to be recalled when she resigned, giving the Governor the opportunity to appoint a Democratic replacement. Had she been recalled, control of the Senate would have swung to Republicans. When the […]


California has a water problem – Democrats are hoarding!

California has a huge problem with drought. It hasn’t rained and the snow pack is down and their water supplies are at all time lows. The most interesting part the story is that there’s a water bank called the Kern Water Bank. It’s a huge reservoir that sits under Paramount Farms, a huge agribusiness that […]


The New York Times vs. the Federal Reserve on Jobs

For the last several years there’s been a debate raging about whether ObamaCare is killing jobs. Republicans, who are more likely to have actual experience in the real world, have been predicting since ODay One of ObamaCare that it would be a job killer. Democrats, who tend to try to create their own reality – […]


Rep. Steve Stockman walks out of SOTU, drawing up Articles of Impeachment

Rep. Steve Stockman stormed out of the State of the Union address, and is considering drawing up Articles of Impeachment against President Obama. Here’s what Stockman had to say: “Tonight I left early after hearing how the president is further abusing his Constitutional powers. I could not bear to watch as he continued to cross […]


The Super Bowl Ads

We look forward every year to the Super Bowl ads. We don’t much care about football – how can we, we live in Phoenix – but we do find the ads to be an enlightening snapshot of our culture. We thought the Super Bowl ads were eh? Our favorites were the two Budweiser ads, and […]


Paul Ryan talks about how he’s selling out on amnesty

Paul Ryan is considered by those in Washington to be one of the brightest guys around. We accepted that view when Mitt Romney picked him for VP. We should have known better, we’ve been watching Washington for a long time. Today, in an interview on Satan’s network, MSNBC, Ryan proved everybody wrong. Turns out Paul […]


SOTU: People will prosper ONLY with Obama as Emperor

That was the main message from the President last night at the State of the Union reality show. By the way, we don’t have a government anymore, we have a rock star reality show running Washington DC. Before we get to the video of the President declaring himself to be the only thing that stands […]


Ted Cruz gets edited by CBS

Senator Ted Cruz was on Face the Nation yesterday, although given their ratings it should be called Face a Couple of People. Toward the end of the segment with Bob Schieffer, he was asked about his priorities and he had the audacity to mention President Obama’s unlawful acts as both President and legislator. Schieffer interrupted […]


National Security Angry Birds

If you missed it, the National Security Agency is checking on you through your Angry Birds. It turns out that Angry Birds gathers your location data from your phone, probably so they can target ads to your location. The NSA has cracked Angry Birds security, which we’re guessing is non-existent, pretty much like ObamaCare site […]


Democrats thrive on a culture of hate

To Democrats, “tolerance” is nothing more than a front behind which they can build a culture of hate. There is no room for any opinion but their own. You can see it happening on issue after issue. On college campuses, the left has created a virtually absolute zone of intolerance against conservative professors; you can’t […]


So you don’t like the Republican Party of John McCain?

Republicans. The Stupid Party. The Party of John McCain, Lindsay Graham, and John Boehner. The Party that believes in implementing the Democratic Platform, just a week or two more slowly than the Democrats, and they’ll reduce spending not by making government smaller but by making it “more efficient”. You’re mad. You don’t want to ever […]


Michigan Democrat: Obamacare. It’s been a disaster for me.

Oh my, things just seem to be coming apart at the seams for Democrat candidates these days. First, Wendy Davis, the heartthrob of abortionists and women who let their husbands pay for Harvard and divorce them after the last payment, who is running for Governor of Texas, looks like she committed perjury on the witness […]


Obama nails the reason for his falling polls.

Just when we’d thought we’d heard everything possible from President Obama and his acolytes, today rolled around. Today makes a lie out of “you can’t teach old dogs…” and while we’re not up to life’s standard for being a dog, we are old.  For a tad of background the President’s approval rating has been taking […]


What was Obama doing when Benghazi was burning?

The most transparent administration in history has been less than forthcoming about President Obama’s activities before, during, and immediately after the terrorist attack in Benghazi. You remember Benghazi, right? That was where the US ambassador to Libya, an aide, and two brave former Navy SEALs were murdered because, as the administration insisted for weeks on […]