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The Halbig and King Decisions Highlight the FUBAR that is Obamacare

Yesterday, a The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit issued a ruling in the case of Halbig v. Burwell.  The plaintiff, Jacqueline Halbig, was the senior policy adviser to the Department of Health and Human Services under President George W. Bush.  In her lawsuit, Halbig contended that under the Patient Protection and Affordable […]


Open Thread on the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby decision.

By now you’ve probably read an exhaustive number of blog posts, new items, tweets, social media memes, and opinion pieces on today’s 5-4 Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., which is self-insured, does not pay for so-called “morning after” contraceptives.  Its owners, who are Evangelical Christians, believe that morning after […]


Open Thread – Iraq on the verge of collapse

If you’ve been following the news coming out of Iraq during the past two days, then you already know how dire the situation is. To recap –  a band of radical Islamofacist militants calling itself ISIS (Islamic State if Iraq and Syria) has begun a coordinated series of attacks in the northern portion of Iraq. […]


For the children?

States along the US-Mexico border are now dealing with a very serious and heartbreaking situation – tens of thousands of children crossing the border illegally.  Some travel with their mothers, but many are traveling alone.  The situation is turning into a humanitarian crisis as US authorities struggle to find places to feed and house them. […]


White House now accuses fellow Afghan vets of “swiftboating” Bergdahl

You knew it was coming, didn’t you? “Every [White House] aide I’ve talked to said they expected there to be controversy involving the decision to release five members of the Taliban from Gitmo, and the fact that this would then escalate that debate, which has been simmering for a good five years, which is what […]


The Bowe Bergdahl release just doesn’t add up

Warner Todd Huston has already posted about the bizarre prisoner exchange of Bowe Bergdahl, but there are so many strange circumstances surrounding this story that I think another post is justified. First, there is a preponderance of evidence suggesting that Bergdahl was not captured, but was instead a misfit who deliberately walked away from his […]


Isn’t it time for a Paul Krugman Hall of Shame?

Liberals love Paul Krugman, the unapologetically progressive economist and New York Times columnist who never met a tax hike or Keynesian government spending program that he didn’t like.  He is lionized by progressives as the go-to authority on all matters of economic policy, and his Nobel Prize is routinely shoved in the faces of dissenters […]


Another liberal house of cards on the verge of collapse

The Leftist understanding of economics basically boils down to three principles: 1) Wealth is based on a limited supply of scarce resources. 2) The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. 3) It is the moral duty of government to ensure the fair distribution of wealth by taking it from the rich and giving […]


Swiss voters reject proposal for world’s highest minimum wage

Very interesting news from Switzerland: GENEVA (AP) — Worried about upsetting Switzerland’s strong economy or driving its high costs even higher, more than three-quarters of Swiss voters rejected a plan Sunday to create the world’s highest minimum wage and slightly more than half spurned a request to outfit the Swiss Air Force with 22 new […]


Legitimate concerns over Hillary Clinton’s health

In December 2012, Hillary Clinton fainted from the effects of a stomach virus and suffered a fall that left her with a severe concussion and double vision.  Although details about what actually happened have been hard to come by, Bill Clinton recently volunteered that her concussion “required six months of very serious work to get […]


Veterans committing suicide during VA treatment delays

Dr. Margaret Moxness, a psychiatrist employed by the VA in West Virginia, has told Fox News that at least two of her patients committed suicide during months-long waits between psychiatric appointments: “I was in a very tight-knit community,” Moxness said. “There was lots of extracurricular support: family, faith, vet centers. So we had help, but […]


First female NYT editor fired for being bossy and questioning pay gap

UPDATE (5-18-14): Pinch Sulzberger denies that sexism had anything to do with his decision to sack Jill Abramson.  According to Sulzberger, a number of negative issues surrounded Abramson’s tenure as editor including, “arbitrary decision-making, a failure to consult and bring colleagues with her, inadequate communication and the public mistreatment of colleagues.” Perhaps Abramson was the […]


Did Timothy Geithner leak Fed policy decisions to major banks?

Bloomberg Businessweek reports: A research paper has found “robust evidence” that for years some traders got early news of U.S. Federal Reserve rate announcements and then traded on it during the Fed’s media lockup. The paper, covering September 1997 through June 2013, detected abnormally large price movements and imbalances in buy and sell orders that […]


Warren Buffet has donated $1.2 billion to pro-abortion groups

From Fox News: The so-called “Oracle of Omaha” has donated more than $1.2 billion to abortion organizations from 2001 to 2012. … Buffett’s own charity, The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, is named after his first wife who was an abortion supporter. Its domestic operation is led by pro-abortion activist Tracy Weitz, Ph.D., MPA. Weitz has […]


An Historic Day in Major League Sports

On Saturday, President Obama called to congratulate new NFL draftee Michael Sam.  It was an historic event; in fact, I can find no news stories about a Presidential phone call to any NFL draft pick prior to this.  (The President customarily congratulates winners of the Super Bowl.)  So Michael Sam must be an extraordinary athlete. […]


This is why Benghazi matters

Few bloggers have grasped foreign policy and the significance of world events like Richard Fernandez. In his latest PJ Media piece, he lays out a brilliant argument that shows exactly why Benghazi is perhaps the most significant foreign policy event of the Obama presidency.  And it’s not something the Administration is proud of. Fernandez notes […]


Sunday open thread #2 – Oklahoma’s new monument to Satan?

Remember when I said that Oklahoma only gets national press coverage when the news is bad or strange?  Here’s an odd one … Oklahoma State Rep. Mike Ritze decided that Oklahoma needed a monument to the Ten Commandments on the state capitol grounds.  His family donated $10,000 to fund the project, and Ritze introduced a […]


Open thread – Oklahoma’s “botched” execution of Clayton Lockett

Oklahoma doesn’t make the news very often, and when it does the news is usually bad or odd. The controversial April 29th execution of Clayton Lockett was last week’s entry into the Oklahoma Bad News Hall of Fame. If you want a textbook example of a man who belonged on Death Row, you need look […]


Official Obama White House Benghazi Narrative Implodes

It’s not often that you find a real “smoking gun” in politics, because most political operatives are very careful about not a leaving paper trail. But it looks like we have a genuine example with respect to the White House cover-up surrounding the September 11, 2012 attack on the US embassy in Benghazi, Libya by […]


Hilarious Jay Carney Photoshop Fail

Unbelievable. A puff piece on White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his wife, ABC News reporter Claire Shipman in the decadent DC social rag Washingtonian contains a Photoshop disaster so bad it could have been done by the Iranian military. Ironically, one of the questions published in the article asks Shipman to name the […]


Surprise, surprise – Obamacare will probably increase low severity ER visits

Gee, who could have seen this coming? The study, published in the journal Science, compared thousands of low-income people in the Portland area who were randomly selected in a 2008 lottery to get Medicaid coverage with people who entered the lottery but remained uninsured. Those who gained coverage made 40 percent more visits to the […]


Obamacare “starting to look pretty healthy”? Don’t count on it

Faced with the disastrous debut of healthcare.gov and the Affordable Care Act’s termination of millions of existing insurance policies, the Obama Administration has launched a two-pronged propaganda campaign to disguise the failure of Obamacare as a “success.” First, Kevin Drum, quoting from The Washington Post at MotherJones.com, tells us that Obamacare enrollment is “starting to […]


The most famous photo from Nov. 22, 1963

The most famous photo from Nov. 22, 1963

There are perhaps hundreds of recognizable still and moving images related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.  Out of all of them, this is the one that has impacted me the most: The Inauguration of an American President is a celebration of many things.  It is a celebration of electoral victory.  It is […]


A lesson we should learn from the Virginia election

Last night, Democrat Terry McAuliffe squeaked out a narrow victory in the Virginia governor’s race, beating Republican challenger Ken Cuccinelli by a mere 2 percentage points. McAuliffe should be well known to WizBang readers.  A former Clinton crony and fundraising genius, he masterfully weaseled his way into numerous business deals (usually by offering access to […]


UPS ends health coverage for 15,000 working employee spouses, blames Obamacare

Kaiser Health News reports: Partly blaming the health law, United Parcel Service is set to remove thousands of spouses from its medical plan because they are eligible for coverage elsewhere. Many analysts downplay the Affordable Care Act’s effect on companies such as UPS, noting that the move is part of a long-term trend of shrinking […]